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Twenty Four (24) Season 2 30th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The following takes place between 12 pm and 1pm. Commissioner Joshi asks Rahul what is he doing here, Jai is waiting. Rahul says there is no one here Papa. Commissioner checks his cabin. Jai comes from washroom and meets Rahul. Inder thanks Kiran for taking care of Mili. She says its fine and gets moving. He asks did you like bedroom, I was asking as you are interior designer, I have many properties which needs interior designing, maybe we should work together. She says you were getting your wife. He says she is coming, she went to get something from car. Kiran says Mili said her mum had fracture. Inder asks really, she just slipped in kitchen. Kiran goes out and sees Inder’s wife. Inder’s wife covers her fracture. Kiran reaches home and locks the door. She gets tensed and drinks water.

Someone knocks the door. She gets angry thinking its Inder. But it turns out to be her brother Veer. She gets relieved seeing him and hugs him. He asks are you fine. She says yes, I thought that landlord came.

Raj tells Vedant that this man has just old drugs. Vedant asks him did he sell anything new recently. The man says I will say, just cocaine, I had to give it to some guy, I got double money, I thought he is rich guy. Vedant asks where did you deliver it. The man tells the place. Vedant asks the guy’s name. The man says Kush Sawant. Kush is with his girlfriend, spending intimate moments. She asks did you just come to do this. He says I got a gift for you, go and come soon, else your parents will come. He stops her from seeing drugs. She asks whats this. He says nothing, its office items, take this gift. She says its drugs, I know, you leave. She says don’t shout, listen, why are you interfering in my work. She pushes him out of the door and shuts door.

Shivani tells her team about drug dealer giving cocaine sample to Kush Sawant, we have to catch Kush before he delivers the drugs. She takes updates from Zara and Mihir. Shivani asks Mihir to find out more about Haroon, find Sherchan and his dealers. She asks Gyan where was he. Gyan says I was in serve room. She asks him to take updates from Zara and give backends from here, give all support to Vedant. Gyan agrees.

Bomik comes to meet Aditya. Prasad says PM is ready to meet, but I don’t think this meeting will be of some use. Bomik tells Prasad that PM may agree to their pharmaceutical proposal by many people together. A lady suggests you have special relation with PM, your daughter made a place in his heart. Bomik jokes.

Joshi and Rahul talk to Jai. Rahul says you caught big terrorists, are you not afraid. Jai says I m afraid for just loved ones, I have to leave for meeting, Rahul can come along.

At 12.17, Kiran asks Veer what will he have in lunch. He says I have to leave at 14.00 hours. She says you sound like Papa. He says awesome house. She says its peaceful area, rented house, but landlord is strange, he has 6 year old daughter, she is cute and it looks she feels uncomfortable with her Papa. He says I know that feeling. She shows his room and says I decorated this for you. He likes it and says its small. She says even you are little, come there is Papa’s room too. He says this house is big for you. She says yes, but you came and Papa will come too, we will stay as happy family. He says this can’t happen, I miss mom, I felt maybe it will get easy with time, but I miss her. He cries.

He asks when did you talk to dad. She says today, after two months, he is in rehab, he is trying to leave alcohol. He says we can talk something else. He tells about his work.

Rahul asks Jai how did he feel when he joined ATU for the first time. Jai says great. They leave. Prithvi thanks everyone for coming. Aditya comes for the meet. He says I read all your letters, I called this meet to say my opinion on health bills, still medicines are costly that common man can’t buy it, I want to lower its price through subsidies. He tells about his dad’s dream he wants to fulfill.

Rahul says I decided I will join law and force wing. He says this is not the way. Jai says you won’t like what I do now, but its necessary. Jai hits him on his head and makes him unconscious. Reddy says we pay for marketing and many things. Aditya says I know, we will just cut life saving medicines. Bomik asks Aditya what does he know, you don’t know contribution of pharmaceutical industry. He says our vaccines eradicated the diseases, we have spent crores on it. He shows cost of inhaler, 200rs, and they spent 271 crores to develop it, we could fix price of 500rs and we are selling it for low price, we know this has to reach common people, we bear loss of research which has no result, I m first a scientist and then a businessman, I have to keep businessman in me alive to keep scientist in me alive, we have to be careful, this politics can be loss for science and business. Aditya tells about cancer injection costing 90000rs, humanity is imp, I m sure you all will agree with the health bill.

Gyan calls Vedant. Vedant says we are reaching there. Gyan wishes him good luck. A man tells Kush’s mum to pay rent amount. Kush comes and gives four months rent to the man. His mum asks how did he get so much money.

Vedant reaches the place. Kush’s dad asks him how did he get money. Kush says I saved you, I thought you wil be happy. Kush’s dad says you would have played gambling, whats in that bag, show me. Kush says there is nothing. They get drugs and get shocked. Kush hurries and leaves. Kush sees ATU and runs. His mum throws that cocaine powder in the kitchen sink. Vedant and his team get inside his house. Vedant calls Gyan and says Kush’s mum has put that packet in sink, we have to close down water system, if that packet had virus, it will enter sewerage pipes, Kush has run away. He gets info about Kush. Gyan says it means Kush is not a normal drug dealer, don’t worry, we will find him.

Gyan leaves and makes a call to Haroon. Haroon asks Gyan how did ATU reach Kush. Gyana says Kush is not caught, if I did anything, I would have got caught. Haroon says fine, but if Jai gets caught, that guy is our last hope. Roshan tires himself by exercise and falls down, acting unwell. Marathe comes there to check him inside the cell. Roshan catches and suffocates Marathe and kills him. The police staff gets shocked and get Marathe out.

Aditya tells Bomik that I hope meeting talk does not affect our relation, its just policy matters, you are Devyaani’s father, and its very imp for me. Bomik says my daughter is my life, even when her thinking did not match with mine, her thinking and heart do not change, you both are same in this, I promise this won’t affect our relation.

Dhruv calls Devyaani and says I reached Mumbai, I want to see you. She says I can’t, I m going to meet Aditya, I don’t think we should meet now. He says I know and gives his hotel details. Kiran says I think you think wrong about Papa. Veer says there is someone else in dad’s life. She says no, this can’t happen, did you see anything. He says when I had posting in Delhi, I was junior and my work was to see CCTV footages of hotel, to get details of arm dealer, then I saw dad in lift camera, he was staying there with some girl, she was young. She says I know you are annoyed with Papa, but all this. He shows her the cctv footage of Jai and Maya kissing in the lift. Kiran gets shocked.

Jai is on the way and calls Maya. He says this will end soon, did you find out consignment. She says no. He asks her to find about it. She asks will you take me from here. He says yes, I will get you and your dad, I promise. She says fine, I will find about consignment. Vedant tells Kush’s parents that drug had virus, which can kill many people. Kush’s dad says there were more three packets in his bag. Vedant asks about Kush’s friends. Kush’s mum says Mitali, I just met her once and don’t know her address.

Jai reaches the place and asks the man to keep Rahul safe. Rahul got conscious and is tied. He is taken away. Jai says I will go to hospital as per plan. His friend says fine, I will do other arrangements. Gyan gives a call to Shivani. Shivani tells Gyan that Roshan killed Marathe in the cell. Gyan takes phone and goes to inform Haroon. Zara asks Mihir where does Gyan do often. Mihir says leave it, he is team leader, don’t ask. She says he does not follow rules, we should tell Shivani. Mihir says no use, Gyan is Shivani’s fav, do your work and go home.

Jai reaches hospital and gets Gyan’s call. Gyan tells about Roshan killing Marathe in solitary confinement. Haroon joins on conference call and likes this news. Jai says don’t celebrate, its tough for me to free him, Roshan gone mad to kill Marathe. Haroon scolds him and says you are given 25 crores to you, you are not working for free, you want to do easy work by taking so much money, you have to get Roshan back. Jai goes to ambulance and gets inside. He starts it by short circuit wires and leaves.

The drugs are checked. Doctor removes the mask and says the virus is not in the drugs, its regular cocaine, nothing else. Vedant says then where is the virus, if not here. Shivani shows pics to drug dealer Prakash and asks him to say if he knows anyone. She hurts him and asks him details. Prakash says he is dangerous man, he gave me a sample injection and asked me to try on new guy Kush, till Kush did not take injection, he did not leave Kush, he made all the drug dealers a drug addict, so that they don’t leave him. Shivani sends him to police station.

Shivani informs Vedant that Kush did not have virus on cocaine, but Chang gave those packets to him, there is some connection. He says we are missing out on something. She says Prakash said Kush took an injection, virus is not in cocaine and bag, virus is in Kush, he is the virus carrier. Kush goes to some mall, in between much crowd.

Jai says its imp to know when is that consignment coming. Maya asks what game is he playing. Jai asks his friend to get underground. Shivani says I want Kush Savant. Kush says they will kill me if I don’t deliver packet. Haroon says we will go by other plan if I don’t get news about Roshan.

Update Credit to: Amena

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