Twinj: Bakhuda Tumhi Ho (Episode:22)

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Bakhuda Tumhi Ho-
Kunj’s Mansion:
After reaching home they were welcomed by a shocked Manohar who was overwhelmed seeing Arohi alive and safe.
It was late night but still everyone was busy in fulfilling her wishes. Her brothers brought ice-creams, her bhabhis cooked her favorite foods and the house was filled with all the happiness it had longed for since 9 years.
As Arohi wanted to spend more time with their bhabhis so she decided to sleep with them because according to her she could never get enough of their cuteness. They were a perfect blend of wife, daughter, friend and everything.
“No bhai! Today I’ll sleep with Twinkle and Disha bhabhi that’s it! End of discussion.” Arohi whined stomping her foot like a kid.
Yuvraj frowned on which Disha gave him a mischievous smirk teasing him more. Kunj was about to argue but Twinkle gestured him not to so he kept quiet sighing helplessly after all she was more mature than them.
“Fine! Enjoy your time girls.” Kunj said with a glint of annoyance. “Come on Yuvi. Let’s go to my room!” He added and literally dragged Yuvraj from there.
Once they left, Arohi burst out laughing. “You saw the look on their faces! They looked like they would die without you.” She exclaimed laughing loudly while Disha too joined her.
“Ya Arohi! I’m surprised how Yuvi agreed.” Disha said skeptically.
They both kept talking about different things but Twinkle was left in her own thoughts.
“Twinkle!” Disha called out waving her hand in front of Twinkle’s face.
“Yes Disha?” She asked coming out of her thoughts.
“Are you Ok?” She asked warily
She smiled. “Ya. I’m fine! I’ll go and arrange our room.” With those words she left from there.
On the other hand, Kunj and Yuvraj were sitting in their room and talking about how perfect life has become.
“It all happened because of Twinkle, Yuvi.” Kunj chirped thinking about the day she came in his life.
“Ya no doubt! And thanks to me and Manohar uncle who convinced you for this marriage.” Yuvraj smirked raising an eyebrow.
Kunj groaned. “Oh puh-lease! Don’t flatter yourself. Ya I’ll give credit to dad but YOU…” He pointed his finger towards Yuvraj. “Are out of the list bro.”
Yuvraj blew out an annoyed blow from his mouth and looked at him furiously. “I’ll get back to you for this!”
“Ya whatever! Now let’s celebrate.” Kunj exclaimed placing a bottle of champagne between them.
Yuvraj’s face lit up as he picked up the glass but before they could raise a toast, they heard a knock at the door.
“Guys are you awake?” Came Twinkle’s voice from opposite side of gate.
Kunj started panicking on knowing that it’s Twinkle and then he looked at the bottle of champagne worriedly. “Yuvi we’re dead!” He said in horror.
Yuvraj chuckled at his state. “Look at this great Kunj Sarna who’s scared of his wife.” Yuvraj said nonchalantly.

Kunj glared him angrily. “Shut up Yuvi before I punch your guts just hide the bottle right this instant while I’ll go and check Twinkle.”
Twinkle’s voice again halted their arguing conversation. “Kunj! Open the door. What are you doing?” Her voice was holding suspiciousness.
“Twinkle wait a sec… Woh… Actually Kunj is changing his clothes!” Yuvraj lied on which Kunj’s eyes widened like soccers.
“Changing clothes in front of you?” She asked surprisingly.
He threw a cushion straight on Yuvraj’s face while freaking out. “Why did you do that Yuvi? Now what’re we going to answer her!”
Yuvraj shrugged. “I didn’t find any better excuse!” He said with a smirk.
“Kunj open the door or I’m going to break it!” Twinkle shouted this time.
“Ya coming Twinkle!” He finally replied to her before looking at Yuvraj dangerously. “Hide this bottle before I kill you!” He said flatly heading towards the gate.
Once after making sure the bottle is hidden somewhere in the room. Kunj gulped before opening the door with a wide smile making Twinkle more furious.
“What the hell were you doing inside?” She asked tapping her foot on floor.
“Nothing we were just trying to sleep.” Kunj answered trying to convince her.
“But Yuvi said you were changing your clothes and why weren’t you changing in washroom?”
Yuvraj giggled. “I was just kidding Twinkle. Don’t be so suspicious about it! Your husband is safe with me because I love my wife and don’t have interest in your husband.”
Kunj faked a laugh. “Oh wow! What a joke. I’m so dead out of laughing.” He said sarcastically.
Twinkle sighed. “Whatever! I’m not here to listen your bickering.” She said rubbing her temples.
“What happened Twinkle? Are you fine?” Kunj asked looking at her with concern.
“Ya I’m fine… I was here to talk to you about something but before that please prepare yourself!” She paused looking at Yuvraj. “Both of you. I don’t want overacting!”
“Okay. Give us 5 minutes because I seriously need to prepare myself after all I can’t expect something normal from you.” Kunj said warily on which Twinkle rolled her eyes.
“Done?” Twinkle asked after some seconds.
Yuvraj chuckled. “5 minutes aren’t over yet!”
Kunj smacked his head with annoyance earning a glare from him. “Shut up!” He then moved his eyes to her with a serious look. “What’s the matter Twinkle?”
“I want you both to go and get Rishab back!” She said leaving both shocked.
Kunj and Yuvraj looked at each other and then at her to trace any sign of joking but failed as she was literally serious.
Yuvraj still had a hope. “Twinkle! You’re kidding right?”
“No I’m not. Now go!” She snorted.
“No way! We aren’t going anywhere.” Both of them almost yelled in unison.
“What? Why not?”
“Why not! What do you mean by that! Whatever he did wasn’t that enough?” Kunj was miffed with her. “Besides I don’t think he even cares Twinkle! He might be resting in his mansion by now.” He added bitterly.

“No Kunj. He does care! He’s her brother… You can’t deny that!” She exclaimed with slight anger before sighing. “Kunj see when you were completely broken, you had dad. You had Yuvi with you. But Rishab! Arohi was his only family. And now when she isn’t with him imagine how alone he might be! And moreover, even though Arohi said that she doesn’t care about Rishab but the truth is that she really does. Since the time she has come here, she’s smiling but that smile didn’t reach her eyes. She had made the decision of leaving Rishab in anger. And decisions made in anger are always wrong. I’m not saying whatever Rishab did was correct or justified. It’s just that… Even he has suffered enough Kunj. Since the day of Arohi’s accident, he has been bearing the same pain as you. He didn’t deliberately hurt you, according to him you were the culprit who was spared by law… He thought you were the reason of his miseries… Think with your brain Kunj if he had slightest clue of you being innocent then if he would’ve caused you pain?” Twinkle paused for his reply but both were standing blankly. “I got my answer and it’s NO. You can’t blame him for everything Kunj. If he’s at mistake then you’re also… You should’ve shared all this with him. He was her brother Kunj… How could he just spare the one who has snatched his family from him and to his assumption it was YOU who created chaos in his life! I know you can’t forgive him just like that so punish him… Go to him! Shout at him! Scold him! Or even punch him! But after that… Just get over it. Life is all about second chance. Imagine where would you have been if you hadn’t given yourself a second chance!” She looked hopefully at Kunj who was greatly affected by her each word.
He understood the meaning of her words indeed forgiveness doesn’t change the past, but it does enlarge the future!
Yuvraj patted Kunj’s shoulder nodding in agreement. “Let’s go yaar! He deserves a kick in the gut and lots of punches in the handsome face of his so that he knows with whom NOT to mess next time.”
Kunj ranked his fingers through his hair sighing. “You’re right! Come on just end this hatred once and for all… I’m tired of all this! Now I just want to be loved and love someone deeply.” He smiled glancing at Twinkle who was avoiding to maintain an eye-contact.
Yuvraj felt contented seeing his friend happy and walked out casually while Kunj too followed him after dropping a soft kiss on her forehead.
Twinkle smiled wistfully touching the place where he showed his affection and returned back to her room, where by now both Arohi and Disha were settled down and waiting for her. “Twinkle finally you came! Where have you been?” Disha asked.
“Nowhere! I was just doing some work… Anyways tell me what were you both talking about?”
“Bhabhi! It’s Kunj bhai’s BIRTHDAY day after tomorrow! Didn’t he tell you?” She exclaimed excitedly.
What a mockery of fate! One day before his birthday, her reports were going to arrive! If it’s negative, she’ll have to leave him forever! How ironic!
“Ok. So let’s plan something.” Disha said bringing Twinkle out of her trance.
Twinkle nodded with a faint smile and they continued talking about their plans.

Juhu Beach:
Rishab was sitting on the bench thinking about Arohi’s words, Kunj’s words, his mistakes, how because of him Kalpana died, every single thing was clenching his heart! He didn’t have enough courage to face himself even! ‘I had really stooped too low! I don’t deserve anybody’s forgiveness! I deserve to be hated!’ He mumbled to himself brokenly.
“Done with your drama?” He heard a voice and turned around to see Kunj sitting on other side of the bench and Yuvraj standing beside him with a bored look on his face.
He lowered his eyes in guilt. “What are you guys doing here?” He asked confusedly.
“Why? You’ve purchased this beach with your money!” Yuvraj said nonchalantly.
Rishab didn’t reply. He just kept sitting there emotionlessly staring at the sand.
“Listen. It’s nothing about us. It’s just that… Arohi was missing you too much so we both have come to take you.” Kunj finally broke silence looking everywhere but him.
Rishab’s head snapped to his direction after registering those words. He was completely baffled and his voice was stuck in his throat. “Re… Really?” He asked unbelievably.
“Hmmm. You can come and…”
Before he could complete, Rishab hugged him tightly and Kunj could feel his tears on his T-shirt. “I had enough of hurting people Kunj!” He said shattering himself. “I’m tired of losing everyone! I’m tired of the lies and betrayals and pain surrounding me! I want to come back! To where I once belonged… With you people! I want Arohi! I want our friendship! I want everything back!” He said almost collapsing on ground.
Kunj supported him remembering the way Twinkle supported him when he hurt her. “Then come back.” He said swallowing his tears.
“Stop your drama Rishab.” Yuvraj’s voice boomed.
“Yuvi you…”
“No Kunj shut up! What does he think he can get his way so easily all the time.”
Rishab walked towards Yuvraj with folded hands. “Yuvi please AAAHHH!” His words changed into a light scream due to Yuvraj’s punch.
“Yuvi!” Kunj exclaimed with horror.
“That’s what I wanted!” Yuvraj smiled as if he had done a great achievement. “Now that I’m done. You can come!” He said smiling satisfied making Kunj and Rishab laugh. Trio shared a group hug feeling like they’ve landed in those amazing college days.
Kunj was driving and Yuvraj was sitting behind him while Rishab was on the passenger seat. Yuvraj as usually was cracking some kind of jokes on which Kunj was throwing his sarcasms on him but Rishab was all quiet. Kunj noticed it and looked at him warily. “What happened Rishab? Why are you silent?”
Rishab sighed. “I don’t know. I wasn’t expecting your forgiveness so easily but now that you’ve accepted me don’t know why I’m not happy like I should be.”
“That’s called guilt Rishab. It’ll go away with time!” Yuvraj said patting his shoulder.
“Ya Rishab. Just give yourself some time and please try to forget everything. It was just a nightmare which is over now! Let’s live our life without any guilt and sad memory.” Kunj said with a light smile.
Rishab nodded. “You’re right!” He then paused before continuing. “Kunj! Why didn’t you tell me anything that day? This all wouldn’t have even started!” He asked skeptically.
Kunj looked at him for some seconds and then again moved his eyes on road. “I had no other option Rishab. We live in a society where porn stars are considered as celebrity but a rape victim isn’t even treated as a human being! They’re labelled as ‘damaged goods’! Just because once someone has raped her physically, the society would’ve raped her mentally everyday! Even if someone survives a rape, they’re never considered survivers… They’re always VICTIMS! And our little angel wasn’t strong enough to bear all this Rishab! She would’ve faded away.” He smiled sadly before adding. “Look! That day I was convicted of two murders but still I’m here… As the CEO of Sarna industries. Because I’m a man. A man can lose and gain his honor but a woman can’t! She just can’t! Arohi wasn’t strong enough. But that was past Rishab now…”
He stopped looking at Rishab wierdly as he was staring him intently. “What?” Kunj asked confusedly.
Rishab shook his head smiling. “This isn’t you Kunj. You’re talking just like Twinkle.”
Kunj looked at him baffled. “Am I? No! It’s nothing like that. I’m also kind of mature.” He tried to cover up.
Yuvraj laughed throwing his head back. “You aren’t even close to mature bro!”
Kunj rolled his eyes. “Shut up Yuvi. Don’t pissed me off!”
“No. Jokes apart guys! But admit it Kunj. Nobody has ever managed to bring any change in you from past 9 years before she came. Accept it or not Kunj, nobody ever had so much effect on you like she does. Now when I see the change in your behavior. In your talks, in your moods and almost in everything! I know it’s because of HER!”
Kunj nodded with satisfaction. “I’ve accepted it already Rishab.”
Then there was quietness in the vehicle but that silence was peaceful, soothing and heart-warming which was promising for the better tomorrow!

Arohi, Disha and Twinkle were sitting in the hall because Arohi wanted to enjoy her ice-cream in there. They were having light talks when Arohi’s eyes landed on the door where Rishab was standing with a broken lip which was a gift from Yuvraj!
Arohi shockingly ran towards him and almost shouted. “Bhai! Oh my Lord! It’s bleeding! I’ll just go and get the first aid box…” She trailed off realizing what she was doing.
Rishab was silently looking at him with teary eyes. She turned around and tried to walk inside but Twinkle held her wrist, making her stand in front of Rishab.
“Arohi! He’s here to apologise for whatever he did!”
“Please leave me bhabhi! I don’t want to see his face.” She said without making eye-contact with anyone.
“Oh really Arohi! Then why did you come running when you saw his injury? We can see and you know, you still care for him and mistakes… Mistakes are part of life. Instead of breaking relations, we should learn from them and move forward. Regret is the biggest punishment Arohi! And he’s really regretting whatever he did! Please forgive him and forget everything!”
Rishab stepped forward looking at her hopefully. “You’re my only family Arohi! Please.”
Arohi could see the tears dripping in the corner of his eyes which were enough to melt down her already soft heart.
Many times not caring about the world we forgive the gravest mistakes of people just because we can’t live without them. Just because we still want them in our lives! Because this is how stupid heart is!
She unable to control her emotions hugged her brother tightly crying in his arms. “Why did you do this bhai! I missed you so much!” She sobbed.
Twinj and YuviSha stared them with adore and smiled gleefully looking at each other. Finally everything is perfect! Finally every jigsaw puzzle is on it’s right place! Finally they’ll move on in their lives! But little did they know life is unpredictable and fate is uncontrollable!

Next Morning:
Twinkle got the call from hospital informing her that her reports were ready and she can come and collect them. After receiving the information Twinkle’s heart was thumping in her chest so loudly that she was scared it’ll come out any moment. She looked at Kunj who was leaving for office when she called him out. “Kunj!” He turned to her raising his brows. “Can you drop me to the hospital?” She asked nervously fidgeting her fingers.
He was surprised because never before Twinkle had asked something like that but he anyways smiled. “Off course. Come!” He motioned her to moved ahead while he walked behind her.
‘Maybe this is the last time we’re going together.’ She thought.
On their way, she kept staring at him debating to ask him what she wanted to or should remain silent. Kunj sensed her gaze and asked. “You want to say something Twinkle?”
Twinkle was startled for a moment but then gulped before speaking. “You didn’t promise me!” Her voice was so low that if Kunj wouldn’t pay concentration on her he would’ve missed her words.
“What?” He was puzzled but soon his expressions turned into serious as soon as realization hit him. “Don’t bring this topic Twinkle!” His tone was little angry this time.
“Please Kunj! Can’t you do this much for me?” She asked.
“I can do anything for you Twinkle and you know that!” He exclaimed furiously.
“Fine then promise me! Promise me that you’ll live your life happily even if I won’t be part of it.” She stated sternly.
He gritted his teeth trying to calm himself. “Twinkle what are you hiding from me?”
Twinkle was taken aback. She wasn’t expecting this question! “Kunj. What do you mean?”
“You know what I mean? Tell me why are you forcing me to make this promise? What are you hiding?”
“I’m not hiding anything stop being suspicious!” She said plainly.
“Fine. If there isn’t anything then no need of these silly promises and all!” He said flatly.
She looked at him angry and frustratedly. “I’ll jump out of this moving car Kunj!” Her voice was strong and emotionless.
Kunj stopped the car with a halt and shot his eyes at her. “Are you out of your sick mind Twinkle!” He exclaimed shockingly. He had never even thought in his weirdest dream that he would hear such kind of words from a sensible girl like her.
“I’m sorry!” She said realizing what words had come from her mouth. She just can’t blackmail him and put a strain on him.
“Twinkle I’m worried now! What’s bothering you?” He asked softly holding her hands.
“Kunj!” She closed her eyes, took a deep breath and then looked at him making Kunj more and more restless. “What will you do if I die?” She questioned bluntly.
Kunj was speechless. He looked at her unbelievably, angrily and blankly altogether! How easily she asked him such question. He moved his eyes on road clutching the steering wheel tightly. “I’ll throw a party and dance!” He said in the more sarcastic and rude tone ever!
“Kunj I’m serious!” She said looking anywhere but him.
“Don’t be please!” He paused starting the engine. “I had enough of destiny’s harsh games and losing people! Not anymore!” He stated. Hurt evident in his eyes. “NOW please tell me Twinkle why do these stupid thoughts are even crossing your mind? And I seriously want to hear truth!” His voice held authority.
“Kunj there isn’t anything to worry about… It’s just from all the experience I’ve derived in life… I’ve come to know one thing… Nothing is permanent and especially life is! Life is very short. There was a time when I thought I couldn’t live without my mom and dad, but see after so many years of their death, I’m still breathing! I’m alive! Nobody dies for another. People come and go. Nobody stays forever. And now you’ve your whole family, your friends, your sister, everyone so…”
“For all I know Twinkle, YOU are the most important part of my life! You really think if you leave, everybody else’s presence would matter! You think anyone can fill that void of EMPTINESS that YOUR emptiness will create! No Twinkle! It’ll be like a permanent hollow in my heart which will just engulf me in the black hole of lonliness where I’ll have to live forever or at least for the rest of my life!”
She couldn’t take it anymore! Her heartbeat raised so fast that she thought it would explode in pain! She was literally choking. Her breath got stuck in her throat! Still she was about to say something but Kunj spoke. “Twinkle I don’t understand why are we having this conversation anyways but I want you to remove this insecurity from your mind because neither I WILL LET you leave nor I WILL leave you!” Kunj stated confidently making Twinkle short of words.
Before Twinkle could retort car stopped with a screech. “Hospital!” He said without looking at her. “Call driver when you’re done!”
She nodded hurt by his behavior. “Thanks.”
With this she got out and rushed towards the hospital while Kunj was just staring at her disappearing figure. He was confused! ‘What are you up to Twinkle! Why do I think you’re in pain and you don’t want to share it! Why do I think you’re trying to leave me!’ He mumbled painfully. The mere thought that she would leave him clench his heart like anything. He closed his eyes to calm his nerve! ‘Maybe I’m just thinking a lot! Maybe she don’t want me to depend on her!’ He tried to assure his luring mind before driving towards his office.

Path Lab:
Twinkle was standing outside the cabin waiting for doctor’s call and preparing herself for worst!
Finally the ward boy came and called her. She was about to open the door but stopped taking a deep breath. ‘Kunj if today these reports are positive and I’m really going to die then I’ll go away from your life forever AND… If it isn’t…’ She smiled with teary eyes. ‘I’ll tell you how much I love you.’ Sighing she walked inside with determination in her heart.
Kunj arrived at home and saw Arohi sitting in hall with grim face while Disha was on the verge of crying. He then looked at Yuvraj who was supporting Disha. Even Manohar was sitting there with an emotionless face. He has never seen them like that! He gets worried and walked towards them with a fast pace. “What’s happening? Why are you all sitting like this? Someone tell me please!”
Disha looked at him with a sympathetic face but couldn’t say anything.
“Bhai!” Arohi ran to him and started crying. Now he was really freaking out!
“Someone tell me what is it!” He exclaimed in frustration.
“Bhai woh… Bhabhi…!” Now Kunj’s heart went numb and his mind was started jumping on various scenarios.
“What happened to Twinkle? For goodness sake, tell me Arohi! Dad! Disha!”
“Bhai… Bhabhi… She… She left! SHE LEFT YOU FOREVER!”
Kunj couldn’t believe his ears. It was like his world has come crashing down. “WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU SAYING AROHI!”
Thank you very much for reading.
Yaaaay! Instant update and now I’m like it isn’t impossible for me to write in a day itself! Agar mai likhne par aun tou mujhe koi nahe rok sakta not even ME! Yaaay! Anyways coming to episode Rishab surely deserved a second chance and I really loved your views in fact I’ve used Fenil and Anaya’s words in Twinkle’s dialogue! Really thank you for such amazing response. I know thanks isn’t enough that’s why an instant update for my lovelies as a gift :*
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Keep smiling:-)
Love you all<3
Take care!

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