Twinj: Bakhuda Tumhi Ho (Episode:4)

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Bakhuda Tumhi Ho-
Same Night-
Kunj’s room:
Kunj was thinking about Twinkle, he was standing near the window and was thinking, how in just a moment, a simple, plain girl broke his pride, made him to apologize. “Is she really different? Or is she just pretending? Like all others do? Is she really good? No Kunj, don’t do the same mistake again. Don’t give anyone an important place in your life because betrayal never comes from enemies, it comes from close ones and you had it once. No, not once, again and again”
He felt a hand on his shoulder and turned around to see Manohar smiling.
“You talked to Twinkle?”
“Ya. She… agreed”
“That’s great news. At least now, be happy son. Your deal is safe”, he said
“Yes dad, I’m happy. You know dad, today when I met her, I realized that she’s indeed not after money! Then why is she marrying me? What do you think?”
This question was dreaded by Manohar because if Kunj came to know that he has chosen Twinkle for his treatment, Twinkle would face hell.
He tried to reason him, “first thing is that I asked her to marry you and the second thing, I don’t think you gave her any other option. I mean the way you barged into her house and asked her to marry you.” But Kunj didn’t find it any convincing answer. He decided to investigate about it later.
“And dad please make sure this ‘so-called marriage’ takes place before the end of next week. I don’t want to give that Kumar any chance of saying ‘no’.”
Manohar was beyond happy, “Kunj thank you for agreeing beta”
“Dad tell me one thing, why were you so obsessed with my marriage this time​”
“First thing is that, if I would’ve listened to you, then you would’ve grown old all alone. After once loose all your charms, no girl would’ve married you.”
Kunj rolled his eyes, “and second?”
“Second is that… I wanted someone to take care of you. I don’t think there are many days left in my life now.”
“Dad! Stop this melodrama. Ok.”, Kunj almost shouted to hide his pain on listening such words. “I don’t think you’re leaving me anytime soon. You’re just going to trouble me for coming 10 to 20 years.”
Manohar laughed. Both had some talk then his dad stood up to leave.
“Kunj do think about your future”, Manohar said before leaving his room while Kunj was drowned in ‘her’ thoughts.

Next day-
At Office.
“Yuvraj I want you to handle all this. Will you?” Manohar asked
“Off course uncle, it’s my best friend’s wedding. I’ll check everything personally. It’ll be the best event till date. Just how you want it to be.”
“Thank you Yuvraj. And this is the guest list. I’ve invited all our business associates and friends. You go and ask Twinkle to call any of her friend also”, Manohar kept on explaining everything to Yuvraj while Kunj was least interested. He was doing it as a charade for his business.

Yuvraj went to Twinkle’s house and asked her about choice in food, decorations, everything.
“Hey, Twinkle why don’t you call your family. Wouldn’t they wanted to be a part of this?” He asked
She became sad and told him everything about her past. Once completing her painful story, she looked at her fingers and silent tears started to flow from her eyes.
“Hey, I didn’t mean to hurt you. I’m sorry”, he said keeping his hand on her shoulder
“No, you didn’t hurt me. It’s the truth”, she said frankly
“Twinkle, uncle told me everything about…. You know everything. I wanted to ask you something. Are you happy?”
The question really stuck her. Was she happy? Was she doing all this by her own will?
She simply nodded keeping her thoughts a-side.
“Ok. I should leave now.”, He said while leaving. “See you later. Mrs. Twinkle Kunj Sarna”, he added and it created a strange feeling of bliss and satisfaction inside Twinkle.
All her life, she had lived without her father’s name or a surname and she had always longed for it. Since school time, all her documents didn’t have a surname. It was just Twinkle. People looked down upon her, spoke ill about her but she never cared. She worked hard, studied through scholarship and after becoming a doctor, she moved out of orphanage.
“MRS. TWINKLE KUNJ SARNA”, it sounded so perfect. Moreover, it sounded complete. She felt like repeating it again and again in her head. And every time it gave the same happiness.

-Wedding Day-
Twinkle was getting ready in her room with hairstylist, beautician and their staff which were drooling over the fact that Twinkle took the most eligible bachelor. Only if they know the truth.
Twinkle was breathing heavily thinking about her new life with Kunj. He has already made it clear, that he’s doing this just to secure a business project and she was doing this because she has to treat him for his addiction.
She headed towards the mandap where Kunj was already waiting for her. The party was full of guest, many of them were business associates and some friends. She didn’t have a family and neither Kunj’s family was seen anywhere. There were only Yuvraj and Kunj’s dad, in the name of his family.
The rituals started and pandit ji asked Twinkle’s father to do the ‘kanyadan’. Manohar came forward and proudly announced that he’s her father and did the ritual.
All rest of the function was same, and she saw many girls glaring daggers at her through eyes. After it was done, Pandit ji announced them ‘husband and wife’, and all the other people came and congratulated them.
“Take care of her Kunj”, Manohar said like a real father
They were meeting the guest when a girl came to them. She was gorgeous and was wearing a black strapless short dress. Many men were staring at her and she seemed to be enjoying the attention. She hugged Kunj seductively and brought her face close to his ear.
But before she could speak, Kunj clenching his fist angrily asked, “What the hell are you doing here Chayya?”
“I totally understand Kunj! ‘Your business’. But don’t worry, call me, when you need me. I’ll be right there.”, She whispered and pulled away. Kunj stayed in the same position. He was disgusted by her words
Twinkle didn’t like her attitude at all. She glanced towards Twinkle, “By the way, I’m Chayya. Chayya Trivedi. Congratulations!”, She said, shaking her hand with Twinkle and left.
Twinkle turned towards Kunj with questioning eyes. She wanted to ask him, who was she but she was afraid.
“Was she your g… girlfriend?”, She asked somehow
“Not girlfriend. Girlfriend is totally a different thing. She was just… mistress”
Twinkle felt a stab in her heart. How can he say it so easily to her!
After some more guest, Yuvraj came to them, with a girl with him. She was wearing a beautiful pink chiffon saree with her hair open and wavy curls falling over her shoulder. She greeted them and lightly hugged Twinkle careful not to mess up with her dress or make-up.
“Twinkle! meet my wife, Disha Yuvraj Luthra”, he said putting an arm around her shoulder and she smiled
“Congrats Kunj”, she said smiling and Kunj smiled back as they both were really good friends
“Kunj why don’t you and Yuvi go and have some drinks, while me and Twinkle have some talks”, she said
They both left and Twinkle and Disha bonded like sisters.
Everything was done and all the guest were leaving. Twinkle and Kunj were also ready to leave.
“Congratulations Kunj”, they heard a voice from back. Kunj didn’t even turned around to see who it was. As if he wanted to ignore him.
A man probably of Kunj’s age came to then smiling.
Kunj’s jaw clenched and he tightened his hold around Twinkle’s shoulder
“Hello.”, He said looking towards her. “I must say you’ve a beautiful wife, Kunj, he said ignoring the cold glares Kunj was giving him.
“We’re leaving”, kunj said harshly and walked past him
“Who was that?”, Twinkle asked out of curiosity because he never behaved like that with his business rivals.
“That’s none of your business. Stay out of this!”, He said in the same rude tone. And they headed to home
Twinkle sighed. This is going to be really difficult. How could she treat him if he doesn’t even talk to her properly?
They reached his home, or should say Villa. It was the most beautiful place Twinkle had ever seen. It’s classy decor, elegant furniture and royal blue interior gave it a modern yet Royal look. It was like the home of some fairytale prince, only in books and virtual.
“Hey, you’re living here from now on. You’ve all your life to admire it”, he said snapping her out of her thoughts.
“It’s beautiful”, she said completely fascinated.
“Ya, it is”, he replied and went straight to his room, THEIR room.
It was more beautiful than the lounge. There was a large king-sized bed in the middle of the room and a large dressing table on which all sort of cosmetics were placed. There was a glass that was separating the room from balcony. The balcony was large and had a glass railing. She went there straight way and the mildly, blowing, cold winds seemed to ease her tiredness and wash it off completely. The sky was moonlit and there were tiny stars.
There was a couch placed in the balcony. She felt like sitting there and enjoying the beauty of that night till eternity but a strong, intimidating voice reached her ears, “change and come here fast.” She turned around to see, he had changed his dress and was lying on bed with his elbow supporting his head.
After hearing those words, she felt an unknown fear in her heart. The way his eyes were gazing her, made her uncomfortable. She just stood there frozen and didn’t move a little.
“Didn’t you hear?”, He asked roughly.
Twinkle mustered all the courage, “Mr. Sarna, I… can’t do it now. I need some time.”
“Time for what? I’m your husband.” He said, his eyes and voice growing a shade darker.
“Maybe but a few hours ago, I heard about your mistress! It’s not easy for me to accept you after all that.”, She said in a low voice but it hurt his male ego in a worst manner. She was rejecting him!
“What’s that supposed to mean?”
“Mr. Sarna, I can bear anything but not anyone hurting my self-respect. I can’t give myself to you, right now. Because I don’t trust you! If she was so confident to come in our wedding day and greet you. How can I believe that she wouldn’t come again.”
He couldn’t take this! She had insulted him, rejected him and most of all hurt that ego which he worshipped! He moved closer and Twinkle kept moving back in fear. She kept moving up till her back hit the wardrobe. She was panicking because of closeness, and tried to move but he kept both his arm on either sides of her shoulders, blocking her way out. She felt weak and vulnerable at that moment, she was just looking into his brown eyes when he leaned close to her face, Twinkle was taken aback, by his deed. She tried to push him, but he didn’t move.
“No. Please stop! Mr. Sarna, what you’re doing is called HARASSMENT”, she shouted with all the energy she had left. He had ignored her struggle all the way but the word ‘harassment’ brought him out of his trance.
He moved back to look at her broken expressions, tear-stained face and eyes closed. He stepped back.
“Now don’t you dare ask me if I’ve girlfriends or mistresses”, after hearing those words, Twinkle opened her eyes with a jerk while Kunj stormed out of the door slamming it shut.
Twinkle sat on the bed crying. Suddenly his activities didn’t hurt her as much as his words did. After she was done crying, she took a shower, wore a simple, long satin nightie and scooted to her side of bed patiently waiting for where destiny would take her. This nightmare would haunt her up till the end of her life.

Twinkle woke up early in the morning as she always did. The chirping of birds, the mild sunlight, the fresh winds were just something she couldn’t afford to miss. She opened the curtains letting some fresh air into the room and inhaled deeply to take in the welcoming feeling, the warmth.
She turned to see him open his eyes, due to the disturbing sun rays falling on his face. “Good Morning”, she said politely even after his behavior last night! She was confused about when he returned home, but she didn’t want to talk about it or remember it.
All he said was “hmmm” lazily.
She made a face, “Arrogant. This is what I don’t like about him! Couldn’t he say it with a smile.”, She thought.
“You’re up so early.”, He asked.
“I always get up at this time”, she said walking towards the closet and took out her tracksuit.
“Going somewhere?”, He asked getting up
“Does he think I’m going to attend some marriage, party wearing tracksuit!”, She said to herself.
“I’m going for a Morning Walk.”
He looked at her from head to toe, “I don’t think you need to loose more weight”, he said raising an eyebrow in a taunting tone.
“Weight? Where did that come from? Listen… I don’t exercise because I’ve any problem with my body Ok. I exercise because I love it and want to keep it healthy and free of diseases. So… Aren’t you coming?”, She asked with uncertainty.
“Actually none of us are going for a walk. Now go and prepare my breakfast!”, He said in the same rude tone as before.
She knew there was no winning with him so she just went to the wardrobe to change and walked towards the kitchen.
“Couldn’t he just say it a little politely?”, She thought to herself. There wasn’t a single servant in the kitchen and also the whole house seemed quiet. “Dad must’ve left for office”, she assumed.
She after preparing breakfast walked towards the room and placed the tray in front of him. He was still working on his laptop. “Breakfast”, she said.
He glanced towards her and then the tray, “you prepared it, right?”
“Yes. I didn’t see any servant in the kitchen and around the house. Don’t know what must’ve happened”, she was in deep thoughts.
“Yes sweetheart. That’s because I sent all of them on a month leave.”
“Sweetheart! Leave! My God, his actions and his mood swings! Don’t know what’s going on in the head of his!”, She gulped speaking in her mind.
She gasped, she was completely shocked. “W…why? I…I mean who’ll do the household chores then?”, She asked even though she had pretty much guessed the answer.
He smirked, “Is that hard to guess! Obviously you. And you’ve to get it done before I come back from office. I don’t like lazy people. So… Get started with the cleaning, then laundry, then dishes, then go for cooking and then…”, He looked around the room as if searching for more work he could throw at her. “Those files you see “, he said pointing towards a large stack of files, “do their proofreading also.”
“It’ll take so much time”, she murmured slowly.
“No dear! We’ve dishwasher, washing machine, laptop and all the facilities”, he reasoned.
“I…I can’t. I mean I’ve no problem with doing household chores but I’ve to reach hospital.”
“Are you forgetting Mrs. Sarna that you’re the wife of a billionaire! You don’t need to work”, he said getting angry.
“I don’t work for money Mr. Sarna. I do that because I love helping people. It gives me happiness and peace of mind. And apart from that I didn’t waste years of my life becoming a doctor so that I can sit home and do your kitchen and laundry”, he said equally irritated.
“Ok. You can go to the hospital once you’re done with those files and other chores. Did I stop you?”, He said smirking because he knew it was impossible to complete everything before evening at least.
“Ok. I’m leaving!”, He said and walked towards the washroom. Within 15 minutes, he got ready and left for office.
Twinkle still stood there in shock.
“Dad. What a mess you’ve put me in!”, She frustratedly thought.
“Ok. Now Twinkle let’s get started!”, She convinced herself that it won’t be that difficult.
‘AHAM SHARMA’ will play the character of the person who was not liked by Kunj. He’ll have an important role in the upcoming series.
Thank you for reading!
Hey peeps. I’m really sorry for not posting the episode early, but I’ve two reasons. Firstly, I’m learning driving so was li’l busy with it. Secondly, today I went to watch Golmaal (finally took out time) so Sunday was like a Masti-day for me but I seriously started working on the update as soon as I get back. Hopefully you liked it, I know shaadi happened really fast as if it was halwa which was cooked in seconds but actually the thing is, real story will start now. Don’t stress yourself by thinking Kunj’s rudeness, just enjoy it because everything is gonna be fine.
Sorry for long bak bak. DO COMMENT PLEASE. I’ll try my best to submit 5th one on Tuesday, if not Tuesday than Wednesday tou confirm hai boss 😀
Keep smiling:-)
Love you all<3
Take care!

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