It’s Twilight (Part – 1. The Party)

Esme here. This is just a fan fiction. Sorry if I am disappointing anyone in the name of Twilight. Please don’t compare it to Twilight. Kahan Twilight ki writer and kahan mai !!! Now no more Jhallagiri…okay. The first chapter is a little similar to episode 28(6th April).

“Aap…Ruk kyu gaye.”
“Mujhe laga ab aap naraz hongi…. gussa karengi toh isliye.”
“Aap ladkiyon ke bare mein kuch nahi jante na.”
“Bas itna janta hoon ki bahot complicated hoti hain.”

Minister’s party…Dev dragged Sona to the dance floor because that girl gave that damn flirt look….yes that girl Pinky…whose mother wanted her daughter to dance with Dev and that reply..HELLO DEV.

Sona’s phone rang….maa ka phone aaya..maa ka phone.”Hello maa.” She replied.
“Sona where are you??” Her mother asked.
“Busy…and what else.Ok maa bye.” Sona answered.

Her mother knew her very well. Sona sometimes talked rudely but her mother could see the love and care in her voice.
Busy My foot. I just want to kill this Mr. Obodro. She spoke in a low tone and then looked in the direction of him who was busy chatting .She thought…Just look at him. BUSY chatting with that guy. It seems he doesn’t care. Mujhe job par rakhne ke liye mera rishta tudwa diya.Huh..

“Har ek friend kamina hota hai..bole toh waa waa waa kamina hota hai….” Her phone again rang.

Now who is this???

“Elena tu bol de….tu bol hi de…ki tujhe mujhse pyar ho gaya hai. Dinbhar chapad chapad kiye rahti hai. Phone thoda kam kiya kar. Chal phone rak.”
She again looks at him.
Grrrrrrr…ye kya tarika hai. Ok fine. I am not your girlfriend but still you accompanied me with you.Now you are BUSY chatting and I am here alone….I mean sitting alone.Yaar mujhe aaj kal ho kya gaya hai…apne mind mein bhi mujhe sentence correct karne pad rahe hain.NO NO control Sona…Control.I am just his employ-now dance partner too…no no only at that time…yaar what’s wrong with me…Sona.. don’t look at him…
But her subconscious mind….She started staring him from head to toe..

His hair is as usual awesome.His eyes which lovingly looks at everyone…LOVINGLY..she uttered in her mind..really lovingly…aage bado…yes lovingly..because he never gawked her like that Kushal Roy…my foot…BUT WHO BROKE MY ENGAGEMENT…this is the same Dev Dixit….Don’t look at him.Then his nose,lips,ears,shoulder…yes muscular one…and his chest….

“Dr. Bose”
“Yes” Sona looked in the direction of the voice.A girl.
“He is your boyfriend.”
“Mr. Dev Dixit.Both of you are secretly dating each other.He is your boyfriend.Isn’t he?”
“What rubbish?”
“I noticed you looking at him lovingly.”
“I even stare dogs with utmost love.So I am secretly dating the dogs according to you.” Sona replied irritatingly.
“Nice sense of humor.”
“Thank you.”

The girl left her. Sona bit her lips to hide her smirk and then glanced at him…wait where is he???
Finding him wasn’t difficult though she had never done this kinda thing before.Yeah there…BUSY on his phone.

She walked towards him…watching him. He stared at her, meeting her eyes with the strange expression on his face. She looked away quickly, shocked, going red again. She stumbled over something in the walkway and had to catch herself on the edge of a table. She tried holding something to save herself from falling down and hitting the floor but he
had already saved her with his arms around her.

“Need you be told to be careful?” He asked angrily.
No reply because she was busy looking at his handsome face blankly. That girl’s words were continuosly echoing in her mind. She came to reality.
“uh what..” She said.
“Have you anything else to say after breaking my engagement??” She replied.

He was still holding her.

“Miss Bose.”
“Dr. Bose.”

“Oh Mr. Dixit.You are here.” A man came there with his voice on Mount Everest !!! They separated.

“O hello Mr. Sharma.” Dev said.
“Is she your girlfriend? By the way I am not interested in these personal stuffs but can’t keep quiet seeing you first time in love.” Mr. Sharma questioned.
“No actually she stumbled over something and…”
“you saved her in the meantime. Well this is a bit like those shown in reel life. Reel love stories usually start this way.” Mr. Sharma started his blah blah.
“No there is nothing like that.” This was Sona.
“Leave all these. Dr. Bose…you have been chosen to represent nutritionists of India in that summit. Congratz… and Dev congratulations to you for being selected among thousands of business tycoons. Again congratulations for your respective awards.“
“Thank you.”

Man left and thus both left that gentleman tone and the argument started.

“Mr. Dixit. Can’t you be careful.”
“Can’t you be careful.”
“Don’t repeat my lines.”

He left because he was not in a mood to do argument.

“Mujhe job pe rakne ke liye mera rishta tudwa diya. Kushal Roy ko ye yakin dilaya ki hamare bich kuch chal raha hai. Ab bina kuch kahe hi chale gaye. Ye Mr. Obodro bhi na…ekdom impossible.”

She gave Ishwari something to eat.
“Auntyji ye raha aapka salad.”

Dev came there with a woman. After a while she introduced her daughter Pinky and intentionally made such a situation that her daughter had the opportunity to dance with him and thus flirting – shlirting.

Dev dragged Sona to the dance floor.

“Aap…Ruk kyu gaye.”
“Mujhe laga ab aap naraz hongi…. gussa karengi toh isliye.”
“Aap ladkiyon ke bare mein kuch nahi jante na.”
“Bas itna janta hoon ki bahot complicated hoti hain.”

“I am done Mr. Dixit.” She stopped for a while.” Aap jab rude hote ho tab mai handle nahi kar pati aur jab polite hote ho tab bhi nahi.”
“Aapne hi toh kaha na ki ladkiyan complicated hoti hain.”

She wondered sometimes she can’t resist herself staring him and sometimes can’t resist taunting him.

After the party, Sona started packing her stuffs to leave for the award ceremony. She was really very happy since morning.

“This Mr. Obodro must be tensed because we are going to the same award ceremony….even our flight is the same. Time to torture and taunt him. hihihi..” She thought and smirked at her funny thought.

“So mr. never ever had a girlfriend. Let’s irritate him.” She said to herself.

And the first thing which slided in her bag was……

the book….


And thus the story begins……



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  1. awesome epi.please post the next one soon

    1. Esme

      Thanks Ali.

  2. Awesome episode dear

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  3. Manya

    Awesomeeeeeeee episode as always??????❤????❣
    Post soon ?
    Love love ❤❤

    1. Esme

      Thanks Ayushi. When r u going to post d next chapter?? It’s been a long time.

  4. Nice episode Esme. Loved it. ???

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      Thanks Dolly.

  5. Super…..episode ?????☺️????????……mazaydar, dhamakaydar….??☺️??????????☺️??……desperately waiting for the next…..?☺️???

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  6. Esme di … vo actually i hv not read twilight.. so i dont know the story at all… so would it be a problem?????
    Btw the episode was awesome…. post asap…??

    1. Esme

      No no it wouldn’t be a problem. I will keep telling about the characters just fr u…okay.
      Thank u Sakshi. U r calling me di. Hw old r u dear if u don’t mind me asking.

  7. Aaru

    God nhi tussi great ho..itte dino baad likha h..wo bhi itta chhota..N Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi ff kab likhogi..main wait kr rhi hu

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      Love you.???
      Itta chota hai haan..????????????
      By d way…i hv ended that FF. Actually I wrote that without planning.

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      2. Esme

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  8. Azzuu

    finally mera intezaar khatam hogaya
    the start is just fab superb osm
    but plz 10-10 days ke baad maat post karna
    alternate days bhi chalega
    aur bohoooooooooooooottttttttt lammmmmmmmmmmmmbbbbaaaaaaaa hona chahiye

    1. Esme

      Thanks a lot Azzuu.
      Yes aapka intezaar khatam hua???
      Thik hai 10 10 din ke baad nahi 20 20 din ke baad post karungi????
      Try karungi lamba likne ki???….ye sab leke i m ready.

  9. Erina

    Wow esme dear i love ur jhallypan nd madness. I can imagine u must be fun loving nd bindas grl. I loved ur style of writting as it connect me very easily….ok ok i’m also jhally when i start to talk everyone smile as they know i can’t stop?????
    Apart from this directly coming to ur ff its amazinggggg, mind blowingggggggg, Awesomeeeeeeee dear bole to esme dear tm chaa gyi. What a ff i can’t hold my smile for a sec dear… D way u described truely commendable ???????????????????
    With tons of love ???????

    1. Esme

      Fun loving n bindass…..nahi yaar mai badi sanskari ladki hoon itni ki subah subah jab tak mummy aankhein kholne ko na bole tab tak nahi kholti !!!!!
      Thanks a lot Erina .
      Always be happy
      Keep smiling.
      With tons of love.

  10. Hi Esme di! I’m Ashiya, a new member in the wondrous KRPKAB. I’ve read your earlier ffs and promos and well and they’re amazing! However, I haven’t read the book Twilight, hope that won’t affect my understanding of the story much. Besides I’ve recently started with a new ff- ME, YOU AND PASSION. ive posted the introduction so far. Kindly have a look at it and hope you like it? Do post soon!! Loads of luv??

    1. Esme

      Hey Ashiya….
      First of all a warm welcome to u….
      Thanks fr reading those promos n ff.
      Don’t worry twilight has nothing much to do in this FF n yes I’ll keep giving information about characters as i promised Sakshi. BTW Sakshi too hasnn’t read Twilight.
      I’ll definitely read ME,YOU AND PASSION.
      One thing plz keep sending me the links of ur FF as i m unable to read FF on a regular basis,so i always miss good ones.PLZ PLZ.
      I read an ff IMPERIAL PALACE. I read 3 chapters n i don’t know whether d author uploaded d next or not. Do u know who was d author n if she uploaded d next chapter ???
      With love…

      1. Thank you so much di! (hope you don’t mind me calling you that)
        Besides, Ashiya is just an error. However, few people call me by that name. You can feel free to chose any- Anshita or Ashiya?
        Thnks for your support 🙂
        Since I’m a new user, I’d be needing help on how to send links of ffs and various images/files. Hope you can help me with that.
        Had read the ff. I don’t think she continued after the third chapter or maybe TU hadn’t been updating it. Don’t know the author though.
        Love you???

      2. Esme

        Oh sorry sorry…n yeah ll definitely help u..

    2. Esme

      Yeah i read them . they r truly awesome. Weak Hindi..Don’t worry..MAI HOON NA…

      1. Thank you soooooooooo much for reading them. It gives me the greatest pleasure to see amazing Writers like you appreciating my work. I’ll definitely come to you if I require any help… 🙂
        With love????

      2. Esme

        U r welcome….Anshita.

  11. Latha

    Awesome episode Esme. I don’t know about Twilight story hope that won’t affect . Waiting for the next one.

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      Yeah that won’t affect….
      Thanks a lot dear.

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    Esme…Superb..NYC Epiii..make the nxttt Soon….

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    sorry for commenting late 🙁

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