TWINJ: Adhuri kahani hogi puri (three shots) part 2


Oh my god….thank u so much guys for the immense love nd support . I m really very happy with the response of my three shots..don’t have words to thank u all. So ill directly go on to the epi.

Recap of part 1: twinkle taneja is a cardiologist. She is is very sophisticated girl and motivated towards her work. She is going to get married to ashutosh kapoor a senior doctor in the same hospital; twinkle’s parents like him nd twinkle likes him too bt not the way ashu feels for her. Twinkle seemed disturbed by something and she waits for something every night.
Thats in short what happened.

“Two days more to go….then i will be engaged with someone…” thought twinkle. She was in her cabin. She was waiting for ashu to come. They had planned for a lunch after shopping. Leela had organised this specially for her daughter nd son-in-law.
Ashu comes inside “chale??” twinkle nods. They set out in their car. After going few miles they found a huge crowd. Ashu failed to understand what was the rush for. He got down from his car to find a girl lying on the road. It was not an accident. Thus people didn’t take her to hospital. None of them even didn’t thought it necessary to inform someone. Ashu rebuked them for being so ill-mannered nd not following the basic civic duty..twinkle told him to calm down. Both of them took the girl to the hospital. She was shifted to the ward. Ashu had called her family member by checking her phone list. Twinkle was in the reception for the formalities nd ashu was with the patient. Ashu comes out after checking the patient. She was about to tell twinkle something when…. “dr. ahutosh yaha hain kya??” a voice was heard. Ashu turned around to see a man coming…restlessly.
As: yes…it me..

Ashu goes and talks to the man. Twinkle raises her neck to see the man…she could only see the side view..he was tall and fair…handsome as well. Ashu took the man to the ward. On their way the man glanced at twinkle, bt for a fraction of second. Twinkle noticed that. Twinkle thought “ who is this man…y did he seemed so familiar…nd that glance…omg…!!” meanwhile it was revealed that the patient has an nervous disorder for which ashu would be managing her case. Ashu took the man to his cabin. After a long discussion, they came out. The man was now visible to twinkle. But twinkle failed to understand who it was. He was staring at her, his eyes seem to say many things. Suddenly ashu comes nd says… “she is much better now…bt ill suggest a few days of bed rest…she will be discharged tomrw…”

The man: thank u so much Dr. ashutosh…
As: its okay….its my duty
The man smiles…
As: okay then see u tomrw … “MR. SARNA”
The last word echoed in twinkle’s ears…she seemed to get the shock of her life. Ashu came to her and called her.
As: lets go…
Twinkle was standing there with her eyes wide open. Ashu called her again bt in vain. Ashu shook her “twinkle..lets go…” she responded this time. “m waiting outside..come fast” said ashu.
Twinkle slowly passed by the man. And he stood there still. While their way home..twinkle was quiet. She didn’t even utter a single word…ashu asked if something happened. She replied nothing. Twinkle got down from the car and rushed towards the house. She didn’t even said bye to ashu. Ashu returned home.
Twinkle in her room….
“what is all this babaji…..a sudden shock…. y he is here ??” she sat down… her eyes where moist…she continued “ ku…kunj……kunj sarna….!! after 10 years….”

A classroom is shown. A girl enters the class room nd and sits beside her friend. The teacher comes in says “twinkle u were absent plzz complete ur work and submit the copy”
T: yes mam…
Twinkle to her friend: chinki…mujhe apni copy do na..
Chinki (ch) : sorry yaar my copy is submitted…
T: then??
Ch: actually all the copies are submitted..y don’t u ask mam for a copy…
T: ok.
Twinkle goes to the teacher and asks her for a copy. He lends her a copy. Twinkle comes back to her palce.
Ch: o teri!!
T: kya hua??
Ch: this is the copy of the new boy…
Twinkle notices the name “KUNJ SARNA”
(okay lil bit of introduction else u all won’t get it. Well its quite visible that twinkle is a good student and she is sincere too. She is close to her friend chinki. She is the favourite of teachers as well. One day a new boy takes admission in their skul. Kunj sarna….he was equally good. The teachers also liked him a lot. They were in 8th standard…. age limits not beyond 14..a very tender age.)
Twinkle opened the copy. She was quite impressed by the handwriting. She completed her work and went to submit the copy. The tchr took her copy bt said that kunj’s copy was already checked so she can return it to him. Twinkle was a very shy girl. And she was even more shy as he was new. She somehow managed to return it by the help of her friend.
Few days later the same thing happened. She was absent and needed the copy. She knew that kunj’s work was neat nd it would be good if she takes his copy. Bt she hesitated to ask. She sent one of her friend to ask. Bt she failed to bring the copy. Thus , she was left with no option than to ask it herself.
T: can i get ur copy??
K: yeah sure..
She takes it and thanked him. While returning the copy the just exchanged a smile.
(the main story begins from here)

Twinkle friends began to tease her by saying “he gave the copy only to u….nd when chinki asked for it he refused” someone added “he must have feelings for u…”
Twinkle didn’t like all this much…bt she tried to convince them there was nothing like that. Days passed and the teasing continued. According to twinkle’s frnds kunj always stared at her. It was difficult to digest until the day twinkle herself noticed the fact.
(and as we all know most of the love stories starts in this way…so it happened in their the problem was both failed to understand their emotions ….because they were way too small.. things continued like this until the next session. This was the time when the sections got changed. Yeah kunj nd twinkle no more belonged to the same section.)
Twinkle was sad bt didn’t mention anything. In lunch breaks kunj used to peep through the window of her class. And the teasing use to start. Twinkle had always considered kunj as her friend. But kunj seemed to have different feelings. One day one of twinkle’s friend came nd told her that kunj admitted he likes twinkle..nd was going to propose her soon. Twinkle got nervous and angry at the same time. She refused to that.

Next a misunderstanding broke out amid them. Kunj thought twinkle was already in a relationship with another guy. But the truth was that the guys was her mu bola bhai…yeah rakhi brother types. Actually kunj’s frnd told him all these to make him it was long time back. Now that they were in 10th standard it was natural that he would forget it. But no..he had a very good memory. Nd twinkle’s refusal forced him to believe that it was true. Moreover he left peeping through the window. Twinkle was absent for many days due to some illness. She came back to school only before their boards. Twinj were detached totally. Kunj never asked her what had happened and twinkle also never talked with him.
After the boards twinkle was promoted to class 11. Bt kunj was not there. Someone said he left the hostel. One day after the school twinkle noticed someone. It was kunj. He was in coloured dress standing outside their classroom. He was staring at her. That moment was a mixture of awkwardness, happiness..xcitement nd much more. But sadly nothing was expressed. Twinkle only came to know that he had left the school nd had come here just to say good bye to the teachers nd his frnds before leaving the city. Twinkle was heartbroken. She was so sad that she didn’t even said bye to him. That was the end of their moment. Childhood infatuation…or love…whatever u call it..was something deep really deep..
After few days kunj left the city….

Now we know what it was that was disturbing twinkle was. She had never forgotten kunj. His memories always evolved in her mind. She never realised her feelings bt she couldn’t even let it go. She was in a state of dilemma. And she used to open her fb account to see kunj’s profile. But sadly it never had a profile pic. Thus , twinkle never knew how he looked. She used to wait for him to sent her a request. As most of her frnds were his frnds….bt he never did that. She also never sent him a request. Probably there was a pinch of ego. Treachery is something which man never forgets…however hard he tries. So it happened in their case.
Twinkle sitting on her bed thinks…. “ I don’t knw y u r back again….bt I hope I won’t get hurt this time…. kyunki humari adhuri kahani kabhi poori nehi ho sakti”

How was it guys…?? I hope u liked it..nd I guess It was long enough. Umm u got the first part of the title right?? Now lets see what the next part reveals. Bt u have to wait for that. I will try to post it soon.. bt guys plzz comment..m u..all..

Credit to: TaraTwinjfan

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