Hi guys Angita here…twiraj…twinj or sidmin….I’m sure you’re all going to break my bones for this…but just my idea…just that Kunj is naman shaw and pls think he was naman all along …this is a few shots..short ones
Twinkle was confused…whether to choose yuvraj or Kunj…

***twinkle’s POV***
Kyun babaji..why is this happening… I don’t want to hurt both of them…but yeah meri life her…not a war or competition… And ???????
Next day…a guy is shown holding twinkle’s pics…I miss you twinkle..mera….bunny..

He goes to a orphanage and he bumps into twinkle..he looks at her and tears forms inside his eyes…after looking at him….twinkle scream….Sidhant!!!!!!! Tum yahan….and she was so happy that both of them hugged each other really tightly….only to leave both Kunj and yuvraj mouth wildly open..they just come to them…sidhant asks…are they your brothers??
Vo nei they both are my X Hubbys..said twinkle

***to be continued_***

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  1. Jiya_Ani

    Hehehe hehehe angu…haha hahaha hahaha…sorry but I can’t stop laughing yaar..kya idea hai…tooo good!! XHubbies..hahaha…
    Loved it
    Awesome and amazing and spectacular ??????????????????????

    1. Angita

      Thanks laugh I smile..
      Love you

  2. hahaa 😀 I really wish if it happens in tei also

    1. Angita

      Ya nrk hope the same to
      Thanks for commenting

  3. Yaar! Ye sahi hai….LOVED IT!!!!

    1. Angita

      Thank you shreya

  4. Aamu

    ahahahah wat a idea….
    tw n sidhant?………………
    n tw says wo mere x hubby hai…..cute…haha
    continue with funny,sweet n small story

    1. Angita

      Thanks aamu..yup will episode submitted❤?❤?

  5. Purnima.agrawal30


    1. Angita

      Thanks puru
      Love you

  6. Mantasha

    Hehehehehe.. that was really nice.. wish it happens really in tei.. u jst made up my mood.. yaar i was srsly upset.. n u made me light.. thnks dear angita.. n yea d idea is srsly interesting…

    1. Angita

      Glad to know I made your mood
      Thank you

  7. Sayeeda

    ?????…. I was liking like hell reading the story…
    Ex hubbies…. Too good yrr..
    Hope so TEI writers read this ?…
    Loved it..

    1. Angita

      Thanks sayoo di…love you
      Will be fantastic if it happens in the real show

  8. Kruti

    This ones good

    1. Angita

      Thanks kruti

  9. Ha ha ha.. What an idea yaar.. Aur bho last line sid- are they u’r brothers? Twi- no they both r my ex hubbys… That was so funny… Ha ha ha… Btw it was so good..

    1. Angita

      Thanks siddhamshi
      Thanks for liking it..that line is my favorite to

  10. Romaisha

    ?????? even i want that to happen !!!! Sidhany should walk in n that will be the end of twinkle’s problems ??? too good … Ex hubbies really? ???

    1. Angita

      Thanks romu
      They all are divorced or whatso ever in my as they’re x hubbies?
      Siddhant is twinkles husband now
      Love you

  11. nice one

    1. Angita

      Thanks a lot shikha

  12. SidMin

    funny ,Third guy for Twinkle 🙂 post the next episode soon 🙂

    1. Angita

      Thank you ….and ya am I still allowed to join the group shtuti??
      Next episode submitted
      Love you

      1. SidMin

        sorry the group is no more 🙁

  13. Bulbul23

    Hahahahahahahah hehehehehhehh hohoho hahahhah.

    Oh god my stomach is aching badly too gud idea yr plz post soon

    1. Angita

      Thank you bulbul..posted and glad you laughed
      Love you

  14. oh wow if it happens ob tei then i’ll be on cloud 9…good job yaar…n i was conttolling my laughter like hell…n contd plz

    1. Angita

      Thank you sujina
      Hope the same
      Love you

  15. Bhumika12

    Awesome episode angita……i can’t stop my laugh…..hahahahahaha seriously …Xhubbies……amazing..

    1. Angita

      Thanks bhumi
      Mind I I call you that
      Glad you laughed
      ?❤❤?love you

      1. Bhumika12

        I will not mind at all …..angita…love u too

  16. Baby

    hey angita nt bad twinkle n sidhant its jst amazing as sid is sidhant n twinkle is jasmin osm luvd it hhahhhaha x hubbies was jst prfct osm post nxt asap dear

    1. Angita

      Yup baby
      Love you thanks for commenting
      Love you

  17. dreamer..arundhati

    Angita…tera koi jawaab nahi…
    Plzz a tight wala hug frm me….
    Ye bilkul perfect m actually best hai…
    Totally unique idea…
    Dear jaldi continue kar…muah…osum..I m so happy to red something like this

    1. Angita

      Thank you aru
      A big wala hug for you too dear
      Glad you liked it

  18. Thanmy

    Awesome idea
    Too funny my X hubbies
    Liked it

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