It’s Twilight (Part – 2. Attractions, Distractions and the Spell)

And I hate how much I love you…
I can’t stand how much I need you…
And I hate how much I love you boy…
But I just can’t let you go…
And I hate that I love you so…


Sona was singing jumping on the bed like mad….throwing pillows….
Said it’s not fair….
How you take advantage of the fact…
That I… you beyond the reason why…
And it just ain’t right…oye hoyee….And it just ain’t right

Elena jumped on the bed and started the singing round
….And I hate how much I love you girl
I can’t stand how much I need you…yeahhh..
And I hate how much I love you girl…
But I just can’t let you go..

But I haaaaaate that I looooooooove……and then you kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiissssss…..”Bas kar Elena bas kar itna kiss aur love mat kar..” Sona said throwing the pillow at her.
“Oye what is this…You can sing but I can’t…Soooooona not fair…By the way romantic song at this time..What’s the matter??” Elena poked her.
“Don’t tease me.Chal bhaag…aa jati hai chapad chapad karne.”
“No something is there…and I hate how much I looooove you boy….Sona Is Dev…tantaraaaaa…tarararaa..”
“Dimag kharab mat kar…” Sona irritatingly said.
“And then you kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii….”
Sona took a stick and Elena is Elena so she ran away seeing Sona’s Jyanti maa Bhadrakaali mode.

Sona opened her eyes in the morning ,something was differet.
It was the light. She checked her mobile and jumped up.

“Oh God I am late. God plz save me from this Mr. Obodro.” She groaned in horror.
“Why God should save you from Mr. Obodro??” Entry of Elena at the WRONG time for Sona but at the RIGHT time for us.
“What are you talking about…all nonsense. I am late. ”
“Late to meet Mr….”
“Aisa kuch nahi hai..Why didn’t you wake me up??”
“Socha ki thodi der aur tujhe sapna dekhna doon…(Elena…all set to run.)…Mr. Dev Dixiiiiit ke.” She ran outside.

She entered Ishwari Villa like a thief….at slow pace….without making any noise and tried to enter the kitchen without her being noticed….but in vain because he had already….
“Miss Bose…”
She looked in the direction of voice. He got downstairs.

“Bhaag ja Sona..bhaag ja…chehra mat dekhiyo…samjhi” Her mind spoke but dil hai ki manta nahi…bada nasamaj hai kuch janta nahi.
“Wo sorry…mujhe late ho gaya. Nind der se khuli” She gave explanation.
“It’s okay. It happens sometimes.” Dev replied.
“Really..Mr. Obodro and IT’S OKAY.” She murmured.
“Did you say something?”
“No not at all.”
“Even I am late today. This moment is really awesome for me. ” His voice ,amazingly, sounded like a 8 years old child….full of joy. A fine line automatically appeared near her lips seeing him like that…with happiness on his face. He was still in track pants..she noticed.
“Congratulations…Miss sorry Dr. Bose.” He continued.
“It’s okay.”
“Did you say something?”
“You are looking good.” Words came from her mouth unknowingly but it was no less than murmuring.
“What?” He asked.

“Offo bhaiya. Eeeeee Sona di….you are looking gorgeous. Kisko flat karne ka irada hai?” Nikki excitedly said.
“Chup kar Nikki.” Sona said.
“Accha chodo. Chalo na let’s watch Siddu baby’s brand new movie. Plz” Nikki requested Sona.
“How many times I have told you not to call him Siddu baby. Tere bheje mein toh koi gusti hi nahi hai.” Dev irritatingly said.
“So what should I call him…” Nikki questioned.
“PARAM PUJNIYA SIDDHARTH MALHOTRA” Reply came quickly with smirk on her face..This was Sona.
Nikki started dragging Sona towards her room….Di plz chalo na. Plz ….You know na I am very moody. Whenever I am alone I get bored….Plz
“Nikki tumhara exam hai na. Chalo padai karo.” Sona said.
“Plz let me watch param pujniya Siddharth Malhotra’s movie….only for centuries or two…”
“Dr. Bose is right. Nikki you should go and study. You have your tests lined up next week.”
“And bhaiya you….what are you doing here? Why aren’t you ready ? Get some work dood. Hey what are you waiting for. I guesssss…..your girlfriend.”
“Nikki..” But she was gone.

Dev turned and found Sonakshi giggling.
“Dr. Bose. Go to your work.” She started leaving. “and yeah…” She stopped. “You are looking gorgeous.”
“Thank you.” She turned only to witness herself standing alone in the hall.
“Wait..what he said…I AM GORGEOUS. How dare he?? Ok compliment is fine but I don’t need…I am not starving for his compliments. Aane do batati hoon but before that I need to instruct Kichu Bhaiya about auntyji’s breakfast. Let’s move Sona.”

There in Bose residence Elena was poking Sourav.
“Dada batao na..”
“Kya ??”
“Kab se kya puch rahi hoon.”
“Sona aur Mr. Obodro ka koi chakkar wakkar ho sakta hai kya??”
“ minute…haan haan” He had a burger in his hand. Laptop was open and he was busy doing some work. Elena’s naughty mind suddenly planned a full proof plan and she decide to execute it.
“Dada ye dress dekho…aaj hi kharidi hai…acchi hai na”
“haan haan”
“Dada I am beautiful na”
“haan haan”
“Sona is chudail.”
“haan haan.”
“Sona bahot badi bhootni hai na.”
“haan haan.”
“Sona ko pita jaye kya?”
“haan haan”
“Dada aapke saare sweets, pizza, burger etc etc utha ke phek doon na.”
“haan haan…kya?? Nahiiiiiiiiiiiii.. tune chune ki himmat bhi kin a Sona ko tere khilaf bhadka dunga.”
“How will you do it when I am ready with your upcoming punishment…hi hi hi hi “ And she played that record.
“Meri maa…Plz deleat it na.Plz.”
“On one condition.”
“What condition?”
“Dada let’s torture Sona.”
“Ye feature toh mujh mein by default hai…hehehehe…” Sourav laughed just like Ravan and Elena gave him company….so it was like Ravan and Kumbhkaran laughing at the same speed with the walls vibrating and Asha, Bejoy shouted” Football and Pucki what are you doing? Why are you both laughing like hell?”
“Nothing Mesho. Just a joke.”
Bejoy was watching cricket match on TV.
“Oyee hoyee sixer. Arre bacho aise hi haste raho.” Bejoy commanded.
“Command accepted baba.” And both again hihahahahahahahahah…hihihahahahah…hiahahahahah..

Sona was done with her work. Dev told her that he would drop her. She wanted to hit him hard with a stick…first she argued but then she was not in a mood to fight. Dev dropped her at her home. Sourav was watching this from the window.
She entered and Sourav played the song…ho gaya hai tujhko toh pyar sajna..

“Dada aisa kuch nahi hai.” Sona shouted.
“Jhoot…” Sourav said increasing Sona’s irritation.

“Sona kahin Mr. Dixit…” Bejoy asked.
“Boyfriend nahi hai baba…boss hai..” Sona replied.
“Jhoot…” All said in a rhythm.

She came out after finishing her breakfast. Dev’s car just stopped.**Ab ye mat puchna kaise…Arre bhai ye FF hai yahan sab hota hai.**She proceeded towards the car…actually not her…her subconscious…unconscious whatever…was taking her there. She felt her family peeping from the door and windows and turned,they hided themselves.

She opened the door and got inside the car with irritation clearly visible on her face.

“Kya hua?” Dev asked.
“Kuch nahi.”
“Jhoot…” Dev said and then looked in other direction. He could easily sense the irritation on her face meaning something funny has just happened. She looked at him and then moved her gaze and smiled. He had got the view via car’s mirror. He couldn’t resist smiling.

Now after 3 days of long wait. It was time for their flight.

Today was the most awaited day…yeah most awaited day but most funny day in the other way. Today was the way ,when Sonakshi was travelling by a plane…..obviously she was freaking out. They got their place. It was not that she had never travelled by air but she had this nervousness each and every time she travelled by air. She was damn nervous. To add fuel in her nervousness, few weeks ago, there was a plane hijack.

Dev was having a lot of fun looking at Sona. When it was take off time, she was praying continuously.”Hey God ji Plz na let me reach there safely. I have a lot of dreams to fulfill…aur kitni baar batao..thik hai…thik hai..bata deti hoon…I want my love story, travel around the world, I have to see the pyramids of Egypt, Niagra falls, I want to finish all the levels of Project IGI,finish Temple Run and many more….sab bataya tha na itni jaldi bhul gaye bade bhulakkad ho….thik hai from now on your name is Mr. Bhulakkad….I have to do many things..plz plz….let me live na…plz…plz..” According to her she was not praying loudly….yeah nobody could hear except Dev….it was loud enough that he could hear.

He started giggling.
“Oh my God…I’m going to die…plz Dev bacha lo…I don’t want to die.” She held Dev’s hand who was sitting right next to her. He felt current in his hand with her touch. He saw her face…first time saw her frightened face….her eyes closed just like a newborn baby.

The plane was now in the air with no turbulence. Sona opened her left eye then her right.

“Mai kaun hoon…mai kahan hoon…bach gayi kya?” She stared blankly at Dev who had a hell darnewala expression on his face. He thought to crack a joke.
“Who are you? I can hear your voice but can’t see you. Hello.” Dev said controlling his laughter.
“marr gayi kya??” Sona questioned innocently and Dev burst into laughter.
She took out the book Twilight from her handbag and started reading it. Dev didn’t know Twilight being a romantic novel so he asked about the storyline.
“It is about a 17 years old girl who falls in love with….”
“Not interested..” He coldly replied.
“Then why you asked me….nobody cares for me. Everyone is interested in wasting my time. “
“I asked you just a simple question and when I was not interested,I told you na so how I wasted your time?”
“Sir Maam plz…I request both of you… Plz don’t fight here yatrigano ko taklif hogi…By the way Sir,your wife is really very beautiful and Maam sir supported you when you were nervous…so no need to fight. Is it??” Airhostess asked. She was hired on this job just a few days ago and thus didn’t know much about this business stuff.
“No “ Both replied.
“Thank you for undersatanding the situation.”

The trip was of 5 days.

1st day-Arrival and Rest
2nd day-Function
3rd day-Photo session
4th day-Rest
5th day-Rest and departure

On 1st day, Sona irritated Dev showing him Twilight again and again, narrating love stories among nutritionists loud enough that Dev could hear.

At the event,a person again addressed Sona as Dev’s wife. She was damn angry.
Sona was given the award. Everyone congratulated her. People were shaking hands with each other. Some were even taking autographs.But when Dev came to congratulate her, she ignored her. She kept ignoring him which made Dev angry.
At a moment,he was standing on one end and was on the other end so that Dev could easily see Sona but Sona couldn’t. He called her. He saw her checking her mobile as it buzzed and then cut. This action of Sona adding more fuel to his anger.

Everybody started leaving.

“Mis…Dr. Bose mai aapke saath chalta hoon.”
“Nahi mujhe koi zaroorat nahi hai.”
“Kaafi raat ho gayi hai. Hotel bhi bahot dur hai.”
“It’s not safe to wander here and there at night.”
“So now after interfering in my personal life, you are telling me what should I do and what not. Let me remind you I am not wandering here and there and it’s not NIGHT. So, stop giving me lame excuses.”
“What the hell do you think I am doing this for?”

“I don’t know…maybe because of guilt for breaking my alliance. You want to convince me that you are good and whatever you do….you do because you have a SUITABLE reason behind your every action. You want to be around me just to convince me whatever you did from firing me from my hospital’s job to closing all the paths for me to join any other job…from shouting at me for every possible thing to breaking my alliance. Maybe you are guilt striken. I can even see the guilt in your eyes. Love is humanright. I don’t know whether I have this right or not. I tried loving someone for the first time….i had the first opportunity and you snatched that opportunity from me. You know why I said those things because I badly need someone in my life. I never had the time to love someone because I was very busy…first in my studies then career and now I always feel a vacant space somewhere around me. I want my love story.”

She had tears in her eyes and started weeping for the first time before him. She was feeling weak and thus landed in his arms. He supported her with his arms around her and her around him.

Ghost community was watching all this.**Note- This is just for fun. No questions like name of ghost,place etc etc.**
Ghost community’s head- Hoon so they have a complicated relationship. At one moment ,they are attracted towards each other and at the next moment, fight. Hoon…
“Tell the novel group to come here.” He commanded.
“But sir…all are busy in one or the other story except one….”
“Sir he is sleeping in the flower vase outside Dev’s room.”
“Sleeping…Let’s see…kitni der”

Dev and Sona reached the hotel. She thanked him and went inside her room.

Their rooms were close. 1st and 2nd room. There were a flower vase outside every single room and the ghost was sleeping in that flower vase which was outside Dev’s room.

“I’ll sleep as soon as I hit the bed.” Dev thought.

At midnight, the doorbell rang. Ding Dong…
“kaun hai bhai.”

Again Ding Dong…
“oon hoo…who is at this moment?”
He opened the door with his eyes closed.”what do you want??”
“Actually….”Sona said. Sona’s voice fell in his ears and he opened his eyes coming to reality from his dream in which he saw that Nikki is no more saying SIDDU baby!!!
“Dr. bose jaldi boliye. Mujhe bahot nind aa rahi hai.”
“yahan meri jaan daanv par lagi hai aur aapko nind ki padi hai.” She spoke innocently.
“Aapko dekhkar meri nind ud gayi hai.
“Mr. Dixit…mind your tongue. ”
“Miss Bose…mind your timing. Who ding dongs the bell at this time? I speak every possible offensive and vulgar language when I am half sleep as I am now.”
“A person in need. ” She hurriedly replied. It seems she was not in a mood to hear his offensive and vulgar language. Don’t worry his language will be just like him…sanskari.
“What do you need? ”
“Actually there is a cockroach in my room.”
“What so…”
“You need more cockroaches. You have COCKROACHphobia.”
“Nothing can haunt me.”
“Cockroach there !!!” He shouted.
“Aaaah…Someone save me.”She closed her eyes in fear and he burst into laughter. She angrily looks at him.

Next day, Dev and Sona… fighting as usual. This ghost was a good ghost not evil one but he was damn irritated because of their nonstop fights.
Dev started this.
“Aapne kal mera call attend kyu nahi kiya?” he asked.
“I am not your wife ki aapke har baat manu.”
“Aapne mera call attend nahi kiya.”
“Aur aapne toh jaise mujhe job dekar ek ehsaan kar diya ho. Apne saare fans ko bata dein that you aren’t married. Pata bahi kyu sab mujhe aapki wife samajhte hain.”
“toh… maine ye sab thode na kiya hai.”
She started leaving.
“hey where are you going?”
“I am not your servant and I needn’t answer your every question.”

They had three more days to spend here and some photo sessions with other award winners. During photo sessions both were giving such glances that they would,could,should,dare,need to,ought to eat each other….typically death glares.

They keep finding small reasons to fight with each other. One they were fighting on the topic SUGAR and SALT.

“You told the waiter to add more sugar in my bowl.” Sona said.
“you told the waiter to add more salt in my bowl.” Dev argued.
“Hey you just repeated my lines just added salt instead of sugar.”

The ghost had the NOTIFICATION on his FACEBOOK ACCOUNT that these two MAHAAN person always fight. Sometimes feel for each other and at the next moment want to kill each other.
Sona and Dev were fighting on some topic. Sona had the book ‘TWILIGHT’ in her hand. The irritated ghost appeared before them.
“Kitna chapad chapad karoge…haan..ek toh dono ne saazish rachi hai ki neend kharab karni hai meri.” Ghost spoke. He was following since the day they arrived. He knew everything about them.
“Go…Enter the beautiful, supernatural and romantic world of Twilight…………Sonakshi you always wanted a love story. I am giving you a chance to enter it. Are you ready?”
“but..” Sonakshi was confused.
Sonakshi was shocked. He had the guilt for whatever wrong he did intentionally or unintentionally. He said yes just for her…for her deep desire to live her love story. He didn’t know but in these 3 days, he had fallen for her. He needed excuse to fight with her because he wanted to be around her. He loved to be around her. He never had this kind of feeling so he was unable to understand if it was friendship, love or infatuation.
He turned towards her.”Dr. Bose plz don’t say anything. This is a very good chance. I know I did wrong but now I won’t let wrong happen to you.”
“Yeah I am ready.” Sona said.

The Ghost casted the spell. It created an environment of sand dunes and sand storm(those shown in movies) around them. It was at such a fast speed that Sona and Dev were not able to stand. She holded his hand and she shouted at the top of her voice….
“Wait….Are you coming with ME???”

But her voice was lost in the storm….
It was Twilight….



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