TWINJ: Adhuri kahani hogi puri (three shots) part 1

Hello guys….m here with my new ff (three shots) ADHURI KAHANI HOGI PURI…guess who?? TARA… yes..i got a very good response from my last I thot of a three shots this time…hope u people will like it…bt before that let me tell it is a three shot..u have to wait a there will be gaps between the epis…so have patience plzzz..lets start..
A girl is clad in a white coat underneath which she is wearing an orange saree, a stethoscope is hanging from her neck and her hair is fashioned in shape of a bun. She is wearing a wrist watch, which seemed to be way old, yet precious to her. ( u can understand that..when u look at a girl who is dressed up completely in a modern way bt only her watch is old fashioned) she was arranging few files when a knock was heard at the door…. “dr. taneja, dr. ashutosh is calling u” says the ward boy. She turns around and adjusts her specks. “ tell him I will come in a minute”. The ward boy leaves. She locks her room where a board is hanging :
Dr. Twinkle Taneja Cardiologist
(so now all ur doubts are cleared…yes she is twinkle, and she is a doctor in this hospital….for many years..she is very quite type of girl…talks very very motivated towards her work as a doctor…patients give a good feedback about her and that’s the reason she has become the favourite of everyone..including the board members)
Twinkle comes to a room where a board was hanging “Ashutosh kapoor” neurologist. Ashutosh was a senior doctor.
As: twinkle?? Come in…
T: what happened u called me??
As: leela aunty had called…u didn’t tell her that u will be late??
T: no i forgot…
As: she called u bt ur phone is switched off she said…
T: yeah my battery is dead…
As: oh no problem…come ill drop u home…
Twinkle nods.
In her 5 years of career life she hadn’t found a more reliable guy other than ashutosh. He was well behaved , honest in his profession, helpful nd caring. These qualities had impressed many lady doctors in the twinkle never looked up to him in that manner. Although her parents liked him a lot, bt she never thought anything like that. But may be she was destined to stay with him nd that’s why when ashutosh wanted her hand in marriage from her parents…they were overjoyed. Twinkle also couldn’t refuse him. This is because she had no reason for doing that. Its not that she hated him..or that she liked someone else…so she had no choice bt to say yes. Ashutosh took it as a sign that twinkle also loves the bitter truth was that twinkle hardly had any feeling for him apart from respect. She liked him as a human being, bt never in her life did she thought about marrying him. But it seemed like ashutosh’s love was true…nd thus they were meant to be together. This is what people thought about them. Bt twinkle?? What about her?? Her feelings?? Well lets discover…
Twinkle and ashutosh(ashu) are in car. Ashu is driving the car and twinkle is lost in her thoughts.

Twinkle’s P.O.V:
Kya yehi woh insaan hain jo mere liye bana hain?? Babaji..mujhe toh kuch samaj nehi araha…ashu ek bohut hi ache insaan hain i is he meant to be my life partner…mom nd dad wants him..nd even he loves me..not that i hate i don’t love hi even…may be m over thinking…babaji..its all upon u..if he is the one..i ll be happy with him..after all he loves me so much…
As: twinkle ?? kya hua??
T: kuch nehi..
As: i know..u are worried about our engagement right?? I know its a very big day for girls..u also might have dreamt so much..
T: no..nothing like that…bt the time is very less..
As: don’t worry we will manage…
T: yeah..
They reach home…
Ashu greets leela nd RT…leela welcomes him…she insist him to have dinner with them bt he refuses…nd goes away..
She takes out her laptop nd opens fb. She checks on her msgs and notifications. After finishing those she sits idle….as if waiting for something. The expression on her face symbolises a long wait..a wait which has been for years…she looks out at the sky and stares the stars…
It has been years since twinkle does this. It is a a daily practice. But why?? Why does she do that?? To know more stay tuned…

To be continued…

Guys no precap for three shots…have patience..i know there are many questions in ur minds..u ll get ur answers in the next epi..nd it will be longer…not so plzz comment on whether u liked it or not..if not then m sure u ll from the next epi onwards..

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  1. tara u r always there wid new suspenses….n u make me impatient….lol…thats d reason i love ur ff n u too ……?????

    1. hahaha….well i dont have much to say abt this..thanks for loving my ff ,,love u..

  2. Amazing loved it

  3. It’s just awesome yr….eagerly waiting for your next part…..plzzzz update next part soon….

    1. thanks purnima….will try to update can’t guarantee u..

  4. Awesome epi tara

  5. What about Kunj??????????

    1. have patience dear…he will come its a twinj ff after all

  6. Suspence is too gud waiting fr d next episode….. Post it asap

    1. thanks a lot kruti….

  7. Tara dear suspense will kill us yr…
    but i dnt know y i thnk i know the reason behind that Fb wala scene…
    May be i m wrong but…
    Anyways it is amazing… 🙂
    Beautifully written…
    Love you… :-* <3

    1. ahaha..well no comments on ur reasoning..nd we shall talk about it in our “fb” acc..
      bt thank u thank u thank u…..( u know y)
      love too..muahh

  8. excellent
    when we will see next part?

    1. thanks fiona…umm i m not sure bt i will tell it in my another ff (if u read that) before hand

  9. i luved it…. i guess twinkel had a past with kunj …thats why see wore that old watch and looks on her fb page… waiting for smething is very hard thng … i thini she is waiting for kunj….

    waiting for the nxt epi .. and this epi was really very nic

    1. detective aastha…lol umm lets see what happens..nd whether ot not u r correct..
      btw thanks a lot dear..

  10. Can’t wait..plzz post soon & ya it was lovely & suspenseful..

    1. ok prapti i will try …nd ya thank u so so much..

  11. Verrry nic tara

    1. oh thanks mannat…

  12. I loved it . Ya I too agree with aashta . The same thought came into my mind . Well done tara and do post the BP next one soon

    1. thanks sanam….was waiting for ur comment…

      1. Oh am so sorry dear that I was late
        Actually my entrance exams start from 4th ie y I am busy after it
        Sorry once again dear and that BP was added by my stupid dictionary

      2. its okay sanam…. 🙂 🙂

  13. Tara u r fab as usual… idk how u manage to write different evrytime n keep awaiting suspenses…. truly hatsss offfffff……

    1. hahaha..well thats a secret…bt i guess its because of all of urs support..thanks a lot..

  14. nice. amazing…………….awesomeeeeeee……………fab………..susoense……..speechless

    1. omg..thank u so much dear..m so happy..

      1. actually i wanted to write suspense

      2. yeah i understood…

  15. Oh god tara u always cum wid sumthing amazing now i can’t w8 fr d nxt pls post it asap u r really amazing luv ur ff

    1. thanks baby..nd yes i will post it soon..

  16. oihoi taruuuu its epic!

    1. hahaha nice name….nd ya thanks dearie

  17. It’s jus amazing like always u do sumthng new n interesting do update nxt update asap plzzzzzzzzz

    1. tysm zikra…nd i will update it soon..

  18. Interesting Tara I love it

  19. Tara love u and ur ff and one shot really u r awesome and great can’t wait for the next part loved it

    1. jo thanks u so much yaar…u dont knw how happy I m to see ur u loads..muahhh

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