Twinj: Bakhuda Tumhi Ho (Episode:18)

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Bakhuda Tumhi Ho-
Kunj woke up and found Twinkle sleeping in his arms. Her arms were wrapped around his torso tightly. He made no moment as he didn’t want to disturb her sleep.
After sometime, she woke up and once realizing her position and Kunj’s gaze on her, she quickly sat up but without tearing their eye-contact.
“Umm, I’ve to go.” Kunj finally said and got up for taking shower.
Both didn’t talk to each other after that. Twinkle also didn’t know what to say. They got ready and both had their breakfast in peaceful silence.
Kunj after finishing his meal walked till the door and stopped there with a halt. He turned around to find Twinkle standing behind him with a hopeful expression.
“Twinkle! Umm, you want to say something?”
“No. I was just here to bid you bye!” She smiled and in return got a wide smile from Kunj.
“Oh. Ok then I may leave.”

“Yeah. Take care!”
“You too.” With those words he started to move but then again stopped and faced Twinkle.
“What happened?” This time it was Twinkle to ask.
He gulped. “Actually I HAVE to say something.”
“Uh, Okay.”
“Whatever you said last night, I’ll think about it… I mean I’ll think about forgiving Rishab.”
Twinkle gasped in shock. Did he really say he’ll forgive Rishab? Did he really say he’ll try? She squealed happily and literally jumped into his arms! Kunj also reciprocated her twirling her around.
“Ok. I should seriously leave now before it gets too late.” He gently put her down and winked making Twinkle blush.
“Kunj!” She called out.
“Thank you.” She said playing with her collar, looking everywhere but him.
“For?” He asked rasing his brows.
“Aise hi.” She shrugged.

He smiled at her craziness. “Well technically I should thank you for what you had done last night. The way you consoled me. Thank you very much Twinkle. I truly never thought that I’ll share my pain with anyone and in return I’ll get such peace of mind.”
“You don’t have to thank me for anything. It was my duty!”
He smiled a genuine one and unknowingly dropped a soft kiss on her forehead bringing tingling sensation inside Twinkle. Kunj then eyed Twinkle with adoration and moved out leaving Twinkle behind.
Twinkle to herself. ‘Kunj! I thanked you for making me so special! A man can fake a smile or laugh for anybody but it takes a special person to show your vulnerable side. Yesterday, by showing your pain and tears to me, you proved how much I mean to you. Thank you.’ She sighed happily and walked inside.
Trouble is a part of one’s life if you don’t share it, that means, you don’t give the person who loves you a chance to love you enough.

At the Office-
“Urrgghh! Now I’ve to face that irritating receptionist again.” Twinkle exclaimed frustratedly.
As she walked to the reception and was about to open her mouth, the receptionist intrigued. “Sir isn’t here. So please don’t start creating any nuisance.”
Twinkle was totally annoyed now. “You liar! You’re finding a new way to stop me.”
“No. I’m not-”
Before she could complete, Twinkle like always started running to the cabin and receptionist behind her. Twinkle opened the door and to her surprise, she was right. Kunj really wasn’t there!

“Look! See for yourself! Why would I lie.” Receptionist huffed in slight anger.
“Ya. Sorry!” She said a bit timidly. “Where’s he? Do you know anything?”
“Sir came to office, had some words with Rishab sir and left.” She told and Twinkle got worried. He met Rishab! Definitely something must’ve happened between them because of which he left just like that. ‘Where might he have gone?’ She quickly shoved her phone out from bag and dialed his number. He disconnected her call which made Twinkle sad and more concerned. But after few seconds she received his message,
‘Twinkle! I’m fine. I just want to be alone for sometime. I’ll come home when I feel like it.’
She was relieved after she read those words and was about to leave when she heard some voices coming from Chayya’s cabin.
She peeked inside and saw her talking with Rishab.
“Ok. I’ll tell you. Listen.”

That night in the hotel room.
Chayya entered the room, when Kunj was on his cellphone and after seeing her, he completely lost it and bellowed loudly, “What the hell are you doing here Chayya! Get out right now.”
“No need to be so rude Kunj. I’m here for business matter. Nothing personal. Rishab has appointed me as an interior designer of your upcoming project. Well anyways I love this room. We’ve so many memories here!” She smirked making Kunj disgusted on himself and on her.
“I’ve no time for this nonsense. And next time wait for me in the office.”
“Kunj I wanted to say…. Aaahhhh!”
He turned around to see her on the floor. Her leg twisted due to heels.
“Oh God! It’s hurting so much Kunj.” She cried in pain.
Kunj rolled his eyes coming forward and formally extended his hand. “Here… Take my hand and try to get up. I’ll call the doctor.”

“No Kunj! I c… Can’t even stand.” She said crying more bitterly.
He sighed clenching his teeth and bent down to pick her up and place on the bed. That’s when Twinkle came and saw them together in that awkward position.
Flashback ends-

“That’s when Twinkle-”
The sound of a slap filled the entire room. Chayya placed her palm on her cheek and raised her head to know the source of violence when she saw Twinkle standing there with an angry expression. “You’re such a disgusting woman Chayya.” She then turned herself to Rishab. “And you Mr. Oh-so-cool Rishab Khurrana! How could you do this to your best friend huh?”
“Let me tell you clearly Mrs. Kunj Sarna, he’s not my best friend.” Rishab said in a venomous-cold voice.

“Oh yes. He isn’t right! Rishab that day Kunj could’ve told the police that everything was done by you but he didn’t. Because he didn’t want you to suffer the same way he did!”
“Oh please. That was because he’s a coward.” Rishab tried to reason with her.
“Oh ya. And you, who backstabbed him is very brave. Right! You’re awfully pathetic Rishab! Today I feel pity for you who doesn’t have an eye to IDENTIFY REAL FRIENDS.” She snapped glancing at Chayya. “I know what happened between both of you but the difference between both of you is that he would never stoop so low as you! I didn’t want to say this but thanks Rishab! You made me realize his value, his true worth and how much PRECIOUS he’s. And one more thing, if you and your pawns ever try to hurt him again I’ll definitely kill you.” She angrily eyed Chayya.
Now it was Chayya’s turn. She knew there was no hiding anymore so she stepped forward. “I didn’t do anything wrong Twinkle! I was just trying to win my love back. And I won’t back off until I get him back. I love Kunj. And you can’t change the fact!”

“And I don’t want to hear any facts Chayya. Plus don’t insult love like that please.” She smiled raising her brows. “Oh ya! I remember when love gets angry then it happens to people like you! I must admit you’re mad and now that I’ve seen your true face, I would never let Kunj go.”
“Do all you want Twinkle…. He’s my first love. I’ll make him come back.”
“He maybe your first love but for me he’s my LAST LOVE, my husband, my life, my everything!”
“So… You’ll fight with me huh?” Chayya asked amusingly.
Twinkle retorted folding her hands on her chest. “Fighting someone like you is too much lower than Mrs. Kunj’s standard.”
With those words Chayya felt like Twinkle had slapped her, again.

Twinkle continued. “I won that very day when Kunj tied this mangalsutra around my neck. I’m not your enemy Chayya.” She paused to sigh calmly. “I’ve never perceived you that way. And when I can’t hate Kunj for the same thing, I can’t hate you also. Chayya we can fight situations but not destiny! And this was destiny that’s why I won every time even though I wasn’t sitting on the other side of chessboard. Only YOU kept playing games and manipulating things but still you’re not in my place. You aren’t Mrs. Kunj Sarna. So stop ruining your life and move on with someone else.” Twinkle concluded glancing both Rishab and Chayya, then walked out leaving them in their thoughts. But you can awake a person only if he’s really asleep! Those who are pretending to be asleep won’t wake up no matter what! It was same with Chayya and Rishab. Kunj had become Chayya’s obsession while on the other hand he was Rishab’s object of revenge.

Kunj’s Mansion:
A wave of happiness covered with a strong layer of guilt passed through Twinkle. She just ran to her room and fell on the bed. ‘He never betrayed me! Chayya was nothing to him! It was all her plan! And I got trapped! I even slapped him! And still, after doing nothing he apologized to me. That’s so much he cares for me. I’m so bad! How could I not trust him? He tried to tell me but I didn’t let him!’ She covered her mouth afraid that she would scream. ‘Please come back Kunj! I should’ve trusted you… It was all my fault that you suffered the pain of losing someone all over again.’
After sometime she heard someone calling her name from hall. She wiped her tears and moved out to find Disha in the lounge.

Disha saw her and came forward smiling. She hugged Twinkle affectionately. “Oh God! It’s been such a long time I saw you Twinkle. How’re you?” She didn’t let Twinkle answer when she shot another question noticing tears in the corner of her eyes. “Twinkle what happened? Were you-”
Twinkle didn’t know why but she smiled and hugged Disha tightly. “Disha! He didn’t cheat me. He wasn’t wrong. I’m so happy!” Disha didn’t understand what she was talking about.
Twinkle delivered everything which she witnessed in Chayya’s cabin to Disha. Disha, on the other hand was too impressed that Twinkle actually slapped Chayya.
“Twinkle I knew all that already.”
“What? How?”
She told everything about the night when Disha confronted Kunj.
“Twinkle. I think it’s high time you should tell him that you… Love him… And you want to spend your whole life with him.” Disha chirped excitedly holding Twinkle’s hands.
Twinkle felt her body trembling, her throat sore at those words. ‘Whole life? How long was it going to be?’

She shook her head quickly. “No… No Disha. It’s nothing like that.”
“Twinkle.” She warned but then sighed. “Fine close your eyes.”
“Because when we want to know where our heart is, we’ve to see where our heart goes when it wanders. Now close your eyes and tell me what did you see?”
Twinkle looked at her in disbelief but then surrendered and closed her eyes.
And to Twinkle’s surprise, she saw Kunj twirling her around, lifting her in his arms, laughing in a mesmerizing way, kissing her cheek, holding her hand and walking with her. Unknowingly her lips curved into a beautiful smile and she whispered. “Kunj.”
“Bingo!” Disha’s voice brought her out of the trance. “You saw him right! I knew it!”
Twinkle didn’t know what to say. Disha wouldn’t understand why she was denying it but the best way for now was to not give any expectations to Disha.

“Twinkle! When I asked you if you love him. The way you paused for what feels like an eternity and glanced away as if you were rewatching a BEAUTIFUL daydream. Your eyes playing a different story and becoming louder and more responsive than your words, I got my answers. Because the truth is… When you’re in love eyes just can’t lie. Take care and you can lie to me but not to yourself.” She said and left smiling after biding her good-bye.
Twinkle was lost in her thoughts. ‘How do I tell you Disha! This love will only give him pain! Yes I love him. But this is the end of the story. Nothing else. You’ve no idea what my life is all about!” She wiped her tears and freshened up determined to apologise him for her doubts and accusations. She kept waiting for him. It was time for him to return from office but he didn’t come back. She waited and waited and it was 11 in the night but still no trace of him. She tried to call him but her heart sank when she realized his cellphone was switched off.

She, then called Yuvraj asking him about Kunj’s whereabouts. Twinkle mustered some courage and suggested him to check the hotel though her intensions weren’t to doubt him, it was just that place was like a second home. Yuvraj assured her that he would check out and let her know.
After sometime, he called for answering her in negative.
Helplessly, she had no other choice but to wait for him.

The sun rays fell on her face and she woke up realizing that it was morning. Now she was hell angry at his ignorance! How could he! All the resolution from last night were replaced by anger at his carelessness and unpredictable behavior.
She walked down the stairs and saw Manohar sitting on the lounge. She walked to him. “Dad did Kunj tell you where he’s?”
“No.” He answered casually flipping through the newspaper.
“Fine. So when he comes back WE BOTH ARE IGNORING HIM!” She said folding her arms across her chest.
Manohar was amused. “Beta, I don’t think I should get involve in a husband-wife fight.” His tone was reflecting unsureness.

She rolled her eyes. “Dad it’s nothing like husband-wife fight. Ok! I just… Want him to understand his responsibilities and stop running away like this every damn time! Can’t he just stay at home if he wants to be alone. Dad please… You know na last time also, instead of facing everything, he left!”
“Okay. As you say.” Manohar held his hands up in surrender.
Twinkle nodded satisfactory.
It was afternoon and with every passing moment, her anger was rising like anything.
Just then a servant walked. “Ma’am! Sir is back.”
Twinkle felt like her heart would explode at any moment with happiness. All her conflicts, her resolutions seemed in vain now. Now, when he was on the door, she realized that she just can’t stay away from him. This 1 day was like she lived million of days without ‘him’.
She moved to the door and saw Kunj standing there. She ran straight into his arms. It was like no walls, no enmity, no mistakes and no ego between them.

“Oh God Kunj! Where were you? I missed you so much. Do you have any idea of how this one day without you was?” She spoke her heart out and to his shock, she kissed his forehead before hugging him again!
He brought his face closer to her ear and whispered. “Twinkle. I really love this bold gesture of yours but dad is standing right behind me! And behind him are Yuvi and Disha.” He smirked mischievously making her face go red in embarrassment. Her eyes were filled with tears.
Kunj moved back and walked inside leaving Twinkle with the trio who were just smiling at her ruefully.

It was Manohar who spoke controlling his laughter. “Twinkle. I thought we had to ignore him.”
Twinkle felt like she should madly dashed into her room and bury herself there! “Dad you th… three should’ve lunch. Come inside.” She stuttered and ran to her room.
She went to her room and angrily settled herself down on couch. ‘How can I just lose control like this after seeing him. What does he think of himself huh? He can leave anytime he feels like! Ok. Let him go! I don’t even care!’ Tears started flowing from her eyes.
Kunj entered into the room. “Twinkle aren’t you…”
“Don’t you dare talk to me Kunj. Go wherever you feel like!” She snapped and it was enough for Kunj to understand what he did, though for him it wasn’t one of a big deal and Twinkle’s care was much like overacting!
He didn’t know how to react. He had hurt her a lot, more than a lot!

“Twinkle I had messaged you that I’ll come back when I’ll be fine. Then why are you…”
“Oh ya! How can I forget. You just can’t keep…” Before she could continue, he put a finger on her lips and muttered a ‘Sorry’.
Sorry brought back the memory of her confrontation with Chayya which she had completely forgotten admist all this.

“You don’t need to apologise every time Kunj… Especially when you haven’t done anything wrong.” She gently spoke.
Kunj was confused by now. “Huh? What are you talking about?”
She swallowed her tears, took a deep breath and continued. “Why didn’t you tell me before that whatever I saw that day was Chayya’s plan?”
Kunj was little puzzled but soon his eyes lit up as soon as realization hit him that she knew everything. She knew the truth, that too by herself. “Twinkle… I… I thought you wouldn’t believe me.” He said quietly.
“And because of such stupid assumptions, you didn’t even bother to try. Right!” She questioned in disbelief.

“Twinkle. First thing is it was so all of a sudden. One second ago, she couldn’t move but once she saw you she began walking straightaway towards you. That’s when I realized that she has no problem with her foot and she was acting but before I could speak you just…” He trailed off as that unfortunate day spin in his head.
“You know Kunj why she succeeded in creating rift between us that time… Because WE didn’t trust eachother.” She gulped looking at her hands guiltily. “If I would’ve trusted that you would never do such a thing and you would’ve trusted me enough to tell everything, things wouldn’t have gotten worse.”

He smiled. “So let’s fix it. Mrs. Kunj Sarna I promise to trust you always and share every single detail about my life with you! Do you promise to do the same?” He asked extending his hand for a promise.
She didn’t know what to do now. She just couldn’t make a fake promise neither she could promise something and break it!
She looked at his hand and then at his hopeful face. “Ok. I… I promise I’ll share… Most of the things with you…”
“Amazing.” Kunj beamed. “Waise Twinkle… You should say sorry to me right.” He said raising his brows.
“Uh, Ok. Sorry!” She shrugged.
Kunj was too annoyed! “Aha! When I did the same mistake, I was made to apologize, sing, leave the house and what not! If you want an apology, you’ve to do something special for me!” He stubbornly stated folding his arms across his chest.
She stared him with her mouth hanging open. “Kunj! I didn’t ask you to sing, neither did I ask you to leave the house! Remember!”
“Ya! But… Still… I did na. So now you also should do something special for me.”

She sighed. “Ok. We’ll go somewhere tomorrow.”
“Okay. So you’re planning to take me on date.” He asked with a glint of mischievousness.
She threw glares at him. “If you’re going to say all this then forget whatever I said!”
“No. I’m sorry! I just got carried away.” He said hurriedly.

“So tell me where are we going tomorrow?” He questioned excitedly.
“Well that’s a surprise! And that would take a whole lot of time so… You’ll have to ditch office tomorrow.” She looked at him intently.
For him ditching office for a whole day was a really big thing but he also knew he wouldn’t regret a single moment with Twinkle so he just agreed.
Twinkle was about to leave when he held her wrist. She turned around surprisingly. “What’s wrong Kunj?”
He pulled her to the bed making her sit beside him. “Just now I promised you that I’ll share every single detail about my life with YOU. Didn’t I?”
She nodded. “Okay. Continue!”

“Twinkle!” His face had a smile of satisfaction and contentment while speaking and she could see it. “Today I met Rishab.”

Kunj came to the office and tried to ignore Rishab as much as possible but how could Rishab back off from exploiting his weakness!
Kunj kept ignoring him but he had promised Twinkle that he would try. For her, he took a deep breath and walked to the conference room.
“Welcome Kunj.” He said smirking. “I was just waiting for you. Oh I can’t blame you! You must be busy with your…”
“Rishab! You don’t know what exactly happened that day. So… I forgive you for whatever you did in the name of revenge.” With those words Kunj triumphantly walked ahead. He didn’t know why he was feeling so! He couldn’t understand why all of a sudden Rishab’s words seemed so senseless or meaningless to him! The person whose words shake his world and make an illusion of the reality of his life were just nothing! The contentment, the peace he felt in this moment was something he had craved for all his life! He reached his cabin and wasn’t sure if this was reality or another dream! He closed his eyes and mouthed, ‘Thank you Twinkle.’
Flashback ends-

“Why did it happen Twinkle?” He asked out of nowhere.
Twinkle leaned her head on his arm and encircled both her arms around his neck giving him a side hug. “Because when you choose to forgive those who have hurt you, you take away their power and ability to hurt you. Holding a grudge is like letting someone live rent-free in your head! The best revenge is to move on, get over it and continue to succeed. Never give people who hate us the satisfaction of seeing us suffer! And we can’t solve problems with the mindset someone used while creating them.
Gandhi said, ‘an eye for an eye would make the whole world blind.’ And Kunj… Tell me honestly, if you would’ve avenged him, would it have given you the blissful feeling that you feel now?”
He looked at her and kept staring at her. “Why are you so good Twinkle?” He asked without breaking their eye-lock in a deep, husky voice.
“Yeh moh moh ke dhaage…
Teri ungliyon se ja uljhe…

Koi toh toh na laage…
Kis tarah girah ye suljhe…
Hai rom rom iktaara…
Jo baadalon mein se guzre… played.”

Twinkle didn’t answer, both were lost in each other. He leaned forward cupping her face in his hands.
“Yeh moh moh ke dhaage…
Teri ungliyon se ja uljhe…
Koi toh toh na laage…

Kis tarah girah ye suljhe… played.”

His gaze travelled to her quivering lips. She lowered her eyes lashes not able to bear his intense gaze upon her.
“Tu hoga zara paagal, tune mujhko hai chuna…
Kaise tune ankahaa, tune ankahaa sab sunaa…
Tu hoga zara paagal, tune mujhko hai chuna… played.”

He looked at her closely and leaned forward. Twinkle couldn’t believe this was actually happening. Her breathing hitched and she closed her eyes desperately waiting for the moment.
“Tu din sa hai, main raat…
Aa na dono mill jaayein shaamon ki tarah…
Yeh moh moh ke dhaage…

Teri ungliyon se ja uljhe…
Koi toh toh na laage…
Kis tarah girah ye suljhe… played.”

He brought his face closer to her and their lips were just inched apart when….
“Oh my God! Shit! Shit! Shit! My innocent eyes are corrupting.” Yuvraj’s voice brought them out of the trance and they immediately moved a part. Awkwardness was the least word to describe the atmosphere surrounding them.
Kunj saw Yuvraj standing before door with his palms covering his face. “Are you guys sober? Should I open my eyes?” He asked suppressing his laugh. “Were you guys…”
Kunj glared him angrily. “No! No! Yuvi the great intruder we were waiting for you.” He said sarcastically.
“Awww. That’s why I came!”
Kunj huffed rolling his eyes while Twinkle was just staring on floor, her face was flushed red.
“Why are you here Yuvi? Is there something important?”

“Oh ya! Actually I had some work with you so come. You two love birds can continue your romance later.”
A blush crept in Kunj’s neck after hearing ‘Love birds’ from Yuvraj. He unknowingly grinned glancing at Twinkle but she turned her face in the opposite direction. All on her mind was… ‘Was he really going to kiss me?’
As Yuvraj was dragging Kunj away from Twinkle, in his mind was, ‘Was she really readily accepting my kiss?’
Thank you very much for reading.
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Next episode will comprise Twinj’s dream date, though they aren’t agreeing on giving that label to their day-out but it would be really unique and special after all Twinkle has planned it.
In today’s episode, I’ve cleared the misunderstanding between Kunj and Twinkle regarding Chayya and happily their relationship has no strain now.

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    Awesome Amazing
    Twinkle ‘S bold character I loved it.
    They both are in love la la laa
    I’m dancing
    Both can sense too
    Hurrah. One of the best episode.

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