Twinj: A journey that led to U (part 20)


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Recap: twinj trapped in lift…sanchay assuming dat twinj having their 1st date

Part 20–

K: we need to get out of here alive…
L: yep
K: twi…

Kunjs POV:
Oh not again…Mr kunj sarna!!..what was dat yaar…do i even undrstd how big a blunder I was gng to commit…hope she didn’t notice me…
Or else I’m dead ryt here…moreover this darkness and heat down here vl hwevr kill me…

L: u said something?
K: no..I was jzz talking  abt how this evening is full of twist and turns..
Latika gave him a week smile..
Neither she had energy to smile brightly nor she understood what kunj meant..
She choose to ignore…

‘Such an inappropriate excuse…even omi cud easily figure out dat I was lying.
Kunj beta…abb bas, yaha se jaldi nikal varna tum jaane anjane me sab kuch baatadoge isse uske hi bareme.’ Thought
( .I think i need to get out of here asap…or else I vl end up spitting details abt her own self)

He lookd at twinkle , she seemed tired..her lips were dry..she had no energy to stand and was breathing heavily..
In the lift ,where darkness HD clouded ,the heat wudnt allow them to breathe normal anyone…
Twinkle looked lyk she wud faint any minute..
‘Enough of random talks..we need to get out of here, or else simple…aaru wud pick up our dead bodies tomorrow..’he thought

Kunj went near twinkle
K: u OK?
T: hmm..but I can’t withstand this heat anymore..
K: don’t worry ..vl find a way..
T: hmm

Kunj went towards the door…
‘.its electronic.. I can’t open it by any means. Uff’ Thought kunj
He started banging the door.
It continued for next 15 min
Both of them took der turns …when one indulged in banging the other rested..almost fainted..

They were tired…nothing seemed to change…but this tym their was complete darkness..
Their cells gave away..
Battery  was dead and hence the only source of lyt ,their flash lyt was gone
Both of them stood glued to their positions…they flapped their hands to make sure the other was present..
T: kunj do u have a lighter
K: common yaar I don’t smoke?
T: very funny
K: nahi hai
T: abb kya kare
( what to do now)
K: tumhe horror movies thoda bohot achhe lagte hai na?
( u lyk horror movies ryt?)
T: tumhe horror ki chinta kyu hai..
Aur bhoot KO chod..yeh heat kaafi  hai…hum dono KO swarg poncha ne keliye
( why Ru worried abt horror movies?
Don’t mind abt the ghosts…the heat in here is enough to kill us)

@kunjs home
As armaan stood restless…sanchay kept on telling him the same thing which he was telling from past half an hour
S: don’t worry aaru…instead be happy for der first date..
A: kunj cud have jz let’s us know where he is…
He NVR does this way…and I don’t think he’s with isn’t jz possible…
S: aaru…jzz sit and relax..
Vl wait for him sum more tym….if even then he don’t show up then we vl think what u do..
A: I jz hope he’s fyn..

K: hmm…uff… sucks here..
Don’t u think ppl at ur home vl b waiting for u..
T: (smiles) itni acchi kismat mere hai nai..
( well I’m not that blessed)
I stay with my younger sister…
K: I’m sorry
T: hey don’t b..but I must go…she vl b tensed by now..
Meri halat toh jali hui aalu se bhi bartar hai
( my condition is critical then the roasted potato )
K: I’m nethier better
Yaar koi toh darwaza khol do…
Yeh armaan kaha gaya..
Shayad yahi hai ya mujhe chood ke ghar gaya hoga
( I’m neither better
Is their anyone to open this door
Where is armaan?
May b he’s still here..or he might have gone home)
T: its already 9:10
No chance for anyone to be out their
K: koi aakri khawish?
( any last wish?)
T: u gave up?
K: Jo na pura ho use armaan kehte hai,
Jo na badle use imaan kehte hai,
Jindagi pyasi bhale hi bhit jaye,
Par jo nahi jhukta use insaan kehte hai.
Wah wah

Kunjs POV:

Kash the flash lyt wud still b working..
I so wanted to see her expression when I said dat..
How wud the one who is so good at it wud react at my first try….
I’m taking the credit bcz in one of those late nyt slps I had written it…she is the inspiration..
Par lagta hai babaaji KO meri yeh koshish acchi nai lagi..
( but I think babaaji didn’t lyk my try)

T: wow…dat was superb..
I didn’t know dat  ur so good at this….
One of ur gr8 talents I hope..
K: ( less audibaly) dat credit goes to u
T: what
K: nothing..

Twinkles POV:
What did he say? Or I heard it wrong?
Did he say dat the credit goes to me?
But y?
I heard it wrong I think…
But I heard him saying dat….
Oh god… Its my illusion I suppose

K: ur alive?
T: u think so
K: u bettr be..
I don’t want a death headlines tom mrng
T: aww..that’s of kind of u
K: (smiles)
‘ the more I keep her indulged in silly talks, it helps her to divert her mind…she won’t remember of how suffocating it is here…or else in no tym we both wud b lying unconscious….’ Thought kunj smiling brightly

Kunjs POV :
And then suddenly i felt a jerk..the lift lyt flickered… May b the power came…
Ouch…what the heck..
My head banged to the lift door…
My head hurted…and then we were taken down with gr8 speed…
God I want to b alive…
My heartbeat raised to max level …
Sanchu has only one brother,, dats me and aaru wud b incomplete without me , thought my stupid mind being humorous…
And within seconds the lift stopped with a jerk …I was thrown to the opposite corner..
And soon I felt a landing on me..
Oh its twinkle..
Her head collided with my already injured head..
Oops it hurts..
‘ U ok’ I managed to say as now the shakings and our second roller coaster ride for the evening ended..
‘ oops sorry’ she said..trying to free herself from my clutches…
She had perfectly fallen into my arms..
Her head on my shoulder and her hands resting on my chest..
‘ u OK’ I repeated..
‘ hmm…glad I’m alive’ she said and struggled harder to gain balance..
As she succeeded in getting up..sum thing terrible happened..
The lift once again went down with bullet mind even cudnt process what was happening ….she fell back on me and her elbow digged in my abbs…
We both screamed loudly…
‘ Ahhhh…..Ahhhh…….
Our cries hit the top notch level wen we were thrown back at the floor with a thud..
Our cries died out immediately..
I opened my eyes..I saw the flickering lyt…
I had hurted my elbow badly and felt my neck almost broken… I cud see twinkle holding on to my shirt tightly with eyes closed tightly… Her hair had fallen ol over her face

And I must say she looked innocent and cute at the same tym….
And then suddenly the lift doors got opend..
We were in ground floor…

Twinkis POV:
I slowly opened my eyes  ……I was on top of kunj and he’s was struggling…
Damn he’s hand had a  brutal cut…blood was slowly woozing out….
I struggled, took the support of the walls and managed to get up..
‘ im srry….kunj u ohk?, ur hand is badly hurt’ I said concerned…
He looked at he’s hand..
‘ thank God we are alive’ he said
‘ now get up’ I said and forwarded my hand..
He slowly held my support and got up..
He looked at his wound..
‘ may b sum sharp edge’ he said..
‘ let’s go’ he added and I silently followed him out of the lift…

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