Twinj: Bakhuda Tumhi Ho (Episode:29)

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Bakhuda Tumhi Ho-
“I’m Dr. Abhimanyun from Life Saving Hospital. And… It’s our painful responsibility to inform you that your husband, Mr. Kunj has met with an accident. And his condition is critical. Please come soon and fulfill the formalities, consent form etcetera so that we can start his treatment.” And the call was disconnected.
Those words were hammering her head like anything. “KUNJ…!” She shouted at the top of her lungs in shock. ‘No! Nothing can happen to you! I won’t let anything happen to you. Please Lord! You took everything from me! Even my life… I never complained! But please… Not today! Let him live please. Why are you doing this with me all the time! Why such a cruel punishment!’ She sobbed and in the same dishevelled condition, she ran falling, scrapping her knees, getting hurt towards the hall where Manohar was seated.
She didn’t know how to tell him all this! Manohar saw her state and asked, “Beta. What happened? Is everything alright?” Today she was crying… Too much! Not because she was weak but because she has been strong for too long!
“D… Dad! Ku… Kunj! He’s c… Critical! That hos…pital! Accident! Doctor c… Called…!” She was crying so badly that even the words came out in pieces. “I… I’ve to go there dad.” Manohar was equally hurt and broken at the revelation as he understood her words but he realized that Twinkle needed his support right now so he has to be strong.
“Shhh. Beta. Come. We’ll go to the hospital. Nothing will happen to him. Ok…! Driver! Ready the car fast!”
Kunj was in hospital and Twinkle was blaming herself for this! If she hasn’t been leaving then he wouldn’t have been depressed and opted for rash driving which landed him in this condition! But by staying she couldn’t hurt him anymore. Sometimes, life places such conditions where either we step back and save everyone or just everything burns along with us!
“We’re here!” Manohar announced breaking Twinkle’s trance. She looked outside the window and they had reached the hospital.
“Yes.” Was all she could say. She rushed inside and asked the receptionist about Kunj. Once registering his information Twinkle ran towards the guided place where Disha and Yuvraj were already present.
“Disha! Where is Kunj? He’s OK na! There’s nothing to worry about right!”

Disha put her hands around Twinkle as if preparing her for upcoming shock and to give her moral support but Twinkle jerked her hands off. “No… Disha! I know he’s fine! He’s going to be alright.” She kept repeating moving back.
“Twinkle plea…” Yuvraj tried to console her but in vain.
“No! He’s fine and he’ll be Ok. I want to see him now!”
“No! You can’t! The surgery is going on and it can take up to six hours.” Disha held her hand. Hearing this, Twinkle just moved back weeping.
Disha made her sit and asked calmly. “If you love him so much, then why are you leaving him huh?” Twinkle didn’t know what to say. She had no answer to Disha’s questions.

“Disha please! I don’t want to talk about it now. He’s in pain. His condition is critical…” She repeated those words and continued weeping while putting her head in between her hands.
Disha had never seen her in such a condition. She didn’t know how to console her. Just then a junior doctor stepped outside and it was none other than Twinkle’s assistant Anna’s best friend, Shanaya!

Twinkle saw a ray of hope as she walked outside. “What happened? He’s fine na! Nothing is wrong na!”
“Ma’am! We’ve stitched most of the cuts and removed the broken glass pieces but there’s some internal bleeding which had caused a lot of blood loss. So we’ve to arrange Bombay blood group as fast as possible otherwise… Well you know the consequences.”
“Then why are you here Dr! Please go and arrange it fast!” Disha exclaimed worriedly.
“Yes. We’ve reported all blood banks but we need it now so till then… Twinkle ma’am! You may donate the blood to your husband because you’ve the same blood group.” Saying this Shanaya gently pulled Twinkle’s hand but she didn’t move. She was like a stone in this moment. She couldn’t say yes and she couldn’t say no! How could she forget she was the one who had taken promise from Anna not to reveal about her cancer to anybody!
When Twinkle didn’t budge, everybody was shocked but they thought Twinkle is too hurt and depressed.
Disha gently held Twinkle’s hand. “Don’t worry Twinkle! Everything will be fine! Please. Come.”
But Twinkle remain unaffected. She removed her hand from Disha’s and spoke with an expressionless face. “Disha! I’m not donating blood to anybody.”
At those words, everyone in the hall sank in shock. Can’t say what shocked them more… That these words were said by the same Twinkle who was crying vigorously and praying for Kunj’s life just a while ago or that Kunj was still in deep danger.
“Twinkle! What are you saying?” Yuvraj said pulling her back to make her face him.

She removed his hand and said, “This is my last decision and I don’t owe you any explanation. And I’m not the only one in the world who has Bombay blood group. It’s rare but it’s visible.”
“But why?” Disha asked confusingly.
“Because we’re getting divorced! He’s no one to me!” Twinkle couldn’t think of words to frame this ugly sentence which would destroy every relationship she has treasured all her life!
“Twinkle! We can continue this later! Kunj is fighting with death! He doesn’t have time!” Yuvraj reasoned angrily.
“Like I said, this is my last decision!” Twinkle was breaking inside.
“But why Twinkle! Why are you acting like this!” Disha asked with hope. “You’re a doctor yourself Twinkle! You know the consequences if he doesn’t get the adequately supply of blood right now!”
“Disha! I’m sorry but that’s your problem!” She felt disgusted by her own words as they left her mouth and ran away from there leaving Disha shocked and broken.
Twinkle ran outside in the heavy rain and as far as she could. For the first time she had no place to go! She had just now closed all the doors for herself by doing this to Kunj! What made her feel more worthless was that she couldn’t help Kunj! In any way! She had the same blood group but she couldn’t! She was tired and exhausted of this never ending pain! She went to the car and once taking her phone, she called someone, “Hello!”
“Yes! This is Complex blood bank and labs.” The other end spoke.
“Hello… I’m Dr. Twinkle from Care and Cure hospital.”
“Yes yes. Heard about you a lot Dr. Tell me how can I help you.”
“Actually I wanted to know if there’s a stock of Bombay blood group in your blood bank. We need it urgently. It’s an emergency!”
“Let me check. Please hold on for a few minutes.”
Those minutes felt like hours for Twinkle! “Yes. We’ve sufficient stock. Are you sending someone to take it?”
“No. Please ask someone from there to deliver it to the Life Saving Hospital. The patient’s name is Kunj Sarna.”
“Ok Dr. I’ll do it now.”
“Thank you so much. Please fast!”
‘Now there won’t be any problem. He’ll be alright.’ She consoled herself and continued walking on the lonely road all alone thinking about everything and breaking her soul over and over again! This cancer along with her life, had taken her respect, her family, her reputation and everything along with it!
(Link for ‘Kyun mai jagoon’ Song:

“Mujhe yunhi karke khwaabon se Judaa…
Jaane kahan chup ke baitha hai Khuda…
Jaanu na main kab hua khud se gumshuda…
Kaise jiyun rooh bhi mujhse hai judaa…
Kyun meri raahein mujhse pooche ghar kahan hai…
Kyun mujhse aake dastak pooche dar kahan hai…
Raahein aisi jinki manzil hi nahin dhoondho…
Mujhe ab main rehta hoon wahin…
Dil hai kahin aur dhadkan hai kahin…
Saansein hai magar kyun zinda main nahi… played.”

She was remincing every moment spend with Kunj, his love, his confidence, YuviSha’s confidence in that confidence, Manohar’s care and respect for her. She had broken everything. She had shamed them all! She had broken them badly! With every passing moment, she burnt more in the fire of pain and guilt.

“Rait bani haathon se yun beh gayi…
Takdir meri beekhri har jagah…
Kaise likhun phir se nayi dastan…
Gham ki siyahi dikhti hai kahan…
Aahein jo chuni hain meri thi raza…
Rehta hoon kyun phir khud se hi khafa…
Aisi bhi hui thi mujhse kya khata…
Tune jo mujhe di jinay ki saza… played.”

Why did Lord have to write such a cruel destiny for her! Her mom had taught her that the darkest hour is just before the dawn. But she had lost all hope of anything getting better now. She was broken to an extent where there isn’t repair!

“Banday tere maathe pe hain jo khinchay…
Bas chand lakiron jitna hai jahaan…
Aansu mere mujhko mita’te hain rahe…
Rab ka hukum na mit’ta hai yahan…
Raahein aisi jinki manzil hi nahin…
Dhundho mujhe ab main rehta hun wahin…
Dil hai kahin aur dhadkan hai kahin…
Saansien hai magar kyun zinda main nahin…
Kyun main jaagun aur woh sapne bo raha hai…
Kyun mera rab yun aankhien khole so raha hai…
Kyun main jaagun…. played.”

She was crying vigorously when someone pulled her by her arm and slapped her hard. She was shocked! She put her hand on her cheek and turned around to see Disha standing there with an angry expression. “How could you Twinkle!” She screamed angrily. “How could you do this!” She said in an anguish voice. Her heart wept at the betrayal of one best friend and the near-death condition of another! “There Kunj is fighting with death and you… You COULD save him but you chose to walk out like a coward! Even he was nothing to you… And you were getting divorced… That doesn’t justify your action! Even if some enemy would’ve been standing in your place back there, they would’ve sympathized with Kunj’s condition! But you didn’t! I was stupid to push him towards you! He was better alone than being played by you! Your silence, your attitude, your words were killing him but he didn’t stop hoping! Hoping that one day his love will turn you back to the person you used to be! You know Twinkle… After everything that happened I was foolish enough to ask Kunj to trust you and you know why… Because I trusted you blindly! And you proved that I’m really blind! Do you’ve the faintest idea of what would’ve happened if someone from Complex blood bank wouldn’t have delivered blood on time! Tell me damnit! Why did you do this! How could you be such a mean and insensitive person!” Disha shouted shaking her by shoulders and this was it! Twinkle couldn’t take these false allegations anymore!
“Because I’ve CANCER. BONE MARROW CANCER!” She yelled at the top of her lungs. “Disha. Can’t you see! I can give my life for him… But not my BLOOD! My… CONTAMINATED BLOOD! I CAN’T KILL HIM! You’ve no idea what a bottomless pit of misery I’m in! Before blaming me like this, put your feet in my shoes and see if you could walk as far as I did! I’m going to die soon and TRUST ME I WANT TO! This pain reminds me that I’m alive! It’s just there to remind me that I’m a living corpse and nothing else. Everyday I just breath, trying to get through the day without falling a part. Every morning I wake up afraid IF I wouldn’t survive rest of the day! Trying to make HIS life better without getting involved in it! You can only imagine, only try to understand what living like this feels like! I cry and cry and cry but the pain never ends.” Twinkle said in an emotionless tone. Her soul was tired of the pain and her eyes were dried by now.
Disha was equally frozen with shock. She was trying to register those words but couldn’t! She couldn’t believe it because she didn’t want her illusions destroyed. She wanted to believe the soothing lies than this harsh truth! “No this can’t be! You’re lying to save yourself! This is an excuse! This can’t be! And… If this was true, then why didn’t you tell Kunj huh?”
“Don’t you see Disha! I can’t tell him! I’ve been running away from him because of this! This is the sole reason. If he comes to know about this, he’ll lose his faith in love, Lord, since every beautiful thing in life had been cruelly snatched from him. He would’ve become the same Kunj everyone hated! I know! I won’t live but… I also didn’t want to die in front of him. He has once seen the death of the girl he loved, he can’t bear that again… He just can’t! And I’ve seen that! The way he’s protective over me, the way he loves me, I know he can’t handle this!” Saying this, she collapsed on her knees at her own fate!
“No Twinkle! I won’t lie to him! He’ll fight with you against this disease… You always taught us that fighting is bravery and running away is cowardliness! Then how can you forget your own teachings!” She bend on her knees to match her level and cupped her face. “He’ll die Twinkle IF YOU WOULD MAKE HIM TO HATE YOU! He’ll die IF HE WOULD BELIEVE THAT YOU BETRAYED HIM! Don’t do this to yourself and to Kunj. Give him a chance! Let him fight with you. Please!” She pleaded trying to convince her.
“No Disha! Why aren’t you understanding! I’m at the edge of death. My cancer is at second stage! No treatment can cure me. I can’t see my Kunj broken!” She whispered yelled wiping her unshed tears.
“I’m sorry Twinkle. But I’m not with you this time. As soon as Kunj gains consciousness, I’m going to tell him everything! You want it or not!” Disha said giving one more problem for Twinkle to deal with!
“Disha! I’m trying to make you understand here but seems like you don’t want to understand anything!” Twinkle bellowed in disbelief.
“I’m not understanding…? I. Am?” She asked pointing finger on herself. “Why this simple thing isn’t getting in your head Twinkle…. He has all the rights to know about your health. He. Is. Your. Husband! And no one can snatch this right from him just being afraid of shattering him… Twinkle! He always shared everything with you but you’re cheating him by not letting him know the truth. If you run away like that, even after your death, he won’t be at peace! He’ll spend all his life trying to know the reason. Why are you acting so stupid and making him suffer so much. This isn’t your love Twinkle! This is madness. Love means celebrating happiness together and also bearing pain together! Holding hands in good times and supporting through bad times. You’ve tortured him really bad Twinkle.” She said putting her hand on her head to release the stress and digest the truth.
Disha’s words were piercing Twinkle’s heart. Kunj’s pain was unbearable for her too. But the lie that she was far away and happy without him would give him strength to live. However the truth that she was dead would kill him too!
“Disha you can’t tell him anything. Please! Just let me handle all this.” Twinkle irritably cried.
“Twinkle! You were handling this till now, not anymore. I…”
“Disha tumhen meri kasam.” She said urgently placing Disha’s hand on her head. “Swear on me Disha! You won’t tell anything to Kunj.” With that Disha felt as helpless as Twinkle.
“Twinkle you’re unbelievable. How can you ask me to lie like this?”
“I’m not asking you to lie Disha. I’m just asking you NOT to tell him the truth.” Twinkle said cleverly but she knew one thing, Disha is as stubborn as she is! And this conversation was going to last a long time.
“Listen Twinkle…” Just then her phone rang. She angrily picked up and shouted. “What?”
“Ya. Ok! I’m coming. And thank you so much.” She said before hanging up.
“What happened?” Twinkle asked eagerly expecting some news about Kunj’s health.
“It was Yuvi. He told me that inspector had come to investigate the case and they’ve discovered Kunj’s car in damaged condition and…” She paused. Her face was holding a dilemma.
“And what?” Twinkle questioned impatiently.
“They’re saying that the wire of the brakes were deliberately cut by someone! Also there’s some improvement in Kunj’s health. He asked me to come to the hospital fast because he and Rishab have to go a far away pharmacist for buying some injections and they can’t leave dad and Kunj like that. Come with me to the hospital now. I’ll make some excuse. Don’t worry!” Disha spoke reliving Twinkle that she won’t tell anything about her disease to anyone. She was also ecstatic hearing improving condition of Kunj.
“No Disha. You go to the hospital and call me when Kunj may gain consciousness till then I’ll finish off an important work.” She stated determinedly.
Thank you very much for reading.
Hey fellas! A really big ‘Sorry’ for getting late and making you guys wait but I’ve a valid reason behind it actually I’m not at home… Spending time at Grandma’s place with some cousins so li’l busy but still took out time to write something because I didn’t want to test your patience. Will try to post next one by Wednesday In’shaAllah!
Coming to episode, do you think Disha’s slap and her anger was justified? Well according to me, Yes it was! What do you think, who can cut the wires of Kunj’s car? And what important work Twinkle was talking about? And the most important question… What would happen if Kunj comes to know about her cancer OR even worse if he came to know about Twinkle’s rejection of donating blood? Oh my Allah! So many tensions but don’t worry everything will be alright!
Thank you so much for the lovely response in previous episode. Can’t mention your names because in a hurry right now but thanks a million times for loving the story. Keep sharing your views guys because that’s what encourages me to write.
Keep smiling:-)
Love you all<3
Take care!

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  2. Vags

    U r making me too emotional ??
    I want some “twinj” ? but I know the story line does not permit that
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  3. Baby

    Disha’s slap and her anger was justified? YESS…in my opinion it was justified and i was okay with it but she was doing this for him only soo felt a bit sad ?
    What do you think, who can cut the wires of Kunj’s car? maybe chaya was her name right maybe her or someone from here only i was wondering where is this girl umm..rishabs sister….?
    And what important work Twinkle was talking about? maybe she had gone in search of the person who had cut the wires ?
    What would happen if Kunj comes to know about her cancer….maybe he will break but then understand and help her cure…..?
    even worse if he came to know about Twinkle’s rejection of donating blood? he will break even worse and donno more ?

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    Coming to episode, it was definitely emotional
    Now at least someone knows about twinkles health(disha) but please make kunj know it ASAP
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    Then , seriously someone tried to kill Kunj !?! I mean uski car k breaks kisiine Jaan boojh kr fail kiye .. Shit man!! ?
    Can this person be Chhaya or Kunj himself??
    Lastly, Twinkle’s last dialogue … I think she knows who can do this? I am sure she is going to confront Chhaya for now ????????
    Now about your questions,
    I think Kunj will be turn from inside that twinkle refused to donate him Blood !!
    There are chances that he may start hating her for this ..!!
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