hi!!!guys iam so sorry i am too late because of network prblm i cannot post the epi…..

some people hve confusion so first i will clear ur confusion kavya is twinkle sister and kavitha is kunj frnd but in before epi i did some mistakes so plssss forgive me iam sorry…..

now i hope i hve cleared ur confusion….

kavya(tw sis) says i want to show u all some things to all.she on the protector all are shocked to see …..

all of them sees a video of kavitha how she accept that she tried to harm tw….

ka:she gets tensed by knowing her truth is relived….

k:chaaaaaaattttakkkk slaps hard kavitha……

she keeps her had on her cheek and shocked that kunj had slapped

ka:kunj iam ur best frnd u wont give any scrach to me but u slapped me today for this typical low middle class twinkle…..

k:he gets angry and stop it dam it ur taking abt my would be wife so pls given respect my wife is my life if anybody tried to harm her i would hve killed them tw sees him lovingly(sajana ve plays)…….

in my life i had not taken my hnds on any girls but today u made me to do this i thought ur my best frnd u will understand me but u r not beyound any frndship u only think abut urself and say why u did to my tw?????

ka:she sees usha..

u:she gets tensed and thinks ohhh this girl shld not take out my name

k:answer me damit?????

ka:kunj i did this only for u i love u plsssss accept me…..

k:u lve me u dont know the meaning of lve and u r telling this to me go away from my eyes.and u will get a punishment for this…..

he takes mble to call police but police arrived and arrest kavitha usha takes a sign of relived kavya notice that and decided to talk to tw……

next scence…..

kav:di i done so many bad things before for but today i done atleast 10%of good and u hve forgiven for before deeds..

tw:no u had 100% good and this thing is not small and u had taken a risk if anything happend to u what would i hve do and i have forgiven u before only….

kav:do u trust me di…..

tw:ya i trust u

ka:ok i will say one thing di u dont get shocked and i know who had given support kavitha to do this all


kav:usha sarna


kav:yes di she explains tw all and says iam 100%sure and plsss be alert she will do anything to separate u and jiju…

kunj comes and hears who will separate us…..

both gets shocked…..

kavya says jiju iam taking abut kavitha nothing …

k:thanks kavya for doing this all for us but to protect to tw is my responsibility i had failed and i had failed and thanku so much..

kav:plsss dont say thanks jiju anything for u and di and she leaves….

kunj silently sits on couch…..

tw notice he is upset…..and goes near him and sits….

k:iam sorry tw iam feeling guilty i could not protect u..

t:kunj plsss dont say sorry i am happy …

k:he gives a disgusting look haapy….

tw:yes kavitha did this for bad itension but today i know that how much u lve me and u can do anything for me and iam thank full to god that he had given me such a good life parthner…..

k:he hears this and gets happy and both hug each other he say iam too lucky that u r my life partner..

both break the hug…..

tw:kunj close ur eyes….

k:why???u want to give honey????

tw:kunj i said close….he cloes his eyes …..

tw:now open ur eyes ….

k:he is surprized to see his hnds heena colour red to brown…

tw:she says see ur lve colour is so dark ….

kunj sees and gets happy and kissed her both hands…..

tw gets teared eye by seeing by seeing how much he loves her…..

k:pls dont cry tw u know na…

tw:u cant see me crying….
i lve u kunj….

k:i lve u too

both hug each other….

screen freeze….

plsss comments sorry for grammatical and spellings mistakes and my english will ve bad plsss bear it…..

comments if positive or negative…..

Credit to: zarmeen

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  2. Shatakshi

    Zarmeen that was too good
    N sorry for not commenting earlier… As I.was too confused
    Loved it??

  3. nice episode zarmeen you are too good and if you get time then read my first ff a prank played by destiny beyond our thinking.

  4. Dreamer...arundhati

    Zarmeen heart warming epi
    Good one

  5. Dreamer...arundhati

    Fabulous….mistakes r fine
    Zarmeen heart warming epi
    Good one

  6. Asusual jakas outstanding..nd mera confusion dur hogaya…

  7. Fabulous

  8. Ria

    It was amazing

  9. Awesomeeeee

  10. Amazing….too good.


    wow zarmeen awsome

  12. aww so sweet and cute

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