Twin Sisters Episode 2


Twin Sisters
I hope that you enjoyed the first episode! In case, you missed it, read it here:
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It’s Morning.. Ria wakes up..
Ria- Wake up Gia.. Today we have to go to the doctor..
Gia- Oh God! Ria! Okay.. I will go and take bath!
They get ready!
Ria- Let’s Go!
Gia- Okay!
Gia picks up their mom and Dad’s picture and says- Mamma Papa.. Today, your Gia is going to the doctor.. I hope everything will be fine…
Ria- Come on Gia.. Let’s Go..
Gia wipes her tears and go…
Ria- Were you crying?
Gia- No.. Why?
Ria- Oh Gia! I am your sister.. Don’t lie..
Gia- Let’s go.. Or we will be late..
Gia goes out of room.. Ria sees their parent’s picture and says bye mom and dad!!!…
They both go together!
Ananya- (After their mom and dad passed, ananya, their mom’s sister had to raise them up) Hey! Where are you both going?
Ria- Oh Aunty! We are going to the Doctor!
Ananya- Oh.. Okay.. But take care of yourself..
Gia- Yes Aunty.. Thankyou! Bye Aunty!
Ananya- Bye!
Ria and Gia comes out of house.. Arnav is passing by in his car.. He stops the car!
Arnav- Are you both going somewhere? May I drop you?
Gia- Yes.. Actually!
Ria- Oh Just Stop It! You mind your own business!
Gia- Uh Oh! Ria! You started this again..
Ria holds her hand tight and move towards their car..
Ria- Sit in the car!
Gia- But Arnav!
Ria- Let him stand there.. he will go himself!
Gia sits in the cars.. Ria drives the car..
Gia gives Arnav a sad look and Ria gives him an angry look..
Arnav smiles at both of them… And drives in opposite direction..
They both reach the hospital.. They go inside.. Gia goes to the doctor’s cabin…
Doctor- Gia, According to the reports, it’s all ok.. But you need prayers.. Medicines can’t do so much.. We all are with you trying hard..
Gia- (Gets a little emotional) So will I die?
Dr- No.. But you have to take care of urself..
Gia- Thankyou Doctor..
Dr.- Now can you call the one who came with you.. You can leave
Gia- Sure!
Gia goes out and Ria comes in!
Dr- Ms Ria.. Your sister,Ms Gia.. Can’t live for more than some days.. She needs prayers.. So it’s good that you keep her away from shock
Ria- Ok Doctor.. I will try my best.. Thankyou..
Ria is shocked.. But she goes out..
Gia- What happened? Everything is alright.. I will be ok..
Ria- Yes Gia..(with tears)
Gia- You know! I can’t see tears in your eyes! So?
Ria- Nothing! Let’s Go..
Gia- But…?
Ria- Let’s go! Ria and Gia both go..
Ria sits in the car..
Ria- Gia, I have some work in library.. You reach home.. I will come..
Gia- But..! Umm.. Ok but come back soon..
Ria- OK..
Gia goes.. Pia thinks- Sorry Ria for lying… But I can’t tell you.. I wanna apologise.. I hope Arnav will forgive me..
She reaches Arnav’s house..
Ria- I hope Arnav will be there!
She goes inside!
A lady comes..
Ria- Is Arnav there?
Lady- Oh Gia! Arnav would be coming.. you can sit and wait for him!
Ria- I am Ria… Not Gia..
Lady- Uh.. Ok.. You wait for him.. Ria nods her head and sits.. She sees that a diary is there on table.. She picks it up and sees it..
Ria- It’s Arnav’s Handwriting..
She reads-
You are my love, my heartbeat, My everything Gia! But.. (She turns the page) But sometimes I think.. When you will leave the world… How will I bear the pain.. All know that your heart is weak.. I love you Gia.. I will love you forever..
Ria gets emotional after reading.. Suddenly Arnav Comes.
Arnav- Gia! You are here? How?
Ria- Yes actually….(Recovers herself suddenly) Hey I am Ria..
Arnav- Oh.. I can’t believe.. Are you kidding?
Ria- I wanted to say sorry… For my behaviour.
Arnav- Aah! Really? Am I daydreaming?
Ria- Oh! Come On Arnav.
Arnav- (laughs) It’s OK.. I know that you realised late.. He laughs
Ria-(angrily) Thankyou Arnav..
She picks up diary and says- Your diary!
Arnav- Oh! Thankyou.. You read it? I hope you didn’t! He smiles
Ria- I did.. She laughs..
Arnav looks at her with a weird face..
Ria- You look like a monkey.. Hahaha!
Arnav- That is my personal diary..
Ria- Oh Sorry.. I didn’t knew..
Arnav- Hahaha! It’s Ok.. But I hope now you believe me..
Ria- Bye Arnav.. And yes.. I believe you.. I read your diary… You love Gia… But because of her heart problem.. She can’t live for so much time..
Arnav- But! But.. But I know.. She will not leave me alone..(suddenly changes the topic) Listen.. I am Going to Bangalore for some urgent work next week.. I know it will be too much fun..
Ria- Yeah.. You will enjoyyyy!! Now I wanna leave.. Ok Bye..
Arnav- No please stay..
Ria- No.. Sorry.. Gia would be waiting..
Arnav- Ok! So I will drop you..
Ria- No.. I will go on my own..
Arnav- But..
Ria- Bye Arnav..
She leaves hurriedly.. Arnav smiles..
Ria reaches home.. Ria- I went to meet Arnav.. For apologising.. And there I saw his diary.. Personal Diary.. In which.. (she tells everything) And he wrote this..
Gia gets sad suddenly..
Gia- I know… I know that Arnav loves me..
Ria- Yes Gia, I was wrong… You were right..
Gia- I am always right.!
They both laugh…
PRECAP- Gia wakes up.. She sees that Ria is not sleeping.. She checks in washroom, searches the whole house… But Ria is still not found.. Their car is also in garage.. Gia calls Ria.. But her phone is in their room.. Gia thinks- Where would Ria be?
Info- These starting episodes are funny and their story mostly tells about the conditions and people in the .. And all the events which will occur.. Also it can give you an idea.. Of what will happen.. In the end.. The ending will be surprising!! Get ready.. Approximately the story will end in 10-15 episodes… Keep reading!!!!!
I should write shorter Episodes!!

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