Twin Trouble (SWASAN and RAGLAK) (T SHOTS) ||SHOT 1||

Hey guys its Ishita back and this time with a Two or Three shots and it based on both SWASAN and RAGLAK.
Hope u guys like it. So lets start—
Swara, laksh, ragani and sanskar are college students. Swara and Ragini are best frds anf laksh and sanskaar anr best friends.
Swara- tll me na yrr tell me whom do u love
Ragini- no at the righttime
Swara- i am tired of waiting for your right time. When would it come tell me now otherwise I would not eat anything
Ragini- ok don’t tell it to any one I love La…
Suddenly Laksh comes from behind and hugs Swara
Laksh – He love! I am going home I am a little bit sick. Dont take tension I would be fine soon.
Swara- but..
Laksh- NO no question please, byee
Swara – ok byee
Laksh—would be waiting for you
Swara- ok byeee miss you

Suddenly the bell rang and swara and ragini had their class. They left for the classes.
Ragini was walking absent-minded. She was heartbroken knowing that swara and laksh were in love with each other. That day she went back home and cried a lot. She fell ill. For a few days she didn’t attended the college.
One day swara came to Ragini’s house.
Swara- Ragini where ar you? Why you didn’t came to college. You know how much I missed you??
Ragini- ohh swara I was ill.
Swara- so get well now tomorrow there is a college trip. They are going to take us to the Forest.
Suddenly a boy comes and gives Ragini medecines. Swara looked him. He was so handsome.She got attracted towards him. He also attracted towards her and was mesmerised by her beauty.
Ragini- Swara meet him he is my brother i mean my twin brother Sanskar
Yes he is our sanskar.
Sanskar – Nice to meet you Ms. Swara
Swara- how do u know me?
Sanskar- I know ragini’s every friend bt she talks you about most of the times. I never saw you but ragini told me about the tattoo. You both have the hand. Laksh also talks about a lot he loves you immensely
Swara- yes I love him too
Swara went back to her house to do trips preps and ragini was crying.
Ragini- I loved him.

TRIP DAY————————————-
Everyone was in the bus. They all were doing fun bt ragini was actually sad.
They all reach the forest.
Professor- u all have to make a grp of 4 and then try to explore new things
Swara to ragini- u me laksh and sanskaar we me a perfect group.
Ragini- ok
They 4 start moving. Suddenly ragini falls down due to a rock. Laksh gets concerned lifts her up and bring her aside.
Laksh- swara give me the first aid box
Swara- yes take it
Laksh- go stand there with sanskar he also has a phobia of blood.
Swara- ok
Sanskaar to swara- wait here I would bring some flowers there for ragini she loves them
Swara- ok

Some men come from behind and bully swara. One of them try to touch her but laksh holds his hand and slaps him.
MEN1- who are u and what she is to u ?
Laksh- she is my sister. Now you dare to touch her i will kill you
Laksh starts beating him and sanskkar come and also helps laksh.
There ragini was trying to get up.Laksh sees this and helps her .Swara keeps staring at sanskaar while he angrly beets the men. The men run away. Sanskar sees swara staring at him. They share an eye lock.laksh brings ragini there.
Swara- thank you sanskar
Sanskar- its ok bt you both are brother sister I thought you both were
Ragini- me too i also thought that
Swara and laksh starts laughing loudly
Swara- we both are fraternal twins too just like you
Ragini and Sanskaar ger relivied and happy.
They too start laughing loudly.

Ignore mistakes.
Sry if it bored you


  1. nikky

    nice amazing love it plzz give raglak moment and yaar give ff of raglak plzzz write for me it’s a request hopefully u full fill

    • IME


      Thank you Nikky bt I am sorry because I cant write any ff I stopped writing them as I am not able to continue them regularly and not able to think so much and continue a story line

  2. Fairy

    |Registered Member

    Hehe i loved ur precap…hahahah 😀 …now about d chapppy..mmm …well KYU BATAU..HAHAHAH nai nai batana to padega …dat it ws sooooooooo awesomeee…swalak n ragsan r siblings…frst i also thought dat swalak love eo..n my rags heart wl u added a twist.. 😉 d way laksh ws concerned about rags ws sooo sweeet…waitng for nxt part…keep rockng n stay blesssed sweeeety 😀 😉 😉 😀

  3. Mynalove

    |Registered Member

    what is this KYU BATAU

    well first of all hi Ishita(i forgot to tell u that i’m now registered and so sorry for it…………..u might remember me as myna)

    this concept was amazing
    waah………swalak and ragsan are twins…… lovely

    take care

  4. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    Hahaha,it’s so funny😂😂.. Loved it..Plz continue.. Waiting for nxt..
    Take care
    Keep smiling😀

  5. Manasvi

    |Registered Member

    Mast episode chhe!!
    Majja padi gayi!!
    And you can tell me the precap in gujarati na!!
    Dont worry, no one will understand!!😂
    Ohk so coming to the story, it is amazing and now m waiting for the nxt shot..
    But dont compromise it with your studies..
    And as Sarika dii said, “na batata, pachchhi tara pet ma dukhashe!!😂

    • IME


      Ty manu ane ha precap kem batau??huh
      hahaha nai dhuke maru pet and yes nxt ma btavj padse
      would post nxt asap
      love u

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