Twinj: Bakhuda Tumhi Ho (Episode:28)

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Bakhuda Tumhi Ho-
Kunj’s POV-
I turned around and saw her packed bag which she left open in anger when something caught my eye. I pulled it slightly out of the bag and was shocked!
It was MY shirt! Sprayed with my cologne. The odor of cologne was so strong that it felt like the whole bottle had been sprayed on it! This can’t be by mistake! Twinkle is very particular about her belongings. IF she’s taking this shirt, then it can’t be by mistake!
My heart fluttered at the knowledge. Something clicked in and I again put my hand back in her bag to withdraw something. Lord! Right now, I feel like a gambler waiting for his cards to open and hit jackpot! And something caught in… It was a velvety case which had a long red ribbon as a part of it’s design which got stuck in my finger. I carefully took it in my hands and opened it with a hope of not getting all my hopes broken. And I was dazed to see her mangalsutra.

It was placed so safely like it was the most precious thing in the universe.
And with that, was the photo of our reception!

I can’t express what I felt in that moment! Surprise and pleasure at the revelation that she still loves me, worry about the reason why she’s doing this, anger for hiding the truth from me and sad that she broke the promise of our love and togetherness.
Please tell me the truth Twinkle!
Today I realized one thing, that Lord exists and He’s watching. When I had lost all the hopes of living, he had sent Twinkle to keep hope and love alive in my heart, He was watching. When Twinkle was leaving and I was letting her go, He sent Disha to open the gates of my heart, He was watching. When I was asking for one sign to prove Twinkle’s innocence, He gave me this shirt and these belongings.
Even when my pain seemed too much, He was watching.
Even when He seemed indifferent to my sufferings, He was watching.
Kunj’s POV ends-

He neatly placed all the things back so that Twinkle doesn’t doubt his intentions. Twinkle angrily came back and began unpacking her things in anger. Anyways she didn’t have any other option. She kept giving him angry, hateful expressions and he kept enjoying, staring at her face amusingly and lovingly.

At Night:
Kunj was watching TV, lying on the bed when Twinkle came in. She picked up her pillow and placed it on the couch. Kunj was hell annoyed now. He clenched his jaw thinking about the way for stopping Twinkle to sleep on couch.
She grabbed her nightie and walked towards the washroom to change. Within a second, Kunj got up from his place and poured the whole jug of water placed on the side table upon the sofa and returned to his place and acted like he hasn’t moved even an inch!
Twinkle came out of the washroom and was about to lay on the couch when she saw it was soaking wet! She angrily looked at Kunj. If she hadn’t made a resolution of not talking to him, she would’ve yelled at him for doing this right now!
“What?” He asked innocently feeling her sharp gaze upon him.
“Don’t act!” She quirked and placed her pillow back on the bed.
“You know Twinkle…” He started to speak in a serious tone which got Twinkle worried. “Your anger is… Is… Too much s*xy!” He completed with a wink.
“Urgh!” Was all she could say at his unpredictable behavior!
She laid beside him keeping an annoyingly huge distance in the middle. She took a book and began reading it just because she didn’t want to ask him to switch off the lights. After sometime, he switched the TV off yawningly. “I’m tired.” He while getting up declared and took his T-shirt out from the cupboard.
“Twinkle! Could you please turn your face in another direction?”
“Why?” She frowned.
“I’ve to change. I’m not in a mood to go to the washroom.”
She was already angry about the recent events and he was fueling it. “Can’t you just go to the washroom and change! And by the way, is it the first time I’m seeing you without a shirt!” She blurted out in anger on which he smirked. That’s when she realized what she just said. She was embarrassed.
“Twinkle! Glad to hear that you remember. But you know… I USED to change infront of MY WIFE… Not infront of any other women and now when you’ve cleared that I’m no one to you so please…” Saying this, he gestured her to turn her face.
She was really sad and hurt at those words, ‘Other woman’ but she soon covered it and after placing the book on bedstand, she pulled the duvet over her face.
Within some minutes, she felt a warm, soft cushion touching her back. ‘Maybe he has some courtesy left. That’s why he placed the cushion between us.’ She thought.
But when she turned around, she was shocked to see it wasn’t a cushion but Kunj’s chest! He was hugging her and he was shirtless! “Kunj what the…”
Before she could say anything, he placed both the hands around her waist pulling her more closer.
“What’re you doing!” She whined.
“Keeping you close.”
“Kunj! Leave me right now!” She struggled.
“I will. But first tell me! Whom should I believe? Your eyes screaming your innocence? Your lips telling lies? Or the blush on your face and your fast racing heartbeat betraying you every time I come closer?” He spoke looking into her eyes intensely.
“I… I’m not blushing.” She tried to turn away but his face was too close.
He smiled not removing his eyes from her face. “Yes. You. Are! Because I still have the same effect on you. And that’s because… YOU are the same Twinkle!”
“Kunj please leave me!” She tried to free herself from his unshakably strong grip.
“Ok. I’ll! But first promise me you won’t go on that couch tomorrow or any other day from now on!”
“No I won’t promise anything like that.” She said irritatingly.
“Fine then. Sleep like this.” He retorted closing his eyes and pretended to be asleep.
“Wait Kunj! I can’t breathe!” She tried to move again but he didn’t let her move an inch! Finally she huffed and gave in. “Ok fine! Now leave me!”
He opened an eyes with a mischievous smile. “Say it completely darling!”
He eyed him angrily. “You’re testing my patience.”
He shrugged. “Fine! As you wish!”
She sighed to calm herself. “I promise that I won’t go to that couch again. Now leave me this instant!” She exclaimed furiously.
His smile widened. “That’s like my girl.” He removed his hands from her waist but kept his fingers intertwined with hers.
“What about my hand?” She asked.
“I didn’t hold this hand to let go so easily. Now it’ll be in my hand till DEATH do us apart!” Saying this, he kissed their interlocked hands and closed his eyes with a glint of satisfaction.
But Twinkle’s sleep vanished hearing him. ‘Till death do us apart! Sure it’ll!’ She smiled sadly.
Kunj was leaving for the office when Twinkle called out. “Till when are you going to do this Kunj! This madness! This stubbornness! It’s all meaningless!” She said trying to sound cold looking anywhere but him.
“Is that what you think! No Twinkle. It isn’t meaningless. And trust me… Soon enough, you’ll stop fighting and come running into my arms. Till then, take care.” He said patting her cheek lovingly and walked out.
Twinkle didn’t do anything as she had to reach hospital soon. So, she took her purse, her reports along with necessary things and went to the hospital.

At the Hospital-
“Twinkle! You need not lose hope. We’re…” Dr. Ragini tried to pacify her but Twinkle interrupted her in mid.
“No need Dr. Just tell me my options.”
“Does that mean you’re ready for treatment?”
“No Dr. I’m a doctor myself and know about cancer very well. I know I won’t be alright. So no need!”
“Don’t be so hopeless Twinkle.” She tried to explain Twinkle.
“No Dr. I’m not being hopeless. I’m just being practical. That immunotherapy… Did it work! No na! It was like… I wasn’t taking any treatment at all! My condition is still the same.” She paused before continuing. “Please Dr. Just give me those medicines which doesn’t let my condition deteriorate for the upcoming few months. I’m not interested in treatment.”
After few minutes, Twinkle took the prescription and left. As she was walking from the corridor, a hand pulled her from the arm in a bedside ward. “What the…” She was about to protest when she saw it was none other than Chayya. Twinkle frowned irritably. She wasn’t in a mood to debate with her so she tried to move out but it was unlike Chayya to let her go!
“Never in my life have I seen a someone more shameless than you!” Chayya spoke making a disgusted face.
“Look who’s talking about shamelessness!” Twinkle threw a sarcasm in reply.

“Aren’t you done?” Chayya asked again.
“Yes Chayya! I’m done with your nonsense! Please move!” Twinkle tried to walk away.
“Twinkle! I heard your words with doctor. What would happen if Kunj came to know about your cancer? Will he be able to bear it!” She asked with a piteous look in a pathetic voice.
Twinkle was shocked and petrified. “How d… Did you know?”
“That’s not an answer dear. You know Twinkle, when you came into Kunj’s life, I went on to pretending that you don’t exist. But soon enough, you made an important place in his life and I… I began to envy you, over time… I became insecure. But one fine day, you SLAPPED me for him and he DITCHED me for you! And you became my worst enemy. But today, I pity you. And more than that, I pity Kunj. He…”
“Stay in your limits Chayya. Who told you I need your pity! Just mind your own business.” Twinkle yelled angrily.
“You can’t run away from the truth like this damnit!” Chayya yelled holding her from shoulders. “Do you’ve an idea of how much you matter to him! Do you even know what would happen if you die in front of his eyes! I guess no! That’s why you’re still here! Twinkle! Just for a second… Forget that I’m that woman who wanted your husband! Just forget that I’m your enemy and think what would he do! He has made it very clear that he wouldn’t live without you. Then… If you die, he’ll die… Yet again and it’ll be like dying a thousand deaths each moment of his existence! And will never be reborn! He’ll never trust Lord, love, people, destiny, anybody, anything! I’ve never seen Kunj so much caring, so much loving towards ANYBODY in all these years! Not even his dad! I’m not saying all this for myself! I very well know he would never accept me! Even after you leave! But you believe it or not Twinkle, I love him! And I can’t see him dying the death YOU have planned for him! There’s one way out! Just. Go. Twinkle! Go. Away!”
Twinkle already knew this! But hearing those words again and again had made her weak. Too much weak! “What do you think! I haven’t tried! Why do you think I accepted your accusations that day huh!” She replied.
“Maybe or may not be! Be strong Twinkle. Just like he is! Have you seen his determination! You’re still here because his determination of making you stay is stronger than your will of letting him go! Sometimes I feel like… You’re ACTING that you would go away but in reality you’ve other plans. Well I don’t care. I’m just… Worried about Kunj. Rest is your decision! DON’T KILL HIM! Don’t bind him in the curse of your togetherness because in the end… Well, you know better.” With those heavy words, she walked away leaving Twinkle shocked and broken.
It wasn’t like she didn’t know all this. She did, but the way Chayya presented it made her disgusted with her own self. ‘How can I do this to Kunj who loves me so much!’ She asked herself. ‘No! I’ve to be strong, stronger than he’s! And more stubborn than he can ever be!’
She began thinking of something to push Kunj away but couldn’t. She went home all tired and exhausted from the mental phase she was going through and her body going weak day by day. Twinkle entered the room and saw Kunj already there. She ignored him and continued her work.
“Twinkle!” Kunj called her out on which she turned around. “Hmmm.” Was her only reply.
“Twinkle! Dad had called. His conference is over and he’s coming back from UK.”
Dad’s name caught Twinkle’s attention. How would she face him? What would happen if Kunj told him all this? This was all going on in her mind when Kunj spoke, “Twinkle, I can’t see him hurt. I don’t know how he would react if he comes to know about your… Decision. So… Let’s not tell him anything about it. He’ll be sad and he worries too much about me. It isn’t good for his health. Will you… Pretend that everything is normal between us? Just in front of him?” He requested hopefully while Twinkle was surprised at his polite and loving tone.
Did he really requested her in spite of such rude behavior Twinkle had shown. ‘He has really changed a lot.’ She thought smiling wistfully making Kunj worried.
“Uh, Twinkle! Are you OK with it?” He asked again cautiously.
Twinkle came out of her thoughts and was happy that she didn’t have to request the same thing to Kunj! Because if she did, he would’ve taken full advantage of the situation and put forth so many conditions to agree.
“I’m… I’m glad that you’re worried about dad Kunj. But what’ll you do after a few months… I mean… You know what I mean…” She said whatever words were coming in her mind to convey what she wanted to.
“Oh! After a few months more. Off course we wouldn’t need to act anymore. Because by then, you’ll be totally in love with me… Truly, wholeheartedly and forever.” Saying this, he kissed her cheek and ran out.

“Kunj!” She yelled angrily behind him.
“Everything is fair in love and war sweetheart. And this is ‘love’. True love.” He shouted back while receding from the stairs.
Over few days, Kunj started his efforts to make Twinkle say the truth but it hurt him to see HIS Twinkle in this condition.

(Link for the ‘Mitwa’ Song:

“Mere mann ye bata de tu…
Kis or chala hai tu…
Kya paya nahi tune…
Kya dhundh raha hai tu…
Jo hai ankahee jo hai ansuni…
Woh baat kya hai bata…
Mitwa kahein dharkanein tujhse kya…
Mitwa yeh khudse toh na tu chhupa… played.”

He was doing everything she had always expected from him. Being the good, caring, pampering husband any women would dream of but no effect. Twinkle went on ignoring him. She even stopped talking to him! If he insisted too much, it was just a nod or a blunt yes or no answer.

“Jeevan daggar mein prem naggar mein…
Aaya nazar mein jab se koi hain…
Tu sochta hain tu puchata hain…
Jiski kami thi kya yeh wohi hain…
Haan yeh wohi hain…
Haan yeh wohi hai…
Tu ek pyasa aur yeh nadi hain…
Kaahe nahi isko tu khulke bataye…
Jo hai ankahee jo hai ansuni…
Woh baat kya hai bata…
Mitwa kahein dharkanein tujhse kya…
Mitwa yeh khudse toh na tu chhupa… played.”

Days passed and it was the same between them. Nothing improved. Kunj many a times tried to tease her, lift her mood but no change. She was always the same and when Kunj tried to talk, it was the same rude answer that she didn’t want to be with him and it was all just a contract for a few more months. The silence had become their worst enemy but Twinkle had herself chosen this fate for their relationship.

“Teri nigaahen, paa gayi rahein..
Par tu yeh soche jaaun na jaaun…
Yeh zindagi jo hai naachti toh…
Kyon bediyon mein hai tere paaun…
Preet ki dhun par naach le paagal…
Udta agar hai udne de aanchal…
Kaahe koi apne ko aaise tarsaaye… played.”

And for Kunj, what hurt wasn’t that they didn’t talk these days, but that they used to talk for hours everyday. He desperately wanted those days, those moments back.
In front of dad, they acted like they were too much in love which was a relief for Manohar but nothing more.

“Jo hai ankahee jo hai ansuni…
Woh baat kya hai bata…
Mitwa kahein dharkanein tujhse kya…
Mitwa yeh khud se toh na tu chhupa…
Mere mann ye bata de tu…
Kis or chala hai tu…
Kya paya nahi tunen..
Kya dhundh raha hai tu… played.”

—10 Days Later—
Twinkle was in her room getting ready absentmindedly. She wore her mangalsutra, jhumkas, bangles, bindi and other ornaments.

She then stood up to tie a waistband around her waist.

She was struggling with it when Kunj dashed into the room. She was dazed by the suddenness of the moment. Both her hands were still holding the clip when he angrily walked to her and held her both the arms pushing her against the dressing table!
“What on the earth are you made up of! Twinkle! It’s been 10 days! 10 days since I heard your voice! 10 days since I saw you laugh! 10 days since we touched each other with love! 10 freaking days! What’re you up to? Just blo*dy tell me! I’m on the edge of losing my patience damnit! Don’t push me!”
All he could see was pain on Twinkle’s face. He followed her eyes and realized something. Her thumb and forefinger were bleeding. “Twinkle! What happened!” He asked panicking when he saw her hands. When he pushed her against the dressing table, the sharp clip of the waistband pierced her back as well as her hands.
“Aah!” Twinkle choked and was on the verge of crying.
“I’m so sorry Twinkle!” He was so panicked. “I… I didn’t mean to hurt you! It was…” The pain and guilt evident on his face. He rushed to the drawer and once taking the first-aid box, he ran to her. She was still holding the waistband in her hands. Kunj pulled it and thew it away. “How many times have I told you not to wear this thing huh? Only if you ever listen! Oh Lord! It’s bleeding!” He could see through mirror the blood on her waist. He pulled out his handkerchief and placed it on her back to stop the bleeding. Twinkle took a deep breath in relief. He thought the relief on her face was because of the hanky that he placed on her back. But the truth was she was longing for his touch, his cold hands on her body made her feel like a weary, tired traveler who was home after years of travel. The love, nostalgia and all the emotions seemed to resurface.
He made her sit on the bed and bandaged her finger. She was totally lost in his eyes.
“May I?” He asked. His soft voice brought her back.
“Huh? W… What?” He simply pointed to the fresh wound on her back. She pulled her hairs forward and turned around.

He carefully bandaged her back and restrained from touching her all the while.
Twinkle was wincing in pain and tears were flowing from her eyes. Where had life brought her! How could it be so harsh, so cruel!
Once applying ointment on her wound. He gently turned her around so that she could face him. “You know Twinkle… I was here to tell you… You may go.”
“W… What?” She was shocked.
“Ya Twinkle. I’m sorry for doing all that. And sorry for whatever you had to go through these days. But I can’t see you like that. I don’t want to lose your smile. Because that’s what makes my life beautiful and worth living. Please. If you’re happy without me… I’ll live without you. If your happiness lies in staying away from me, I won’t stop you.”
“So… You’re letting me go?” She didn’t want to accept it now!
He smiled sadly caressing her cheeks. “Because I love you. If you want to come back, I’ll always be there waiting for you with open arms in the place where you left me…. And don’t worry I won’t waste your struggle! I promise, I’ll never touch the drugs again.” He spoke hardly controlling the urge to stop her and cage her into his arms.

“Tum ko bhi hai khabar…
Mujhko bhi hai pata…
Ho raha hai judaa…
Dono ka raasta…
Dur jaake bhi mujhse tum meri yaadon main rehna…
Kabhi alvida na kehna…
Kabhi alvida na kehna…
Kabhi alvida na kehna… played.”

“Please Twinkle. Go away from me. Before I change my mind.”
“Kunj thanks…” Her voice choked because of the tears she was holding back.

“Tum ko bhi hai khabar…
Mujhko bhi hai pata…
Ho raha hai judaa…
Dono ka raasta…
Dur jaake bhi mujhse tum meri yaadon main rehna…
Kabhi alvida na kehna…
Kabhi alvida na kehna… played.”

“Twinkle. Now if you want me to drop you to the airport or help you do the packing, then I’m really sorry… I don’t have that big heart.” He came closer in such a way that there wasn’t an inch left.

“I’ll miss you badly. If I sit down and count the things you’ve done for me, I guess time won’t be enough. All I can say is, Thank you for everything. If this is the only thing I can give you… Then so be it. I’m leaving for now and I’ll be back in evening. You’ve all the time till then.” Saying this, he dropped a soft, lingering kiss on her forehead cherishing the last moment with her and walked away without looking into her eyes.

Twinkle had done all the packing and was ready to leave. ‘Be a witness Lord! Whatever I’m doing, I’m doing for Kunj’s good.’ She reminisced Chayya’s words,
Don’t kill him!
I feel like you’re ACTING that you’d go away but in reality you’ve other plans.
The death YOU have planned for him!
It’ll be like dying a thousand deaths each moment of his existence.
I pity Kunj.
She shook her head and was about to go downstairs when her phone rang. Her eyebrows furrowed on seeing unknown number.
“Hello. Am I speaking to Mrs. Kunj Sarna?”
“Yes speaking. Who’s this?”
“I’m Dr. Abhimanyun from Life Saving hospital. And… And it’s our painful responsibility to inform you that your husband, Mr. Kunj has met with an accident. And his condition is critical. Please come soon and fulfill the formalities, consent form etcetera. So that we can start his treatment.” The call was disconnected but Twinkle didn’t move an inch. She was freezed to the ground.

She fell on the floor in shock with those words. Those words were enough to bring her world crashing down.
Thank you very much for reading.
Hey fellas. Back with another episode! Was really overwhelmed with the response, thank you so much guys:* And actually I’m double happy because there wasn’t a single dislike on the previous update… Like seriously you all loved it that much! I’m surprised;)
Really sorry but nobody guessed correctly except for Vibhu, who guessed right about Twinj’s marriage photograph. You all were guessing about reports and I was like…. Let’s put this one but had to go with the one I had planned. However felt truly amazing while reading your opinions.
Coming to episode… Woah! Woah! Woah! So much happened right! And that so much contained, pain and shock.
Will Kunj survive? Off course he will! But how will it effect their life and relationship! That’ll be a thing to know.
I’ve a good news though, the character of Chayya is going to end… I didn’t want to reveal it but as the episode was kind of emotional (even I was having tears while writing) so thought to give a happy news XD
Warning: Emotional moments ahead. Those who cry easily should keep hankies with them including me:)
I’ll try my BEST to post next one by Friday In’shaAllah. No promises though!
Don’t forget to share your opinions regarding the episode before leaving this page because I feel really good while reading your good words:*
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