Twin Sisters Episode 1


Name- Twin Sisters
It’s a story by me! It’s a very interesting story on the life of Two Sisters who are Twins.. They both look same, They have everything same except one thing..! You will get to know about it if you will read it daily! ?

Ria and Gia, the two twins, are sitting together with their childhood pictures!
Ria- Gia.. Oh My God.. We are looking too cute..
Gia- Yes Ria! I like being with you.. I wanna be with you forever?
Ria- But this is not possible….
There was silence for a moment.. Then Gia changed the topic of conversation..
Gia- I miss those silly moments of our school when you were punished for my mistake…
Suddenly they started laughing..
Ria- I was punished for your silly faults!
Gia- Being with you is beneficial!!
They knew that Gia don’t have much time left in this world… Gia had a hole in her heart… So her heart was weak…
Ria- I can’t live without you Gia…
Gia- Oh My God Ria! See you are looking so good in this picture..
Ria- Don’t change the topic Gia!
Gia- Uh Oh! See this pic…
Ria- Just stop Gia! Don’t you know anytime you can….
Gia stands up suddenly
Gia- Yes I know I have a hole in heart.. So I can’t live.. Every day every moment.. Everyone is praying for me.. You.. Arnav.. Mom.. Dad..
But one day you will realise that I am gone..
Ria- Arnav don’t love you.. I know
Gia- He loves me Ria.. You won’t understand!
Ria- Okay Fine.. I will realise your absence.. You will realise that his love is fake..
Gia- Oh Come On Ria!
Ria- No! I! I will miss you…
Ria hugs Gia.. Gia and Ria cries
Ria- I love you
Gia- I love you too….

Precap- Gia goes to Doctor .. Doctor sees reports and calls Ria..
Doctor- Sorry Ms.Ria.. Your sister don’t have much time left.. Make sure she don’t get a sudden shock.. It can lead to her death.. Don’t tell her anything about it.. This can give her a shock!!!!!!!!!
Ria- I will try my best Doctor… This will remain between you and me..

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  1. yashasvi ( yashu )

    woww nyz sareena something diff. cont.soon….. luved it

    1. Sareena

      Thanks Yashu?

  2. Intresting

    1. Sareena

      Do read the next episodes ?

  3. Sree_deeksha

    Nice one Sareena…..

    1. Sareena

      Thanks Deeksha☺?

  4. Richa

    Nycooööö ☺

    1. Sareena

      Thankyou Richa☺

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  6. Richa

    Hey sareena actualy ma lappy with sis and phn itz nt wrking prprly msg nt going 😛 bt ans 2 d ques is lol sure dr 😉 tc c u soon

    1. Sareena

      Really whatever you wrote is not going inside my brain.. lol.. hahaha

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