Twin troubles Ishra SS Part 6

Twin troubles Part 6

Dedicated to arshiabigya for giving a jodi name to Abhishek Ishita-AbhiTa.

Abhishek:By the way how was your date with Ishita?
Raman :It was lovely.
Abhi:That’s cool.Did you take photos?
Raman:Of course yes yaar.

Abhi:Show me.I have not seen your Ishita yet.

Raman:Actually my phone’s storage space was full.So I transferred them to my laptop and deleted the picture gallery as of now.I will show the pics in my laptop.
He switched on his laptop and pressed his picture document.Abhishek looked at it eagerly.
Suddenly the laptop got switched off.
Raman:Oh….I forgot to charge it.
Abhi:Ok…bad luck.Will see your Ishita later.

Abhishek thought of his moments with Ishita and smiled.
He rang her up:Hi Divya..It’s me.Abhishek.
Ishita:Hey Abhishek…it’s cool that you called me.
Abhishek:How can I not call you?After all you are my friend.

They both giggled.
They kept on chatting.
Ishita:I have found a good friend in you Abhishek.

Abhi:Me too.
They smiled.
Abhi:I think we good friends should hang out.
Ishita:Yes right.

Abhishek and Ishita went to a restaurant.

Abhishek:What will you have?
Ishita:Italian pasta.
Abhishek:Cool.I too love it.
She smiled.
They ordered pasta.

They both had food chatting with each other.

After a month….

Abhishek Ishita became good friends.

Abhishek’s parents were looking at girls’ photos for him.
His mother Rano:Abhi..see which girl you liked.
Abhi:Oh mom.I can’t do arranged marriage.I will do only love marriage.
His dad Raj:That’s fine.But you find a girl by yourself.

Rano:Yes that too very soon.
Abhishek smiled.He remembered Ishita.
He thought:Love is friendship and Divya is my best female friend.So my love is also Ishita.
He blushed.

Abhishek held Ishita’s hand.
Abhi:Love is friendship and friendship is love.I believe that the definition of love is friendship.
Ishita smiled:Yes,i too feel that a love is friendship.
Abhi:You are my dearest friend Divya.Your friendship is the most important thing for me.So my love is you.I love you Divya.
Ishita was surprised.
Ishita held his hand tight:I believe that our best friend only can be our lover.So being my best friend you are my love Abhishek.
He became very happy.

They had a cute side hug.

Abhishek told Raman about proposing Divya with excitement.
Raman hugged Abhishek:I am so happy.I knew that you will fall for her.

Abhishek blushed.

Ishita held Divya’s hand and twirled her:I am excited Divya di.Abhishek proposed me and I accepted him.

Divya:Really?That’s so sweet.

They both hugged each other.

Raman was thinking of his moments with Divya.
Raman:Ishita is tolerating a boring fellow like me.I have to be like a man of her choice.I should surprise her.But how?

Yes…she goes to the pub.I need to go there and surprise her.I am sure that tonight she may be there.I will go there and surprise her.But I don’t know dancing.I will learn some steps from Abhishek.

Abhishek was teaching dance steps to Raman.Seeing him dance Abhishek laughed.

Raman got irritated:Stop laughing and teach me to dance.
Abhi:Ok ok.See how Ishita changed you.
Raman smiled.They continued their dance session.

Ishita was dancing at the pub.
Ishita:So boring.I think I should go back.
In the crowd she was walking.Suddenly she slipped and fell in somebody’s arms.
She looked at that person.It was Raman.She was stunned.

They shared a romantic eye lock.

Dil kahin Rukta Nahi

Dil Kahi Rukta Nahi

Chalta hi Jaaye Teri Ore

Dil Meri Sunta Nahi

Ho Saari Fiizaayo Me Hai Mehki Hawao Me Hai Tera Aur Mera Fasana,

Jaanu Mai bhi yeh, Jaane hai tu bhi yeh, Jaane Ye Saara Zamaana

Ho Kabhi Kam Na Ho Ye hai Chaahatein

Pal Pal Badhe ye hai Mohabbatein (x2)(YHM).

Ishita’s lips shivered:Raman!

Raman smiled:Ya.How is my surprise?
Ishita thought:He mistook me for Divya di.
Raman:I knew that you will be here.That’s why I came here to surprise you.
Ishita smiled:But Raman..why?
Raman:Because I wanted to be like you to make you happy.
Ishita was touched by his words.
Raman:Ishita…i want to dance with you.
Ishita was surprised:You can dance?
Raman:Actually I don’t know to dance.But to dance with you I learnt some steps from Abhishek.He dances well.
Ishiita:For making me happy you broke your comfort zone and tried to learn dance?
Raman:Anything for your happiness Ishita.

Ishita was touched by his words.
Raman:Shall we dance?
He held her hand

and started dancing.

Namaste behno aur bhaiyon
Bade hi kam shabdo mein
Aapko sunaana chata hu
Uss saal ka lokpriye geet, yeh!

Tu premi (yeah!)
Main premi (control)
Tu raazi (wait a minute)
Main raazi (uh ho!)
Tu.. aa ha!
Main.. aa ha!
Tu.. aa ha!

Salaam le jata huaa, udan khatola
Aur been bajati hui naagin!

Tu premi (aa ha!)
Main premi (aa ha!)
Tu raazi (aa ha!)
Main raazi…

Phir kya Daddy kya Amma
Ek bas tu hi pyaar ke kaabil
Saara jahaan hai nikamma…
Tamma tamma loge
Tamma tamma loge tamma (x2)
(Been bajati hui naagin)

Wo badal gaya!
Rakhun na baby koi bhi shanka
Apne pyaar ka baja doon danka
Tere mere beech mein jo koi bhi aaya
Uski laga doon lanka

Chhod chhad ke duniyadari
Bas tere piche pad gaya main
Sapno mein toh already
Ghodi-vodi chadh gaya main
Mujhko baby lucky kar
Baat humari pakki kar
Itna kya soche mujhe haan bol ke
Kaam tu nakki kar

Tujhe zaroorat mere jaise yaar ki
Mujhe zaroorat tere jaise yaar ki (x2)
Jale jo usko aur jalaao
Naacho chhamma chham chhamma…

Both felt passionate towards each other.
Ishita thought:I never felt this passion while dancing with Abhishek.I never felt so intimate with Abhishek.Why?
Raman thought:I have never been so happy with Ishita before.Why I feel different with her now?Why I feel so special now?

Tamma tamma..
Tamma tamma..
Upar chadhe ya neeche utrein
3.. 2.. 1.. kill it!
Loge… tamma tamma loge tamma
Tamma tamma loge
Tamma tamma loge tamma (x3)

Raman:To be frank I feel this was the most beautiful time I spent with you till date.
Ishita blushed.

Suddenly she felt guilty.
She thought:Raman belongs to Divya di.

Abhishek was passing by the temple.Because of traffic block he was stuck there.
He saw Divya dressed in a traditional attire in the temple compound.He could’nt believe his eyes.

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