Twin troubles ishRa SS Part 5

Twin troubles Part 5

Dedicated to Mansi who gave a jodi name to Raman Divya-RamYa.
Don’t worry guys.IshRa will be the end couple.

Abhishek saw Ishita being harassed by two guys.
He came running and pulled them back.
Abhi:Don’t you know how to behave with a girl?
Abhishek punched them and they ran away.
Ishita:Thank you so much.Because of you I got saved.Otherwise…

Abhishek:It’s ok.No need of saying thanks.
He extended his hand towards her:Hi..I am Abhishek…
She extended her hand towards him:Hi ..I am…
Suddenly she thought:Since Divya di is getting married to Raman as me,I should not reveal that my name is Ishita.
Ishita:I am Divya.
Abhishek:Cool name.
Ishita:Thank you.Ok then bye.I have to go back home.
Abhishek:Ok see you later.

Ishita came back from the pub.
Divya:You look tired.
Ishita:It was a drama in a pub.Oh.
Ishita:2 dirty guys misbehaved with me.
Divya was shocked:What?You are alright?Ishu..I told you many times.Late night parties and pubs are not safe.But you never listen to me.

Ishita:Chill Divya di.I am fine.Somebody saved me.
Ishita:Ya..One Abhishek saved me.
Divya smiled:He must be really good.A true man saves a girl from danger.
Ishita giggled:Guess more than me you are impressed with Abhishek .

Divya smiled:You know Ishu…that I believe that the man of our life…the Prince Charming enters our life as a savior.
Ishita giggled:So are you saying that Abhishek is the Prince of my life?
Divya:I don’t know as your idea about Prince Charming is different.
Ishita:Yes I don’t believe in it.I believe that our Prince Charming can enter pur life simply without our knowledge.And I am sure that my man will have peaceful entry in my life.
Divya:You are not at all peaceful.But you are expecting your man to enter your life peacefully?
Ishita:Ya…It’s strange.I don’t know why
Divya:Maybe unknowingly you prefer a peaceful soft homely man as your life partner.
Ishita giggled.
Ishita:But then Raman is not your Prince Charming as he did’nt enter your life saving you from danger.
Divya became dull.
Ishita:Just kidding yaar.
Divya smiled.

Raman rang up Divya.
Raman:Ya…I thought since our marriage is fixed we can go out together?
Divya smiled:But….
Divya you are an outgoing type as you are Ishu now.So say yes immediately.
Divya:Yes sure.Where?
Raman:We will go to the beach?

He smiled.

Raman and Divya met at the beach.They both smiled at each other shyly.
They walked along the sand chatting.
They sat on the rock wetting their legs in the water.
Raman:You love beach?’s beautiful.Do you swim in the sea water?

Raman:Not really.But my best friend Abhishek swims.He is crazy about that.You know he is just like you.Whenever he gets a chance he goes to pubs and dances.
Divya thought:Abhishek?Is he the one whom Ishu met at the pub?
Raman:Today was our first date as a couple.Shall we take a selfie?
They took selfies.

Abhishek was dancing on the floor.Suddenly he bumped into a girl.He turned back:Oh sorry…
Suddenly he saw her face.It was Ishita.
Abhishek:Divya…Oh,.never expected that I will meet you here.
Ishita:Me too.
Abhishek:Since we met today why don’t we dance together?
Ishita:Sure.My pleasure.
He held her hand and danced.

Hone Do Dil Ko Fana
Hone Do Dil Ko Tabah
Udne Do Har Ek Wo Tamanna…(2)
Aao Na…(3)
Hona Hai Fana
Ulfat Ka Hai Dariya
Ye Jaa Ek Qatra
Dariya Mein Hai Qatra
Ya Katra Mein Hai Dariya

They enjoyed a lot.While dancing their eyes got locked on to each others.

Saaya Hai Badan Ka
Ya Tan Me Chhupa Saaya
Dono Mil Gaye To
Kya Tan Kya Kya Saaya(Yuva).

Abhishek:Enjoyed a lot dancing with you.
Ishita:Me too.
Abhishek:Shall I have your number please?
Ishita:Why not?But you too should share your number with me.
They both giggled.

They exchanged their numbers with each other.
Abhishek:You know though I have danced with many girls I have never felt like asking their phone number.But seeing you I don’t know why…I felt that you will be my good friend.
Ishita smiled:Even I don’t make friends with others easily..especially the ones I meet here.But I found you genuine enough to make my friend.
Abhishek smiled.
Abhi:My only friend is Raman.Now you too is becoming my friend.
The name Raman struck her mind.
Ishita:What did you say?Who is your best friend?
Abhishek:Raman Bhalla.
Ishita was shocked.

Abhi:Ok bye.See you later.

Ishita told Divya about Raman’s friendship with Abhishek and she was shocked.
Divya:Raman had told me about his friend Abhishek.That time itself I had a doubt whether he is the same person whom you met at the pub.
Ishita was surprised:Really?
Divya:Ya.Now I am scared whether we will be caught.

Ishita:Don’t be scared .Abhishek has not recognized me yet.Guess he has’nt seen my photo from Raman.I told him that my name is Divya.So even if Raman shows my photo to him I don’t think it will be a big issue.I will pretend to be your sister.Don’t think too much and spoil your mood.

Abhishek to Raman:I met a smart girl named Divya at the pub.We became friends too.The only friend I have apart from you.

Raman:Guess very soon she will be your sweet heart.
Abhishek blushed.
Abhi:By the way how was your date with Ishita?
Raman blushed:It was lovely.

Abhi:That’s cool.Did you take photos?
Raman:Of course yes yaar.
Abhi:Show me.I have not seen your Ishita yet.
Raman:Actually my phone’s storage space was full.So I transferred them to my laptop and deleted the picture gallery as of now.I will show the pics in my laptop.
He switched on his laptop and pressed his picture document.Abhishek looked at it eagerly.

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