Twinj: Bakhuda Tumhi Ho (Episode:27)

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Bakhuda Tumhi Ho-
“I’m leaving… Soon.” She told him bitterly and Kunj just stood there like a statue.
Twinkle couldn’t witness his shattered state anymore, so she turned around and ran to the room. Once latching the door, she cried her heart out falling on her knees. She has hurt the love of her life so badly! What might he be thinking about her! How much she had hurt him!
Standing on her feet, she walked towards the bedside table and took Kunj’s photo frame in her hands. ‘Kunj! This is for your own good. Nobody can ever love you as much as I do. I love you enough to let you go. Please try to forgive me. I had no choice. If I ever had to choose between your happiness and your love, I would happily do it again… A hundred more times… That’s so much I love you.’
She took in her arms their marriage photograph letting the tears of pain to fall on it.

While crying all the while, she didn’t realize when she fell asleep on the ground.
But her sleep got disturbed as soon as she felt a hand caressing her hair. She slowly opened her eyes to find her ‘mother’ sitting there with a sad and worried face.
“Mom.” She called out softly.
“What have you done Twinkie!” Her mom said wiping her tears.
She hiccuped trying to control her sobs. “M… Mom…!” Unable to continue she hugged her mom tightly, breaking down in her arms. “Mom. I love him mom! I never wanted this! But I can’t tell him anything! I had to lie mom because this was the only way to prevent him from breaking… Mom he’ll never be able to…”
“Shhh.” Her mother shushed her gently putting a finger on her lips. “Twinkie! I’m proud of you. You did something no one else could do! The hardest thing is to hurt yourself for the sake of other’s happiness. You did that… But believe me… He’s your husband. He deserves to know the truth, to know everything. Don’t hide it from him my child.”
“Mom. He’ll b… Break! He’ll… Die!” She said between her sobs.
“Dear you’re hurting him more by showing fake hatred towards him.”
“Mom, I’m making him hate me so that it would be easy for him to move on but if something happened to me in front of him he won’t be able to survive that. He’ll be stuck forever mom! I can’t bear that.” She paused to wipe her tears in between hiccups. “I’m doing everything for him mom.”
Her mother sighed. “Whatever your decision is Twinkie, I know you’ll never do anything wrong. You’re my smart and strong princess.”
She keeping her head on her mother’s lap spoke, “Mom. Don’t leave me please… Everyone leaves… No one stays… I sent everyone away mom!” She kept on blabbering while clutching her mother’s lap.
“I won’t Twinkie. Sleep peacefully! I’m here with you.” Her mom soothed her kindly brushing her fingers in Twinkle’s hairs.
Kunj kept walking on the road aimlessly. It was like… The same pain he had experienced 9 years ago coming back much more severe, much more intensified! The pain, the betrayal, the lonliness, everything!

(As Sudha had always asked for song’s link so here it is:
“Ye dil tanha kyun rahe…
Kyun hum tukdon mein jiye…
Ye dil tanha kyun rahe…
Kyun hum tukdon mein jiyein…
Kyun rooh meri ye sahe…
Main adhoora jee raha hoon…
Hardum ye keh raha hoon…
Mujhe teri zaroorat hai…
Mujhe teri zaroorat hai… played.”

The hollow from which Twinkle had brought him back, he seemed sinking into it again, dissolving in self destruction, the difference was just that… There wasn’t Twinkle to wipe his tears, to share his pains, to lead him to the right, to vanish the darkness.

“Andheron se tha mera rishta bada…
Tune hi ujaalon se waaqif kiya…
Ab lauta main hoon inn andheron mein phir…
Toh paaya hai khud ko begaana yahaan…
Tanhaayi bhi mujhse khafaa ho gayi…
Banjaron ne bhi thukra diya…
Main adhoora jee raha hoon…
Khud par hi ik sazaa hoon…
Mujhe teri zaroorat hai…
Mujhe teri zaroorat hai… played.”

Today he was cursing himself for changing so much! ‘Why did you changed so much Kunj! Why? Had you been the old Kunj, you would’ve destroyed her career, her dreams, her life and forget her like a sip of wine! This is the problem with getting attached to someone. When they leave, you just feel lost. Why Twinkle?’ He yelled out on the lonely road.

“Tere jism ki woh khushbuein…
Ab bhi inn saanson mein zinda hai…
Mujhe ho rahi inse ghutan…
Mere gale ka ye phanda hai…
tere choodiyon ki woh khanak…
Yaadon ke kamre mein goonje hai…
Sunkar isey aata hai yaad…
Haathon mein mere zanjeerin hain…
Tuhi aake inko nikaal zaraa…
Kar mujhe yahaan se rihaa… played.”

‘Why did you do this! Why me! In this world full of millions of people, why did you pick me from this crowd! To hate, to destroy, to leave! This is your healing? You came to do this into my life! You came into my life and did all that to show me this day… Now I’ll show you how futile and meaningless it all was!’ He said thinking something wiping his tears.

“Main adhoora jee raha hoon…
Ye sadaayein de rahaa hoon…
Mujhe teri zaroorat hai…
Mujhe teri zaroorat hai… played.”

At Sarna Mansion-
Twinkle heard a loud knock on the door. Her sleep broke and she woke up to find herself on floor. She glanced at the clock and it was almost morning. She had slept for almost 5 hours. She got worried as someone was roughly knocking the door again and again. She stood up wiping her tears, did her hair quickly and opened the door to find a servant completely panicked. “Ma’am! Come down fast!”
“Why! What happened?”
“Sir had arrived home. And he’s…”
Without listening anything else, she ran past him like anything. The worst things were coming into her mind while her tears weren’t stopping neither she tried. But what hurt her more was… He was in this condition because of her!
She ran to the hall and the sight she saw shattered her heart in pieces. He was a painful sight to see! His clothes, hairs completely covered in sweat, his feet unable to support him! The once kind and loving eyes were blank and emotionless!
She rushed to him to prevent him from falling. “What have you done Kunj?” She cried.
He chuckled humorlessly. “What have I done! I’ll tell you…” He paused to look at her deeply. “You were my happiness, my relief, my everything. Now when you’re leaving… I’ve decided to go back to the one who used to heal me before… MY DRUGS!”
“No! You can’t do this.” She yelled angrily.
“I can! And I will… Why did you do this huh! I’m Kunj Sarna! Even someone accidentally walked on my feet na they APOLOGIZE, and YOU walked all over my heart and didn’t even realize! You know, if I had lost a part of myself, that wouldn’t have hurt as much as it’s hurting now! There isn’t difference between you and that Chayya! You know Dr. Twinkle… Even if you ask a pro*titute to FAKE love, she’ll never agree. You. Are. Worse. Than. A. PRO*TITUTE!”
“KUNJ! Behave yourself.” She shouted angrily.
“Don’t you dare shout at me! You’ve lost that right…” He hissed before continuing. “You know what… The only more thing shocking than the truth was… The LIES you told all the way to cover it up! LIE… I love you… LIE… I’ll never leave you… LIE… I’ll always be there for you… LIE… Love…” He said and started laughing hysterically.
“Kunj please…”
“Today… I feel so useless! Like… For you… I was just a disease and you were a medicine…! I was saving you and you were… Killing me. What did I ever ask you! All I ever wanted is that you need me as much as I want you… As much as I need you…”
“Kunj! Please try to understand.”
“Understand what? That how you cheated me! How you just…” Before he could speak further, he fell on sofa.
Twinkle helped him in getting up, lead him to the room and carefully placed him on the bed. “I hate you.” He murmured in his sleep. Hearing to it Twinkle painfully sat on couch staring at him. Her heart was burdened with guilt and pain.
Her phone’s ring brought her out of the trance. She received the call not removing his eyes from Kunj’s face. “Hello.”
“Am I speaking to Mrs. Kunj Sarna?”
“Ma’am your flight for London is going to take off tomorrow evening. Just a reminder.”
“Thank you.”
“Take care ma’am.” With those words the call was disconnected. She walked towards him and sitting beside him, she caressed her hair. ‘Every pain, every accusation, I’ll readily accept Kunj. Be happy. I’ll leave you tomorrow and go somewhere far from you… Where you won’t be able to find me… Where I’ll live these last few months of my life praying for your goodwill, happiness and forgiveness.’
At the corner of her heart, she was rather shocked the way Kunj accepted, admitted and reacted to the situation with his heart. Without any mask on his face.
Because as far as she knew him, he never really forgave people. He just pretended like it’s OK and waited for his turn to destroy them. But he didn’t! He accepted the pieces of his brokenness and… That he couldn’t fight anymore… Anyone!
She didn’t want this!

Next Morning-
Kunj’s sleep was disturbed by the loud thud of something. He lazily opened his eyes and saw Twinkle taking things from the cupboard and packing her bag. He immediately got up and recalled whatever happened! He was deeply regretting it!

Whatever might be the case, he couldn’t deny he was rude and harsh last night. He had spoken so much unacceptable about her in his inebriated state.

Pro*titute! He even called her that.
“Twinkle! I…”
“It’s OK Kunj.”
He walked towards her and held her hands softly. “No! It isn’t OK Twinkle.” His heart was sinking seeing Twinkle packing her bag. “I know the way I behaved last night was unforgivable but I wasn’t in my senses. I’m sorry Twinkle! I seriously didn’t mean anything. Please don’t go!” He pleaded desperately looking at her with hope.
She pulled her hand from his grip. “I said, it’s OK Kunj.” Turning her face to opposite side, she continued. “You cleared whatever you had to say yesterday-night. I know there was a part of me that believed that I could change you, but the reality is that… I can’t. You can change yourself and I can change myself… I can’t do it for you. And you made me realize it. So I’m leaving.” She sneered sadly.
Kunj clenched his jaws as he felt his anger rising hearing her words. “Weren’t you here to treat me!” He mocked. His voice laced with anger.
“I was. But I can’t do it anymore. I quit. I’m leaving tonight and you can do whatever you want to do with your life. I just have to say one thing… Take care of your body Kunj because that’s the place you’ve to live in all your life.”
He angrily eyed her. “You don’t need to fake concern Dr. Twinkle! I think you’ve forgotten… It’s Ok. Let me remind you!” He paused looking at her intently. “YOU had showed your true colors yesterday. Didn’t you? You’re just like all other, even worse.” He hissed but a part of him wanted her to say that this was all a lie and that she was the same Twinkle, his TWINKLE but it didn’t happen.
“I understand. You don’t have to tolerate me anymore.”
He was deeply hurt but still masked his painful expression with an unaffected-straight look. “Wish you a happy journey. And I’ll pray you never come back.” He snapped before walking out.
She sighed sitting at the edge of bed. “Don’t worry. I won’t!” She mumbled smiling sadly.
It was a relationship in which two people had become one. Now when it was breaking, it resulted in two half people. Solitude is a good place to visit but a poor place to live in.

In the Evening-
Twinkle’s flight was going to take off in an hour. She had done all the packing and was ready to leave when Kunj returned from office.
“Where are you going?” He asked in all-oblivious tone like nothing happened.
She gave him a surprised glance. Didn’t they have this discussion just this morning?
“I think those drugs got into your head.” She snapped. “Don’t you remember?”
“Yes I do. But sweetheart I think you’re forgetting something.” He smirked raising a brow.
“W… What?” She asked hell confused at his behavior. He should be angry and disgusted with her now! In his eyes, she had betrayed him. “What am I forgetting Kunj?”
“You’re forgetting about the contract. For the six months mentioned in the contract, three are still remaining. Aren’t they?”
‘No this can’t be! He can’t be doing this!’ She thought.
“Umm… Yes… But that…” She couldn’t answer. She had nothing to say after all.
“What? Cat got your tongue? Weren’t you the one to sign it?” He questioned holding the contract in front of her eyes.
“Yes Kunj. But now that doesn’t matter. We don’t love each other. And we don’t want to live with each other. End of discussion.”
“No Twinkle Kunj Sarna! It isn’t! You started this and I’ll end this MY way! You’re bound to the contract. And you’ll have to stay! You want it or not!”
“What if I don’t!”
“Then I’ll file a case against you for breaking the contract and it’ll land you behind the bars for at least… 5 long years.” He spoke in a raucous tone. “So… You’ve two options, either stay here 3 months as my wife in the Mansion or in the jail for 5 years. I’m not going to pressurize you…!” He paused surrending his hands in air. “You can select ANY option you like. Which one is more comfortable to you?” He added innocently.
Twinkle was feeling helpless now. “No! This can’t be! Because this contract is valid only as long as I’m your wife! I’ll fight you in the court and soon seek divorce.” She bellowed angrily.
Hearing this, he laughed loudly at her face and stood leaning on the cupboard with his hands folded on his chest. “If you’ve anything more senseless, then please say that too. Till then, I’m relaxing.”
“What do you mean?”
“What I mean is… If you go to the court, I’ll deny the divorce. And then, as it is NOT by our mutual consent, court WILL have to give me six months to save our marriage and ask you to stay with me as my wife for SIX months.
So basically, now you’ve three options, 3 months with me, 6 months with me or 5 years in jail.”
Twinkle was speechless. She knew him well. If he has decided, then he wouldn’t let her go that easily. He would do anything to get things done his way! The only thing that she could do now was to reason with him. “Why are you doing this Kunj!” She asked frustratedly.
“Because I won’t let you go that easily Twinkle. I’m keeping you with me! Every minute! Every second! Every breath! So you can see how happy I’m without you!” His penetrating words seemed to sink in her soul.
Liars are the people who called it ‘Heartbreak’. It feels like each and every part of the body is broken too.
Loving someone is like strapping your heart to a stick of dynamite and giving it to someone and trusting them so much that they’ll never light the fuse! He was standing at the same position right now! Now when his heart was broken, his mind dominated his life and decisions.
“Actually the mistake is all mine… I love you more than you deserved, how could I be such a fool?” He yelled banging his fisted hand on the cupboard.
“And now you’re hurting me more than I deserve, how can you be so cruel?” She questioned him with the same intensity.
“This is the end of discussion Twinkle! And don’t you dare double cross me!” He warned her.
“No Kunj! I’m not staying here.” She was on the verge of crying by now. “Why don’t you just forget everything and move on!”

Her tears gave no peace to Kunj’s badly bruised heart like it should. In fact, it hurt him so badly that he wanted to hug her tightly assuring him that everything is going to fine but only if she would share her sorrows with him.
He turned his face, clenching his jaws and fisting his hands tightly to calm his nerve after seeing his tear-stained face. “Move on! How I wish this could be as easy to do as it is to say!” He scorned through gritted teeth.
She angrily threw her purse on the bed unable to tolerate that nonsense anymore. After glancing him angrily, she walked out. Once after Twinkle left, Kunj sighed sitting on the couch. ‘I’m sorry Twinkle, but I won’t let you do this to yourself… To US!’ He told himself with a weak smile.

At the Office:
Kunj was snapping and yelling at everybody in his sight. After all, anger is a natural defense against pain. Where there’s pain, people use anger to express it!
“What the hell! Didn’t I tell you to proofread that file and send it to Yuvi!” Kunj yelled at his PA.
“S… Sir! Yuvraj Sir has been working on another assignment. He’s out of town for a few days. I’ve no idea about…” She stuttered.
“Ok just Get out! I’ll see that myself.” He said and the secretary ran out of the cabin panicking before she would lose her job when Disha came in.
“Kunj! What’s going on! Are you OK?” She asked worriedly.
“Disha! I’m not in a mood to talk to anyone and I don’t want to say something rude to you. So please leave.” He tried to be at his best behavior.
Disha got to understand that it was some problem between him and Twinkle! Nothing else could’ve such a strong effect on him.
“Kunj tell me what’s wrong? Did she say or do something?” Disha asked calmly.
“Don’t take her name. That selfish, mean woman who…”
“Kunj…?” She called him out in daze. She couldn’t believe the way Kunj was talking about her. “What such happened? Please tell me yaar! My heart’s sinking.” She pleaded.
Kunj sighed leaning back into the chair and told her everything. “Today-evening she’s leaving because her so-called ‘job’ is done.” He completed emotionlessly.
“And you’re letting her go!” She proceeded in shock.
“What do you mean Disha! Why should I stop her now when she has cleared…”
“Kunj! I can’t believe you- the business tycoon Kunj Sarna could be such a fool! Kunj what has happened to you! You, who have mastered the skill of judging people is believing whatever is being fed to you! You’re a pro at judging people! You can see the jealousy, hatred and helplessness behind the mask of smile on people’s faces! Then why are you acting so dumb now! I don’t believe you Kunj!”
“Disha! Even I was shocked but that doesn’t change the truth! And the truth is…”
“Truth! Forget it, even if Lord comes and tells me that THIS girl had done such a thing I wouldn’t believe. Kunj even a broken watch shows correct time twice a day! Every coin has two sides. Don’t take such a harsh decision based on just the one side which you see! You never know what she’s going through! I know it’ll be difficult to find the truth but worse to regret! Imagine the guilt and remorse you would feel if you came to know that… She wasn’t at fault at all! That she had valid and acceptable reason for doing this!
Take care Kunj and take the right decision. Because for all I know about her, if she had to walk away from you, she wouldn’t have given herself, as a wife, to you.” Saying this, she passed him a smile and left leaving Kunj in deep thoughts.
Flashback ends-

Kunj’s POV:
Sitting on the couch, I tried to think about the reason behind Twinkle’s behavior. All sort of scenarios came to my mind but nothing fit. I was hell confused.

If someone blackmailing her? Is she under some pressure? Does she love…. Even the thought of she loving to someone else broke my heart! No! No! No! This can’t be! Because if she might’ve loved someone then she wouldn’t have submitted herself to me! I fought my horrendous assumptions. Then what it can be? Twinkle isn’t the type of girl to blackmail so easily. Nor she’s the type of girl to break relationships like that! I know she respects our marriage and that she’s doing this because of some reason. But what is it Twinkle? Why can’t you tell me?
I turned around and saw her packed bag which she left open in anger when something caught my eye. I pulled it slightly out of the bag and was shocked!
Thank you very much for reading.
First of all, sorry readers for getting late but actually I wasn’t at home… Was at my cousin’s place for having some fun:) I’m really sorry for making you guys wait.
Coming to episode… Guess what Kunj found in her bag! And whoever makes correct guess, I’ll give nothing to them XD So… Kunj stopped Twinkle from leaving and thanks to Disha who knocked his brain… While writing Kunj’s sad dialogue, I was seriously listening that song and literally I was feeling ghoosebumbs. Hopefully you all liked the episode as well.
Now coming to ‘thank-you’… Thank you very much Jahnavi and Himanigaur for commenting.
Fenil and baby: thank you so much for commenting first of all then sorry I couldn’t fulfill your wish but there’s a reason behind it… Actually Manohar wouldn’t know the clash between Kunj and Twinkle because Kunj wouldn’t want that. Though I wanted to reveal it afterwards but seeing you both requesting I had to reveal it now. Hope you guys still like the episode the way I wrote.
Piya: No need of apologies dear and thank you for reading.
Then Thank you so much Ramya, Sidmin78, Sunaina, Riya, Cheena, Ananya, Presha, Vibhu, Cindy, Yashika, Sia, SidMin23, Anaya, Rayna, SSK, Sanjana (finally I got to know your name… I actually wanted to name Kalpana as Sanjana but then ended up with Kalpana:*) Sudha… Thank you so very much for writing such amazing words for this story. Thanks a lot guys.
Franciee and Purnima: I’ll keep your request in mind dear. Don’t worry and enjoy the story.
Also someone (I don’t remember the name) asked me about my education… I mean in which standard I’m! So… I’ve given exams of Bachelor’s in commerce and now I’m soon going to give aptitude test for MBA in supply chain In’shaAllah.
Last but not least don’t leave the page before dropping your views and keep predicting the further storyline! It’s too much interesting to read. I’ll try my BEST to update next one by Wednesday In’shaAllah.
Keep smiling:-)
Love you all<3
Take care!

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