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The following takes place in between 2 pm and 3 pm. Joshi asks what are you doing here, whats your motive. Jai asks him to do what he says. Joshi asks are you threatening me and calls guards. Jai says don’t shout, don’t you want to know about Rahul. He says Rahul’s pic. Joshi tells constable that he got papers and sends him. He says if anything happens to Rahul, I will kill you. Jai says nothing will happen to him, just do as I said.

Shankar comes and tells constable that he lost his mobile, I will just check and come. Shivani asks why will Jai go there to Pune central jail. Zaara says don’t know. Shivani says this is not right. Zaara says ATU did not send him. Mihir says calm down, you did not meet Jai till now. Shivani asks Gyaan to inform Pune jail authorities about

Jai, any info about Kush. He says we did not get one video footage of traffic signal. She says I will see, we don’t know Kush’s location, don’t forget there is virus roaming in the city along with Kush.

Kush asks Chang to listen, I have three packets of drugs, I will do your work, let me go. Chang asks him to shut up and sit there. Mitali tells Kush that his nose is bleeding. She asks Chang why did they wear mask, what happened to Kush, Kush is unwell, he needs doctor’s help. Chang says no doctor can help Kush, he has virus in him. Kush asks what did you say. Chang says I injected virus in your blood, you are live virus bomb. He laughs. Kush and Mitali get shocked.

Joshi asks where is my son, why are you doing this. Gyan calls Jai and says Joshi got to know. Jai says I m handling, what happened in ATU. Gyan says Shivani asked me to sent alert, just leave with Roshan, I will block all jail telephone lines, you have walkie talkie right, we will talk once you are out of jail. Jai asks Joshi to handle Roshan with him. Joshi asks do you think jail officials will let you go. Jai says just do what I say, keep this walkie talkie jammer, use this and get Roshan. Joshi says you got Roshan arrested, he killed many people. Jai says even Rahul can die. Joshi says you traitor and gets angry. Jai asks him to call Shinde. Joshi contacts Shinde.

Kiran is with Mili and talks to her. Mili’s mum comes and thanks Kiran. Kiran asks how is your hand. Mili’s mum says doctor said its ligament tear, its aching, sorry, I did not know when Mili called you. Kiran asks how did you get injured. Mili’s mum says I slipped in bathroom. Mili bursts balloon and laughs.

Gyan calls Haroon and says ATU is finding that guy, are you sure Chang will manage, if you tell me his location, I will stop ATU. Haroon says you just tell me about Jai, I will manage the rest. Gyan says there is some complication. Haroon asks what is it.

At 2.20 pm, Shinde tells Jai that there is no need to shift Roshan, he is getting hanged tomorrow. Jai says there is a need, if anything happens, it will be tough to answer govt. Shankar signs Jai and goes to jail kitchen. He then goes and does setup to burst the transformer.

Jai asks Shinde to open Roshan’s cell, I m just following orders, Roshan’s security is ATU’s responsibility now. Roshan is freed. Shinde says be careful guards, this dog has bitten before too. Roshan taunts Shinde. Shinde takes him.

Joshi goes to control room and starts walkie talkie jammer. The transformer bursts. All the cctv footages camera get dead. Fire catches inside the prisoners’ cells. They shout for help. Constable informs Shinde about fire incident. Jai asks Shinde to go. Shinde says I can’t. Jai says I will manage Roshan, just move Shinde, I m enough for Roshan, I have two guards too. Shinde goes. Jai beats the guards and frees Roshan’s handcuffs. He takes Roshan and rushes. Constable informs Joshi about fire and power failure. The man asks Joshi shall we raise alarm. Joshi says yes and is tensed. All officers are asked to report to sector 23 where fire caught. Constable says we can’t contact Joshi, shall we open gates, else prisoners will die.

Shinde asks him to open all gates and tries to contact control room. The walkies don’t work. Joshi worries. The constable says walkies and telephones are not working Sir. Joshi asks him to repair it fast. A prisoner gets burnt by fire. Constables open the gates and free them to save their lives. Prisoners beat the constables. Jai takes Roshan. Muzaffar opens the exit door and beats up Shinde. Jai and Roshan see the fire incident. Roshan asks is there no other way to leave. Jai says this is the only way, we have to go. They walk past the prisoners and constables fight. Prisoners attack Roshan and Jai beats them. Constable says I m not able to contact Joshi. Inspector asks him to ask control room manager to change walkie frequency.

Shivani says we can’t lose Kush. Zaara shows the footage of Chang. Shivani says I m sure Kush was in this van. Shivani asks them to get more footages of this location and check, its big lead and we can reach Kush. She asks about Jai and Pune central jail update. Gyan says no update about Jai, but everything is fine in jail. Shivani goes to talk to PM. Muzaffar takes a knife. Constable asks control room manager to change frequency. They tell Joshi that system will start working now. Jai and Roshan hide. Joshi sees the live footage of sector 23 and gets shocked.

Inspector Bhosle contacts Joshi. Bhosle says I have to shift Roshan, is he with you. Joshi says don’t worry, he is with Shinde. Bhosle says we should initiate Code red, situation is out of control, I want your permission, else nothing will be saved. Joshi says fine, initiate it.

Chang sees Kush. He tells Mitali that she will also feel like Kush in some time. Kush gets angry and asks Chang to leave Mitali. Chang says your state will get worse. Bhosle asks officers to shut jail from all ways, Code Red is initiated, all prisoners are warned to cooperate with guards, else they will be shot. Guards take the guns to control prisoners. Bhosle says guards has rights to take any action against prisoners, everyone cooperate. Shinde gets conscious. Kush coughs and tells Mitali that he wanted to earn money, he did not mean to trap her in this, does she trust him. She nods. Fire is blown off. Guards beat prisoners and put them back in cells.

Bhosle tells Joshi that they controlled fire and all sectors, prisoners are locked in cells, but there is problem in sector 28, all dangerous prisoners have reached there, we should call and arrange backup. Joshi says fine, I will arrange backup, you take some guards and go there. Constable asks how will we call for backup, all phone lines are dead. Joshi worries.

Jai and Roshan beats guard. Jai asks Roshan to do as he says, if he wants to go out of jail alive. Gyan calls Haroon. Haroon can’t hear him and says don’t know where did he hide, give me your phone Maya. He takes Maya’s phone and calls Gyan. It does not connect and he breaks her phone. Gyan calls Haroon again. Haroon says I can hear you now, I can’t wait more, we will go by my plan if Roshan’s news does not come. Gyan says Jai will get Roshan, calm down. Haroon says we are giving you money, I think I did mistake by giving big duty to Jai. Gyan says its not like that. Jai and Roshan dress as guards. Bhosle stops them and asks them to go to north wing and manage.

Prisoners are angry. They talk that its tough to run away from this jail, but they got one chance and will use it. Zaara tries to get van’s number plate and can’t trace it. Mihir says I m sending enhanced image recognition software which I created, try that, don’t give me look. She says we are not working on college project. His software works. He asks her to send the van number and update.

Jai and Roshan are caught by prisoners and beaten up. Prisoner says we are playing game to beat guards. Roshan and Jai say we are not guards. Jai says I m retired officer and Roshan is prisoner like you. Prisoner asks Roshan to play game with him and shoots at a bottle. Raj checks video and identifies Chang’s car. Joshi talks to Bhosle. Bhosle says I m afraid that Roshan and Jai are trapped in the cell. Prisoner catches Jai, Roshan, Shankar and constable. He shoots down constable first and ask who wants to be alive. Shankar says I want to be alive. They make Jai and Shankar play the game of death, and give them revolver to shoot themselves. Prisoner puts one bullet in it and rotates the drum. He says its one bullet, brave will take first step. Jai shoots at himself and gets saved. Prisoner laughs.

At 2.55, Shinde goes to check Roshan and does not find him in cell. He tells Bhosle that its big problem, when fire was caught, I left Roshan in Jai’s custody, now both are missing. Bhosle goes to inform Joshi. Shankar shoots and gets killed. Prisoner says now Jai and Roshan are left in the game. Joshi says Jai told me that he will keep Roshan safe, I m sure they are in jail, no one went out. They don’t see kitchen camera footage. Bhosle asks Shinde to go in north wing kitchen, be careful, we could not find some prisoners.

Prisoner makes Roshan sit. Roshan says my brother won’t leave you if anything happens to me. Prisoner says I will kill your brother too, are you scared. Shinde walks to that wing with his team. Roshan shoots at his forehead and gets saved by empty slot. Jai takes the gun and aims at his forehead. Jai shoots.


Kush commits suicide. Kiran tells Mili’s mum that they can go to police. Inder looks on. Devyaani tells her friend that everything will be fine. Aditya tells Shivani that Jai is with the enemy right now and that’s very dangerous for us.

Update Credit to: Amena

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