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Twenty Four (24) Season 2 7th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The following takes place between 3pm and 4pm.
Shinde and his staff break the door and get in. Jai shoots at the prisoner and hides with Roshan. Jai shoots at police and leaves with Roshan. Aditya asks Shivani whats going on, Haroon’s deadline is ending, if we don’t get that guy, Haroon will spread that virus in Mumbai. She says we will get him anytime, my agents are asking about him. Raj gets info from his informer. The man says someone took a godown on rent on three times the market rate. He gives address. Raj leaves.

Mili’s mum gives juice to Kiran and says I could not make anything in Mili’s birthday, Inder went to do arrangements, if I did not slip in kitchen… Kiran says you said you slipped in bathroom. Mili’s mum says yes bathroom. Kiran says you can tell

me if there is anything, we can go to police too. They get shocked seeing Inder.

Shinde stops Jai and asks him to throw gun. He says I can’t believe you are helping Roshan, I won’t let you go with Roshan. He shouts Roshan to come with him. Muzaffar stabs Shinde and says I will come along. Roshan stabs Muzaffar and says he was snake and could bite anytime. Jai and Roshan leave.

Kush sees Mitali asleep and hangs himself saying sorry to her. Mitali wakes up and tries to save him. She shouts for help and gets him down. He says its because of me, let me die, all this will get fine. She hugs him and calls him mad. Shivani tells Raj not to let anyone get inside godown without masks. She tells Gyan and Zaara about Chang’s location. She asks Zaara to send masks to Raj and his team.

Naina goes to meet Devyaani at the hospital. Lady says she went to canteen just now. Naina asks guards to wait. Inder asks his wife Sarah when will she stop lying, you lied to old neighbors too, you started this again, I gave you house and car, what do I get in return, I don’t get respect. Kiran hugs Mili. Mili says mumma is getting scolded because of me. Sarah says I did not say anything to her. Inder beats her. Sarah asks Kiran to take her car and get away with Mili, come in evening. Inder says no one is going anywhere, stop Kiran. He stops Kiran. Sarah asks Kiran to just run. Inder beats her up. Sarah faints. Inder calls out Kiran and Mili.

Devyaani orders tea. Dhruv says with milk and no sugar. Dhruv meets Devyaani and says I wanted to meet you. She says I told you its bad idea. He says I m all about bad ideas. He asks how is your PM. She says you came here to know this, whats so imp to meet. She holds his hand and asks is he worried for deal, trust me, everything will be fine. He says yes, but many things can go wrong. She says you always worry, but everything gets fine. They hold hands. Naina comes there and sees them. She gets shocked.

Dhruv says I miss you, I miss us. Devyaani says I understand, you know I m with Aditya. He says yes, maybe that’s why we can’t meet now. She asks him to take care and all the best for your deal. He asks do I get a hug. He kisses on her cheek and leaves. A man tells Devyaani that Naina came to meet you, she is waiting in VIP lounge. She asks when did she come, and rushes.

Constable tells Joshi that jail doors are shut, Roshan can’t go anywhere. Jai comes there and takes Joshi as hostage. Joshi asks him not to mad. Kiran and Mili hide and shut the door. Inder asks Kiran to open the door. Kiran asks Mili to stay here and opens the window. Kiran and Mili escape by the window. Inder looks for them. Kiran and Mili leave in the car. Inder shouts. Neighbors look on. He goes back home.

Devyaani meets Naina. Naina says lunch with my son and coffee with someone else, is this regular or happens sometimes. Devyaani says sorry, you should have not come like this. Naina asks what, so that I should have not seen this. Devyaani says no, because I work here. Naina says its about my family and I m related to everything. Devyaani says I also care for Aditya, what do you want. Naira says look Devyaani, whatever I have seen, I m ready to forget that, you have to leave Aditya, he got cheated by loved one before, I won’t let this happen with him again. Devyaani says I m ready to forget this, I don’t want anything, just leave me and Aditya alone, you don’t know me and would not like to know me. She leaves.

Bhosle sees Jai and Roshan in CCTV and keeping Joshi at gunpoint. He asks all units to take position at main gate, go to Rapid action force and get Colonel’s team, we have to stop Jai and Roshan till back up comes. Jai and Roshan take Joshi and go ahead. Commandos take position. Joshi asks Jai not to do this mistake, Roshan is country’s enemy. Jai asks him to think of his son.

Haroon says sorry and hugs Maya. She says you broke my phone and will hurt me too. He says you won’t do anything that I get angry, I will get new phone for you, I m worried and not able to think, I said sorry. He rests in her lap. She smiles and says I know you love your elder brother, you are worried for him, you are trying hard, you can’t go to him and get him here. He says I want to save Roshan in any way, so that when he stands infront of me, he gets proud of me, he feels that I saved his life on my own. She says you are very innocent, you forget Roshan made this business, it will remain his business, you will be his younger brother. He says I raised business high, Jai works for me, I m talented, not innocent.

Raj tells Zaara that he is on the way. She gives him directions and says agents and medics are waiting for you, all the best. Naina asks the man Khosla to check on Devyaani’s past. Kholsa says its my daily work to find people’s past, I will send you Devyaani’s details. She says no one should know this. Constable rushes to RAF and tells Jai has taken Joshi at gunpoint and freed Roshan. RAF officer rushes.

Raj and his team get inside the godown and shoot at Chang and his goons. Chang tries to run away. Kush and Mitali hear the gunshots. Medical team comes there and asks Kush not to worry, they came to save them. Raj tells Shivani that Kush and his GF is with them, situation is under control, virus threat is neutralized. Aditya, Prithvi, Shivani and everyone get relieved. Prithvi asks Aditya to relax. Pune police commissioner talks to Zakaria, and Colonel Sukhdeep connects to them. Sukhdeep tells Aditya and Zakaria that Roshan is trying to run away and Jai Singh Rathod is helping him. Aditya asks what, are you sure. Sukhdeep says yes, Jai has captured Joshi too. Aditya asks Prithvi to connect to Shivani on video call, whats going on. Jai and Roshan take Joshi.

Aditya asks how did Jai get access to enter Pune central jail. Shivani says no idea, we got to know this and informed Joshi that Jai is not working for ATU, then we focused to get Kush. Zakaria says you should have thought Haroon will try his best to save his brother. Prithvi says we should now focus to stop Jai and Roshan. Aditya asks Shivani to come here. Shivani says I have to stay here and can give text support. Aditya says you are needed here, Colonel Sukhdeep can contact you now, Jai is with Roshan, that’s dangerous for us, we have to think ahead of him, you took training under him, you should be here. Shivani says I will be there. Gyan says I should have talked to Joshi again. She says you will be incharge here, don’t do any mistake now. She leaves.

Bhosle says we have to stop Roshan till RAF comes. Jail alarm rings. Bhosle says shoot Jai, he can’t kill Joshi. Jai shoots at Joshi’s hand. Joshi says Bhosle, don’t let him go. Jai asks them to open main gate. A car enters there. Roshan, Jai and Joshi get in and leave in the car. Bhosle calls Sukhdeep and asks where are you. Sukhdeep says on the way. Bhosle says Jai shot Joshi, he has run away with Roshan, find them and stop them in any way.

Sukhdeep informs commissioner about the same, and says we launched search operation, can we shoot to kill when we find them. Commissioner says I will talk to ministry and tell you, I will declare high alert in city.

Shivani’s mum makes her talk to Kabir. Shivani is on the way and talks to Kabir. Her mum says its tough to manage him, can you come home. Shivani says I will talk later and answer Gyan’s call. Gyan says home ministry issues shoot at sight orders for Jai and Roshan. She says what, I will talk to PMO now. She calls Prithvi and asks about shoot at sight orders. Prithvi says we have to stop them any way. She says even Joshi is with them. Commissioner says we have to stop the criminals. Zakaria says even Jai is a traitor. She says the world is waiting for Roshan’s hanging, if we shoot him on the road, it will be injustice with many, we have to catch him alive and hang him to get justice, if Joshi is killed by police, officers’ courage will break. Aditya says we have to stop Jai and Roshan, shoot at sight orders remain in force, when are you reaching. She says 10mins. Zakaria says I think Shivani has soft corner for Jai, she took training under Jai, she is ATU chief because of Jai, she is hesitant to do anything against Jai.

Jai does Joshi’s aid and tells Roshan that Joshi is our trump card. Jai and Roshan change clothes. Mili says I want to go to my mumma. Kiran says we will drive for sometime and then call her. Mili faints. Kiran says we will go and have milkshake, you might be hungry. She sees Mili fainted and worries. She does not have phone and says she will take Mili to doctor.

Gyan calls Haroon and says I told you to give me that guy’s location, ATU reached there. Haroon asks is Chang caught. Gyan says don’t know, Jai left from jail along with Roshan, plan will be same as decided. Haroon gets glad.

Sukhdeep informs commissioner about the similar car, like Jai and Roshan flee in, I doubt that they are going out of city. He asks driver to take to express highway. Roshan asks Jai to give phone to talk to Haroon. Jai says police can track us, once I give you to Haroon, do anything, don’t try to change my plan, I can do anything. Jai ties Joshi. Gyan traces them and says no…. He calls Jai. Jai says I won’t throw this phone, my man will give us police action info. Gyan says police is ahead, change the route, you will get clear way. Gyan tells about roadblock. Jai says fine and changes way. Jai abandons that car and they get into another car.

Police checks car at the checkpost. They get news of the van. Few officers go to see that car. Inspector checks the truck. Jai and Roshan hide in the car.

Zaara says we need to find Jai, they are on express way. Aditya asks how is this happening when there is much security. Prithvi says someone is helping Jai, its not Shivani. Siddharth talks to his team. Maya tells her dad that she loves Jai. Roshan says till Jai is alive, he won’t get peace.

Update Credit to: Amena

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