Twinj: Bakhuda Tumhi Ho (Episode:16)

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Bakhuda Tumhi Ho-
The warm and a bit harsh sun rays fell on Twinkle’s face breaking her beautiful sleep. She opened her eyes and realized it was afternoon!
She got up quickly. ‘Oh God! I slept till afternoon! And hospital! Oh God! It’s already 3. I’ve to leave fast to…’
Before she could complete her thinking process, her eyes fell on a note on the dressing table. She leaned forward and took it in her hand. It said,

‘No! How can I believe him! The way he came to the hospital and created the `I LOVE YOU` drama, I’ve to apologise to doctors and instead of that I’m sleeping here taking a day off! No! I can’t do that! I must go!’ She thought annoyingly and got up quickly to get ready.
She found all her things just her sandal was missing. She called the maid and asked her about it. The maid was surprised. “Ma’am. There are so many brand new heels. Why don’t you…”
“I don’t want to wear them! I want my slippers! Where are they?” She almost shouted.
“Ma’am it must be in the storeroom. I’ll just…”
“No. You do your work. I’ll see myself.”

Saying this, she moved downstairs, and opened the storeroom. It was all so dusty. She began searching for her slippers when by mistake, a box fell down and some photos got scattered all over. She bent down to pick them when she realized something. Most of the photos were of a girl and some of them were from Kunj’s college. She saw a photo in which Kunj, Rishab and Yuvraj standing with their arms around each other. They looked so happy that best friends would be an understatement! She was confused. She remembered all the encounters with Rishab and the way Kunj reacted even to the mention of his name! Her thoughts were jumbled. She couldn’t understand what to believe! This or what she saw everyday!
Putting her confusions and questions a-side, she called one person who could answer all her questions.
“Yuvi. Can you meet me now? It’s… Important!”

“Ok. I’m coming!” He said before hanging up. She collected all those photographs and waited in the hall.
He arrived in some time. “What happened Twinkle? I was so worried. Did anything happen?”
She just picked up the envelope and gave it to him. He quizzically took it and once after opening it his face turned pale.
“Now please don’t tell me you don’t know anything about all this.”
He placed it back on the table. “What do you want to know?” He asked quietly.
“Everything! Whatever it is.”
“I don’t think you want to listen it Twinkle.” He said in a low broken voice.

“No Yuvi. Tell me.”
“Ok. I will. But first tell me one thing. Do you love Kunj? Will you stand beside him no matter what time brings?”
“I don’t know if love him or not Yuvi. But I… I can’t see him hurt, when he’s in pain, it hurts too much, when he smiles, the whole world seems beautiful, when he’s happy, I’m contended. Sometimes, I wish I could take all his pains away and give him all the happiness I have.” She didn’t realize that she was smiling all the while. “And about your other question, I’m NEVER going to leave him, no matter what!” She added strongly.
He smiled satisfactory. “I got MY answers Twinkle now ask your questions. I’ll answer them all.”

“Ok. First tell me, who’s this girl and how did Rishab and Kunj turned from truest friends to the biggest enemies!”
“This girl is….. Kalpana…. Kunj’s first love.” He answered in a low voice and Twinkle could feel her heart break into pieces at the revelation. She had always wanted Kunj to feel that way for HER. The worst feeling in the world is to realize that the person you love feels the same way, just…. NOT FOR YOU. Same feeling was arising in Twinkle’s heart still she gathered some courage and nodded to continue.
“Rishab is the reason for Kunj’s emotionless nature you see today. He wasn’t like this. An incident some eight years back made him so.”

“Wh… What exactly happened?” She asked curiously.
“We were in $enior college and he was the topper, the most disciplined, well-behaved guy of the college.
He was good-natured and innocent. In the whole college, he had only two friends- Rishab and me. We were so close that whole college and even the staff used to call us ‘brothers from different mothers’.” He smiled sadly at the memory.
“He always considered Rishab as his brother but Rishab never did. Or maybe he did but it changed afterwards.”
“What do you mean by ‘it changed afterwards’?”
“When we were in Junior college, an accident happened in which Rishab’s father, I mean step father died. And on the place only Kunj and Rishab’s sister were present. Police had confirmed that the man was hit on the head and pushed from the terrace. When the police reached there, they found the girl badly injured. She was hit on the head with a vase!

And what more shocking was that Kunj confessed that he had done that! I still know it wasn’t true! It couldn’t be true! An 18 years boy could never murder anyone! His sister wasn’t in a condition to give statement so they just accepted what he said and arrested him. Manohar uncle bailed him out which was a Herculean task because they had his confession.

He didn’t want to come out! Get himself blamed for something he didn’t do and destroy his life! But I didn’t let that happen. I threatened him to take back his statement and come out or I would say to the police that I was his partner in crime and come inside! Left with no other way, Kunj agreed.
We tried every way to make him confess what really happened but no use! It’s been 9 years to the incident but he never speaks about it.
Rishab was shattered at the loss of his family! His twin sister and his father. He, like the whole world believed that Kunj was responsible for the mess! And vowed to seek revenge.
After a few months of depression, Rishab turned back as Kunj’s friend! I doubted his intention and asked Kunj to stay away from him. I mean come on… How can anyone ever forget their fath
er and sister’s death just like that! And I was right! He had come back for revenge.”
“Wait! What was her name?”
“Who? Rishab’s sister?”

“Arohi.” He replied with tears in his eyes. “She also died because of that injury.”
“Are you sure?” She asked quietly. “I mean have you seen her dead body or…”
“No we didn’t. When Rishab came back he told us that she died. He didn’t call us for her last rites because we were busy trying to get Kunj out of jail and he didn’t want to stress us more.”
She wanted to tell him the truth but for that she had to verify the truth herself first. What if Rishab was lying again!

Yuvraj continued, “He many times played tricks to degrade him in teacher’s eyes by destroying his projects, ruining his assignments and what not but Kunj never realized that Rishab was backstabbing him! He was totally oblivious. And a whole new story started one day, when a new comer came to the college. She was the most beautiful girl anybody had ever seen, Kalpana. (You can imagine Eisha Singh from ishq ka rang safed as this girl.) Kunj was never the boy to run behind girls, but she was different. Her beauty attracted him, her words, her intelligence everything. Kunj was completely bowled over by her intellect. But this didn’t go unnoticed by Rishab.
Kunj started liking her with every passing day. But she didn’t pay heed to his feelings. For her, he was a common friend, like all others.

Kunj after few weeks of knowing her, realized she’s going through some emotional turmoil. He wanted to help but she didn’t let him. She needed someone help but didn’t want to ask him.
So he found another way, he anonymously wrote letters to her, sent her gifts under the name, ‘Your Secret Admirer.’ She at first was irritated by all this but soon realized that the person really cares for her like no one else. Though she didn’t know his name but had started liking him.
They exchanged numbers thru letters and began talking to each other, speaking their hearts out. She told everything about herself. How her parents died in an accident when she was 11. She lived with her uncle and aunt who didn’t like her at all. All she wanted was love- True love. But because of her beauty, nobody really loved her. They were just attracted towards her.

All was going well and everything was perfect until Rishab didn’t know about it. He saw Kalpana with the letters and had a doubt that Kunj was behind it.
He asked Kunj who happily revealed to his so called ‘best friend’ about the secret admirer thing. He was fuming.
All he wanted to make Kunj a wreck and snatch everything Kunj loves, just kill his childhood and innocence nothing else. You know Twinkle, for some people, revenge is like wild justice. It’s the purest of emotions, when it happens to a person, no other feeling matters. It’s the feeling that overpowers all other feelings- love, guilt, pain everything!
Kunj trusted him too much so when he asked about Kalpana, Kunj without hesitation told everything. Now Rishab knew Kalpana’s family didn’t like her at all. He called her home from an unknown number informing them that their niece was having an affair with a college student and she was playing with their respect and shaming them! They were infuriated by the news and didn’t even bother to ask Kalpana what was true!
After that incident, we didn’t see Kalpana for many days. It got him worried. He called on her phone many times but it was switched off.

Finally on the day of exam, he got her call on ‘secret admirer’ number saying him that her uncle and aunt were getting her married forcefully so she ran away and pleaded him to come if he loves her. She also told that if today, he didn’t come to her and take her with him, she’ll kill herself!
Kunj was terrified because he knew Kalpana was an emotional girl and could do anything like that. He was in dilemma because if today, he didn’t give this exam, his two years of hard working and studying plus the topper position he had earned up til today would be destroyed.
He still decided to go because for him, nothing was greater than Kalpana’s life and if he had left, even though if he would’ve failed in the paper, he wouldn’t have regretted it because he might’ve got love of his life back and been happy. But how would Rishab let that happen!

He stopped Kunj and stated that the exam was far more important than a mere girl. But Kunj was adamant to go. He couldn’t risk anything happening to Kalpana.
At last, not finding any other way to stop him. Rishab assured him that he would go and tell Kalpana that Kunj was her secret admirer. And after the exam was over, Kunj would come and take her. Kunj readily agreed because he trusted Rishab enough. But he didn’t know it was the last time Kunj was smiling and being so happy.” He paused and closed his eyes in pain as if pushing horrifying memory out of his head. The pain in his eyes was clearly visible.
“Please tell me Yuvi. What happened after that? How did Kunj and Kalpana broke up? How did Kunj came to know the truth? How he became like this?”
Yuvi gulped the lump which had formed in his throat and continued, “At station Rishab reached there and found Kalpana in wedding lehanga along with heavy make-up and jewellery.”

‘Rishab went to Kalpana clearing his throat. “Hey Kalpana. Kunj has sent me here. Actually he’s your secret admirer and he wanted to apologize you for not coming here because he never wanted to be here at the first place. Kalpana he don’t love you so please try to cope up with the fact. It was just a time pass, you never meant anything to him!”
“No… You’re lying! Maybe he’s stuck in something but…” Kalpana more like reasoned herself trying to console her broken self but was interrupted by Rishab.
“Oh c’mon Kalpana be sensible. If he would’ve loved you then he must’ve been here! We don’t put our loved ones in this situation. Please stop being emotional and yeah don’t think to blackmail him emotionally by that so-called-sucide-threat because it won’t work. You know what you were a fool to run away from your wedding as he’s not one to support you. It was just… nothing! You were just another girl in his life and nothing else. But you took it too far.”
Kalpana was shattered by this betrayal! She couldn’t take it!’
Flashback ends-

“Kalpana really loved Kunj with all her heart and was feeling betrayed, she had already lost everything in an attempt to get her true love. She had nowhere to go. She had lost her family, her love, respect everything. But what hurt her more was Kunj’s betrayal.
At last all she wanted was to get rid of her pain, her agony, the heart break. She… She…”
He struggled for words. Twinkle encouraged him to continue, a part of her knew, what was he going to say but still, she didn’t want to agree.

“She really committed suicide.
But that Rishab still wasn’t satisfied! He played the next stroke. When he came to know that Kalpana had died, he must’ve felt grief because obviously that’s not what he wanted but still he didn’t let go of the chance to ruin Kunj completely. He went to her family and told them that Kunj was responsible for Kalpana’s decision. He was having a phone affair with Kalpana and he allured her to run away from her marriage.
On the other hand that jerk told Kunj that Kalpana committed suicide because she could never love Kunj! And she couldn’t accept him as her secret lover as according to Kalpana, Kunj played with her feelings by hiding his identity.

Rishab had planned everything to make matters worse. He made sure Kunj suffered every bit!
Kalpana’s uncle and aunty called police and made Kunj arrested. Uncle tried to save them and made them understand but they were adamant that Kunj was solely responsible for Kalpana’s condition!
At last they arrested him and that was the starting point of changing of his life, of his mindset and darkening of his heart.

Because Kalpana was no more to give statement, our lawyer easily proved Kunj innocent and he was bailed out.
After he was released, his mom created a chaos of leaving Kunj and the house saying she didn’t want to hear society’s taunts again and again because this was the second time! She couldn’t bear being called a criminal’s mother.
She was classy, elegant and selfish for whom social status was everything.

But Kunj was innocent, he pleaded her not to leave, but all she said was,
‘You’ve no right to stop me. You’re a criminal. Actually you don’t deserve anybody’s love! Everyone who loves you get broken! Just like Arohi! Just like Kalpana! You only know how to betray. No one can ever love you! You deserve to be hated! The law might’ve spared you, but for me you’ll always be a criminal.’
Even today I remember each and every word of her and I don’t understand which kind of mother she was, being Kunj’s mother she couldn’t see his innocence, his truthfulness…. After that she left uncle and Kunj without telling her whereabouts. Neither uncle and Kunj tried to know in short they cut off their relations with her soon after that day.

Kunj was devastated but me uncle were always there to cheer him up a little. Then over few days, he came across Rishab’s true face. Rishab was drunk and he confessed everything when he was celebrating with his friends unaware to the presence of Kunj.
Kunj was shell shocked to know that Rishab has been the root of all problems. He was beyond enraged that he started beating Rishab black and blue. But Rishab seemed totally unaffected. The damage he wanted to cause had already been done. Hurting Rishab wouldn’t bring Kalpana back, neither his reputation or anything else.
I could see him breaking after that incident. His love had died, his mom left him, his best friend betrayed him. He locked himself in a room and cried up til he could cry no more.
That was when he changed completely. He stopped trusting, he stopped loving and most of all he stopped living! With Kalpana, a part of his soul died, after his mom leaving, his innocence died and after what Rishab did, his childhood died.

He was the best footballer of our college and every year he played and won trophies for the college but after that day, they didn’t accept him in the team stating, he had a criminal record. Even whole college looked down upon him.
He became an alcoholic, a drug addict and a bad human being. He found no way out of his pain, pain he received from everyone he loved. So he took drugs and slept around to get rid of the pain. All he wanted was to get rid of the pain, the anger, the betrayal. At a very tender age he took over the business and built a Casanova image. He didn’t think about anything or anyone anymore.

Women just became a mere distraction for him because in his point of view, if his mother could betray him, everyone else could! He suffered and made other suffer thinking it would reduce his pain! After what his mother did to him, he started hating women thinking all of them are same. He stopped believing in love and trust. He started feeling that it’s the one you love the most can lift you in an instant and can destroy effortlessly. It was just me and his dad in his little world.

But he is not what he wants to show the world Twinkle. My friend, has been lost in the shell that he has build around him. But he’s there and I know it. I strongly believe you can break that shell and give us the old Kunj back. He may show that he doesn’t care about you but he does. IT WILL HURT HIM BEYOND REPAIR IF YOU ALSO LEAVE! One day if you don’t talk to him, the whole office suffers.” He told remembering the time Twinkle was giving silent treatment to Kunj. “He has a kind of superstition that everyone who loves him, leaves him or dies!”
Twinkle was trying to put the pieces of puzzles together in her mind but her mind went numb after hearing everything. She couldn’t process anything. The only thought on her mind was… ‘WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO HIM IF DESTINY SNATCHES ME TOO!’
Yuvraj sighed. “Ok Twinkle. This is it. And please don’t discuss all this with Kunj or tell him that you know everything. I don’t know how he’ll react but surely he wouldn’t react in a positive way. So… Anyways I should leave now. Take care of you and your Kunj.”
With those words he winked at her with a smile and left from there.

Twinj’s Room:
Twinkle was standing in front of the mirror gazing at her reflection aimlessly. Yuvraj’s words were hammering in her head,
‘If you also leave, he’ll die!’
She thought. ‘I never wanted this. When did you become so dependent on me Kunj! What will happen to you after-… No! I can’t think that way. I won’t let that happen!’ She picked Kunj’s picture from nightstand wiping her tears. ‘I promise myself Kunj, before I go, I’ll make you self-dependent. I’ll make you strong enough to face your past, I’ll bring back your inner piece, break free your soul from the clutches of your pain. And then you’ll be satisfied, peaceful and contended, so what if I’m not part of it.’ She cried pulling his photo frame towards her chest.
Her phone buzzed. She glanced at the caller ID wiping her tears and picked up the call.
“Ya Anna. What’s it!”
“Di! I had to tell you something.”

“Ya say. I’m hearing.”
“Di it’s…” She struggled for words to continue. “Di… Dr. Ragini is back to work. So I was saying… Please di have your blood tests once again.”
“What’s the use Anna! It’ll once again give the same result or maybe worse. I just don’t want to give myself any false hope to myself and get heartbroken later.”
“No di! You’ve been taking strong dose of medicines since past three months! It has to show some effect. I don’t know through which disease you’re going through but I know one thing Lord can’t do anything wrong with you. Please di! For me! If you want, I’ll come to your house for collecting the blood samples and…”
“No Anna. It’s Ok. I’ll come.”
Anna beamed with happiness and mouthed, “Thank you so much di.” before hanging up.


Thank you very much for reading!
A big hello to all lovelies. First of all thank you very much for waiting patiently, I’m so glad that you love my story more than me because your DM were proving that. I’ve presented a short, quick but an important chapter of this story. My exams haven’t ended yet but as I was having a proper gap so thought to cheer up you guys. You’ll get next one by Saturday In’shaAllah because Thursday is my last paper after that I’ll be a free bird XD
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Now reason of Kunj’s hatred towards Rishab, his changing has revealed but it’s just a half of what had happened in past because it isn’t known yet, what actually made Arohi slipped in comma, why Kunj took blame of Arohi’s state, so… You’ve to wait for that revealings.
Then the most surprising part,

Ya! Twinkle is suffering from Cancer and it would be thrilling to see what will she do to make Kunj independent. Will Kunj be able to know her disease? Will she fight against this dreadful cancer or will give up? Well for knowing the answers stay tuned for upcoming ones.

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