Twinj: Bakhuda Tumhi Ho (Episode:25)

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Bakhuda Tumhi Ho-
Twinkle was aimlessly walking outside the hospital. She was broken, frustrated, shattered but above all she was feeling helpless. Kunj’s words were hammering on her head like anything.
‘Not my birthday only! But your birthday! And then soon it’ll be our kid’s birthday! Oh I’m so excited.’
How she’ll give him this happiness when she has no life to live when all she has to do was to count her remaining days.

Twinkle’s POV-
‘Why? Why THIS? Why ME?’ I cried out loud on my fate! What a sick joke life has played on me! What’ll I tell Kunj? That I taught him the value of love and family so that I could leave him stranded more deeper into the horrid pit of lonliness! What should I do now! What if he comes to know?
No! No! No! I can’t do this! He’ll just… Break down and stop believing in everything and everyone. I can’t let this happen. No I just can’t tell him about this!
After knowing my cancer, what if he drinks… Or worse… What if he goes for drugs again? Oh no! It’ll just make a waste of everything I’ve done till today! He says drugs give him an escape from his pain… So… To keep him away from drugs, I should keep him away from pain… And for that, I should keep him away from ME! Yes… That’s the only way out of this now! I won’t let anything break you again Kunj! Not today! Not ever! I still remember the pain in your eyes when you told me about your past… About Kalpana’s death. I won’t let it all repeat again. Even if you hate me for this, it doesn’t matter. I can accept your hatred but not your suffering!
That’s it! I’ve decided! I’m leaving you Kunj! Forever! For your own good!
Wiping my tears, I headed towards home!
Twinkle’s POV ends-

Kunj was just lazing around in his T-shirt and night pant when Twinkle walked in. She didn’t know what to say! How to react! She was numb.
Taking a deep breath, she called out. “Kunj!”
He turned around and after seeing Twinkle, his face brightened and broke in to a smile. “I knew you couldn’t stay away from me. And see you came back.” He exclaimed proudly.
“No! Kunj but…”
“No more ifs and buts!” He moved towards Twinkle and made her sit on couch beside him. “You know I’ve planned whole day! Come we’ll watch a romantic movie along with popcorn. Emmm… How about Titanic? Well if you want we can do something else.” He said all in one breath excitedly.
He was sharing his future plans with her but for Twinkle it wasn’t less than heartbreaking!

“Kunj! I’ve to… Tell you something.”
“Even I’ve to tell you something.”
Twinkle thinking that it might be unimportant said, “Ok go on. Mine can wait.”
He smiled taking Twinkle’s hand in his. “Twinkle, I know I’ve never been a good husband and…”
“Shhh! What’re you saying Kunj! Don’t…”
“No Twinkle! Let me… I know I’ve never been a good husband but we’re here because of you. You’ve always done so much for me but I never valued your sacrifices, your compromises, your pain, anything and now I want to set that right. Now my work is no more my first priority. You are! So… I’ve decided that tomorrow itself we’re going on a two and a half months world tour. We’ll go AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 DAYS! I’ve already booked the tickets and about packing…”
“Kunj! I can’t!” She said jerking his hand off and getting up from the couch. “Why didn’t you ask me?” She asked shockingly.
“Twinkle relax! I had to surprise you that’s why! Why are you so worried? What’s wrong?” He worriedly held her from shoulders to comfort her.
Twinkle realized that if she continues this kind of behavior, Kunj will easily doubt that something’s fishy and as much as she knew him, he would somehow get to the truth!
“Kunj! Actually…” She couldn’t even lie properly. “I… I’ve a seminar… In US. So… I’ll have to go there. And I don’t know till when the sessions will end. It can even take a month. So… I’ve to leave tomorrow morning. I know you don’t value my career and dreams but I do.” She added bitterly deliberately to hurt him!
Kunj felt really bad hearing those words but á part of him knew she was correct. He has never valued her dreams. “Twinkle! You’re right! But you know… I can’t stay away from you! That too for a complete month!”
“Kunj! It’s important. I don’t want to miss this opportunity.” She spoke looking down.
“Ok so… Let’s do one thing… I’ll also come with you. This way you won’t miss this opportunity and I won’t miss you!”
“What?” She asked in shock. “But Kunj how can you leave office behind like this! And what’ll you do there? My seminar sessions will start in the morning and will continue till evening.”
“Twinkle! As I told you office isn’t my first priority. You are. And office isn’t going anywhere. Dad can handle it for a month. And so what if you’ll come in the evening. We’ll have all the evening to enjoy the beauty of US and spend time with each other. And you know what, from a long time, I was thinking to check all my branches in US.”
“Now go and do your… Oops OUR packing!” He said gently pushing her to the wardrobe. “I’ll inform dad that we’re leaving tomorrow morning for US.” He exclaimed happily before leaving Twinkle alone in the room.
Twinkle leaned her head on the cupboard helplessly. How plainly her plan backfired! She was supposed to go alone and from there… Call him, make some excuse that would break his heart, make him hate her and never return! But what now. She couldn’t concentrate. She unwillingly packed the luggages of both while trying to think of some better plan.
Every moment spent with him seemed like a step towards his destruction, his breaking! She felt suffocated with him thinking about his condition after her death.
At night, she was just lying on her side of bed when she felt Kunj’s warm hands pulling her closer to him. She turned around to see him admiring her beauty with love. His hands wanting to hold her forever, his breaths waiting for her consent.
Twinkle closed her eyes inhaling a deep breath to feel his closeness. ‘He has probably forgotten that I’m HIS!’ She thought knowing that it was the last time she was so close to him and she wanted to live her whole life in this moment.
Tonight… It was HER who set a-side her shame and shyness crashing her lips with his. Kunj was shocked at the suddenness of the moment but his need, his desire ruled him. He wanted her as much as she wanted him. Like Twinkle was afraid, indeed, he WAS completely addicted to her.
Both love birds got completely drenched in the shower of each other’s desires and filled the night with passions oblivious to what tomorrow would bring to them.
Love is a fire. But whether it’s going to warm your heart or burn down your life, you can never tell!
After Kunj had fallen asleep, Twinkle put her head on his chest and said, ‘I’m sorry Kunj that I’ll have to leave you tomorrow but trust me… Just because I’m not forever by your side doesn’t mean it’s NOT where I want to be! You’ll be better without me! I’ll make sure that you hate me so much that moving on will become much much easier for you!’

“Kunj wake up! It’s sunrise. We’ve to leave.” Twinkle said umpteenth time shaking Kunj vigorously.
“Oh man Twinkle! Let me sleep some more.” He grumbled turning to other side making Twinkle frown.
“Kunj! I said get up this very instant.” She ordered sternly.
Kunj huffed in annoyance. “No man on earth must’ve ever hated sunrise as I do!” He said grumpily rubbing his eyes.
Twinkle was amused at his childish behavior. “Kunj! We’ve to leave. Remember!” Twinkle said with a week smile feeling really tensed inside.
Kunj quickly got up excitedly. “Oh yes! I truly forgot… So everything done?”
“Yes.” She answered in barely audible voice.
“Great… So let’s go then!” He exclaimed pulling Twinkle in his embrace feeling so contented.
At the Airport:
With every passing moment, Twinkle was starting to get more and more nervous. She just couldn’t take Kunj with her to US! It would waste her trip and within hours of reaching there Kunj would come to know that there was no seminar and it was all an act.
Kunj saw her lost in deep thoughts. He was noticing her absence of mind since yesterday but he assumed it to be workload. He was about to ask her when his phone rang. “Twinkle! It’s Rishab. I’ll just tell him about our trip and will be back in a minute.” He said on which Twinkle nodded absent-mindedly.
After making sure Kunj was out of her sight, she thinking of something quickly opened the luggage and took out his passport to hide it in her hand bag. She was so guilty but she consoled her heart that it was for his own good. ‘I’m sorry Kunj. But I can’t let you come with me and see your love and trust getting insulted. It’s my problem, my pain and I’ve no right to make you a part of it.’ She wiping her tears waited for Kunj to return.
Once after Kunj came back, he cupped Twinkle’s face and the first thing he asked was… “Twinkle! Are you Ok? I mean… Did anyone do anything at the hospital? Tell me! I’ve been observing your behavior since you came back and honestly, it’s making me hell worried.”
She stared him for few seconds before hugging him tightly with full emotions. Maybe this was the last time she was feeling the warmth and comfort of his love and care. “It’s nothing Kunj! I’m… I’m Ok. Completely fine! You actually worry too much.”
He sighed in relief kissing her head. “Ya that I do! Especially when it comes to you.”
Twinkle feigned a smile freeing herself from his grip.
“Come let’s leave. Our flight has been announced.” He said intertwining his fingers with hers.
At the checking, the security officer greeted Kunj and Twinkle and asked for their passports and tickets. Twinkle presented hers while Kunj kept searching for his passport but couldn’t find it. “Twinkle! Where did you keep my passport?” He asked fumbling through the bag leaving Twinkle at the loss of words.
Thank you very much for reading.
Hey everyone. Really sorry for not coming on time but actually I wasn’t feeling to write that’s why… And then this is also the reason of short update. Kindly bear with it. Also response on previous one was really low which somewhat disappointed me but it’s Ok! I can understand some of you’re busy in exams or something. However thank you to all those who had commented on previous episode. Special thanks to Twinj2000 because your words were so beautiful that it made me cry with joy. Seriously! Then Ramya thank you dear for back to back comments. I was like she is reading all episodes together. And a huge thank you to all my lovely readers who shared their views.
Coming to today’s one, Okay I know it’s a sad thing that Twinkle isn’t sharing anything with Kunj but she has a strong fear that her disease will make things worse for Kunj. The fear of pushing Kunj to drugs once again! But she isn’t thinking that making him hate her will make the things more complicate. Anyways let’s see what’ll happen in next episode. If Twinkle will leave or if she would stay due to unknown circumstance! To know that stay tuned for 26th episode which I’ll post by Thursday In’shaAllah. Do share your views before leaving this page.
Keep smiling:-)
Love you all<3
Take care!

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  1. It was awesome Maha
    Kya Hua tumhara likhne ka mn kyn ni kr rha h ?
    R u ok?tbiyat thk h na tumhari?
    Mjhe aisa kyn LG rha h ki kunj ko sub pta h
    Epi was fantastic dear but h tumhare long epi read krne ki habbit ho gyi h na isliye I wanted to read more
    Chlo koi n.a. jb tumhe better feel ho post kr dena !
    Take care
    Keep smiling
    Luv u

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Hey Yashika! I’m actually fine but feeling so lazy and sleepy that’s why doesn’t feel to write but I’ll try to update the next one li’l long than this:*
      Thank you so much dear for such amazing words throughout the story. I’m really happy that you guys are enjoying my work. Thanks again Yashika<3
      Love you loads:)

  2. Or haan
    Congratulations u completed ur silver jublee ???????????????

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Oh yeah! I truly forgot about the silver jubilee else I would’ve mentioned in A/N! Thank you so much dear for reminding me. Yaaay so our fiction has completed 25 episodes:* <3

  3. Fenil

    Congrats it’s silver jubilee.
    Wonderful…fear is overpowering her,he can serve more better treatments for her if she share and who know chances of cure may increase…her inner turmoil is not giving chance to think otherwise.
    Maha Didi u watched new promo of Bepanah….so thrill. Chocolaty Boy and Stunning Killer Jennifer.

    1. Cheena2001Cp

      I loved it too!!
      It was so amazing!! ♥

      1. Fenil

        Yaa Cheenu…I m waiting like hell for start

    2. Maha_Aijaz

      Thank you so much Fenil. Ya! She has to think that way let’s see what she’ll decide in future.
      And yes I’ve watched that promo and it was so amazing. Both (HarshJen) are looking dazzling MashaAllah<3 you can't even imagine how crazily I'm waiting for this serial to start yaar because there isn't any Indian drama which I'm following currently due to their boring tracks -____-

      1. Fenil

        yaa i am also waiting madly for Both of them jabse news suni hain ki yeh dono saath me cast hue omg i m so happy.

    3. Maha_Aijaz

      But yes Fenil I’m watching Ek deewana tha and actually loving it. All are doing just fab job in that serial! Are you following it?

      1. Fenil

        Yaa I am watching Haasil and Ek Deewana Tha after all Nikita and Naimik are my fav one….yaa EDT is going superb Haasil is going off air next month.

    4. Maha_Aijaz

      Same here Fenil! Don’t know when Bepannaah will go on floor:/ And ya I’m also in love with Namik AND Donal (loving their pair a lot) they look so adorable<3 also Vikram is no less*___* but I don't watch Haasil though read of it going off air!

      1. Fenil

        Same pinch i just love ShivNya (Shiv & Sharanya)/DoMik pair so cute and adorable love story.
        Naimik and Nikita were in last EK Dujhe Ke Vaste i am big fan crazy about that show still watching after off air. SharMan pair

  4. Cheena2001Cp

    Maha !
    Can’t read this without feeling emotional! This cannot be done! Her fears are natural but she has to overcome them with gaining strength from him!
    Hope everything will be fine and Twinkle does not act stupid to keep him away! 🙁

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Thank you so much Cheena! And yes the scenes were emotional but I’m glad that you felt it:* thanks again dear.

  5. Presha

    loved it

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Thank you very much Presha:*

  6. Hey..i m silent reader of ur ff….i love ur ff a lot..i m fan of ur writing…plz dont separate kunj n twinkle plz plz its a humble request plz

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Thank you very much Soumya for commenting and I’ve kept your request in my mind don’t worry everything will be alright:*

  7. Himanigaur

    Sorry for commenting late on your previous episode I was busy with work..:( about this episode.. it was amazing!!! I really feel bad for Kunj and twinkle!!! You are undoubtedly and amazing and awesome author.. waiting for Thursday eagerly!!!! Love:)

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Thank you very much Himanigaur for such appraisal. No need of apologies yaar you had commented that’s enough for me. Thanks again dear for using such amazing words<3

  8. please don’t let twinkle die

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      You’ve to wait for knowing what’ll happen next dear but I’ll keep that in mind. Don’t worry!

  9. Hi maha don’t be sad dear and don’t under estimate it writing skills u r gem of a writer u have brilliant mind and everything is brilliant in u don’t get sad wid lower comments even it is my maths exam I will read it and comment also and about the episode was really emotional twinkle trying hide out from kunj was really the best scene and kunjs suspicion was obvious I want kunj to know how much she is suffering but u r the writer and u have surely planned something best waiting for Thursday post soon dear and don’t get sad post when you like cause when u write wid a sad mood even we feel sad be happy and write we will support u always bye take care

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Sia… I actually love you so much because YOU are a true gem who never miss a chance to encourage me<3 thank you really really very much for such sweetest comment. I'm so happy that you found my writing worth of praising dear. Thank you so much:*
      I'm not sad. Don't worry! I'm a happy shappy person who gets rarely sad XD
      Thanks again for commenting dear even in your exams. All the best for your paper yaar! Go and rock it:*

  10. Please don’t get sad for less comments yaarrr….
    Nd please try to understand my board xams?????

    Nd epi was Emotional ??? ??

    Postsoon dear…

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Ya I’m not sad:) All the best for your exams Sunaina:*

  11. Congrats for silver jubilee 🙂 🙂
    Great episode
    It was emotional
    Loved how kunj was concerned about twinkle
    Hopefully twinkles plan fails and kunj gets to know the truth and he helps her in fighting this deadly disease
    Plz don’t let twinkle die
    I know u will be having some amazing ideas for ur ff but i really do hope that you will consider the request
    Waiting for next episode dear
    Post soon

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Thank you so much Cindy:* I’ll keep your request in mind dear. Don’t worry:) thanks again for commenting!

  12. Loved it….

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Thank you very much Riya:*

  13. Superb episode appi??
    Poor twinkle..feeling very bad for her..?
    Can understand her pain..
    U have portrayed twinkle’s emotions very nicely??
    U have nailed each n everything..
    Hats off to u dear???
    U seriously deserve an Oscar award for ur writing???????As u are one of the bestest writer in TU??
    Keep it up??And ur ff never fail to amaze me..never fail to bring a smile on my face..and sometimes make me feel emotional too?
    Congratulations for silver jubilee…many more to come…And don’t get sad for less comment, we all are here to support u,no matter whether it will be my board exam or maths exam,always here to comment…
    Eagerly waiting for next one..
    Do post soon.Love u

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Rayna! Oh my Allah! Your words had made me dizzy seriously. Ehmm Ehmm! So thank you so much dear for such wonderful appraisal. I’m actually speechless XD
      As far as Oscar is concerned well aj tak Amir Khan ko nahe mila mujhe kia mily ga Lol! Thanks again dear for bringing a smile on MY face:)
      All the best for your exams. I’m sure you’re gonna rock it:*
      Loads of love<3

  14. Nice episode
    Sorry could not comment on other episodes
    Loving yours
    Pleaseeeeeeeeee don’t break kunj heart and let them be together

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      It’s Ok Padu! I’m happy that FINALLY you had commented:) Thank you very much dear for liking my work. Keep reading and supporting!

  15. First of all congratulations of silver jubilee appi
    Episode was as always superb…
    I really loved the ways u describe twinkle’s fear abd her pain…hope twinkle herself tell about her disease to kunj…as she think that it will hurt him if she till… but if he came to from somewhere else so that will hurt him more…hope twinkle tells him the true…and plz don’t let her die plz..
    Congrates once again
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    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Thank you so much dear for loving the episode:* Don’t worry, everything will be fine:) just chillax XD

  16. Ramya

    Awesome superb
    I wish Twinkle will share everything.
    May be consequences may be different from what he thought.
    Post soon
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    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Thank you very much Ramya:*

  17. Baby

    maha diii ?
    R u ok i mean fine coz in last episode also u stated u r not in mood to write ?
    hope ur health is fine ?
    coming to episode dii it was emotional and romantic kunj babe shocked twinkle rocked bt i am feeling very bad for twinj i just hope kunj comes to know about it somehow he has soo many sources can’t he get to know about it from her hospital ?
    loved it ?
    as always u r just on top of the world hehehe beautiully written ?
    this side of kunj is just soo amazing and lovely ?
    love u lods dii ?
    and if am not wrong u ll post tmrw coz today is wednesday woohh i can’t wait ?
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    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Hey sweetie;) No I’m perfectly fine Alhumdulillah. Don’t worry! It’s just because of my laziness, that’s all XD but thank you actually for your lovely concern and for your loveliest-lovely comment:)
      Really thank you for showering the love dear. Loads of love<3

  18. Ananya_DSK

    Hello Maha!! First of all, congratulations and celebrations ??? it’s your silver jubilee episode, and was so beautifully written!! Here’s to your phenomenal writing skills… And yes, I’m really very sorry, I was travelling over the last few days and couldn’t make enough time to read your story or respond to it. I got there, and here, just now… Hope I’m forgiven….
    Twinkle’s situation put me in a fix. I couldn’t decide whether I wanted Twinkle’s burden to lighten by her telling Kunj the entire truth, thereby endangering his life, or instead, if I wanted Kunj to remain unaware of her disease, while he gets to hate her, and maybe get over it slightly better, while Twinkle having to spend her last few days alone, dieing of pain remains…
    I entrust the entire thing to you, coz I know, and I believe that you know what is best for them… Everytime you write ‘the last time’, it stings real bad… It brings along some unknown pain… Your writing holds so much power in it… Poor Kunj, he must have been really worried seeing the difference in Twinkle’s behaviour… But what would Twinkle do… She too was in immense pain… Your descriptions reached my heart… Beautifully written… So Twinkle decided to hide the passport?? My good God!! I can’t wait to know what’s going to happen next…
    Absolutely loved your work!!!

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Ananya! You don’t know how much I’ve fallen in love with your comments and off course with you:* you don’t have to be sorry dear for getting late. In fact I should double thank you for commenting even when you’re traveling. Thanks a lot Ananya<3
      Tou maafi mil chuke hai ap ko;* don't worry at all!
      Coming to your Ohh so awesome comment:* I'm actually overwhelmed that you're feeling my writing:* thank you so much that you found my writing praise worthy<3 Keep loving the same way! Loads of love!

  19. Vibhu

    Every update of this story is giving nr goosebumps!! What will happen now? Will she go away from him ?.. Poor Kunj .. I wish usko jaldi sb kch pta chl jaye ..
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    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Thank you very much Vibhu:* I’m actually blessed to have such readers like you<3 keep loving dear!

  20. SSK

    Congratulations of your silver jubilee episode and sorry for commenting late.
    The episode was really brilliant. I loved the way you portrayed Twinkle’s emotions today. It was really emotional, really felt bad for Twinkle who is just thinking of Kunj at this time and leaving him and even for Kunj who knows nothing about Twinkle’s pain.
    I just cant wait to read next episode. 🙂

  21. Twinj2000

    Hey maha congratulations on the silver jubilee ❤️❤️❤️❤️
    And there is no need to thank me ya….whatever I told you is an an understatement for a beautiful soul like you ❤️
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    And coming to the episode it was amazing as usual ❤️?
    Twinkles condition is heart wrenching ???
    First of all she knows that she is going to die ansd on top she has to make sure kunj ll be fine after her death ?
    But I don’t want twinj to separate….I hope they don’t separate ?
    Everytime they have some happy moments and then that last time ….oh god it pricks ?
    Let’s see what happens
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    Loads of love??

  22. SidMin23

    Nice May be twinkle hide kunj password so he won’t go with her hope soon he will know about her and help her out.

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