Twinj: Bakhuda Tumhi Ho (Episode:2)

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Bakhuda Tumhi Ho-
“Ok so I’m neither a psychiatrist nor a counsellor so tell me how can I help you?”
“Marry him?”
“What?”, She asked in shock “sir what do you think this is? Some kind of joke?”
“First listen to me doctor…”
“No Mr. Manohar if I would’ve known that our conversation is heading to this direction, trust me I would’ve never talked to you for so long”
“You don’t understand Twinkle, he’s…”
“Mr. Manohar, please leave”, she said rudely
“Please Dr. Twinkle, do me this favor. Cure my son and in return I’ll give you anything, you ask for”
“You’re not getting me Mr. Manohar, for me marriage is a pure and sacred relationship. I would never insult marriage like that”, she bellowed
“Ok but if you ever need my help, you’ve my card. You can contact me”, saying this he stood up
Twinkle was about to say something but her phone rang, her expressions changed into shock and then pain as soon as she received the call
“Yeah! Take care of him. I’m coming right now”, she after hanging up the call took her scarf and clutch to leave
“What happened? Is everything alright?”, Manohar asked worriedly
Tears were brimming in Twinkle’s eyes, “whatever it is. I’ll manage”, she said and left
Manohar knew it was something about a patient that’s why he rushed straight to the hospital. His car reached before Twinkle’s two wheeler. She ran straight to the Cancer Ward where a 11 years old kid was lying unconscious with oxygen mask and other set-up.
She quickly moved towards him, “what happened to him all of a sudden doctor? You said he was recovering”, Twinkle confronted the on-duty doctor. “Sunny get up”, she said looking at the kid. Her voice chocked due to tears
“Yes doctor but we cannot say anything about this disease, you know. Even I never imagined that he’ll suffer with another bout of cancer”
“What do we do now?”
“Twinkle I had called the doctor who has treated him last time and..”, she trailed off nervously
“Just spill it”, she said impatiently
“Twinkle, the cancer specialist Doctor. Robert, under whom Sunny’s treatment was going on has left for UK after he was alright. Now he cannot come back. If we’ve to save him then we’ve to take him to UK because Dr. Robert has his case file, and knows all about his medicines and treatment”
“If there’s no other way”, she asked helplessly
“I’m afraid this is the only way because if we chose any other specialist, they’ll spend a lot of time in studying Sunny’s case and we don’t have much time”
Twinkle’s mind went numb after hearing that, she sat down closing her eyes. It wasn’t simple
“Dr, nurse, please leave me alone”, she cried looking at the boy. He was like her brother
Someone put a hand on her shoulder, she turned around to see Manohar there. She wasn’t in the position to argue, so she just ignored him. But Manohar sat on a chair beside her
“I heard everything. I’ve called Dr. Robert and told him that the patient will reaching him in few hours. He’ll be ready in hospital with everything. And his flight is in half an hour”
“Don’t worry! My lawyer would arrange his passport, VISA and all legal formalities. Since the patient’s condition is serious so it’ll all be sorted out easily. Even the cost of surgery is transferred into doctor’s account”
Twinkle stared him with blank face, “and why are you doing this?”, She asked even though somewhere she knew
He turned towards the door and a lawyer came in. He handed over some papers to Twinkle
“Sign on it”, Manohar said softly
Twinkle read the papers carefully and as she had expected, it was a contract marriage papers of her and Kunj for a six months marriage.
The truth was, even Manohar could never want contract marriage. But at this moment, the most important thing was Twinkle agreeing to this marriage, because he knew once Twinkle got to know about Kunj she would never leave him. On the other hand, Twinkle had no other choice, this man sitting beside her had ensured the safety of the child who was like her own family. She couldn’t deny him because she had to pay back.
She took the papers with shivering hands. She had always respected marriage but today she had to do this, she felt like she was selling herself for money! And for the first time in her life she realized that even though money isn’t everything but it’s really an important thing; necessity. She realized that if she thought about it one more minute she would change her mind and wouldn’t be able to sign on those papers so she quickly signed them and handed them over to Manohar
“After everything you told about your son at my home and how much I know him from social media, do you really think, he’ll agree to marry someone like me?”
“Leave this task on me. If he’s my son then I’m his father. Just I’ll need a little help from you”, he said smiling while Twinkle left.

In Kunj’s cabin:
“What do you mean by you’re not continuing this merger because of my reputation Mr. Kumar?”, Kunj snapped
“Look Mr. Sarna if we merge our company with yours then your reputation will be ours. It would also harm my reputation if you appear on the newspaper with a new girl everyday”
Kunj huffed. He couldn’t change himself for anybody but if his company was being harmed because of one of his traits, he had to do something about it
“Mr. Kumar why are we involving my personal life in it?”
“As I said before, after this deal, your reputation will be mine and I can’t tolerate anyone tarnishing my reputation”, he sternly stated
“Ok so what should I do that you don’t stop this merge?”
He sighed, “your IMAGE needs improvement Kunj. Have you seen the amount of scandals you’ve been recently. I think no. But if our companies are one your reputation will affect mine. I want a partner who’s taken seriously by media and…”
Kunj interrupted, “spare me the lecture and tell me exactly what do I do now? Because you know I can’t change myself”
“Ya! So what you do now is that you’ve to take the press seriously. For eight to ten weeks or at least two months keep yourself clean. Away from scandals, affairs and…. women! If you could do this then deal”
But before Mr. Kumar could complete kunj already found a loophole
“So you mean to say, I just shouldn’t be seen with any woman IN THE NEWSPAPER? Right?”, He smirked
Mr. Kumar didn’t mind, “yeah! That’s all. And Kunj I’ve never given any such opportunity to any youngster before. For me it’s either a “Yes” or a “No”. But seeing what all you’ve achieved at such young age I’m taking this risk. Don’t make me regret it”
“I won’t and thank you. You won’t regret trusting me”
“Ok then. After 5 months approx, I’ll send you draft of the contract”, kunj nodded. “I’ll take a leave now”, they had a formal handshake and Mr. Kumar left
“It wouldn’t be easy. Would it?”, Kunj thought
To him, women were his addiction, just like any other drug. For him, that was the only distraction when he didn’t want to think about something and it became his habit because anywhere he went, women used to throw themselves on him, either for fame, for money, or any other selfish motive which was one reason he stopped trusting people. He never found any woman trustworthy and when he did, destiny chose to be cruel with him. Therefore, what people say about him, he least cared.
Manohar entered his cabin, at which Kunj smiled
“Dad I’ve to tell you something”
“Ya! Even I’ve something to tell you”
“No need dad. I know you would say, you’ve chosen a nice girl for me, so please marry her. And I would say, please dad I’m not interested. So it’s better if we don’t talk about it”, Kunj said sharply
Manohar sighed, “Beta why are you so much against to marriage? I mean some day you’ve to…”
“No dad, that day would never come. And women, they’re freaking gold diggers. Either they want money or fame so I’m not interested. Please don’t ever bring this topic into discussion”
“Ok. You wanted to tell something”, even though Manohar dropped the topic at that time but he wasn’t going to give up so easily
Kunj told him everything about deal and the discussion. Manohar appreciated him and left from there. After what, Kunj told him. Manohar made a plan. He called someone and told something
“Ok so you got it?”
“Yes sir”
“Good. Call him right now”

Kunj received a call. It was from a foundation where he donates lacs of rupees every year, from his profit for the welfare of poor and orphans
“Sir we’ve arranged a facilitation ceremony for expressing our gratitude for your help, so please be there. The function will start in the evening. Do come”
Before he could say anything or argue the phone went off.

At Twinkle’s Apartment
Twinkle opened the door and saw Manohar standing there. Off course she wasn’t happy at the turn of events but still she couldn’t blame him completely for anything. Whatever maybe the cost but he had saved Sunny’s life.
“Uncle. You here. Please come inside”, she said politely
“Yes, I’ve brought this for you”, saying so he handed over an invitation card of tomorrow’s function
Twinkle wasn’t at all comfortable with all this, “what will I do there?”, She asked hesitantly
“Twinkle tomorrow I’m going to announce you as Kunj’s wife”
She nodded unwillingly
“But before that, I want to ask your hand from your family. Where are they?”
“Uncle there’s no one to approve this marriage from my side”
“Your parents?”, he asked surprisingly
Tears welled up in her eyes”They left me when I was just of 2″
“And who brought you up?”
“Till 11 years my step brother and my aunt brought me up, then…”, she instantly became silent
“Then my school principal, Naren Uncle, left me at an orphanage to save me from my brother’s clutches, because my step brother wants me to marry with the one who was double of my age just to get property” she wiped her tears “I was merely a thing for him, which he could invest whenever he likes wherever he want”
“Oh I’m sorry to hear that”, he was hurt after hearing her past
“No. It’s fine”, she smiled
“I’m really proud of you actually. I mean, you didn’t waste the opportunity, in fact utilized it by becoming an independent girl”, he appreciated her
“Thank you”
“I know this is too fast for you beta and also that you don’t want to marry him. But believe me… He needs someone like you in his life. Only you can help him, I’ve seen that. Please consider me as your father, I won’t pressurize you for anything. A father is begging you to save his father’s life”, he said folding his hands, Twinkle immediately separated them
“What’re you doing uncle. Please don’t do that. I’ll marry him! And I’m not saying this because of contract but wholeheartedly I’ve accepted it. I’m ready to become his wife, to cure him”
Manohar was so overwhelmed with her words that he kept his hand on her head, “I always wanted a daughter like you”
Twinkle was really mixed with emotions, she hugged him tightly feeling him as her father
“Uncle I don’t even remember the face of my parents. But I’m sure my father must be like you”
“Not uncle. Call me dad and yes we’ve to discuss something important”
“Tomorrow’s plan”, he said with a mischievous grin
He told the plan to Twinkle which shocked her to core. “No dad. We can’t do this”
“Off course you can do this. Problem kya hai?”, He asked confidently
“Ok I’ll try”
“Not try. You’ll have to do your best. Ok. Then we’ll see him, he would’ve no other option than marrying you”
She nodded
“Ok then. Meet you at tomorrow party. I’ll send you the dress and I trust you, you won’t ruin the moment for me”, he said placing a hand on her head
“Good night”
He left, while Twinkle was still drowned in thoughts. She had never done something like that!
“Oh God! Please help me”, she thought biting her nails

Kunj’s Mansion-
He touches a football kept in his cupboard and reminiscences something
_A girl voice says_ ,
” _Kunj if you had to choose between football and a good job, what would you choose_ ”
_”Off course football. Because a person should make a career where his passion lies”_
_”And if you had to choose between me and football then?”, The girl asked in an annoyed tone_
_”Is it something to ask Kalpana? Is there anything important more than you?”_
_Both laughed_

He smiled sadly
He keeps getting deeper in the well of those dark memories, after sometime he gets reminded of something dreadful
_”Don’t touch me”_
_”You’re a criminal”_
_”The law must’ve spared you but I won’t”_
_”Everyone who loves you gets broken”_
_”You don’t deserve anyone’s love”_
_”You deserve to be hated”_

He couldn’t take those voices anymore thus he closed his ears tightly with his palms but still no affect. The loud voices were intact on his eardrum
At last struggling and out of breath, he took out a syringe from drawer and injected it in his veins and fall unconscious on the bed
“God! You gave me everything except the peace of mind, that I had always craved for. Why?”
Complaining to God through those words, he closed his eyes and fall into deep restless slumber.
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