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Hii everyone. Ishita is back. This is a gift to WS from my side i cannot give an os sorry.
Actually i am working on a imp os and i will post it soon. I want to make that os the best os of my life so working on it and i am going out from 8th to 10th april so i am not sure if i will comment on ff or not but i will try my best.
Some important points:-
There were many fake people on TU and Me and my friends made Tanisha.25 on tu to revel these types of people so i request you please DONT GIVE YOUR PHONE NUMBER TO ANYONE its very harmful

If you have not read previous part 1st read it

Suman—ok now we should stop laughing like a mad and now come on sir is calling us.
Sir- now you all have to form a group of 2 and go
Suman and Pushkar see each other smiling. Sir noticed them.
Sir- Pushkar and Suman you ar not going togheter if you go then you would not study any problem???
Suman(sadly)- ok sir (cheerfully) so can I go with Preeti
Sir- no
Suman(sadly)-ok sir (suddenly remembered something) Shravan can I go with him
Sir- ok you can
Pushkar -So I would go with Preeti
Suman and Pushkar talk with eyes and go with respective patners.
Suman(to sanskar)- fast fast come sanskar we have to go this is a shortcut to the road which Preeti and Pushkar are going.
Shravan- bt do you know the way
Suman- oh why to worry when Suman is here we will find a way
Sanskar- ok then
Pushkar – hey chalo jaana hai
Preeti- kaha
Pushkar – Suman aur Shravan ke paas
Preeti- ha par kaise
Pushkar bas chalo
Pushkar holds Preeti’s hands and takes her along her
Other side
Shravan- aur kitna chalna hai thak gaya mai
Suman- bas thoda sa aur
Shravan- ye tum le last time bhi bola tha… kahi hum kho to nahi gaye
Suman- nai hum kyu kho jaaye ge hum hum bas raasta bhatak gaye hai
Shravan- ye same hota hai pagal
Suman- tum ne muje pagal kaha
Shravan- haa tum ho jab tumehe rasta hi nahi pata to kyu muje yaha leke aaye pata hai mai ktna thak gaya hu
Suman- haha galti insaan se hi hoti hai naa mai bhi insaan hu koi jaanvar to hu nai to phi muje par chaad mat jaa…..
Suman was going to take a step but trips and falls on Shravan.
They both fall down and Suman was on Shravan.Shravan stares her face and she was shocked seeing a tattoo on his neck. They come into senses due to a noise.
Shravan- uto gi ab moti
Suman- mai moti
Shravan- haa tu moti
Suman- tu na..
Shravan- sun abhi hum jhagad te nahi aur rest karte hai

Preeti and Pushkar were also lost.
Pushkar – Preeti shayyad hum kho gaye hai
Preeti- kya hum kho gaye ab ab hum kaise ghar jaayege
Pushkar – shaant shaant (suddenly hears some noise) kuch avaaz aa rahi hai ruko mai dhek kr aata hu
Preeti sees a way and thinks that she should tell it to Pushkar .
Here Pushkar sees Suman and Shravan . He sees Preeti.
Pushkar – sorry Suman bt aaj nai aaj thoda sa time Preeti ke saat bitane me maza aaye ga aakhir crush hai meri
Bt unfortunately Shravan sees him.
Shravan- Suman waha kuch hai mai ek min me aaya
Shravan to Pushkar – kya huh tu yaha jarur tum lok bhi raasta bhul gaye hoge oh tumhari hi meherbani hogi nahi tu aur meri Preeti haa vo vaha khadi hai mai use bula kr aat hu
Pushkar holds his hand and stops him
Pushkar – bhai thoda time spend kar ne de teri Preeti ke saath bhai samaj bhai meri crush ahi bhai plsssssssss
Shravan(in his mind)- chao isse bahane muje bhi Suman ke saath time spend kar lunga
Shravan to Pushkar – thik hai jaa par dhayan rak naa uska
Pushkar – than you bhai thank you bt u also have crush on Suman ri8
Shravan- vo mai aise kuch vo………….ha
Pushkar – pata tha muje aakhir tu
Shravan- chal abhi chup aur jaaa
Shravan and Pushkar go.
Shravan sits and takes out a dairy milk.
Suman- dairy milk muje bhi doo na plss
Shravan- nai tumne muje guma diya abhi koi chocolate nai
Suman makes a sad face.
Shravan- accha thik hai le lo
She eats it like a kid and Shravan just stares her and smiles.

Preeti- see there is a way
Pushkar – haa chalo pr ye kya lizard
Preeti- kaha hai kahi hai(She gets scared)
She hugs Pushkar .Pushkar blushes hard.
Pushkar – thi chali gai
Preeti( breaks the hug)- ohh sorry
Pushkar – it ok vase tum darti ho tab cute bhaut lakti ho
Preeti blushes hard
Pushman and Shriti found a way to come out of that forest and everyone went home—
Pushman’s home-
Suman was remembering Shravan and was blushing hard suddenly Pushkar came.
Suman- what happened
Pushkar – I want to tell you something
Suman – me too
Pushkar – its about Preeti wait do you want to tell me something related to Shravan
Suman- yes but you tell first
Pushkar – no ladies first
Suman- no you and do say no pls
Pushkar – ok lets do a thing we both would say it together ok?
Pushkar – I love Preeti
Suman- I love Shravan
Shriti’s home—
Here Preeti was crying. Shravan came and saw her like this.
Shravan- What happened to my Preeti why is she crying
Preeti- vo Pushkar
Shravan- Pushkar ? He made you cry I will not leave him
Preeti- no actually I Love him
Shravan- so what why there is a need to cry even I love Suman
Preeti- no but I don’t know if he love me or not
Shravan- wait you should ask him fine I think he loves you too
Preeti- but I want a promise from you
Shravan- what promise
Preeti- tomorrow you will propose Suman I don’t want you to be alone promise me
Shravan- ok promise bas

Sawlak’s home
Pushkar – whattttttttttt i am so happy for you and Shravan
Suman- what ar you trying to say
Pushkar – no no nothing you should ask him
Suman- I know I know but you should also ask Preeti about it
Pushkar – I will do so but i am nervous
Suman- learn something from me i don’t believe u ar my bro
Pushkar – is it so then tell me how should I propose her
Suman- listen *ITS MUTED GUYS*
Shravan- okk ar you happy noe?
Preeti- yes I am but how ar you going to propose Suman?
Shravan- i don’t know but I will manage don’t worry
Preeti- you ar world’s best bro I love you
Shravan – I love my Preeti too
Shravan and Pushkar talk to each other on phone and talk about the proposals.
Shravan- ok that would be a good Idea
Pushkar – ya first me then you ok now meet you tomorrow be ready
Shravan- ok fine
Its night both Suman and Preeti are sound asleep.
Shravan comes in Suman’s room and leaves a gift and a chit. Pushkar also does the same.
In the Morning,
Suman and Preeti both ar not able to find Pushkar and Shravan home.
Suman notices the gift and the chit.

Hello Suman, good morning. See the gift is for you from me. Its me ohh let me not tell you who I am. Wear this dress and come to collage garden at 8 pm sharp ok?
Suman- ok who must be “ME”
Suman opens the gift and finds a beautiful dress
Preeti also notices the gift

Hey Preeti. You saw that gift its for you from my side. In that dress you would look more cute than you were looking that day when u were afraid. Come to collage garden at 7 55 sharp okay? I would be waiting.
Preeti- who it must be?
She opens it and too finds a beautiful dress and suddenly remembers the scene when she was with Pushkar and was frightened due to lizard
Preeti- Pushkar (blushes hard)
Preeti was dressed and was looking beautiful like a fairy. She entered the college and saw a mob. She went in the centre of the mob and saw someone standing there. He was none other than Pushkar . He was looking very handsome.
Pushkar – Preeti Preeti Preeti You know when I saw you I never knew that You would become most important person in my life with Suman I never knew this would happen I never knew that I would end up falling in love with you I don’t know when this happened when i fell in love with you but I LOVE YOU………….And I promise you the day I will go on knees for another girl is the day I will tie a shoe lace for our daughter So ( HE SITS ON HIS KNEES). Preeti was blushing hard.
MS. PREETI would you like to enter my heart in present and become my beautiful future will you accept me?
Preeti was speechless she had mixed emotions. She was happy shocked and confused. But the fact was she also loved him. A drop of tear rolled down her cheek and she cried YES. Her answer was yes Pushkar took her hand and made her wear a ring he bought for her. She was flying in sky due to happiness she cannot utter any word.
Pushkar – come here Preeti you have to see something else also
She walked with him……. They stood with the mob and Shravan came
Like Preeti Suman came in the middle of mob…
Shravan- Suman I love you I don’t know how to propose like other boys but I am telling what I feel and the feeling is of love so SUMAN I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH…
Suman laughed and walked a little
Shravan- arre ans to deti jaao (give me the answer plss)
Suman- jaa de de apne dosto ko party (go and give party to your friends) saying this Suman blushed hard
Shravan smiled took her hand and made her wear ring.
They hugged each other tightly.
Shravan told Suman about the Pushkar proposal.
Suman- I know abt it
Shravan- how?
Suman- my lucky told me about it
Suddenly Pushkar and Preeti came and hugged Suman and Shravan respectively
Pushkar – I am glad that 2 most imp women of my life are best frds and no war for being 1st or 2nd
Shravan – same here
Suman- Vaise Shravan I should be most important
Preeti- yes Pushkar I should be most important
Suman and Preeti looked each other and laughed each other. Then all 4 of them started laughing.

A girl and A boy closes a book named twin trouble.
A women calls the girl and boy ‘Ishaani’ “Ishaan ’ is that over.
Yes they were RagLak and Swasan daughter and son respectively.
Both the couple came.
Preeti- we ar going to a resort come fast
Both- yes coming
BothIshani strikes with a boy and the boy calls her moti and Ishaan strikes with a girl and she falls in his arms.
A voice – History is being repeated friends………

I know guys it would be very hard for you guys to accept all this as its going very fast but what to do my exams are there so wanted to complete it very fast . So sorry guys very sorry.
Sry if it bored you.
Thank you for bearing me

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    1. IME

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