Twinj: Bakhuda Tumhi Ho (Episode:23)

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Bakhuda Tumhi Ho-
“Bhai… Bhabhi… She… She left bhai! SHE LEFT YOU FOREVER!”
Kunj can’t believe his ears. It was like his world has come crushing down. “WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU SAYING AROHI!” He almost shouted at her without realizing it wasn’t her fault.
After a second, he calmed himself before asking. “Arohi! Please tell me exactly what happened?” He asked trying to sound normal but inside he was freaking out!
She gulped. “Bhai! Bhabhi came here… *sobbed* and I don’t know what happened… *sniffed* why she said she has a flight for US tomorrow morning and up til then she’ll stay at farm house! She doesn’t want to stay with you anymore! She’ll leave tomorrow morning and will never come back!” She burst out crying at the last part.
Kunj remembered their conversation from the morning and all the wierd things she was talking… He tried to put them together but nothing makes sense. “No!” He says in a choked whisper and fall on the couch. “She can’t leave me!” He kept repeating same phrase to himself again and again.
“Kunj! It isn’t over yet! You can’t lose like this!” Disha encouraged him.
“What is left Disha?” He asked in same blank tone.
“Kunj! She’s at farm house till morning. So just go and tell her that YOU LOVE HER! SHE’LL COME BACK! Go Kunj! Go before you lose her forever!” Disha said on the verge of crying.
He realized that he can’t waste time sitting here anymore. “YES I LOVE HER! AND I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT HER! AND I’LL BRING HER BACK NO MATTER WHAT!”
With those words he walked towards the car without hearing anyone and within a moment he was speeding to the farm house.
The true value of something is realized when it is lost! And now Kunj realizes the true value of Twinkle. He wanted answer but he knew Twinkle! She was the most stubborn person he has ever met. She would never agree to come back home!
Once reaching the place, he angrily walked towards the hall where Twinkle was sitting drowned in her own thoughts.
“Twinkle!” He yelled angrily.
Twinkle was startled by the sudden sound. She didn’t want to face him there so she got up and started walking upstairs.
“Twinkle stop! You can’t be running away from my questions like this!” He exclaimed furiously and walked behind her with the same pace.
She reached the room and stood before the dressing table.

Path Lab:
“So Twinkle! Are you ready to hear the results?”
Twinkle’s face went pale but she nodded lightly. “Yes doctor! Please tell me.”
“Twinkle! You’re going to LIVE! The reports are normal! The medicines have been working! You’ll be fine! The Cancer’s curable!”
Twinkle didn’t react for a minute. “Say it again doctor!”
“I’ll say it 100 times dear! Because it’s the truth!”
The tears which Twinkle was holding for so long began to flow and she wanted them to flow because those were of happiness! She wouldn’t leave anything! She wouldn’t leave Kunj! She’ll be alive! She’ll live with her Kunj! They both will experience the bliss of life! She would be with her Kunj forever! They would be together! They would’ve kids together! And grow old together!
She took the reports in her hands thanking Lord for showing her this day before moving out. She had to do a lot of planning!
She went to home and asked RishYuvi and Arohi to help her with her plan in sending Kunj to the farm house on which they readily agreed!
Flashback ends-

Twinkle smiled happily with satisfaction. ‘Now everything will be fine!’ She thought when Kunj arrived.
“Twinkle you can’t…” He trailed off to look around the room and was stunned to see it so beautifully decorated with flowers, candles and rose petals.
“Twinkle!” He gulped audibly. “What’s all this?” He asked totally puzzled.
She leaned forward, stood on her toes for matching his level and kissed his forehead. “Happy birthday Kunj! I wanted to give you the best gift on your birthday… I love you Kunj and I know you love me too. You just needed a wake up call to realize that so I had to do all this. I want to be yours forever Kunj!” She whispered in a low but heavy voice blushing furiously while looking down.
It took some moments for Kunj to digest the words. All the anger, frustration and questions were vanished by now! Now all he wanted was to live in this moment! He still couldn’t believe it was a dream or reality! How easily and beautifully she said those words. This is one of the best quality which he liked the most about her. She always spoke her heart out not caring what others think. She didn’t complicate things! He had been planning and trying how to say the same thing all the way to the farm house but couldn’t! He didn’t blink his eyes afraid that it was a beautiful dream and would vanish once he woke up.
“Jise zindagi dhoondh rahi hai…
Kya ye woh makaam mera hai…
Yahaan chain se bas ruk jaaun…
Kyun dil ye mujhe kehta hai…
Jazbaat naye se mile hain…
Jaane kya asar ye huaa hai…
Ik aas mili phir mujhko…
Jo qubool kisi ne kiya hai… played.”

Those words weren’t new to him. He had heard them innumerable times from different girls. But hearing them from her made them sound so much special. He had been longing for her since time unknown. He was ecstatic. He raised her chin with his thumb and forefinger to make her look into his eyes. “Say it again.” He demanded in a deep husky tone.
She pursed her lips in a thin line lowering her eyelashes and shook her still blushing face which made her more irresistible.
“Today I got to know one thing.” Kunj said mischievously.
“The cutest thing in the world is… A shy girl trying to seduce you.” He said with a wide grin playing on his lips.
“Seduce!” She exclaimed trying to sound angry but then smiled hiding herself in his embrace.
“You know Twinkle today you made me the happiest man in the world. I didn’t realize it up til now but… Somewhere between laughing for no reason, stupid arguments, making fun of each other, challenging each other, I FELL IN LOVE WITH YOU!”
“Kisi shaayar ki ghazal…
Jo de rooh ko sukoon ke pal…
Koi mujhko yun mila hai…
Jaise banjaare ko ghar…
Naye mausam ki sehar…
Yaa sard mein dopahar…
Koi mujhko yun mila hai…
Jaise banjare ko ghar… played.”

He making her free from his grip cupped her face and without wasting a second, captured her lips into a deep passionate kiss. This kiss was entirely a different one. It was filled with desire, love and their passion for each other so much that they were kept wanting for more. Her lips were so soft that he felt like kissing rose petals. They pulled away to catch their breaths. For both of them it was like first touch and first kiss because never before they had felt this way. It was due to circumstances! Within a split second, Twinkle was picked from the floor and next moment she was on the bed.
She laughed at his eagerness. “Kunj you’re behaving like a desperate college boy who just had his first kiss. What’s the hurry?” She said flirtatiously tracing her finger on his cheek.
He felt like an electric current has passed thru his body because every time he was the one who used to go all romantic and out of the way to tease her. But now, her touch contained desire! He never knew she has such a bold side!
The most beautiful moment one may see after falling in love is when your shy, introvert partner takes passion to newer heights.
“You’re going to pay for provoking me like this!” He said with a smirk.
“Go ahead. I’m all yours.” She said. Her cheeks flushed with redness.
He looked at her and her eyes were holding the same emotions as his. Love, passion and burning desire for each other. Few hours ago he had felt like he would lose her forever and the pain was unbearable! Now all he wanted to intertwine their souls together in a bond that can never be broken. He looked at her divine beauty and that was blissful enough! She had worn just plain red saree, with jhumkas and mangalsutra. Her face was free of makeup but she was looking breathtakingly beautiful! Her face was glowing golden in the dim light of candles making him want her more. Their heartbeats were the only melody they would be hearing. Twinkle glanced Kunj with pure trust in her eyes. Today whatever happens between them she was never going to regret it. Because nothing could go wrong now!
She was cancer free now! Kunj would be drug free in a few more months!
He always had the urge to see her that way, the real her but he respected her enough to wait for her consent.
Twinkle smilingly closed her eyes as her husband leaned in, closing the gaps between them. Their surrounding become felicitous, blessing the lovers as they conversed in the language of love.
The feeling of becoming his… Was just heavenly. The thing called ‘Love’ just distils desire upon the eyes and brings bewitching grace into the heart. It was same with Kunj. Her touch was so different and special because she was beautiful both inside out. Her body was as pure and sacred as her heart and mind.
Kunj wanted to live at that moment forever but he had to remember it was her first time with all her heart and consent so he must be more careful and gentle. After few hours of that pleasurable pain, Twinkle put her head on his arm completely exhausted and out of breath.
As she was about to say something, Kunj placed a finger on her lips. “Shhh. Sleep my love, we’ll talk tomorrow.” He whispered softly caressing her face and wrapped his shirt around her. Then gently kissed her forehead pulling her more into his embrace. Within some minutes he heard her snoring lightly. He chuckled seeing her and remembered Twinkle telling him that she snores when she’s tired. A smile crept on his face as he thought how time changes, there was a time when her snores were the most irritating thing for him, and now, it isn’t less than a melody….
‘MAKING LOVE’ it was the first time he realized why it is called so. With others it was always just physical but today someone had touched his soul and not merely body.
It was a night filled with passions, when Twinkle set a-side his solitude, his lonliness by sharing her soul with him, by becoming one flesh, a part of each other.
With so much love being poured into his soul, the wounds of lonliness healed making him a happier person. There is no heaven like mutual love.
She loved him, he loved her and their lives couldn’t get any better!
Both love birds slept in each other’s embrace. Little did they know that the most beautiful moment in their lives would be the last!
Twinkle woke up in Kunj’s arms. It was like a dream come true. Like Lord had blessed her with all the happiness that exists in this world. This was all she ever wanted, herself in his arms! Kunj had a smile on his face even while he was fast asleep. Twinkle smiled on seeing this because her smile was mirroring his. She then moved her eyes to clock and it was almost 9. Today she wouldn’t have cared but it wasn’t like Twinkle to get excited over something and forget her responsibilities. She tried to get up but two strong arms pulled her back and she heard Kunj’s sleepy voice. “Sleep a little more please.”
She shook Kunj by his shoulder. “Kunj utho! It’s nine. Don’t you’ve to go to the office!”
“Office!” He exclaimed in a bored tone, gruff-lazy voice.
Twinkle was amused. He sounded like a lazy kid who was asked to go to school on a Monday morning. “Kunj! I’ve never seen you talking like this about office. What happened?”
He pulled her over his chest opening his eyes. “Because… Office used to be my hiding corner to escape from the world, my cocoon to keep me away from my pain, a place where I ruled and used my authority to vent out my frustration. And it WAS my first priority, not any more! Now I’ve found a reason to live.”
She felt happy would be an understatement. There wasn’t any word to express her emotions but still being a girl he wanted to hear more. “What do you mean by used to be?”
He pulled her more closer before answering. “Now it has become a villain in my love story!” He paused looking at her intently. “You know Twinkle! Nobody ever made me feel this way. This special. I can never thank you enough. You healed my heart, my soul and both emotional and physical injuries. And I know Twinkle you deserve better… In fact best but I promise I’ll be at least half of the man you deserve.”
“Shhh! Kunj! You deserve me just like I deserve you so don’t talk nonsense!” She scolded trying to sound angry. “And don’t say thank you. It was my duty as a wife and as a doctor. It was destiny that brought us together who knew we would end up together like this.” She added blushing with her most beautiful smile.
Kunj eyed her lovingly wrapping his arms around her waist. “Twinkle! Today you may ask me anything. I’ll give you whatever you ask that’s so happy I’m.”
“Anything?” She asked raising her eyebrows.
“Anything!” Kunj exclaimed in a challenging tone.
“Ok then go and get ready. First we’ve to go home and then you’ve to go to the office. But… If you want you can skip office today. After all it’s your birthday!” She chirped excitedly.
“Aww Man!” He growled. “I should’ve expected something so boring like this from a boring person like you! Why did I even promise!” He grumbled grumpily getting up.
Twinkle laughed loudly. “You’re acting like a grumpy bear Kunj!”
“Ya whatever!” He said annoyingly and walked inside washroom for freshening up.

In the kitchen:
Twinkle was cooking in the kitchen when Kunj sneaked inside so he could spend a little time with her.
“May I help?” He asked startling her.
“What the heck Kunj! You should’ve warned me. I’m holding a knife what if I would cut my finger? She asked glaring at him.
“Then I would take your finger and suck the blood from your cut.” Kunj said trying to be romantic.
Twinkle rolled her eyes on his answer. “Yeah! Yeah! After all you’re a vampire right!” She said suppressing her smile.
“Here I’m trying to be romantic and you’re thinking about Twilight?” He asked frowning.
“If you’re trying to be romantic then at least be a little creative my dear hubby.” She teased earning an irritating expression from him.
“Ya! Fine. Tease me as much as you want!” He said narrowing his eyes.
“Aww is my pati dev angry?”
Kunj smiled. “Nope how can I be angry with my cutiepie!” Kunj said dropping a kiss on her nose.
“Good because even if you would’ve been angry I wouldn’t convince you!” She said poking tongue out at him making Kunj chuckled.
He stood behind her and wrapping his arms around her waist, he pulled her back. “My baby is in full mood to tease me today.” He said amusingly.
“Kunj! What’re you doing? Move!” She exclaimed trying to move from his grip.
“I can’t.” He said sensuously digging his nose more into her neck which made Twinkle shiver.
“K… Kunj! Please go and sit outside. I can’t concentrate!” She said in low voice.
“Twinkle! Get used to it! I’m not changing it anyway. You can’t understand the warmth I feel in your embrace. Like… Nothing can be better than it is now. Like… I’ve all the happiness in the world. It’s amazing how things in my life changed! When I had perfected the art of hating people, you started loving me. When I needed people the most, they left me… And so… I became rude to the world, you showered generosity to me. When I learned to live with all the miseries, the pain was gone. When I had chose to live all alone, you came and held my hand. I just can’t be thankful enough to you for making my life so much beautiful.”
“Jaise koi kinaara…
Deta ho sahaara…
Mujhe wo mila kisi mod par…
Koi raat ka taara…
Karta ho ujaala…
Waise hi roshan kare woh shehar… played.”

Twinkle was overwhelmed with emotions. She just leaned her back on his chest. “It happens many times Kunj. When we wait for the sun whole night, it doesn’t come out. It comes out after we fall asleep. But we shouldn’t lose faith on Lord. We shouldn’t forget that the darkest hour is just before the dawn. Even the worst days of our lives have 24 hours only. If we’ve happiness all the time and no pain at all, we would never learn to struggle and struggle is what makes us stronger. Even happiness would lose it’s worth. We love happiness because we EARN it after passing thru the pain. And look today, now, we’re in this moment because…” She took a pause before completing. “It was your pain that brought us together.”
He smiled gleefully kissing her head. Both stayed in that posture for awhile enjoying the silence around them.
“Dard mere woh bhula hi gayaa…
Kuch aisa asar huaa…
Jeena mujhe phir se woh sikha raha…
Hmm.. Jaise baarish kar de thar…
Yaa marham dard par…
Koi mujhko yun mila hai…
Jaise banjare ko ghar…
Naye mausam ki sehar…
Yaa sard mein dopahar…
Koi mujhko yun mila hai…
Jaise banjaare ko ghar… played.”

After few minutes, Kunj face turned serious and he twirled Twinkle around. “Promise me Twinkle, you would never leave me!” He said. His voice held authority.
He looked into his eyes which held nothing but love. “Never!” She assured him before standing on her toes to kiss him which he found really cute.
“Twinkle! Love me all you want. Because after going home, I’m not going to be in a good mood.” He said sounding angry.
“Why Kunj? What happened?” She questioned surprisingly.
“I’ve to take a class of all those idiots who told me you’re leaving!”
“Kunj that was…”
“No Twinkle! You don’t know how panicked I was! The way Arohi was crying and everyone else sitting there with a tensed face. They had no idea of my condition! I’ll see each one of them.” He exclaimed furiously.
She huffed and gave in. After breakfast they left for home but before they could enter Twinkle’s phone rang.
“Kunj! You go inside. I’ll be there in a minute.”
“Ok! Come fast.” He said and walked inside not before placing a light kiss on her forehead.
She smiled seeing his disappearing figure and answered the call. “Yes doctor. Any problem?”
“Yes Twinkle! Can you come now it’s urgent.”
“No Dr. Actually I can’t! I need a leave today.”
“Twinkle please. Just come and meet me! It’s really important.”
Twinkle sighed. “Ok. I’ll be there in 2 hrs.”
“Good. I’ll be waiting!” And the call got disconnected leaving Twinkle in deep thoughts.
‘Dr. Ragini handles only one case at a time. And till yesterday it was me! Then how come in one day, she got a new patient with such a serious problem? And she’s senior to me. In every case, she’s better than me. Then why does she want to meet me?’ She thought feeling little tense.
Thank you very much for reading!
Hey everyone. Here you go with the most awaiting episode with the most awaiting scenes. And believe me it was one hell of a difficult one for me seriously it was too hard to write this episode because I really wanted to make it graceful and now that I’ve accomplished the task I want long, good and a large number of comments *greedy me XD*
So do you really think Twinkle is safe and her cancer is cured? Do you really think life is so easy? Well tighten up your seat belts because really emotional episodes are on the way and I highly recommend you all to keep handkerchief or tissue with you while reading.
Thank you so much for the words you all have written in previous episode. I know ‘thank you’ isn’t enough but I’ve nothing to give you in return for the love you all are showering. Honestly I hadn’t expected so much love:*
Thanks to each and every person who are taking out time in reading this fiction from their tough schedule and are commenting regularly. Thanks a lot and I love you all so much.
Vags: I’m not that good dear and I really hope we all become the way Twinkle is because she’s a true gem and ya sure we’ll meet one day for sure In’shaAllah. In fact I want to meet you all as you guys are so amazing;*
Lastly I’ll try to post next episode by Sunday In’shaAllah till then keep guessing what’ll going to happen in future ones.
Keep smiling:-)
Love you all<3
Take care!

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