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Twenty Four (24) Season 2 31st July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The following takes place between 1pm and 2pm. Vedant asks Shivani why does she feel Kush is the virus carrier. She says because Prakash told me that Chang has forced Kush to take injection and after three hours, Kush will have nose bleeding, he will become contagious in next one hour. Vedant says I will find out any way, I have sent Raj and I will leave with my team. She asks him to take care of himself and team. Jai talks to his friend. The man says its tough work Jai. Jai says it will work as its impossible, I will get Roshan. Devyaani meets Bomik at Aditya’s office. He says Aditya and Prithvi are busy, shall we have coffee. She says its okay, I will go. He says we stay in same city and still different houses, atleast we can have coffee together, come on lets go.

Prithvi tells

Shivani that PM will not agree to release Roshan. Shivani says I will see. Khurana says we can’t think to release Roshan, he is a devil. Naina comes there and tells Khurana that she liked his women safety week initiative, whats happening here. Prithvi asks her to come and talk to her. He takes her out. Naina asks what was that, what’s happening inside. He asks her to ask Aditya, he is talking to someone after pharmaceutical health meet. She asks with Bomik? You made me leave party, but did not make me blind and deaf, what do you think of Aditya’s choice, Devyaani? He says Aditya knows that well, he has decided. He asks the man to take Naina to visitor room.

Bomik says you used to give me all day accounts. Devyaani says I did not know you so well that time. He says I miss you, I know I don’t have right to say, but come home sometimes. She says I m trying to forget that home memories, its not easy, mum’s sorrow and her death, my childhood. Bomik says I know, itst not tough as you are making, I know I m not a good father, but I m human, I can have weakness like normal people. She says you are not normal man, you ended family while making your company powerful. He says the truth is I always love you. He asks about meeting with Aditya. He praises Aditya.

Prithvi tells Aditya about Roshan killing Marathe. He says Devyaani has come. Aditya says maybe she got free, I can’t have lunch. Prithvi says you are PM and will be busy, take time out for your life, we will call you if there is something. Aditya thanks him and goes. Bomik asks Devyaani to take insulin injections. She says I got that and shows him. Aditya comes and joins them.

Jai calls Maya and asks about consignment. She says no, I m scared, Haroon got mad, he killed a guy for small mistake, if he knows I m doing this, he will kill me. He asks her to do this, its important to know about consignment delivery. She says I will try, I love you. Jai’s friend Saleem wishes him all the best. Jai says if I don’t come back or get caught, get underground. He leaves.

Bomik leaves. Aditya asks all okay between you and your dad. She says I m trying, it will take time. She asks are you sure you want to have lunch, you are busy. She says I m sure, I may go if needed. He gives her insulin injection and they leave.

Raj tells Vedant that he did not get Kush anywhere. Kush reaches a mall and makes a call to his GF Mitali. ATU locates his address. Mitali asks him about the drugs matter. He says talk to me, I need to talk. She asks him to go home or police. He says I can’t, if I don’t deliver packet, they will kill me and my parents, meet me once. He asks her to come to mall. She says I will come and ends call. Mihir gives Kush’s location to Vedant. Shivani asks how long Vedant. Vedant says some minutes and updates Kush’s location to Raj. He asks Raj to find out Kush.

Veer tells Kiran that he has to leave and she can contact him on office line. She asks don’t you know there will be reason for dad to do this. He asks what will be the reason, to hug and kiss a girl in lift. She asks him to stop it. He asks how can she think right about Jai, when he left mom and gave imp to his work, how can you love him, can’t you see he is so selfish, don’t you care for me, do you think its right. She says no, I stood by dad after mom’s death as he felt he is responsible and broke up. He says he felt so as this is truth. He apologizes to Kiran and says we shall meet in evening if I get free on time, look after yourself. He leaves.

ATU reaches mall. Vedant tells his team that they have to find Kush anyway. Gyan connects mall system to their server. Raj checks Kush and says I got him, he is in food court. Vedant sees Kush and says I m Vedant from ATU, your parents are worried, I have come to help you. Chang comes there and shoots at Vedant. Kush runs away. Raj runs to Vedant and calls for ambulance. The crowd runs. Kush gets away. Shivani asks whats happening. Mihir connects to Raj. Raj says Vedant got shot on his shoulder. She asks about shooter, we can’t lose him. Raj says I m finding him. Shivani asks Zara to find Kush’s location and asks Mihir to check shooter on mall footage, we have to find Kush.

Aditya tells Devyaani that he is going Delhi tomorrow. She says I will come in couple of days too. She says I saw worry for me in dad’s eyes. Naina says that’s parents work. Aditya introduces Naina to Devyaani. Naina hugs her and asks them to have tea with her. Aditya says no, we are going for lunch. Naina insists. Devyaani says sure and takes Aditya. Aditya says I think you knew we are coming. Naina says good to see you Devyaani. Devyaani says I don’t want sugar. Naina says I forgot you have diabetes. Aditya says Devyaani and I met a year ago. Naina tells details of Devyaani. She says Devyaani is my son’s GF, and its necessary for me to find out about her. Aditya says thanks for tea, we will leave. Naina asks Devyaani to meet her after lunch. Devyaani says I have to go back to hospital. Naina says ofcourse, there is nothing imp than work for doctor, its good thing to save lives, I also stay in Mumbai, meet me if you get time. Aditya says fine, we are getting late for lunch, I will see you soon. They leave.

Zara says Kush is calling someone again. Kush calls Mitali and asks why did she call police. She says what nonsense, I came here to meet you. He asks her to come to basement. She says there is much police, I can’t come. He requests her. Zara could not trace him. Kush gets nose bleeding and checks himself.

Mitali asks whats happening. Kush says I don’t understand whats happening. Shivani tells Prithvi that someone was keeping an eye on Kush, who shot Vedant, else we would have caught Kush, we are trying to work soon. She says Kush will become active carrier in one hour and can get infection by this virus. Prithvi says CM is coming, I will call you later. He sends a note for Aditya and asks him to give this only after lunch. Prithvi gets his wife’s call and disconnects.

Devyaani says your mom is so good, not like I thought. He says maybe she liked you, mom does not like people soon. She says dad was not happy, I don’t agree with him, but I feel his point is right, people who deserve medicines should get it, I went to HIV camp, half medicines got waste, many do not come for follow up. He asks her will you leave a patient to die, if he does not want to live.

Joshi asks Shinde to look after Roshan till his death and regrets for losing Marathe. He informs his senior about Marathe’s death and says we will do his last rites. Shivani tells her team that Kush will be active carrier in one hour, I want Kush soon, do anything. She gets her mum’s call. Her mum says Kabir is refusing to have food, he is irritated, maybe he will get fine talking to you. Shivani talks to her son. She asks him to finish noodles and ends call. She gets ACP Pratap’s call and asks for uploading traffic signals footage soon, its crucial. She sees Kabir’s pic.

Gyan goes and calls Jai. Jai says there is one way to free Roshan, send a mail to jail from ATU, I will reach jail in one hour. Mitali asks Kush whats happening. Kush says my nose is bleeding by heat maybe. She asks him to go to police. He agrees and asks her to leave. Some goons catch both of them and put them in car.

Devyaani asks Aditya to have sweets, as he likes it a lot and refusing to have it because of her. The man gives him note. Devyaani asks Aditya to go as she has to leave for hospital too. She goes. Chang calls Haroon and asks what, did you get Kush, don’t keep him so close that he fills virus in you, I will tell you how to use him. Maya hugs him and asks him what is this virus. He asks her not to hurt her sensitive mind. She asks him again. He asks why do you care, you are a virus too. He gets close to her. She says you just talk sweet and don’t tell me anything, I feel bad as you don’t share anything. He asks what do you want to know. She says anything, like whats going on in your mind now, why did we come here or where are we going to do, what’s this virus, atleast I will feel I m part of your life.

Haroon says this virus is biggest project of our life, even Roshan did not do such, if everything gets fine, our life will go to next level. She asks who is such person. He says its big party, virus, Jai and everything is plan to free Roshan from jail. She asks what is Jai doing. He says I know you don’t like him, but he is doing work to free Roshan from jail. He hugs her.

At 1.41, Jai goes to meet Shankar. He says Roshan is shifted to undercell, I want your help. He shows his plan. Shankar says keep me away from this plan. Jai gives him money and asks him to go Pune jail, Roshan is kept here, just blow this junction. Shankar says I can’t do this, I gave soap to prisoners, how shall I do this. Jai says you just need to have thread in pyjama and enough water in stomach. Shankar calls him mad. Jai says I will explain.

Chang puts Kush and Mitali together and locks them. Kush asks Chang to leave Mitali, what is he doing. Chang and his men leave. Gyan writes mail to Joshi as Jai said. Shivani says Mitali is missing, find her and Kush. Shinder gets angry and tells Roshan that Marathe was my friend, you will die. Roshan provokes him more and laughs. Jai calls Joshi and says ATU messaged on Roshan’s case, I need your signs, shall I come. Joshi says sure, when did Rahul leave. Jai says one hour, why. Joshi says his phone is not reachable. He checks Rahul’s phone and keeps it. He enters jail again.

At 1.54, Maya goes and calls Jai. She asks him why is he taking her help in freeing Roshan. He says listen. She says I thought you are freeing me, what game are you playing, I think I should tell Haroon. He says fine, tell him, I m doing this for me and you, I m freeing Roshan so that I can free you, trust me, tell me whatever you know. She tells about Haroon’s meeting about virus, its at 8pm, will you reach here. He says yes, we will talk later. Kiran calls Jai and says I need to talk, its urgent. He says not now, and ends call.

Mili comes to meet Kiran and gives her jacket. She says its birthday today. Kiran wishes her. Mili asks her will she come and help her mummy. Kiran agrees. Zara checks mail and tells Mihir about Jai’s visit to jail for official ATU duty. Mihir asks was Jai there, why. She says don’t know and calls Joshi. Joshi gives form to Jai and asks him to sit. Zara calls Joshi and tells him that Jai is on leave since 6 months, we are not in contact with him, ATU did not send him, he is not in ATU. Joshi asks are you sure. She says absolutely. Jai disconnects the call and looks at Joshi.

Joshi calls Jai a traitor and beats him. Gyan tells Haroon that ATU has put all its team to find Kush. Kush commits suicide. Jai aims at Joshi. Jai takes Haroon. An officer updates Aditya about Jai helping Roshan. Aditya says shoot at sight order remains.

Update Credit to: Amena

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