Twinj: Bakhuda Tumhi Ho (Episode:3)

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Bakhuda Tumhi Ho-
Next Evening-
At the Facilitation party:
Kunj and Manohar arrived at the party. Kunj was dressed in a black suit and tie. As their arrival was announced, all the girls from party rushed to the entrance to have glimpse of him. Just one girl remained seated at her place and didn’t react to his arrival like all other girls.
Kunj was enjoying the attention, just then he noticed the girl who didn’t move. Her back was facing Kunj so he couldn’t see her face clearly.
But his ego was hurt. “Is she from this planet only? Or she doesn’t know me?”, he thought
He brushing away the thought walked inside. The host called Kunj on stage and after some sweet words in his praise, handed over the memento to him. Everyone clapped while Manohar was proud of him.

After sometime, Kunj was sitting at the front table with Manohar. Manohar and Kunj were having drinks. Twinkle was sitting on the last table with her back facing Kunj. She was wearing a peach coloured fishtail long gown. Her hair were tied in a clean knot. Some men from far was staring her with awkward look. Kunj notices it and fumed.
“What’s wrong?”, Manohar asked

“Look at those men there, dad. They’re staring at that woman as she’s some piece of meat”
“Oho Kunj! Beta go and tell that girl to sit on some other table or join us. Go”
“Dad. I can’t. I mean yes I really want to tell her that but I’ve to keep myself clean. Remember? Away from scandals, affairs and women. Mr. Kumar’s deal. It’s important.”
“How mean Kunj! Beta who’s asking you to do anything stupid? Just go to her and from 10 feet distance tell her to change her table, that’s it. Father’s order! Go!”
Kunj thought something was fishy but then brushed away the thought and decided to go and tell the lady to go and sit on some other table.

“Ok dad. I’ll be back in a minute”, he told his father before leaving
“No you won’t son”, Manohar muttered to himself
“You said something?”
Kunj went to her table and slightly tapped her shoulder from behind, “excuse me. Miss!”, he said. Twinkle knew it was Kunj and slight touch of his sent electric current through her body. She couldn’t understand the strange sensation.
She turned around and for a second, he was mesmerized by her beauty. She was looking really pretty. Few hairs had escaped from the knot and were caressing her face because of wind. Twinkle was an introvert girl. The men’s stare around her was making her really uncomfortable, but it wasn’t the same with him. For some reason, she wanted him to keep staring at her and admire her beauty.

He composed himself and remembered the purpose of coming there and started to say, ” listen, I think you should come there and sit on the front table. There’s an empty seat on my table. Come.”
He turned around to walk away but she called out, “listen!”
He turned, “yes?”
“Can you please pick up that ring and give me?”, She asked looking down. He couldn’t understand the reason behind her words so looked at her with questioning eyes
“No! No! Don’t get me wrong. Actually this dress is very tight and if I bend down I’m afraid it’ll…..”, She didn’t say further but he understood

“Ok.”, He bend down to pick her ring and while sitting on his knees he extended his hands towards her saying, “here take it.”
Within that very moment, all the reporters and camera man all over the party rushed to the spot and clicked their pictures while the reporters started shooting questions
“Sir, when are you getting married?”
“Sir why did you choose this place to propose your lady love?”

“Sir, congratulations for your marriage”
“Sir what’s the name of future Mrs. Sarna”

Kunj didn’t understand what they were saying but then he saw his position. He was sitting on his knees with a ring in his hand in front of a girl!
“Oh shit!”, He cursed under his breath and started to walk away but Manohar came there
“Oho! So you all came to know about it”, he relaxingly told the press. “Yes Kunj is getting married and this is the girl, Twinkle. Dr. Twinkle”, he said bringing Twinkle in front and making her stand beside Kunj. Kunj was in a state of deep shock, he couldn’t utter a single word.
“There are definitely going to be words with my dear dad once we reach home”, he thought in mind and looked at Twinkle who mouthed a “sorry” to him. He gave her an angry glare clenching her jaws, while she turned her face to the opposite side

“How could dad do this”, his mind yelled
Manohar kept blabbering to the press about Twinj’s first meeting, how they fall for each other, where they met etcetera etcetera whereas Kunj kept throwing dark-cold glares between Manohar and Twinkle. Twinkle flinched by his intimidating looks.
“Did you know all this beforehand?”, He asked Twinkle angrily

Twinkle was really scared by his anger, she tried to say, “I…Ac…Actually….”
“It means yes”, he said before she could complete. “Listen whoever you’re, if because of you, my business suffers, I’ll make you pay for it. If you ever come in my way again then see. And stay away from me. Now just because of you, they’ll spread wrong and stupid news of us so called “being-together”, “happy-couple” and what not! All because of you. Just get lost”, he shouted in the end. Twinkle blinked her eyes fast to stop the tears. It was only loud enough for both of them to hear
Twinkle left from there, she didn’t want anybody to see her crying. She took a taxi and went to special place which always took her pain away before home.

“Why are his words affecting me too much? I shouldn’t even care”, she tried to console herself but of no use

After 15 minutes, which seemed like hours, Manohar and Kunj left the event. Manohar looked around for Twinkle and looking at Kunj’s cold expressions, he realized what might’ve happened.
There was dead silence in the car, Kunj was driving the car while Manohar was sitting beside him. They reached their home, Kunj didn’t utter a single word but Manohar knew it was the silence before thunderstorm. Kunj was going towards his room when Manohar called out,
“Kunj, I know you want answers but…”

“It’s right what people say dad….the worse thing about betrayal is that it never comes from enemies! And today I felt it”, he said without turning back and in dangerously low voice
“You left me no other option son. I’m tired but it hurts me to see you gambling with your life like that”

“I’m gambling with MY life dad”, he said sarcastically. “And what about that gold digger, you’re pushing into my life?”, he snapped
“Twinkle isn’t a gold digger Kunj. She’s a good natured, mature and innocent….”
“Innocence in a ‘woman’. You know dad, I hate innocence because innocence is a mask to hide something deep, dreadful and dark. No person in the world is innocent. There’s always something beneath that skin”
“Stop it Kunj and listen to me…”
“What do I listen dad? That how you planned all this with that girl and cheated me. I. Am. Not. Marrying. Her. And this is my final decision”, he said and left from there in rage.

Next morning-

At office:
He went straight to his cabin, and called the only person who could help him in that situation. Within 10 minutes, the door opened and entered Yuvraj. His only friend and the person who could understand his situation. Yuvraj was his best friend and like a brother, also he was Kunj’s business partner.

“Oh man! I heard what happened yesterday. What’re you planning to do now?”, He asked in his melodramatic tone
“Same question here. You tell me?”
“Kunj I know you don’t take me that seriously but why don’t you meet her once. What if you start liking her?”
“Not you too Yuvi! I’m asking you a solution.”

“Ok. So the solution is…”
He was about to continue but Kunj’s mobile buzzed and ‘Kumar’ name flashed on the screen
“Oh no! If that news has reached him, I’m so blo*dy screwed”, Kunj said before lifting the call
Kunj tried to sound normal even though he was freaking inside, “hello. Mr. Kumar. All ok?”
“Wow Kunj I don’t believe this! Congratulations!”, Kumar said. “I didn’t believe you had taken me so seriously that day”
Kunj was puzzled after hearing him, “what?”
“Ya! About clearing your reputation. I mean. Good going. Now listen one more thing, now when you’re engaged, I want you to marry before we start our project. Probably this month. Ok. Bye. Take care!”

Kunj’s facial expressions changed listening his words. “Dad!”, He grunted gritting his teeth in frustration
“What did he say”, Yuvraj asked intently
Kunj ignoring his question, shouted again, “why does that old man wants to attend my marriage? What a mess dad has put me in!”
“Whoa! Buddy cool down! Deep breaths!”

“What cool down Huh! Now that sick old man will cancel such an important project if I don’t marry that girl and I can’t risk it! Now there’s only one way. I’m ready to marry Twinkle”
The name caught Yuvraj’s attention, “Twinkle? Dr. Twinkle?”
“Ya! You know her?”
“Buddy!”, Yuvraj hugged him in excitement. “If I would’ve known that you’re talking about this girl, trust me, I would’ve never stopped you from this marriage”, he exclaimed
“Great! Now you’ll also not help me. Right?”

“Kunj, I’ve visited the hospital and had met her few times. She’s amazing. You’re so lucky to have her. I must say, she’s not like other girls. She’s….”

“Enough Yuvi”, Kunj snapped and left to Manohar’s cabin.

He was expecting him. Kunj was fuming, “you must be very happy naa dad!”
“You haven’t come here to say that. Right”, Manohar asked calmly flipping through some files
“Yes, I’m ready to marry that girl”, he came straight to the point
“But the way you talked to her last night. I don’t think she’ll marry you”

Kunj laughed proudly, “are you kidding dad? Which girl would say NO to Kunj Manohar Sarna?”
“Twinkle, like I said, she’s not like other girls. Yes I wanted her to marry you but she’s like my daughter, I won’t force her now”, Manohar said looking into his eyes. “If you want her to marry you, go and say that to her politely and if possible, also say sorry”
Kunj ignoring his words asked her address. Manohar gave him, her address and phone number. He after getting her info headed towards her apartment.

Twinkle’s Apartment:
The doorbell rang. Twinkle opened the gate, Kunj was standing there looking at her intently. Seeing him brought back the memory of the moment he had insulted her. She felt his harsh words again in her ears which hurt her more. She just opened the door and walked inside not wanting his gaze on her

“Yes Mr. Sarna,? Anything left from last night that you’re here to say?”, She questioned flatly
“Yes!”, He answered in the same tone. “MARRY ME.”
Twinkle looked into his eyes and stated sternly, “NO.”

‘Half an hour ago:
Manohar called Twinkle, she picked up the call
“Now listen carefully Twinkle. Kunj is coming to you”, Manohar told from other side
“So what dad?”
“He’ll ask you to marry him, and you’ve to say NO”
Twinkle gets shocked, “dad it was you who made me sign the contract of our marriage right. Then…”

“Ya, I remember, but listen he’s my son. I know him better than anyone else, if he’s marrying you under my pressure, then even though he’ll say yes now, but he’ll make some plan later to call off this wedding.

But if you say NO to him, it’ll hurt his ego and you’ll become his obsession. Then he’ll go ‘head over heals’ to marry you. Understood! Also if you agree to marry him, just like that, he’ll think you’re after his money. Say no at first but remember don’t take it too far. Ok”
Twinkle smiled.’
Flashback ends-

He looked at her unbelievably, “Don’t you know who I’m? Girls die for a look of mine and here I’m offering you to marry me and you’re saying no!”
“Then go and marry any of them. I’m not interested!”, She said flatly. She had to ACT uninterested but this man was really getting on her nerves
“Look you’ve to marry me. Ok! It’s important. I’ll loose a very important project, if you don’t”, he said getting louder and grabbing her by shoulders

“Both father-son duo are the same”, she thought
“Ok. What do you want? I can give you anything. Just blo*dy marry me. Even if it’s just a sick contract marriage or for a show off for a few months up till this deal is signed. I don’t care. For me, JUST. MARRY. ME”, he shouted desperately whereas Twinkle cringed at his language
She realised herself. Someone really needed to show him earth. “Ok I’ll marry you but I’ve a condition”
He smirked, “Ok whatever. I accepted”

“Don’t you want to listen what I want?”
“No!”, He said removing his chequebook
He tore a blank cheque and placed it on her hands, “whatever you want. Buy yourself.”
“He really needs treatment”, she thought
Twinkle looked at him with deplore eyes. He turned around to leave but Twinkle came in front and blocked his way angrily.
She took his palm and slapped the cheque on it, “why don’t you give this cheque to someone who can teach you to say ‘sorry’?”

“Ya! If you want me to marry you, apologize to me for your behavior last night”, she said casually
He was taken aback. He could never imagine, she would ask something like that. That second broke his notion about woman. He thought all of them were same and she was one of them
It took some time for her words to sink in, “don’t fall in her trap. All of them are the same. She’s no different!”, His mind told him
“Look. You…”

“Now if you’re about to say that, I’ve lost my mind or I should ask something else, then your choice. I’ll marry you only on this condition that you apologize to me. That’s it! If you can’t. Then leave”

It was nothing like he had never done before, actually she was nothing like he had ever met before, “you don’t know, what you’re asking. Let’s not push it!” He said in dangerously low voice. Twinkle was scared for a second, but covered it. Now she was adamant on making him apologize
“Ok. Then I don’t think your company is bigger than your ego”, she said calmly and was about to leave when he pulled her by her waist and rotated her
“Sorry”, he finally said but lower than a whisper

Their faces were inches apart. Twinkle could feel his breath on her face. She was totally lost into him, she couldn’t understand this sensation or figure out why this man’s closeness affects her too much
“Now. Will you marry me?”, His deep voice broke her trance
She just nodded still not breaking the eye-contact.

“Good”, he said and left from there
As soon as he left, she called Kunj’s father and told him everything. He was beyond happy.
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