Twinj: Bakhuda Tumhi Ho (Episode:5)

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Bakhuda Tumhi Ho-
She spent the whole day doing household chores, washing clothes, pressing them, cleaning the house, preparing dinner and after that she sat to proofread those documents in the lounge but she was so tired that her eyes refused to stay open.
By that time, it was 7 in the evening! She heaved a tired sigh. She was sad not because she had to do the household chores but because she couldn’t go to the hospital that day.
Just then the phone rang, it was her secretary, Anna.
“Hello di?”

“Haan Anna.”
“Di where are you? You told me yesterday that you would come to the hospital today. So I gave the patients today’s appointment. They arrived and waited and waited! But you didn’t come. Is everything alright?”, Anna was hell worried.
Twinkle didn’t want to embarrass herself by saying what her husband did to her. She just said, “Calm down Anna. I… I’m fine. It’s all Ok. And I’ll be back in a few days. Till then, don’t give any appointments to any patients Ok. They must get themselves treated by other doctors rather than waiting for me and spoiling their health more”

“Ok di! As you wish”, Anna said, but her worry didn’t fade away.
“Everything done?”, She heard a strong voice from behind. He was standing there smirking and his hands were folded on his chest.
“Couldn’t he at least ask if I’m Ok? But no! All he’s concerned is his work!”, She thought.
He walked towards her and got seated on the chair in front of her. Without looking at him, she replied, “Ya YOUR house is cleaned, the dinner is cooked, your clothes are washed and pressed and remaining proofreading of your documents will be complete in 15 to 20 minutes”
He looked at her with wander, “you did all this alone?”
“Who else? And don’t be so surprised, I’m not used to rely on servants for anything and everything. I can do all this without complaining.”, She mocked.

“Ok then. That’s great! I’m going to sleep. Good night.”
“But dinner?”
“Oh ya! I forgot to tell you. I had dinner outside so you can throw that dinner you made or whatever, and those clothes you washed, throw them too, I don’t wear same sets of clothes twice and the documents you’re proofreading since hours, ummm… They’re just scrap! They’re expired contracts with done payments and I don’t need them anymore.”, He said calmly and waited for the information to sink in.
Twinkle just glared at him with her mouth hanging open. She felt like crying. How could he waste her hard work like that!
“Such a monster!”, She thought.

“Yes that I AM!”, He said
“Did I say that loudly?”, She asked putting a hand on her mouth.
“Yes you did!”, He said angrily and got up from his seat and walked towards her. He sat beside her on the sofa, came close to her face and continued in a husky, rude tone, “Get used to all this! After what you did, this is going to be your life from now on!”
She looked at him confused. “Oh come on! Now don’t pretend all innocent like you don’t understand what I mean”, he said with venom in his voice. “If you along with my dad wouldn’t have played that drama in the party, now, we would’ve been apart in our homes. Happy and satisfied!”
“Wait. Did I hear it correct? YOU are blaming me for all this?”, She asked looking into his eyes.
“Yes”, he answered.

“But as far as I remember, it was YOU who came to MY house and asked me to marry you just to save a damned deal!”, She retorted.
“Because you left me no option!”
“You had an option. In fact too many options, but for you, that business project was more important than someone’s life. Don’t forget that!”
“Listen you…”
“I’m too tired. We can continue this tomorrow morning.”, She said getting up. “Wese bhi… We’ve all our lives to irritate each other.”

“‘All our lives.’ We’ll see that Twinkle! How long you can take this!”, He said seeing her disappearing figure.
She walked to the room and saw the room was a complete mess! There wasn’t a single spot where there was nothing. His clothes, shoes, socks, files, papers everything was scattered all over. She couldn’t stand so much dirt!
“He did this purposely”, she muttered angrily.
“Come here you!”, She yelled.
He coolly came and stood at the door folding his arms on his chest. “What happened?”, She asked.
“You tell me! I had cleaned this room!”, She said pointing towards the mess.
“Oh! I was searching for a file.”, He said coolly.
She gave him a disgusted look and quickly went to clean the room. Within 20 minutes, the room was back to normal.
“Impressive! I must say.”, He said still on the door.

She didn’t pay attention and walked towards her side.
“Wait!”, He said.
“Now what?”, She asked completely frustrated. “I’ve some work and don’t want any disturbance.”
“Go and sleep on the couch!”, He said more like ordered.
“What! Why?”

“Like I said I don’t want any disturbance.”
“So you admit that I’m attractive enough to disturb you”, she said in a taunting tone.
“Wait! What! No! When did I say that?”

“Then prove it! Prove that my presence doesn’t affect you at all by letting me sleep here.”
He huffed and went to his side, opened the laptop and started working.

Twinkle went to her side to sleep but her mind wasn’t at peace.
“It’s just one day to our marriage and I’m so sad. Will I be able to carry this relationship all my life? Will I be able to continue all this, bear all this, forever? His harsh attitude, the way he looks at me, his hurting words and pretty much everything.”, She sighed and fell asleep with those thoughts.

After some time, he heard a strange sound. He was startled and looked around for the source. Mrs. Twinkle Kunj Sarna was snoring! He was irked. “And the nerve she has to say that, she’s attractive! Which girl snores so much!”, He said in disbelief closing his laptop and drifted to sleep.

Twinkle opened her eyes and felt a bit sad to realize that today will be as hectic as yesterday. Work and work and nothing else.
She sees him still sleeping and admired him. His face looked so sweet and full of innocence. “How can someone looks so appealing in sleep? Only if his personality would’ve been as beautiful as his appearance!”, She said a bit audible.

“Do I look so handsome?”, Came a reply. She was embarrassed. He opened his eyes smirking.
“In your dreams! And sorry to break your bubble but I was talking about myself!”, She lied and got up quickly.

She quickly went to the washroom thinking, “today whatever happens, I AM NOT CHANGING MY SCHEDULE because of him! I’ll do my exercises, go for jogging and even hospital. He’s no one to stop me!”
She was about to go to him but stopped, “what’re you doing Twinkle! This is what he wants, that you get irked and leave him! Now when you’re about to give up, think why did you hold on for so long”, she closed her eyes to find just one reason to continue this charade and all she saw was, ‘Sunny’s unconscious, breathless face and how Manohar had come in the nick of time to save him, Manohar’s pleading face requesting her to heal his son.’
She opened her eyes with determination. “Dad has saved my life, by saving Sunny, I owe him this much.
Step:1- Convince him to come with you for a walk.
Plan:A- Ask kindly.”

“Listen, I’m going for a walk. Are you coming?”, She asked politely plastering a smile on her face.
“Don’t you remember what I said yesterday?”, He angrily threw question in her reply.

“Ok. Plan:B- Hurt his ego!”

She smirked, “I’m going. And I can understand why you’re making excuses.”, She said making a sympathetic face. “Actually, it’s better if you don’t come. Because I wouldn’t like it that I’ll be jogging and you’ll be sitting in a corner panting heavily because of exhaustion.”
It was meant to hurt his ego and it did. He angrily stood up throwing blanket a-side.
“Just wait here!”, He said and walked to the wardrobe.
“Ok. I’m waiting in the hall and if you’re planning on coming with me, don’t! Because even after 5 rounds of the complete park, my pace doesn’t decrease a bit!”
Within 5 minutes, he wore his track suit and injected his dose of ‘steroid’ and went down where Twinkle was already waiting for him.

“Here take this.”, He said handing over a brown hoodie and sunglasses to her.
“What is it?”
“There’s paparazzi at the main entrance. They just can’t mind their own business! The moment I step out, they’ll start clicking pictures and print stupid stuff in their newspapers. And I don’t want that. So… Wear this and we’re leaving from main gate.”
“What’s the use of such money that snatches the person’s freedom?”, She muttered.
“I heard that.”

“So? Am I wrong? Anyways you’re smart. Haan!”, She said poking his head with her index finger.
“Let’s go.”, He said coldly.
They left and she smiled victoriously because now she has satisfaction that at least he has taken the first step towards improving his health. Little did she knew about him!
They completed three rounds of whole park and Twinkle found something fishy. “How can this be? A person who has started jogging today is maintaining pace with ME, who’s jogging since years.”, She thought unbelievably.

After some time, Twinkle was really exhausted. She stopped, sitting down on a bench. “Someone was challenging me. Some time ago! Now what?”, He taunted.
She was still out of breath but managed to reply. “This can’t be! You *breathes* have cheated. You’ve *panting* done something that you’re running like this.”

His face went pale on hearing those words but he completely ignored it. “I’ve called the driver. He’ll pick us up from here.”, He said and started walking towards the exit of the park.
She slowly followed him. They saw Yuvraj entering from the front. He once recognizing them beamed with happiness.
“Hey, you guys here!”, He said coming to them. “And what’s this? After marriage people go for honeymoon together and you came to park.”, He added shaking his head.
“But don’t worry, Yuvi is here. For you both I’ll arrange a superb honeymoon and…”
“Yuvi”, kunj cut him in between. “We can’t go now, I’ve lots of work in office. And then Twinkle is also busy”, he said smirking at her.
“Such a liar!”, She thought.
He lied so fluently that even his voice didn’t shake, nor their was any guilt in his eyes.
“Oh! By the way bhabi…”

“Call me Twinkle.”, She interrupted.
“Ok Twinkle, we’ve met earlier but now let me introduce myself again. I’m Yuvraj, you can call me Yuvi. I’m Kunj’s best friend, business partner and substitute sometimes. You’ve met Disha. She’s my wife. Huff!”, He said all in one go and extended his hand for handshake.
Before Twinkle could handshake with him, a hand pulled her closer by her waist and began shaking his hand vigorously.
Yuvraj smirked at his action, “Awww. That was kind of cute Kunj.”, He said pinching his cheeks and looked at Twinkle, “you got a very possessive husband Twinkle.”
Twinkle laughed with him earning a glare from Kunj.

“Now we’ve to leave.”, He said pulling Twinkle with him.
“How rude!”, She whispered.
He was clearly irked by Yuvraj’s actions. “Such a child he’s!”, He said rubbing his cheeks.
“He’s so cute na!”, She said looking at Kunj for a response but he looked away.
“God knows when he’ll start behaving like a normal person.”, She spoke in mind and started following him quietly.

At Home-
Kunj was shouting on the phone at someone and was using really bad language. After he hung up, Twinkle asked, “Don’t you’ve manners?”
“Talking about manners huh? Look at the way you snore at night.”
“Ya! I couldn’t sleep whole night because of you.”
“It was all your fault!”
“My fault? Care to explain!”, He said folding his arms on chest.
“I snore only when I’m exceptionally tired. If you hadn’t made me do so much work, I wouldn’t have snored”, she shrugged.

“Such a strange creature she’s”, he muttered, go ready for office and left not before piling up work for Twinkle.
Twinkle sighed, “Let’s get started!”
She went to the wardrobe to arrange it first when she saw a drawer half open. Curiosity got the best of her so she opened it a bit to see what was inside. She was dazed to see all sorts of drugs kept in there. Hallucinogens, antidepressants, ecstasy drugs, inhalent everything. She checked there dosage and was shocked to see, they weren’t mild but strong. “Apni body ko itna harm kar k yeh abhi tak zinda kese hai? These are just too much. How can someone poison himself like this! Doesn’t he care about his close ones. His friends and family! No! I can’t wait anymore. I’ve to help him now! Before it’s too late!”

She took her phone and dialed a number. The person picked up at the first ring itself.
“Yes beta! Everything Ok?”, Manohar asked worriedly.
“Yes Dad! Everything’s fine. I just wanted to ask you when did Kunj do his last routine check-up?”
“A few months ago. Why?”

“So can you give me his files. I want to see his medical reports.”
“What’s wrong Twinkle?”, He asked too much tensely this time.
“What’s the point of bothering dad when I don’t know exactly what is wrong!”, She thought. “Nothing dad. I just wanted to see. Are you sending it?”
“Yes. Yes. I’ll do it right now.”, He said and hung up.
Within 30 minutes, the doorbell rang and she opened the door. She was surprised to see Yuvraj standing there.
“The file you requested.”, He said raising his hand which had file.

“Come in”
Both went into the lounge. She literally snatched the file from Yuvraj’s hands and begun turning the pages still expecting that his condition wasn’t that bad. But her assumptions were proven wrong as she read his medical history completely. She didn’t realize when she fall on the sofa. Yuvraj noticed her and got hell worried.
The worst thought started coming to his mind. He shaked Twinkle, “Twinkle everything is Ok na! Nothing is wrong na! I… I know nothing can go wrong with him. He’s a fighter, he is heathier than he seems….”, He said but his voice seemed to be coming out in a chocked whisper.
She felt sorry for Yuvraj.
“Yuvi! Listen to me.”, She tried to calm him down.

“No! First tell me. Everything is Ok. HE is Ok.”
“I can’t lie Yuvi”, she replied in barely audible voice.
“What’s exactly wrong?”, He asked slowly.

“Everything Yuvi! Everything is wrong! Nothing is right! The amount of drugs I saw in that cupboard up there and this report, they clearly shows that…. He has been increasing their dosage every month. No! No! Every week. We may not be able to see it nor he’ll admit but his condition is… Critical! 40% of his body is owned by drugs! I… I really don’t know if I can…”

Yuvraj didn’t let her complete, “What do you mean by ‘you can’t’!”, He snapped. “Ok. If you can’t, I’ll!”, He continued hardly controlling his tears. “I’ll not let him take a single dose of any drug from now on! I’ll be with him. He… He won’t say ‘no’ to me”
Yuvraj continued his blabbering, Twinkle tried to make him understand. “Yuvi! You really think that it’s that simple?”, She shouted helplessly.

“You know what will happen if he doesn’t take a single dose of his drugs, for a complete 48 hours? I’ll tell you! He’ll suffer a panic attack or maybe more severe, even a paralytic attack! That much enslaved he’s by these drugs.”
Yuvraj couldn’t believe his ears, his mind went shut for sometime.
“Panic attack.”
“Paralytic attack”

STEROIDS is a drug which is used to boost physical performance.
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