Twin Sisters Episode 3


Twin Sisters
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Episode 3
It’s Morning.. Gia wakes up! Gia is half slept.. She says- Wake Up Ria..
She looks beside her. She opens here eyes and stares at the bed for a while…
Gia- Ria? Where is Ria.. Must be in Washroom.. She knocks- Hey, Ria? Are u there.. The door is opened..
Gia- Last night.. She slept with me..
She comes out of her room and goes downstairs.. She searches every room..
Ananya- What are you searching for?
Gia- Ria is missing Aunty..
Ananya- Oh! She must be with Arnav..
Gia- Oh… I must call her..
She calls Ria… Her phone rings.. It’s inside the room..
She calls Arnav..
He recieves the call..
Gia- Is Ria with you..
Arnav- No! Why? What happened?
Gia tells him everything..
Arnav- Check if your car is in garage or not..
Gia checks.. The car is in the garage..
She calls Arnav again..
Gia- It is there Arnav..
Arnav- Ok wait.. I have some work.. After completing that, I will come to your home.. Then we will solve the problem together.
Gia- Ok.. Arnav..
Arnav disconnects the call and says- Nikita…
Arnav calls Nikita-
Arnav- Where is Ria?
Nikita- Umm.. I don’t know Arnav…
Arnav- I know she is with you.. She is my…
Nikita- Calm down Arnav… I have kidnapped Gia,.. U don’t love me. And you love Gia. So, I will kill her…
Arnav- It’s not Gia whom you have kidnapped.. It’s her twin, Ria..
Nikita- Ok fine.. But if you will not marry me, I will kill Ria…
Arnav- Ok! Just Calm Down.. Tell me where to meet..
Nikita- My home..
She disconnects the call..
Arnav is angry..
Arnav calls Gia..
Arnav- I will not come.. I know where is Ria..
Gia- But why?
He disconnects the call..
Gia is confused..
Arnav drives..
He reaches Nikita’s house..
Nikita is standing outside..
Arnav- Where is Ria? (Angrily)
Nikita- Calm Down Angry Young Man.. She is with me.. Safe.. But she is safe until you agree..
Arnav- What do you mean?
Nikita- Come inside!
Arnav goes..
The house is decorated…
Arnav- What is all this?
Nikita- Decorations!
Arnav- For what?
Nikita- Your and mine’s engagement..
Arnav- What?
Nikita- Yes Arnav..
Arnav- No..
Nikita points towards a room..
Nikita- Are you able to see that room? In which Ria is?
Arnav- What?
Nikita- Yes.. And if you won’t get engaged today, my guards will shoot her!
She claps three times.. A guard comes out pulling Ria’s hand tight..
Arnav sees that there is a knife.. on a plate with some fruits..
Nikita- Now, you will decide..
Arnav picks up the knife and holds Nikita tight and keeps the knife near Nikita’s neck..
Guard gets alert.. He leaves Ria and runs to save Nikita..
Arnav points towards the door..
Ria and Arnav Runs..
Arnav sits in the car… Ria also sits.. Arnav drives fast..
Nikita comes out with his guard..
And shouts- Arnav, you must have ran away today but no one can save these two sisters from me..
Ria looks out and gives her an angry look..
Nikita is stunned seeing that..
Ria laughs..
Ria- Thankyou so much Arnav.. If you wouldn’t be there.. Then..
Arnav- Oh come on! You are my friend Ria!
Ria smiles.. Arnav also smile… Arnav drops Ria..
Gia is sitting tensed.. She sees Ria.. Gia runs and hugs her and cries.. Gia takes her to the room..
Gia- Ria! Where were you.? Don’t you know how much tensed I was..
Ria- Actually, Last night.. I wake up.. You were sleeping… I was a little bit thirsty so I went out to drink some water.. When I moved out.. And went downstairs.. I saw someone coming in from window.. I followed him.. Then he saw your picture in his phone and saw me… I tried to run and call you but he hitted something on my head.. After that… What happened? I don’t know..
Ria tells her today’s incident..
Gia- Oh My God! Ria! But I am happy we are together again.. I love you..
Ria- I love you more..
Gia- No I!
Ria- No I!
Gia hits her with a pillow.. Ria tries to defend with another pillow..
They both laugh!!
Precap is a surprise..

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  1. Sree_deeksha

    Nice one sareena…. waiting for the surprise episode..

    1. Sareena

      Thankyou Deeksha di

  2. Nice episode sad for gia

    1. Sareena

      Yes? In the end, everyone knows, Gia will die, but something else will happen
      Keep reading!!

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