Twinj: A journey that led to U (part 18)


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Recap: AM and sanchay LNG convo abt twinkle..and Twinkie POV

Part 18–

As kunj entered he’s cabin…he made a ring to send in twinkle
Kunj was busy starting at the article he had written the previous nyt…. For the 1st tym he had written something on emotions.. A complex feeling
‘ I never even know a single shayaari of my own and some how I formulated one the last nyt..
Is it the ryt word to use?
Anyways hardly matters…
Ryting this article was lyk swimming in the pool of emotions..
Uff..but I cudnt find any appropriate title for it.. Hope she finds one..’ Thought kunj waiting for twinkle to knock at he’s door..

Soon he’s wait was over…as twinkle walked in ol those cheesy smiles of sanchay , him referring her bhabi flashed b4 he’s eyes..
‘What the heck’ kunj mentally scolded himself..
Soon he got back to work mood and explained the necessary details to Latika…..he also asked her an appropriate title for the article if she cud find any….
L: I vl let u know sir if I found one
K: dat wud b fyn
Latika smiles and left the cabin

Leap of 14 days ?

lyf was asusual for kunj..well at least that is what he said to himself as he saw her everyday at the office….

The article he had written had gone superbly well and dey soon received positive response for der weekly magazine

This tym for the weekly magazine he had asked latika to write the article..
Nothing prsnl or mysterious abt it..
He jzz wanted to bring out those new ideas of hers…
In any magazine company the editorial part is looked aftr by the copy writers along with editors and finally each article or column is rechecked by the proof readers..but der is always sumting new abt TEENS…
For the weekly magazine anyone willing cud do the work out of their post..
So if kunj found any good articles or columns or any creative edits it was accepted whole heartedly ♥
This gave the employees an opportunity to explore themselves…


S: aaru..
A: hmm
S: utt
A: sone de na
S: yaar..its already 10 in the morning
A: toh
S: toh? U don’t want to go to office
Bhaiya has already left
A: look sanchay ,y r we playing this role reversal today
A: look everyday I wake u up from ur lazy SLP and today ur dng dat for me…
Ur srsly Sanchay Sarna ..I doubt
Bcz I have NVR seen u ready this early
S: bas aaru..
Aab uttho..
Der hoo rahi hai
A: der?kiske liye
S: if u don’t go to office then how vl twinkle bcum my bhabi..
Vaise bhai toh usse sirf kaam ke baare me baat karte hai..
Romantic shomantic baate toh usse aate nai..
Agar tum yaha rahoge toh unn dono ka luv story kabhi start hi nai hoga

Armaan gets up slowly from he’s comfortable bed , rubbing he’s eyes
A: uff….itna sab kuch soch liya tune ..
Twinkle KO bhabi banane ki bohot jaldi hai tujhe..

Sanchay with a witty face sits beside AM on bed
S: uttni aachi kismat toh meri hai nai
A: (yawns) yaar subha subha kya baak raha hai…saaf saaf bolna
S: agar mera bas ki baat hota toh me use kab ki meri bhabi banaliya hota…
Par nai…mera bhai toh akdu hai…koi move initiate nai karta..
Toh issliye tu waha ja aur bhai KO line par le aana
A: tumhara MATLAB ki mujhe innki pyaar ke reaction KO initiate karne ke liye catalyst banna padega..
S: bilkul sahi jawab
A: sanchu todi der ruk
Me fresh hoke aata hu
S: per
A: Abhi aaya
And with dat armaan motions towards washroom leaving behind a confused sanchay

After 45 min
@ home

As armaan walks into hall, setting he’s wet hair
S: yaar kitni der laga di
Abb bolo
A: hmm
If I try creating situations where kunj can spend more tym wid her then possibly he might start lyking her..
But that vl only b attraction..
Love can NVR b created by external factors..
Yeh dil ke mamla hai boss ,use sirf dil mehasus kar sakta hai
Kunj himself vl understd if he starts lyking her…but we shd not try creating such moments..bcz attraction perishes in few days while but luv is eternal..
So let him do he’s job..
Deklete hai ki Jo uski cabin ki darwaza tak takati hai kya woh use ki dil ki darwaze par awaz karegi

@ Office
Kunj looks at he’s watch and curses AM and Sanchay

Kunjs POV :
Where is Armaan?
Being with sanchay he has mastered in coming late to office
Its already 11:30
If he wud b running late ,he wud hve made a phone col
No!! bhaisab toh busy honge chote bhaisab ke saath…
Frustrated I looked up to face number of talents working vigorsly on their PCs
I made a ring
I heard tic toc sound , the frequency of the sound increased with each passing sec..
In 5 more sec Pia (kunjs PA) was in my cabin
End of POV

K: Pia inform everyone to assemble in the conference hall in exactly 10 min
P: yes sir

As kunj moved out of this cabin towards the conference hall he collided with an employee
K: woo …latika
L: sry sir ,I was in a hurry so didn’t c u
K: its OK ..I didn’t notice u either
Kunj and twinkle bend down to pick the files scattered on the floor which a few seconds ago were in hands of latika
K: NYC name
T: sry sir..I didn’t get u
K: I was talking abt the title of the article which u suggested me last week
‘ wasn’t it too late to appreciate her for finding a suitable title’ my mind murmured
L: I’m glad dat u lykd it
Kunj smiles inreturn

Kunjs POV :
She srsly is an alrounder ..apart from being talented at creative edits, she suggested me an appropriate title for the article..
Hmm it was simple but as I said very appropriate.. ‘Kuch ansuni baate’
NYC title …my mind praised her for one more tym..
I stood der in my own thoughts of tsunami..I saw her looking at me..expecting me to talk sumting or to get lost from her way…well dat look was sweet so I think she thought the previous one probably..

K: well see u at the conference hall
L: sure sir
With dat she left

‘ Its better to be formal than acting abnormal , sanchays words are srsly irritating me…duffer kuch bhi keheta rehata hai..’ Thought kunj and headed towards conference hall

And as he was abt to enter ,he once again collided
As he quickly opened he’s was AM standing b4 him rubbing he’s head
K: tak biryani kaha rahe the..
acchanak ider kaise aagaya
AM: yaar…I was very slpy…didn’t even realize wen the clock hit 9
K; bas sanchay ke saath raheke bahane dundne Seekh liya hai na..
Aur woh duffer kaha hai..Abhi tak soo raha hai ya CLG gaya hai
K: hmm..
U get inside..however its tym for conference, u can complete ur remaining SLP
A: no need bro..
I vl SLP in d cabin u go on with the conference
K: lyk srsly?
A: aur kya..
The Presentation is ready..I have rechecked it and everything is perfect..
Let’s get inside for sum DISCUSSION
K: impressive… I thought u wudnt cum today so I was gng to discuss abt some other matters..
A: (smiles) kabhi khabi choti moti shocks lag jati hai..nai?
K; ( smiles) hmm aur mujhe woh manjur hai ….let’s get in
A: sure

Twinkles POV:
I finished the conference and looked at my watch ….tym to go home…. I picked up my hand bag and headed towards the lift..
The doors were abt to close ,I almost ran in these pum heels…
Yaar my heel aches…Who the heck invented these heals..I agree it makes me look taller and lot organized but I can’t even walk faster in them..
Oh Teri! I was so busy in my self lecture abt heels ,I almost forgot abt the lift…
Luckily sumone inside it stopped the lift doors from closing
As I entered I found kunj sir dressed in black busy in tapping on he’s phone ….
L: thanks
K: for?,,,looked up
L: stopping the doors from closing
K: mention not
K: very eager to get back home?
L: nothing dat way sir
K: office hours are over so u can col me kunj…
K: Though I tell ol u leads to address me as kunj in office u still end up coling me sir..
At least not here
L: its jzz the respect
K: hmm I understd

Kunjs POV:
I saw latika looking at fer feet..
May b she hurt her feet in pursuit of making it to lift

K: u ol ryt?
L: ya

POV continued….
I suddenly felt an urge to address her as twinkle….. Twinkle and latika are not jzz two different names for me…Twinkle is dat one whom i hvent seen and latika is dat girl who works at my office efficiently…it’s pretty difficult to imagine both these characters in a single person called twinkle or latika
I still feel lyk asking her,is twinkle her nick name? What if latika isn’t twinkle? These type of ideas evade my mind… and moreover sanchays stupids talk were disturbing my stability..
I looked at her ..she was busy on her phone..
Der some kind of innocence in her…
Latika is as beautiful as twinkles thoughts
Pretty to difficult to get a person with beauty and brains…
I felt the lift journey was taking more than usual..
‘ With ur with loved ones ,tym comes to stand still’ I remembered a dialogue from sum bollyhood movie..
Oh god! Kya tyming hai sirji!
I leaned back and rested my head at the steel wall
I slowly closed my eyes
Except then the slight sound the lift was making der was complete silence..
Within few seconds I heard a loud creeking sound
I immediately opened my eyes


Precap: According to Sanchay twinjs first date

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