Twin troubles IshRa SS Part 10

Twin troubles Part 10
Dedicated to Srithika who gave jodi name to Divya Abhishek-DivAbhi

Ishita and Divya were guilty.
Divya:Ishu..I feel very guilty to fool Abhishek like this.He has the right to know the truth.

Ishita:You are right Divya di.I only started this.I took it easy.But now I also feel guilty.

Divya:Ishu…we should tell them the truth.They don’t even know that we are twins and 2 different people.
Ishita:Yes di.Since I started this I myself will tell the truth to Raman.After that you tell Abhishek.

Ishita rang up Raman.
Ishita:Raman…I need to talk to you.
Raman:Ok tell.
Ishita:Not now.I want to tell you directly as it’s an important matter.
Raman:Ishita…even I want to meet you.In fact I am dying to see you.But so sorry that today I can’t come to meet you.First of all engagement arrangements are pending.Then I need to do extra work today so that tomorrow I will be free for engagement function.
Ishita:But Raman…I need to talk to you directly.
Raman:Ishita…tomorrow we will be together.Right?So you can talk to me as much as you want.You can’t tell me I love you to me hundred times.

He giggled.
Raman:Ok,I am cutting the call as I need to go to the temple to seek blessings as tomorrow is an important day for us.
Ishita:But Raman…
He cut the call.
Ishita became upset.She turned to Divya.
Ishita:I could’nt say anything to Raman.
Divya:Oh no,What will we do now?Don’t you think before the engagement itself you need to tell him the truth?

Ishita:Yes.And I will do that tomorrow just before our engagement ceremony.
Divya:But in the last moment is it possible?
Ishita:I will make it possible and tomorrow there will be Abhishek too.So you can tal to him regarding it.
Divya:I feel tensed.
Ishita looked at her with a dull face.

Engagement venue.
The place was decorated beautifully.
Raman was in the dressing room with Abhishek.
Ishita and Divya arrived dressed up.

Toshi,Om Prakash,Shagun and Simi were shocked.
Simi:2 Ishita?Di,are you seeing what I am seeing?
Shagun:Yes Simi.I can’t believe my eyes.

Toshi:Ishita has twin sister also?You all did’nt tell us.
Madhu:Yes.Ishita’s twin sister is Divya.We thought when you all enquired about our family you all came to know about Divya too.
Mahesh:Everyone gets amazed to see both of them together.We thought you all were aware of it.

Om Prakash:No,we had no idea about it.So we are surprised.

Shagun:We only enquired about Ishita and family.But we were not aware of this twins thing.
Simi:But it’s cool.

Toshi:But good to see that our Ishita has a look alike.
Madhu:Ya.Everyone says this.

Everyone smiled.
Ishita sought Toshi and Om Prakash’s blessings.
Toshi:So this is our Ishita.
Ishita smiled.
Rano smiled seeing Divya and whispered to Raj:Divya is so pretty and traditional.I think she suits our Abhishek.
Raj:You are right.I also wish the same.

But Abhishek said he will choose his girl by himself.So it’s better not to dream about Divya.
Rano:Oh no…
Divya went inside to do some arrangements.Raman and Abhishek arrived.
Abhishek:Where is your Ishita yaar?
Raman:Your wait is over.Now you can meet her.
Suddenly Raman saw Ishita and brought Abhishek near Ishita.
Raman:This is my Ishita.
Abhishek got shocked.His lips shivered:This ..this is Ishita?
Raman:Yes..this is my Ishita.
Abhishek stared at Ishita.
Suddenly Divya came from behind shocking Raman and Abhishek.
Divya:Don’t worry Abhishek.I am your Divya and this is my twin Ishita.

Abhishek and Raman were stunned.Abhishek was relieved and smiled.
Abhishek:Divya…I got a heart attack.

Raman:This is so surprising.We never knew it.
Ishita:We both want to tell you an important matter.Come to the rest room.
Raman:But now?
Ishita:Yes.Remember Raman said I can talk to you today and it’s necessary to talk to you before our engagement ceremony.

4 of them moved to a private room.
Raman:Now say.What do you want to say?
Ishita and Divya were nervous.But they managed to say everything from the beginning.
Raman and Abhishek were shocked.

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