Twinj: A journey that led to U (part 36)

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Recap: the trio decides to let twinkle abt how they know her through the dairy pages n d shayri she has written…
Meanwhile AM decides to get back to his home as its renovated now n hence his mum has come back to Mumbai n he is yet to meet her…
In office twinkle admires a beautiful greeting n when AM enters her cabin she hides it in one of the files not wanting anyone to knw abt tge greeting….
Since twinkle is handling the new project, the repot regarding d same is ready on her table n as askd by AM she takes d revised plan file(report) to kunjs cabin , hands it over to him n returns back…
Kunj admiring her professional work is all set to explore more abt the revised plan she has handed him over but ryt at the moment sanchay crashes at kunjs cabinet n the files fell down, as the lunch hr commenced sanchay assured him dat he wud arrange d cabinet n hence kunj left d cabin leaving behind d incompletly read file given by twinkle ..
Twinkle collides with aunt Aleeza(AM’s mum) in the campus n d latter takes her to home at their discussions aunt gets to know dat twinkle works n TEEN n is unaware dat AM is her childhood crazy frnd…

Meanwhile as sanchay turns to leave kunjs cabin aftr setting up d cabinet he collides with kunjs oak table n the revised plan file falls to the ground…
That is when he eyes d greeting dat just fell out of the file , the greeting read -“”Love to express a loveable feeling with a beloved one ”
Knowing dat the file was handed to kunj just a few mins ago he screeches in excitment thinking it a letter from kunj to twinkle as kunj vl b giving d file back to her for some minor changes dat need to b taken care of…
Not able to contain the excitment , sanchay on not finding twinkle in the office posts the letter to her residential adress..
When AM gets to know abt the stunt sanchay has pulled he is pretty much sure dat kunj has not written any letter to twinkle n he confirms this with kunj but not telling kunj d reason behind his repeated questions ….

AM n sanchu r hell worried as the letter already posted n if it reaches twinkle it might put kunj into dangerous position…
For time being they r relieved dat its Saturday n d letter vl reach twinkle only on Monday..

The trio sets to AM’s renovated house to meet AM’s mom.
The trio stood their shockd as AM’s mom introduces twinkle as twinkle in taneja ,the childhood fend of Armaan…
Twinkle is also shocked to find d trio in her aunts house n abt the new relevation of knowing her childhood frnd…

Part 36–

AM was d first one to come out of his shockd state on finding twinkle their well now they know its Twinkle Taneja for dem.

Aunt Aleeza explained on how she met twinkle n got her home n all d related stuff..
Once she went back to the kitchen , the four of them stood glued to thier positions slowly taking in the fresh news which shook them..

S: hey twinkle
T: hi sanchay

That was d only exchange of words, AM n kunj exchanged genuine smiles with her but words ceased to escape their mouth…

Once the trio reached d terrace, they sighed heavily…
The recent turn of events had left dem dumbstruck n as kunj eyed AM
AM: what?? Don’t even think dat I knew all abt her being my frnd!

While kunj smiled at him , confusing AM even more…
K: god…
Nowadays all our lives r revolving around her.

A: yaa…

Their was silence yet again…it seemed like they had nothing to talk to eo although their minds were filled with numerous questions whose answers they didn’t know of…

As twinkle turned to leave d dinning area she collided with kunj ,
T: so sry
K: it’s fyn…

Both stood der, twinkle’s growing feelings for him had gone numb on finding him their this afternoon.. She had nothing to say him, finding herself in d most awkward situation..
Well he’s condition was no less..

T: aunt is calling for the lunch
K: oh…the two r on terrace, I vl text them
T: yay dat wud b fyn
K: hmm
T: hmm…OK see u at d table
K: yaa sure

That’s all they cud talk about..
“Uff!!!, she still is d same girl who fascinates me with her work, y am I finding it so difficult to talk to her d way I cud converse b4?
Godddd!!!! Every hell of a thing happens only to me!
Well Armaan too” kunj sighed trying to behave as normal as possible but he knew the situation was getting on his nerves…

He textd AM abt the lunch n walked towards d dinning table.

As expected, they silently had their lunch with only Aleeza doing all the talking , expressing how happy she was on meeting twinkle aftr ages..
Twinkle smiled at her aunt, but her eyes were fixated on Kunj, sometimes glancing at AM

Kunj n AM were silent but Sanchu was completely on a different track..
He was happy to know dat twinkle related to them in d way they didn’t know..

More than ever he was sure, twinkle was meant to be something more to them in the coming days…

Twinkle watched d changing colors of sanchays face which settled with happiness, she herself smiled watching his face radiating with pure happiness just like dat of a child who got his favorite candy!

Kunj watched Sanchay too , n cudnt help but wonder what was his Lil bro thinking about..

Once the lunch was over kunj n AM were quick to run away to the latter’s room..
While sanchay took his own sweet tym

Once the two reached AM’s room, they collapsed on the bed staring at the ceiling…

AM: what’s happening

K: god its so difficult to face her now..

A: we almost ran away from d table, making it so obvious… Though we didn’t intend to

K: I know…

A: But y r we running away from her?
She still is d same girl …moreover we knew she is twinkle

K: yay…its just that she is related to us in most ways which we r finding out bits by bits n everytym that happens it shakes d hell out of us…no wonder she is a mystery girl in every sense.

AM smiled at kunj ,
A: love struck teenager!!!
K: well that doesn’t change dat I just put forth a logical statement..

A: forget abt d statement, u just agreed dat ur a luv struck puppy!

K: not puppy

A: so a luv struck teenager then?

Kunj remained quite n sat on the bed…
AM followed kunjs actions..

A: for how LNG u vl deny ur feelings for her?

K: am I dening it?

A: urnt accepting them either!

Kunj smiled at AM’s smart play with words
K: u won’t ever fall in luv Armaan!

A: what the….y?

K: love isn’t for those who play with words,,,,
And kunj smirkd at AM

A: oh I c…then for whom is love reserved?
The ones like u who get desperate if she isn’t around? Even aftr knowing who she actually is, accepting her the way she is, being their for her, allowing her to stay in the comfort zone, making sure u confront her asap so that she doesn’t feel betrayed?

Kunj looked at AM, he knew even if he wud deny the growing feelings for her, AM was crystal clear of kunj’s latest developments n they were absolutely true…

AM: whats it with u that u r not accepting ur liking towards her?

Kunj was silent, he had to face this now or later
K: Have u ever thout what was the need for twinkle to actually bcum Latika?
And dont tell me dat its her nick name, u very well know that it isn’t the truth!

AM knew kunj was ryt, he himself wondered what cud be d cause for twinkle to hide her real name.

“What’s up bro’s” Sanchay came in all me mood.
A: abb isse kya hua?
K: bas pray kar kuch gadbad karke na aye hai
A: hmm

K: y Ru so happy?
S: like srsly bhaiya?
Twinkle is aarus fend!!! N soon she vl b my bhabi too…
I mean this is incredible isn’t it?

Kunj n AM rolled their eyes…clearly not sharing d same excitement as Sanchay.

Twinkles POV :

Bhabi?? Kiski bhabi??
I was actually passing through their room, n heard the discussion was something abt someone being their bhabi n sanchay’s voice made it evident that he was very happy in getting to whom ever he were referring as bhabi

Sanchay’s bhabi??? So is it kunj’s girl or Armaans?
Every cell of my brain screamed dat it was kunj’s girl they were talking abt..
And dat itself pissed me off n I got back to my room n tried to SLP.
All in vain, bhabi??? Kunj’s girlfriend??
Or worst he’s finance??
Finally I fell into deep SLP…

It was dinner tym n aunt came to wake up, I wasn’t interested to have food…
My mind was busy calculating the possibility of kunj having a gf!!!

I’m over thinking!!
So without my dnnr I slpt only to wake up at 11 in the nyt…
I was mentally disturbed n was hungry ,n I had slpt enough so SLP wasn’t anywhere near me.

I got out of my bed I reached terrace to be welcomed by the chill breeze!

To be precise, the atmosphere felt so romantic that my mind went back to kunj…
Their was no denying my feelings anymore, I knew I was deeply falling for me…
But was it love? Or am I ready for it?
I don’t know…n worst ,is he already taken??

‘U mm…seems like I have a company!’ A voice broke out behind me…n I knew it was kunj..
I turned back, he smiled at me..

I haven’t had any talk with him aftr him getting to know dat im twinkle n not just latika
..n moreover they might have felt twinkle may b my nickname… So if thats their assumption then it be so
End of POV

T: hey
K: hi…Not sleeping?

T: I have slpt enough for the day so can’t catch much SLP now

K: hmm..

And the silence prevailed.Kunj didnt understand from where to start n twinkle was in dilemma if she shd b the one to start the conversation.

It wudnt be wrong if said kunj is guilty. Hiding all these stuff from twinkle wasn’t his option at any given point of time but he didnt know how to confront her.

T: cudnt catch SLP?
K: mind is such a messy place ,I tell u

Twinkle smiles at his words, a new shade of his she admired.

K: Twinkle

It was the first time he adressed her by her real name n she felt it different n yet pleasant.

K: Twinkle suits u lot better than Latika is what we think
T: we, as in?

Kunj squeezd his eyes, letting off Lil secrets has always been a tiring job.

K: I mean we three, Armaan , sanchay n me
T: hmm…I quite agree with u

Kunjs POV:
I wud be lying if I said I wasnt feeling to hold her in my arm n stand still to the soothing breeze. I looked at her, she looked lost.

I palmed her shoulder, her gaze turned towards me,
“remember Im ur boss n ur friend too..” I said looking into her eyes.

She kept her hands on mine,
“hmm..I know n tqs for it” she said ever so smoothly.

I distanced myself n let go off her shoulder

“How’s sanchay doin?” I asked her
As expected she was quite amused at my question.

“I meant how’s he doing in his recent lyf?”
Kunj asked.

Twinkle smiled at him.
“so u knew?” I asked

“well I keep account of my bros activities orelse he is tough to handle” I said.

“Impressing girls is easy for him but he’s sense of humor is extraordinary” I added

twinkle laughed at me.

“look who we have here!” A voice screamed behind me…
Armaan!!!! He spoilt my private meeting with my twinkle.
End of pov

A: hey ppl
K: I thought u were slping!

A: I thought d same abt u too, but seems like here …

Kunj glared at AM, the latter gave him a cheeky smile.

And something AM didnt miss was Twinkle blushed!
Gr8 going for kunj.

AM stood next to twinkle n kunj beside AM.
AM loved kunj’s restlessness to stay close to twinkle.

A: well how Ru twinkle taneja?
T: I’m fyn Armaan Malik.

Twinkle was busy rotating a key in her left hand..
‘oh she is lefty ryt!’ Thought AM

She still looked lost somewhere trying to find answers for the things she longed.
AM cell beeped n he gave an understanding nod to kunj

Leaning towards the support,

A: I had NVR expected u to be related to me this way ,I mean of all relations my long lost friend.

T: i know its shocking to everyone.
But what do mean my out of all relations ?

AM looked at kunj n kunj nooded.

AM: y dont u write reports in left hand?

T: because I’m out of practice n …
But how do u know I can write with left hand?

Kunj broke into a slay smile.
Probably twinkle wud have fallen for it, but ryt now she was shocked to notice anything.

K: Purple is ur favorite colour ryt?

T: how u know?

The duo enjoyed her shocking moments..
A: U love quotes n thoughts, basically ur more into finding the best meaning n environment to put words at…U value literature.

T: What the…Shit
Sorry for dat.

A: hey dont be…
K: we have had our part of shocking moments n wen I say that they r the most unexpected series of events …

T: but how do u know all these things abt me? Wen no one at office knows….

A: we run the office so we have our ways but u still want to know then find out.
Good nyt twinkle…
Happy dreams

With dat AM n kunj disappeared from Der.

“what the heck was dat? How do they know…
I have this ‘babhi of sanchay’ thing destroying my SLP n now I have one matter to wreck my peace of mind, just WOW!!

N how do kunj know abt mine n sanchay’s Lil secret convo, I bet Sanchay hasn’t told him.
I expected kunj to be my stress buster n Armaan is new found friend lost long back ,
But here they are doing quite opposite to wat i expected of them!
what r these guys upto?

And “good nyt , happy dreams” she mimicked AM
Forget about dreams n SLP, to fill my stomach in peace is not gonna happen until I find out how they got to know abt it.
“we have our ways” she remembered AM saying it,
“smart boss cum friends” she thought as her mind continued working overboard.
What’s twi n sanchus Lil secret?

Guys TU wasn’t working for me for a week so I cudnt post this, n wen I did it didnt get posted probably bcz of network issues aftr which I lost a part of this epi n I had to rewrite it…
Very Sorry n thankful for all those who waited patiently for this epi…

As u can see above I’m out of practice of writing ,hence its gone a Lil pathetic..

Next update: before Tue evening…

And this tym if I dont meet the deadline u guys can give me any punishment…

Love u all…
Once again very sorry my patient n lovely readers….???


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