Twinj: Bakhuda Tumhi Ho (Episode:21)

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Bakhuda Tumhi Ho-
“Kunj… It’s me… Your Kalpana.”
“Ka… Kal… Kalpana!” He whispered lowly still trying to get over his shock. His Kalpana was standing right in front of him! His feet involuntarily moved forward and took her hand in his. “I… I didn’t kill you Kalpana! I didn’t even know! I… I really loved you! Where were you all these years! You’ve no idea of how much I suffered!”
“Shhhh.” She shushed him gently wiping his tears which were flowing through his eyes unknowingly.
He held her shoulders. “I’m so happy you’re… Back.” His voice cracked in end.
“I’m not back Kunj.” She said smiling sadly.
“I’m here to tell you to break free from me and accept Twinkle.”
“Yes Kunj. I’ve asked Twinkle from Lord to send her to you… For you.” She cupped his face. “I’ll always be yours Kunj and I know I’ve a very important place in your heart. But now, it’s high time you should give that heart to the one who has healed it. And it’s HER. Go to her Kunj!” With those words she stepped back. “Give her the love she deserves. She’s the one for you and not me.” She kept moving back and soon disappeared in darkness.
“NO! Kalpana where are you! Come back please. KALPANA….” Shouting her name he got up breathing heavily and covered in sweat to realize it was a dream!
Twinkle got up hearing his voice and switched on the lights. “What happened Kunj? Are you alright? Calm down.” She said warily. “Nothing has happened Kunj. It was a dream! It’s Ok.” She soothed him making him lie down and securing him with duvet.
“Kalpana…” He mumbled many times in his sleep which was like a stab in Twinkle’s heart. She knew he doesn’t want to talk anything now. So she just turned her face to the opposite side and within some minutes, her pillow was soaked in her own tears.
‘She was a DREAM Kunj! I’m REAL!’ The phrase ringed in her mind like anything.

Twinkle woke up and found Kunj ordering someone on phone.
“Kunj. What are you doing this early?”
“Nothing. I was just checking the preparations. I’m sorry… I disturbed your sleep!”
“No. It’s Ok!” She got up tieing her hair in bun. “But what preparation is going on?”
Kunj smiled wistfully. “Woh tomorrow is the birthday of my belated rakhi sister Arohi. So every year on this day, I perform pooja in the temple for the peace of her soul.”
Twinkle was shocked. “No Kunj you can’t do this.” She bluntly shouted.
He was hell confused at her words. “What are you talking about Twinkle?”
‘I can’t let him do this. Kaki used to say, if you perform `Shraadh` of a person who’s still alive. It affects the person’s health very badly.’ She thought.
“Kunj actually…” She closed her eyes fearing of his reaction. “Kunj woh…”
Kunj had been observing change in her behavior since they went to the orphanage. He was annoyed. “Twinkle if tomorrow from somewhere else I discovered that you’re hiding something from me I’ll take it as a BETRAYAL.” His voice strong and tone harsh. Twinkle opened her eyes to see his dark expressions so decided to reveal the truth right away. Off course he would be angry, but if she didn’t tell there are chances that she’ll lose him forever.
Twinkle took a deep breath. “Kunj your sister Ar…ohi is alive. She is in hospital.” She spoke in a single breath leaving Kunj completely stunned.
“What are you saying Twinkle?” He asked unbelievably though a part of him was desperately hoping for it to be true. “How can this be!”
“Ya Kunj. Rishab lied to you. She isn’t dead. She’s in comma.”
Their conversation was halted when they heard a gasp from the door. Both of them turned towards the source of light sound to find Yuvraj standing there. He entered quickly bafflingly. “Twinkle, is this a joke? And if it was, it really was a sick joke which I never expected from a girl like you!” He rudely said looking at her with distaste.
“Why would I joke about something so serious Yuvi! I’m saying what truth is.” She snapped.
“You knew it! Tell me Twinkle you know everything but you didn’t feel the need to tell any of us! How could you betray us like this! We promised that we’ll share everything with each other… We’ll be honest with each other and I swear to Lord… I WAS… I AM… AND I WILL! But the matter of fact is you don’t find me trust worthy to share the things with me… Tell me how much more secrets are to be revealed yet. Tell me damnit!” Kunj yelled at her feeling hurt.
Twinkle was taken aback. Yes she knew he’ll be angry with her but those words pierced in her like a dagger.
‘Yes I’m hiding the biggest truth Kunj which you should know being my husband… But I can’t afford to see you shatter all over again. I want you to be happy!’ She said in her mind as a reply to Kunj’s words.
“Twinkle speak up. What more things you’re hiding… Tell me this instant!” Kunj said in dangerously low voice breaking Twinkle’s stance.
“No… No Kunj! It isn’t like what it looks like. I’m not hiding anything from you!” She gulped the lump which had formed in her throat due to the tears she was swallowing. “I… I’m sorry Kunj but I just couldn’t tell you because if I had told you, you would’ve straightaway rushed to meet Arohi and you can’t do that! You know there’s security… A lot of security and Rishab has put a ban on any stranger meeting her only he can. You would’ve gone in a legal trouble. Trust me Kunj!”
Yuvraj pat Kunj’s back signing him to relax and calm down.
Kunj sighed holding Twinkle’s hands. “I trust you that’s why I listened to you but please don’t ever hide anything from me because it hurts…”
“I’m sorry.” She said quietly turning her back to him so that he couldn’t see her tears.
He sighed. “It’s Ok! But now we want to meet her. Do you’ve some way?” He inquired with too hope that Twinkle couldn’t deny.
“Ya. Don’t worry! I’ll find a way in fact I’ve a way. It’s just a bit complicated. Can you take that much risk?”
“Off course! We’ll do anything.” Both of them retorted in unison.
They all reached hospital while Twinkle handed over them a doctor apron and mask so that nobody would doubt them.
“I’ll distract the security. You’ve only 20 minutes before the ward boy comes with medicines. So go inside and come out before he comes and creates nuisance. Ok”
Both nodded obediently and rushed inside without giving a second thought while Twinkle distracted the ward boys by talking and telling them to get the medicines which she had no idea if existed in the godown or not.
While on the other hand both had tears in their eyes to see Arohi like that. She was all broken, tubes and IVs attached to every part of her body. Her breathing laboured, her face thin and pale, and they could say it had been a really long time. Arohi looks like this girl.

Kunj took in her complete appearance and hissed. “I’ll never forgive you for this Rishab!” He took her hand in his smiling sadly, silent tears started rolling down his face. “Where had you been Arohi! We missed you so much.” He said caressing her bandaged forehead.
Yuvraj too followed and joined him. “Yes Arohi! We didn’t even know that you’re alive! Blo*dy Rishab didn’t say anything! He went to an extent of saying that you’re DEAD! How could he!” He was miffed.
“Yuvi…” Kunj tried to stop him but he continued.
“Kunj has missed you so much! Every minute… Every second… He was so guilty of your condition! Please come back and tell us the truth because Kunj would never open his mouth and will keep suffering… You know Rishab made his life a living hell still he kept quiet! He killed his love to make him suffer the same pain… But he still kept quiet! Rishab didn’t even tell us that you’re alive! He destroyed Kunj’s life and career Arohi! Just to avenge your pain! But did that reduce your pain huh? If making us suffer would bring you back to normal, we would happily spend our lives finding ways to hurt ourselves that too with a smile on our faces. That’s so much we love YOU! Arohi please say something na!” Yuvraj choked out due to tears.
Kunj’s mind wasn’t even registering whatever Yuvraj was saying. He just stood there staring at his sister. The way she used to call him ‘bhai’ and her giggling voice was echoing in his ears.
Just then they heard Twinkle’s yelling at ward boy indicating them to come outside or hide somewhere inside.
“Oh shit! Kunj 20 minutes are over! Let’s leave! Or Twinkle will land in trouble.” He tried to pull him but Kunj didn’t move. He was frozen on his spot.
“Kunj come on.” He shouted a bit loudly but no effect! It was like his mind had gone shut on seeing all this.
Before Yuvraj could do anything else, the nurse and the ward boy along with Twinkle barged inside. The staff was shocked to see them there.
“Hey. You people aren’t doctors! What are you guys doing here? We can call police now and get you arrested.” The nurse said annoyingly.
Even though Twinkle knew this was coming but nevertheless she tried to reason with her… “What! Why! They haven’t done anything.”
“Who knows with what intentions they had come here!” Nurse replied with distaste making Twinkle furious.
“Listen it isn’t…” Her voice was interrupted by the ECG machine attached to Arohi making a strange noise. All the heads in the room snapped to that direction. Now Kunj, too came out of his trance. “Huh! What’s happening to her?” He said all panicking.
“I’ll see. All of you go out and Akash… Please send the nurse and Dr. Ragini in.” She said urgently and rushed to Arohi’s side.
The ward boy shooed all of them out. Kunj and Yuvraj were hell worried about her when Rishab arrived there and grabbed Kunj’s collar. “What the hell do you think of yourself? Why are you hell bent on snatching everything I love? How dare you come here?” He yelled when Yuvraj stepped forward and held Rishab’s collar making Kunj free from Rishab’s grip.
“Oh really! We’re doing wrong huh! And what about what you did with us 9 years! How could you say that Arohi is dead! How could you cheat us like that! And…”
“ENOUGH!” Twinkle arrived there and shouted. “I don’t believe you people! There a patient is struggling inside and you people are fighting like kids here! Have some shame!”
Yuvraj left Rishab with a jerk. “Twinkle I…”
“Just shut up! And now if anybody wants to raise their voice can kindly get out of here!” She sternly stated pointing towards the main door and went inside.
After that, there was utter silence. No one amongst them spoke a word. They were standing there like a statue! Finally those 3 long hours got over and Twinkle came out with an uneasy look on her face.
“Twinkle!” Kunj rushed to her. “What happened? She’s fine na?”
“Kunj.” She said in low voice which tensed all of them.
“Please Twinkle! Tell me… What is it?”
She held him by his shoulders and gulped before speaking. “Kunj! Arohi is out of comma.” And all three heaved a sigh of relief. “You know it’s a miracle… Even the doctors are baffled. A patient who hadn’t been responding since many years has gained her consciousness! This happens rarely. You all should thank Lord!”
Kunj couldn’t believe his ears. “What… What did you say?”
She just nodded with a small smile. She knew how big of a day was it for Kunj. “Can I…?” He couldn’t complete because of tears blocking his voice but Twinkle understood.
“No Kunj! Not now. For few hours we need to keep her under observation. You can see her after that. Ok!” She said and Kunj hugged her tightly lifting her slightly up from floor. He embraced her like his life was dependent on it. He still couldn’t get over how their lives have changed…. How HIS life has changed only because of HER!
Kunj Yuvraj and Rishab relaxed a bit after all that chaos. Then after some time they were given the good news that they’re allowed to meet her now. Kunj got up from his seat but Rishab blocked his way. “Don’t you dare Kunj! She’s in this condition because of YOU! Now don’t act like you care too much for her!”
Just as they were about to start again, Twinkle pulled Kunj back. “It’s Ok Rishab. You can meet her.”
With that, Rishab rushed inside while Kunj shoved Twinkle’s hand with annoyance. “What have you done Twinkle! Why did you let him go inside! Lord knows what crap he’ll feed to Arohi against me!”
She put her hand around his arm. “Kunj! Trust yourself! Trust your sister! What do you think… She’ll believe everything he says. I don’t think so! Have faith in Lord… Everything will be fine. Believe me!” She assured him with a smile.
He couldn’t help but smiled back looking at her with hope and adore in his eyes.
Rishab was really emotional to see Arohi alright. He walked towards her when she turned her face to the nurse. “Nurse! Please call my brother.”
“I’m here. Arohi!” He answered.
She shook her head in disagreement. “I was talking about MY BROTHER KUNJ!” With those words she turned her face to opposite direction.
Rishab was shocked and hurt will be an understatement, he was feeling as if he’ll pass out any moment. His sister was behaving like a stranger!
“Why do you want to see him Arohi? He’s the one because of whom you’re here!”
“Bhai I want to see him NOW!” She almost yelled leaving Rishab short of words.
Nurse came forward with a displeased look. “Look! Her condition isn’t well! Please do as she says. Stressing her out can be really bad for her health.”
Rishab confused and helplessly walked out. “Kunj! Arohi wants to talk to you.”
Kunj heaved a sigh of relief but was worried. “What happened? Is she fine?”
Rishab just walked inside quietly with Kunj, Yuvraj and Twinkle accompanying him.
Arohi saw Kunj and smiled sadly. “Bhai.” She called out trying to get up but Twinkle rushed to her side.
“Arohi. Don’t try to get up! You’re still weak.”
Arohi still was adamant. “Then please help me to sit up doctor.” She requested on which Twinkle nodded straightening the pillow behind her.
“Nurse! I’ll take it from here. You may go.” Twinkle said politely as she didn’t want the nurse to witness anymore family drama while the nurse left without another word!
“How could you do this bhai!” She shot questions at Rishab. She heard whatever Yuvraj said and it was just ringing in her head like anything.
‘We didn’t even know that you’re alive!’
‘Blo*dy Rishab didn’t say anything!’
‘He went to an extent of saying that you’re DEAD!’
‘Kunj missed you so much. Every minute… Every second… He was so guilty of your condition!’
‘Kunj would never open his mouth and will keep suffering!’
‘Rishab made his life hell… But he kept quiet.’
‘He destroyed Kunj’s life and career Arohi. Just to avenge your pain!’
She felt like she was hearing those words again and again. She closed her ears through her palm and continued crying. Kunj and Rishab rushed to her side.
“Why are you behaving like this Arohi!” Rishab exclaimed. “This man destroyed your life!” He accused venomously glancing at Kunj.
“No he didn’t! YOU DID!” She screamed frustratedly.
“You want to know the truth I’ll tell you.” She turned to Twinkle before saying. “Doctor! Can you please leave us alone.” Twinkle silently nodded and got up to leave as she didn’t want to stress Arohi.
Kunj hurriedly spoke looking at Twinkle. “Arohi! She’s family. She’s my wife.” He gestured Twinkle to stay.
Arohi nodded reluctantly. “You want to know the truth! I’ll tell you!”
“Arohi but…” Kunj trailed off pleading her to stop.
“No bhai! Let me! It’s already too late. Rishab bhai! That man whom you considered your ‘God father’, our step father… I know his reality. He was an animal! You respected him so much but he didn’t deserve any of it. He was just a wolf in sheep’s skin who was pretending to be good in front of you.”
Rishab was totally puzzled. “Arohi! Maybe it’s the effect of those heavy medicines you’re speaking all this but…”
“Oh just stop it bhai! You want to know what happened that day, then listen….
It was your 12th standard exam. The turning point of your life! You had to work hard, study hard. I understand that. You were neglecting me completely but I didn’t say anything because I knew your studies were important.
And it all started that day when you left me alone in the house and went to your friend’s house for group studies… That man… He came home drunk and…” She sobbed even more… “He harassed me bhai. I wanted to tell you everything but he threatened me that he would destroy your life and career. I knew he could do that and I also remembered how much you had suffered without mom and I didn’t want you to suffer more. I was stupid and weak! I hate myself for being so weak that night! I thought it was the end of everything and I would forget it like an ugly nightmare but it didn’t happen.” She hiccuped due to crying. Twinkle gave her a glass of water which she drank a little and continued…
“After that it became like his habit! After every few days he used to come home drunk and force himself upon me! Whenever you were at college, hostel, friend’s house, every time he got a chance! I was fed up! I wanted to kill myself! I felt dirty and disgusted! I wanted to free myself from that hell!
But then, I decided that I’ll fight back. I won’t bear it anymore! Like always, he came home in same inebriated condition and tried to harass me but I hit him on his head with a vase! In that instant Kunj bhai came there. He saw that man lying in the pool of blood, my torn clothes, his nail marks and just understood what must’ve happened. I cried in his arms on my fate. Fathers are there to protect their daughters from evil eyes and wrong people but our father wasn’t like that because HE WASN’T OUR FATHER…!
Bhai didn’t want my life to be more destroyed than it already was. So he cleared the fingerprints from vase and imprinted it with his own! But how could I let him and pay for something that was my mistake! We were just arguing when your so-called-God-father gained consciousness and headed towards bhai with something he had broken to use it as his weapon. Before bhai could react, I pushed him out of the way and took the blow. He walked to the balcony of the room searching for something but due to influence of alcohol and drowsiness, he slipped and fell off fatally wounded.
I thought everything would be fine with my death. But NO! Everything was messed up! All my three brothers were suffering from pain all the time. I used to hear all the voices! Everything you people talked to me! And I longed to hear Kunj bhai’s voice, Yuvi bhai’s voice but I never knew the real reason why they never visited me.
If today you both hadn’t come, I would’ve never got the strength to get up! When I heard your words, somehow it seemed possible because I desperately wanted! I needed! So that no more lives are destroyed!”
Rishab was shattered. “No! This can’t be true!” He mumbled looking nowhere in particular. He was shocked beyond words. All his life, he had lived for his hatred and revenge and now he realized how futile it was!
“Bhai! The truth doesn’t change according to our ability to digest it! And This. Is. Truth!” Arohi said in a flat tone. “Bhai! If you hadn’t played this game, they would’ve come here 9 years ago I wouldn’t have lost 9 years of my life! I’ll never forgive you for snatching all that because of your baseless assumptions! How could you do this! YOU didn’t even ask him before accusing him! You could’ve trusted your best friend a little!”
“Arohi. Do you think I didn’t ask him anything! No! I did! We all did! Manohar uncle, Yuvi, the lawyers, police, everyone. Everyone asked him thousand times but he kept repeating the same thing! THAT HE DID ALL THAT! And I did all that for YOU. Because I…”
“No! Don’t say anything! Today! I break all my relations with you!” She plainly stated leaving everyone dumbfounded and frozen.
Rishab looked at her brokenly. “Arohi! Listen to me once I did all this for you. I didn’t know…”
“Enough! Bhai please enough!”
Rishab couldn’t bear it. He walked to Kunj with folded hands. “Kunj! I’m sorry! I really am sorry! I…”
“Rishab I had already forgiven you for what you’ve been doing with me since past 8 years but I just can’t forgive you for what you did NOW! You kept Arohi away from us for all wrong reasons. You told us that she was DEAD when in reality she’s alive. I’m never going to forgive you for this.” He said walking towards Arohi.
“Bhai please take me home. YOUR HOME.” She said without looking at Rishab.
She stumbled a bit due to weakness but Yuvraj and Kunj held her from either sides.
Kunj moved his eyes to Twinkle as if he was trying to ask what he should do on which she nodded assuring him. “Go ahead. I’ll just talk to her doctor to arrange all the machinery, Arohi’s medicines and discharge papers then I’ll come. Take her home carefully!”
Kunj smiled affectionately at her while Arohi was dazed because she didn’t know Twinkle. She had talked to her just now and that too so rudely or rather said only one sentence. ‘Please leave us alone.’ And yet she was so much concerned about her. Was she really so kind and selfless?
Thank you very much for reading.
Hey everyone. I wanted to write more but it has already become quite lengthy so thought to stop right here. I know it was kind of boring but this episode was essential after all it held some important secrets. The past of Arohi was really painful but that’s the cruel reality of our society… I don’t know about India but in Pakistan the rape cases are increasing like anything and mostly family members are involved. Though my story won’t change anything but we should spread awareness to children how cautious they should be with family members except for father and brother!
So do you think Rishab should be given second chance? If yes then why? If no then why? Share your opinions.
Once after next episode my main focus will be Twinj and I’m really excited for that. If you want me to post the next episode day after tomorrow then you’re just needed to comment some good words which will boost me up. The more number of comments the more will be chances of instant update.
P.S: I know today’s episode wasn’t that much interesting and I’m agreeing that so kindly don’t be rude and have some patience for upcoming ones.
Lastly thank you really very much for all the words you’ve written in previous episode. I really love you all so much. Keep showering your love like this:*
Keep smiling:-)
Love you all<3
Take care!

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