Twinj= Beauty and her beast SHOT 5

Shot 4

1 week had passed since Kunj heard Mahi and Niki confession. He felt bad and cheated as his sisters who he loved the most just want all of him money. He also realised the importance of Twinkle in his life. The wife that he called his maid was always with him and supported him despite the fact they rarely spoke.

Night time
Twinj Room
Twinkle was lying down on the floor. She was thinking about Kunj behaviour from the past week. He had not tortured her for 1 week. She had noticed that he had been very upset. He would leave the house early and come back home from office. She sometimes thought that he was with another girl as he told her on their wedding night that girls die to be with him. But she heard her father-in-law tell Manohar her mother-in-law that Kunj has been working really hard at office for a new project. Her thoughts were disturbed when Kunj came out of the bathroom. He was wearing jogging bottoms and was shirtless. She looked at him and he stared back at him. She closed her eyes and was about to put her blanket over her. But Kunj stopped her. She thought he would start his tortures again but he carried her in his arms and placed her on the right side of the bed. Kunj= it’s cold and you catch a flu so sleep on the bed from now on. She shook her head and pulled the blanket towards her and moved to the edge. She was really scared of Kunj as she was sharing the bed with him the first time. She remembered what had happened on their wedding night and it had scared her. This was noticed by Kunj who was feeling bad because of his past behaviour she was scared. He held her hand and pulled her and she landed on his chest. Tears had formed in her eyes as she thought that Kunj would do something with her. Kunj noticed this and wiped her tears. I’m sorry for everything I have done he said and kissed her forehead. Twinkle was shocked at this sudden confession and looked at Kunj who had tears in his eyes. She too had tears in her eyes. Kunj hugged her and she reciprocated. He put her head on his chest and they both went to sleep in each other’s embrace.

5.30 In the morning outside TWINJ room
Mahi, Nikki along with Usha were standing outside their room. Usha= what is it that you want to show me? Mahi= Maa Bhai and Bhabhi don’t share a husband and wife relationship. Usha= How can you say that? Twinkle lost her baby last week. Niki= Maa try to understand why would we lie for? UV who is Kunj best friend and Mahi husband told her that Kunj got married to twinkle as we all forced him too. Mahi= Maa we can’t let Bhai stay in a marriage in which he is not happy in. Usha who was Kunj mother thought about Kunj happiness. They slowly opened the door. Mahi and Niki were shocked whilst Usha smiled and had a blush on his face. Twinkle was sleeping on Kunj naked chest and he was holding her protectively. They left the room. Usha= I told you that you shouldn’t enter or interfere in a married couples life. They lost their would be child so would be upset she said and left to go to her room. Niki and Mahi looked at each other in disappointment and went to their rooms.

1 hour later
Twinkle woke up and saw how she was sleeping on Kunj chest and he was holding her protectively. A smile appeared on her face but she remembered all of Kunj tortures and tear feel from her eyes and fell on Kunj face which woke him up. He looked at her and smiled. She came out of him embrace and jumped off the bed. Kunj= Good morning Twinkle he said with a smile. Are you not going to call me your maid today? Twinkle said and went in the bathroom to get ready. Kunj heart pierced into many pieces.

Hi everyone. Thank You so much everyone who commented on the previous part. I had some time so I wrote this for you all. I hope you all enjoy it and a very HAPPY RAMADHAN MUBARAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  1. Sohi

    Finally u came
    I’m very happy to see you back

    Episode was lovely yet emotional
    Waiting for more twinj scenes

    Do continue and post soon

  2. Purnima.agrawal30

    Interesting awesome

  3. Superb episode simiyy happy Ramadan to u plz post soon both ff ??❤️

  4. SidMin23

    Love it finally kunj realize twinkle importance and how he said good morning twinkle and she said u won’t call me your maid love it. Niki and mahi want to show to Usha but failed wish u post next soon.

  5. Hey simiyy how can u do dis itna late post kia tumne..kabhi is pyari se bachii ke bare mein bhi soch kia karo..BTW ajj toh words hi nhi h bolne ke liye the way u showed twinkle’s emotions was fantastic and u know abhi main sehri ke liye uthi chalo bieee
    And Ramazan Mubarak

  6. Really too cute. Loved it getting bit emotional.cant wait when ll ur exams get soon.

  7. Presha

    Hey simiyy….
    Its awesome…
    U nailed it…
    U portrayed twinkles emotions very well…
    Loved it….
    Post soon…
    Love u….

  8. Really nice

  9. finaly u came……

    nice episode…..pls post soon..

  10. Ayesha51

    the episode was
    too good
    post soon
    lots of love

  11. Amazing
    Please post soon the next shot

  12. Awesome…. Luvd it…. Sweet ….. Plzzzz post nxt asap…. Luv u….

  13. hey simmy its really finally kunj started falling for tw.:-) 🙂
    why u r not updating punar vivah

  14. Hey sim ??….I am commenting after agess I feel!?? .It was Amazing ???Finally Twinj ???accha post soon and truck loads of love to you too!??

  15. Ramya

    Simiyy awesome girl amazing one
    N I’m happy dat twinj r together
    N kunj is not torturing her
    Loved it
    Love you keep smiling

  16. Hey I was waiting for it thank u for posting and it was Damn awsm

  17. Wow awesome simmy
    I loved it

  18. Purvi128

    Hey Simiyy..!!
    Thank god u posted.. i was waiting for it from a long time..! Happy to see u back..!
    The shot was fab.. amazing yarr..!
    Bechari Nikki nd Mahi..! Hahaha plan flop hogaya…! Reading that scene..! I was smiling like an idiot..!
    Last scene was ??
    Come back soon..!
    Waiting for it..!
    Love you

  19. Farwah fathima

    Very nice
    Amazing just loved it
    Post the next shot soonest

  20. Twinj

    Hey simmy…
    Loved the epi???
    The way u potraued twinkle’s emotion….that was just amazing…fab…
    finally kunj realized twinkle’s importance…finally….that last line was literally bringing a smile on my face…aren’t u going to call me ur maid?….loved it…???

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