TWINJ: Adhuri kahani hogi puri (three shots) part 3 last part


Thank u soo sooo sooooooooo much guys..for ur love and support..nd once again sorry for that stupid fault..even I don’t know how it happened. Thanks aastha for helping..and all others for cooperating. As i said i wont keep u waiting for too long. So here I m with the last part of ADHURI KAHANI HOGI PURI….lets begin..
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RECAP: We come to know that twinj were childhood friends not friends xactly bt their relation was a bit complicated. Their frnds use to tease them bt none could end up confessing their feeling. Lastly there was a misunderstanding between them. And kunj left the city…
(guys sorry can’t give much details..if someone missed something please read my last epi)
Part 3:

Twinkle mind was pre occupied with kunj’s thoughts..she could do nothing bt think about him. After their sudden meeting..she was more than shocked. She never expected that their ways will be crossed. Its very difficult to face ur past once u have moved on. Twinkle was very much dedicated towards her studies and ambitious to pursue her career. So she never thought of all this. This was a sudden jolt in her smooth track of life. “Hurdles come every now and then, like speed breaker…we pass them by…the velocity reduces bt the cart is on track….bt sudden jolts acts as break failures when one doesn’t know what to do exactly….the velocity doesn’t reduces bt heart nd mind both gives away”. So was in case of twinkle. Her life was totally messed up now. She didn’t know what to do…she thought and thought bt could come up with no solutions.
Twinkle’s P.O.V

“kaal meri sagai hain..zindagi ki ek nayi shuruwat karne ja rahi hu…par dil kyun itna bechain hain…babaji…plzz koi rasta dikhaiye..plzz babaji…kash ek bar mein use baat kar pati…sirf ek bar…i wanna ask him y did he do all this…why suddenly he came back…uff so confusing”
She was in her cabin, when the ward boy came in… “madam..someone wants to meet dr. ashutosh”
T: so?? Send them to him..
Wb: he is not in his cabin….
T: oh..i guess he left..he had some work…
Wb: madam bt he is waiting..
T: tell him he is not here…wait… “he”?? who??
Wb: the one who came last day to see the nerve patient…
Twinkle understood it was kunj. She told the wb to sent him to her cabin. Kunj come inside. Twinkle behaves formally.

T: have a seat mr sarna… dr. ashutosh is not here
K: how is aditi??
T: ahh….
K: the patient…aditi
T: oh..yeah she is fine..i mean better…ashutosh shall hive u the details…
K: ok fine then i will leave…
Twinkle didn’t know what to she didn’t want to lose this chance…after all there were so many un answered questions…
T: kunj….
He stopped. He doesn’t remember when she last called him by his name. They rarely talked. After 10 long years… hear his name in her voice felt sweeter than nectar. He turned back immediately.
T: can we talk…
K: yeah…(as if he was waiting for this)

T: umm not here…somewhere else??
K: okay.
The hesitation did no longer exist. Yet there was some uncomfortable feeling. But one had to break that. Kunj was quiet. So twinkle had to start. She directly asked him… “y did u do all this??”
K: what?? What I did??
T: u have forgotten…must be… after all 10 years is not a matter of joke..
K: of course…not… i do remember our school days..u…me..
T: nd ur treachery…
K: what??
T: u did so many things when u were in before leaving u didn’t utter a single word…even after knowing i was sick u didn’t come to ask me….
K: oh really… y should I…?? when i was leaving nd had come to meet u all..u just ignored me…nd left…
T: COZ I WAS HURT!! (she almost shouted)
A pinch of silence fell between them…

K: really?? U were?? I thought u don’t care…
T: was esy for u to think so…how does it matters to u…
K: what?? U r telling this..huh..I guess u forgot…u were the one who ignored me everytime..even when i pro……..(he stopped)
T: even when…
K: leave it..i don’t wanna drag old things..
T: kunj..old things are already dragged….u need to confront now…
K: fine…u remember…one of our common friend gave u a msg that i liked u..nd was gonna propose u….
Twinkle kept quiet…

K: u refused…did u ever thought how it felt…
T: it was not the right time for us…
K: bt I wanted to tell u that..before my departure…u didn’t give me the opportunity ….
T: nd do u knw how it felt when u left suddenly….
This was enough to bring both of them to tears….their childhood love still cherished nd they were unknown of the fact. Twinkle got up. She was about to go when kunj hold her hand. He hugged her tight. She hugged him back. Their pain which was inside their heart got pressed with each other. It gave much relief. Kunj breaks the hug and was about to say something bt twinkle stopped him… “ no kunj…plzz not today….bohut mushkil se is dil ko manaya hain..aj kuch mat bolna…kal..kal..meri sagai hain…ashu k saath…nd i cant ditch him….” before kunj could say something..she runs…

Kunj stood there ….. “ i just wanted to say…I loved u twinkle…I love u..nd will keep loving u”
To this twinkle turned around. She was just shocked…. she took back her steps…. it starts raining…. chal waha jate hain plays…..
Seene se tum mere aake lag jaao na
Darte ho kyun zara paas toh aao na (x2)
Dhunn meri dhadkano ki suno..

Chal wahan jaate hain
Chal wahan jaate hain
Pyar karne chalo
Hum wahan jaate hain …..
As this was played in back ground twinj moved toward each other. They were so lost in each other that they didn’t notice a truck coming…..nd just when they were going to hug each other….the truck hit them. In a moments time it was all red…..strange na..RED symbolises the colour of love….nd also the death….twinj struggled to hold each other’s hand while lying there….
T: meine…..toh pehle hi..kaha tha ki humari adhuri…kahani…. (she said with a lot of difficulty)
K:…poori hogi……humari adhuri kahai hogi poori…. if not in this janam then definitely in the next janam….. or may be somewhere where there is no complexity….
Asma ke pare ek jaha hain kahi….
Jhut sach ka waha kaida hi nahi…
Roshni mein waha ki alag nor hain..
Saye jismo se aake jaha jatein hain…
Chal waha jatein hain…chal wha jate hain,,,
Pyaar kar ne chalo..hum wha jatein…hain….

Guys i knw many of u may be angry for this trust me i just wanted to introduce a diff idea all together. That is…love is not something which one gets in their lives its something which one persists throughout their life. Twinj’s love was eternal….so they set out on their journey… still m sorry if i hurt u all….plzz comment even if u didn’t like it…i ll be waiting….

This message is for the special person who provided me with story…thanks a lot dear…for allowing me to write. I wont ask u to comment. Bt i knw u are reading thanks to u..nd trust me m very happy to get someone like u in my life…love u..
Bye guys..take care…nd yes pray for me..

Credit to: TaraTwinjfan

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    Hey I had some questions
    Where r u from?
    In which std?
    R u there on instagram.

    Please my questions if u want to.

    1. thanks u too dear…
      ok m from kolkata, West Bengal
      Std 11
      yes i opened an acc in Instagram but i forgot the password… 😛

      1. Hey Tara, even I’m originally from Kolkata.. And, I too am in 11th grade.

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    1. hahaha aisa compliment mujhe kisi ne nehi diya…
      bt thanks dear…for ur love..i love u too

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