Twinj: Bakhuda Tumhi Ho (Episode:1)

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Bakhuda Tumhi Ho-
In a crowded city of Delhi,
At a high 32 storey building.
At the office:
“What the hell dad! We’ve been waiting for them since half an hour. Do they think the meeting is at 11 in night instead of 11 in the morning?”, a handsome, fair skinned man with black soft hair yelled. He was in his mid twenties

“Shut up kunj! Just because you rarely come office on time, doesn’t mean everyone should be there at that time. Mr. Verma is a punctual man, if he’s late then there must be some big reason. He isn’t even calling or receiving the call”, his father, Manohar said while dialing Mr. Verma’s number continuously
“Finally he has called”, Manohar said heaving a sigh of relief. “Yes Mr. Verma, we have been waiting for you”

Suddenly his face expressions changed into shock and he stood up from chair in tension, “no…no… it’s completely fine. We can conduct this meeting anytime. Don’t worry about that. You just take care.”, saying so he disconnected the call
“What happened?”, kunj asked boringly, least bothered about his dad’s negotiation with Mr. Verma
“He met with an accident on his way. They’ve took him to Care & Cure hospital, I’m going to see him, you may handle everything here”
“Ok”, he said playing with paper weight.

At Care & Cure Hospital and Medical Research Center:
A slim, graceful yet simple, lady doctor with long open hair was reading a “Love Cures” novel in her cabin. Her attention got diverted to a patient’s parents who were rushing to talk with her. They were crying miserably while explaining her their problem
“Ok. Don’t cry please, I’ll see him”

Saying this they all started walking towards a ward, where a boy was screaming and yelling at everyone who comes in his sight
“He’s my son Rohan, he’s not ready to get himself treated. Already 2 doctors have left him due to his tantrums, please help him. Now you’re our last hope”
“So he’s your son?”, Doctor asked in her thin, sweet voice

“Yes! He injured his leg in playing football and now he can’t participate in International Football Tournament which will be held in a month or two. Doctor has said that he can walk if he gets regular treatment but it’ll take few years. Therefore he’s not ready. He thinks, doctors can’t do anything. Please do something doctor”

Doctor said in little loud voice, “what’re you saying ma’am? Rohan’s point of view is correct. If he doesn’t want to walk or get himself treated, then who’re we to interfere. Let it be”
His parents got shocked on her sudden reply but all other doctors and staff were smiling at her because they understood her trick, “hey Rohan! Come with me. Nurse please give him walking sticks”, she said turning to the patient

“Look if this is your trick then go away because it won’t work. I don’t need any treatment”, patient roared rudely but doctor still smiled confidently

“Who’s talking about treatment? I just want to take a round of hospital with you. Is it really a big deal? Or you’re afraid that being with me you’ll change your mind”, she clearly challenged him
He was irritated by her smile in spite of being insulted precisely due to her confidence
He holding his walking sticks stood up and followed her outside, she led him to another ward. Once opening the gate, the boy was terrified, a man was lying on bed without legs. His body was ended till his knees but he was smiling and enjoying with some kids

“He’s is a soldier, who lost his legs while fighting for his country”, doctor said politely
“H…he is still happy. How can he be so contended?”, Boy stuttered in disbelief
“Because happiness comes within, our happiness depends on us, not on others. If we depend upon others for our happiness then we won’t get any”, she explained. “Come, I’ve to show you something more”
She led him towards a ward of 11 years old, who was so happily playing with toys as if there’s no tomorrow
“You know which section is it?”, He shook his head in negative. She pointed towards the board which had written “CANCER WARD”. The boy got extremely freezed

“That boy you see, is suffering from cancer. At second stage, we’re still not sure if we’ll be able to save him. Now instead of looking at people, who’re walking and running still feeling helpless, why don’t you look at them, who’re grateful to God for what they’ve given by Him. Circumstances don’t make us, the way we react on those circumstances makes us! The same boiling water softens the potatoes but hardens the egg. Tell me just one single person who isn’t going through any kind of problem in life, the difference is just that some went through it with positive attitude while others not. I’m really amazed at your decision. I mean you can give up your legs for football but cannot try to walk for your parents. If football is more important then their dreams which they’ve seen for you. When life gives you thousand reasons to give up, we should find one reason to hold on, to smile….. Your physiotherapist will be here in an hour, if you still feel that you don’t need your legs, do say NO to them. Take care!”

The boy by now was terrified, stunned, shocked, regretful and hurt on the mistake he had done
“Wait”, he shouted back at the doctor who was walking away
“Yes?”, she asked turning to him
“I’m ready for treatment. I don’t want to hurt my parents MORE”, he regretfully retorted
“Great! Now let’s go. Your parents must be waiting for you”, she beamed and led him towards his ward

At some distance, a man in fifties was standing and watching the whole scenario impressively. Just then his mobile buzzed and he received the call
“Manohar uncle, your work is done. Come to office, I’ve to talk to you about it”, Yuvraj, Kunj’s best friend and business partner said from other side
Actually Manohar had given him the responsibility to find a perfect girl for kunj
“Leave it, Yuvi. We don’t need that now”, he said and disconnected the call leaving Yuvi confused like hell
The man walked towards her, “excuse me!”

She turned around and without giving him chance to speak, “sorry sir, I’m little busy right now. I’ll tell some other doctor to…”
“ I’m not a patient. I’ve come to visit my friend, who’s admitted here.” he cleared “I’ve watched everything. The way you make him realized his selfishness was commendable.”
“Thank you”, she smiled
“Actually I also know a patient, who’s just like him. He’s very stubborn and have given up on his treatment so if you could…”, he added trying to know more about her

“Ok. I’ll handle that too. Where is he?”, She asked generously
“Not now. Some other day, by the way what’s your name?”, he asked diverting the topic
“Dr. Twinkle”, she responded proudly
“Twinkle….?”, he continued like asking her full name
“My name is Twinkle.. just Twinkle”, she replied in low voice with a light smile
The man got the hint and didn’t ask anything more about her, “ok then I’ll leave. Here is my card”, he stated politely. “I know giving your number to a stranger isn’t right for you, so contact me, when you’re free or whenever you want any kind of help”, he added

“Sure. See you later Mr…..?”, She trailed off on not knowing his name
“Mr. Manohar Sarna. Really nice to meet you.”
Twinkle after shaking hand with him, went off from there leaving Manohar behind who was smiling peacefully
“Thank you very much God for listening my prayers. SHE’S JUST PERFECT FOR HIM”, he thought happily
Next Day:

At the Hotel:
Kunj got up from a heavy hangover and found a girl in his arms. Last thing he remembered from the last night was, he was in a club where he drank more than his will and then this girl brought him here. He totally felt disgusted and angrily asked the girl to leave. She after collecting her belongings left from there in a wink of an eye. His phone buzzed and he picked it up rubbing the corner of his forehead to feel some ease
“Where the hell are you kunj? The meeting with Mehtas’ has already been started. Come here now.”, Yuvraj from the other side yelled

“Oh shit man! I literally forgot that. Please handle everything there, I’m on my way”, he shrieked jumping from the bed and rushed inside washroom once hanging up the call
He quickly made himself presentable and headed towards office. Finally, he reached the office speeding through the traffic but by, then the meeting was over, and the clients were leaving. His father gave him cold glares gesturing him to come in his cabin. Kunj knocked his mind for finding a good excuse, but on getting nothing he thought of giving a world class reason “Traffic Jam”
His father was angrily staring at him
“Dad I would’ve come on time. But you know that…”

“But you slept with some model last night and wasn’t in a mood to leave her arms. That’s a reason. Right?”
He got shocked, “so she was a model. Huh! I didn’t know that. How do you know”, he smiled sheepishly
“Because it’s all over the newspaper and I’m sure it had been shown by TV channels too”, his dad snapped throwing newspaper straight on his face

He glanced the paper which was having his and her picture of last night leaving the club together, “nice! I got candid, but my hair style is looking bit messy. Don’t worry I’ll take care about that next time”, he said trying to cool down his dad
“Shut up kunj! Is this some kind of joke for you. Why do you want to ruin everything kunj? Why don’t you just take care of your reputation?”, Manohar fumed
Manohar was standing in the position that his back was facing Kunj. He hugged his dad from behind which instantly calmed down Manohar’s rage

“Ok dad I promise. I’ll take care of that next time and will save myself from getting candid”, he chuckled “also I’ll be punctual from tomorrow”, he added
Kunj has no one in his family except for his father, so he couldn’t afford to hurt his father. It was same with Manohar. For him Kunj was his whole world so he surrendered
“Ok son but don’t disappoint me next time”, he huffed

“Ok promise and this time paka wala”, Kunj rejoiced
“So come home early. We’ll have dinner together because I’ve to talk something important with you”
“Ok. I’ll be there on time”
Saying this, Manohar left from office for some work.
Kunj’s cabin:
“Sir Chayya ma’am wants to meet you”, his receptionist Divya informed him, while Kunj frowned on his name
“Which Chayya?”, he asked trying to register the named person
“Sir Chayya Trivedi”, Divya replied while Kunj smirked
“Send her in”, he ordered

The door got open and a fair skinned and gorgeous girl having deep brown hair wearing strapless, knee length royal blue dress walked in
“Hey baby!”, she said and settled herself down on a chair kept opposite to the glass table
“So you found me!”
“How could I not? You came to US for deal, had fun with me and left like that without informing me and even hid my passport so that I don’t follow you. Do you have any idea how angry I was”, she bellowed

“Yeah! And I thought I got rid of you. If you do remember then I’ve warned you many times to don’t embarrass me with your PDA in office. Why are you here Chayya?”, he growled
“Oh baby I was just here to ask your plans for tonight actually I’ve set a dinner date for us so….”
“Look Chayya! I’ve lots of work and have no interest in your womanly fantasies so just mind your own business and don’t come to my office again as it’s a working place not a club where you’ll come whenever you feel to. Why can’t you just get over me?”, He asked totally frustrated
“No need to react like that sweetheart. Call me when you need me, I’ll be right here”, she said seductively before leaving

Since 2½ years, Chayya was trying to woo Kunj but of no use. For her it was a relationship but she was alone in that relationship because for Kunj Chayya was like other girls who threw them on him for money and he enjoyed this “no commitment” thing with happiness and without emotions.

Twinkle’s Apartment:
“Good Morning Twinkle”, she greeted herself with a warm smile. Everyday she had a race with herself to woke up before the newspaper boy comes

She ran to the hall and found the newspaper already there beneath the door
“Shit! Again late but this time just by five minutes”, she explained herself
She picked up the paper and saw Manohar and Kunj’s picture on the front page stating Kunj as the youngest businessman of the year. She looked at Manohar’s picture and tried to reconcile his image
“Damn! I’ve seen him somewhere but where?”, She thought and thought but didn’t get their encounter
After a few hours when she was about to left for hospital, the door bell ring. Twinkle opened the gate and to her surprise Mr. Manohar Sarna was standing there, now she got to remember where she had seen him before. She looked at him from top to bottom with wide eyes as the top businessman was standing right in front of her.

He was totally amused by the look, she was giving so cleared his throat “Can I come in?”
She came out of her trance, “yeah! Please come inside”, she was feeling really awkward
“I’m sorry to come like that but I’ve to discuss something important”, Manohar explained
“Ok…Go on! I’m listening”, she spoke understandably
“The patient whom I want you to treat. Remember?”, He asked unsure
“Oh ya! That patient whom you talked about yesterday?”, she instantly replied with a question
“He’s a drug addict, an alcoholic and his view about world is just pathetic. Please cure him”, he begged
“So basically the patient, you’re talking about needs a psychiatrist not a surgeon like me”, she explained

“That’s the problem. He would never agree to that, in fact he’ll never accept that he needs a help”, he whined, his voice full of worry
“Then how can we help the one who’s so determined to harm himself”, she asked quizzically
“Dr. Twinkle. Only you can help him. The person I’m talking about is my son… Kunj”
“You mean to say that the most eligible billionaire bachelor, that Casanova, who changes the girl everyday”, she asked unbelievably

“Yes”, he whispered
“Ok so I’m neither a psychiatrist nor a counsellor so how can I help you?”, she asked coming straight to the point
“Marry him”, Manohar insisted
“What?”, she questioned shockingly
Thank you for reading!
Okay so hello everyone! Finally I’m here with the first episode, how was it. Do tell me your views, I know you guys must be mad at me for showing Kunj as a Casanova as he was such a sweetheart in Tashan-e-Ishq, but there is a reason for everything so kindly wait for that reason to disclose. Also you can guess what’ll be Twinkle’s answer. Do share your views please.
Keep smiling:-)
Love you all<3
Take care!

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