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Twenty Four (24) Season 2 28th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The following takes place between 9pm and 10pm. Jai calls Gyan. Gyan says I think its Jai, he is using Haroon’s mobile so that we can hear them. Jai says look, don’t do any mistake in hurry. Shivani stops Kamat to stand down. Kamat asks the team to abort. Haroon and Roshan have a talk. Dhruv says now you will give me knowledge, stay out of this. Jai says you would be aged 30, I have out many criminals in your age, I did just work, not nonsense, you also think of work, Roshan is taking advantage of situation as you are stuck, you won’t get anyone like Sherchan brothers, either agree or leave.

Dhruv asks Haroon are you seeing your bodyguard insulting me, don’t you have position infront of them, I did deal with you, where did your commitment go. ATU hears the conversation.

Haroon asks what commitment, let this deal go to hell. He goes. Roshan asks Dhruv not to take it on heart, think of what I said, I don’t have habit to say no, come Jai. Jai sees virus machine and goes. Gyan says call dropped.

Prithvi and Antara meet in parking lot. They hug. He asks till when will this go on. She says I have decided, though its late, I m leaving Shinde, I know I m weak. He says no, you are very strong, I m glad you took this decision finally. She says I will leave from there in morning. He asks why tomorrow, why not now, whats the need to go back. She says I don’t want to run away, I will tell him that I m leaving him, I came here to see you and get strength, its matter of one night now. They hug. He kisses her. Khosla takes her pic and calls Naina. He says I reached PMO. Naina says I m not there, my son decided he does not need me, your documents did not benefit me, Aditya did not care about Devyaani’s info. He says don’t worry, this new info will make you get rid of Prithvi, I m in PMO parking lot. She says stay there, I will come.

Aditya goes to meet Shinde at his home and says I left imp work, tell me. Shinde says I wanted my wife to be here in this meeting. Aditya asks him to get to the point. Shinde says I want to show, see. Aditya gets shocked seeing Prithvi and Antara’s pics. Shinde says you identify your brother and my wife, this is going on since 6 months, there are more pics and videos, do you want to see. Aditya says I can’t believe this. Shinde says pics don’t lie, you are not married, but you can guess what a man goes through when he knows his wife is cheating, if Prithvi was not your brother, he would have not been alive, you have to remove Prithvi from party office and this country, I want to see him away from my wife, you have one hour to do this, else I will remove govt. support, you know health bill is important, I can make govt fall. Aditya says I don’t like threatening, this is your personal matter, I will talk to Prithvi. Shinde says Prithvi has to go. Aditya says if this does not happen then… Shinde says I called a press conference after one hour, I will just call you Aditya when we meet next, think will you save govt. or brother. Aditya leaves.

Kamat tries to see by binoculars. Roshan asks Haroon to come. Haroon asks why, you and Jai did this, I did mistake to get you here. Roshan says trust me. Haroon says what trust. They are called by Dhruv. The girl Meher leaves with the virus boxes. Roshan asks where is virus. Dhruv says if deal was finalized, it would have been here, I can’t stay at one place for long, I will call you later. Dhruv also leaves with his men. Haroon asks Roshan is he happy now. Kamat sees everyone leaving and informs Siddharth. He asks what shall we do now. Siddharth says no need to wait there, follow those men.

Siddharth asks what game is Jai playing, Sherchan brothers, supplier, virus and Meher was there. Shivani says I m sure Jai has something in his mind. Vedant says everyone was there. Shivani says Jai also wanted this, but he has let them go, it means he knows something else which we don’t know. Siddharth asks Kamat to keep an eye on those men, they should not know that. Siddharth asks Gyan to call Haroon. Gyan calls Haroon.

Haroon asks where is my phone. Jai says its Gyan. Haroon disconnects. Raj and Veer get Kiran to ATU. Naina reaches PMO and asks driver to get Khosla to visitors room. The guard says sorry, you can’t go inside. She asks what, and gets angry. Naina goes to Khosla and sits in his car. She says I hope this news is good, I need it a lot, my son has refused me to come in PMO, I made this party stand and today I m standing in this parking lot. Khosla shows her Prithvi and Antara’s pics. She laughs and says good work, Prithvi is a fool. She calls Prithvi.

Pharma heads wait to talk to Aditya and think why did Aditya call them. Navneet says PM will join you shortly. Kiran says it means Papa was undercover and it was his plan to make Roshan run away. Veer asks is dad and Maya’s relation part of his plan. Gyan gets silent. Veer says I knew it and leaves. Gyan says anyway, are you fine. Kiran says I m fine. Gyan says take rest, if you want anything, call me. She asks is Papa fine. Gyan says ofcourse, he is fine.

Jai, Roshan and Haroon reach home. Roshan asks Jai to come and talk. Haroon says first I need to talk to you. They both leave. Jai looks on.

At 9.27, Prithvi goes to talk to Naina. He says this is Aditya’s orders, sorry I can’t help, you have to leave. She asks about Antara, what did you think. He says you have nothing to do with this. She says I have it now, Shinde called Aditya to his home, I know its related to your love. Prithvi sits in her car. He asks did Aditya go to meet Shinde. She asks why, did he not tell you, I m surprised, I felt Aditya and you don’t hide anything, Shinde is a creep and can do anything, did you not get anyone else to love. Antara looks innocent and is not. He says don’t say anything against Antara. She says you really love her, you are a big fool, anyways I m there. He says I don’t need you, I will handle this. She says you just need me, I dislike you, I will help you, just I can remove Shinde’s poison. He says maybe you are right, I can’t go against Aditya. She says Aditya has many things going on right now, he has no time to solve your problem, leave this on me, you have no time, Antara will be with you, and Shinde will never look at you, this is my promise.

Navneet tells Prithvi that Aditya has come back and want to meet you urgently. Prithvi says fine, tell me I will come. He asks Naina to stay here and goes. He asks guard to let Naina come upstairs when he says. Naina smiles.

Haroon talks to Roshan and is upset with him. He says I was always younger and happy, but when you went to jail, I have grown up, I knew I can’t run this gang like you, I wanted you to come out, I was thinking how to get you back, when I succeeded, I felt you will be proud of me, but never, you won’t believe I have grown up and I can take decision. Roshan says you are my brother, its my duty to take care of you, you will understand I m doing this for you, you did big work to manage business and free me, you saved my life and did virus deal alone, but now I have come out, its business to get more money, even Jai knows about the deal. Haroon says if Dhruv does not come back…. Roshan says we should not think of our profit, but how much profit the other person will get, Dhruv knows we can spread virus. Haroon says but deal was done. Roshan says you have really not grown up, else you would know, promises are made to be broken, come on shine.

Siddharth asks how Kamat, I told you to be at safe distance, not to lose them. Kamat says sorry, its very dark, we lost them. Siddharth says forget now, go to base location. Siddharth tells Shivani that Kamat has lost track of the virus dealer.

Maya makes Omkar have water. Omkar says they have come back, go from here, if they see you… She says forgive me. He says I wish you are right about Jai, I don’t want your heart and trust to break. She says Jai wants to get us out from here, I know he has some plan. She leaves. Jai catches her and takes her away. She asks did deal happen, can we leave now. He says no, it will take some time, don’t worry, everything will be fine, give me your phone. She says Haroon broke my phone. He says get any other phone, I have to talk to one who can get us out of here. She goes to get phone.

Aditya says I m not talking about Shinde’s threatening, I want to know why did you hide such big thing from me, you know everything about me, am I not close that you tell me about Antara. Prithvi says I wanted to tell you, but did not get time, Antara came alone in Delhi event for six months ago, we met and had a long talk, I got to know Antara and Shinde’s marriage was just a political tie between their fathers, they had no love, Shinde is 20 years older, you know him, he used to mentally torture Antara and raised hand too, I started supporting her as a friend, we did not know when our friendship turned to love, I felt like my life used to roam around her call, when we realized our love, Antara was scared and did not wish to do anything, so I thought what to tell you, but last week she had courage to leave Shinde, I was going to tell this today but… you are my friend and brother, don’t get annoyed. Aditya says no, I m not annoyed, I m happy for you. He hugs Prithvi. Prithvi asks what about Shinde’s threatening. Aditya says I will not remove you from party. Prithvi says then I will do something.

Prithvi calls Antara and gets her number odd. Maya goes to Haroon’s man. He says you here, Haroon is there. She says I came to have fresh air, and smokes. She gets his phone by fooling him. Roshan asks Jai why did you think he will agree. Jai says he will agree for 2000 crores if he can agree for 1000 crores. Roshan says you really changed. Haroon says we have to leave country in three hours, if he did not call us then… Roshan says we will leave and earn amount in 5 years by selling drugs. Haroon asks do you think it’s a joke. Roshan says he will call us.

Shivani calls her mum and asks about Kabir. Her mum says he was restless, you know he gets silent when get ill, I gave him medicine. Shivani says I wish I could come. Her mum says I m here, I called doctor, Kabir is sleeping by hugging your pic. Shivani says send his pic. Her mum sends Kabir’s pic. Shivani sees pic and gets emotional. Siddharth comes there and asks is everything fine. He says no agency knows about virus dealer and Meher, we have to wait till Jai gives us info. Shinde says Prithvi will be away if he wants to be alive, else I will just kill him and end this matter. Antara comes. Shinde asks her about her meeting with PS. She goes to her room. Shinde says time given to Aditya will end in one hour, I hope he will take right decision, else his govt will fall. His assistant says media reporters started coming, if PM agrees, what will you tell media. Shinde says we will make any news of project, Antara will manage project, Prithvi will get punished for his doing, and even my lovely wife will be punished.

Maya gives phone to Jai and says I will go, Haroon will doubt. He thanks Maya and calls Gyan. Gyan says its surely Jai. Jai says I can’t talk much, is Shivani there. Siddharth says talk to me, what are you doing there, why did you not give attack signal. Jai says I had to confirm about the weaponized virus, Haroon said its different virus, Meher clarified that its accelerated version, deal did not happen, Meher left, Roshan is asking for 2000 crores, I m sure this deal will happen, don’t know when. Vedant asks about virus dealer. Jai says he does not look any terrorist, he looks educated, I can call if I have this phone, you can trace me with Haroon’s phone, next time when I call, it will be after this mission succeeds. Siddharth says we are still in this game. Veer looks on.

At 9.55, Devyaani talks to Aditya. She says I will come in half an hour. He says I have imp meetings. She says dad said you called pharma heads for briefings. He says yes, I m going there. Naina and Prithvi come. Aditya ends call. He asks whats Naina doing. Prithvi says I got her. Aditya says I told you Maa not to come here. She says I know about Prithvi and Antara, I can help you. Aditya says I don’t like your way to help, you complicate things. She says I can handle Shinde. Prithvi says I will resign from govt. I don’t want you to bear this problem. Aditya says don’t be stupid. Naina says no, then Shinde will use this govt as puppet, Aditya you go in pharma meeting, leave Shinde’s matter to me, just call him and tell him you are not scared of this threatening. Prithvi says Shinde called press conference. She says don’t worry, he won’t say anything, I know his past.

Haroon says you lost our deal Jai. Jai says have patience. Haroon says this was my deal, Roshan spoiled this, who will give 2000 crores. He gets Dhruv’s call. Dhruv asks for Roshan. Dhruv says we are ready to give 2000 crores, I have a condition, when I give you virus, you will kill Jai infront of me. Roshan sees Jai and says it will be done.

Jai says deal will be done in next 15 mins, there is change in location, no man should be saved. Maya asks are you still with ATU. Shinde asks Aditya about his decision. Aditya says Prithvi won’t go anywhere. Dhruv shows the virus. Naina talks to someone, who says I will expose Shinde. Naina threatens Shinde on call. Dhruv says deal got completed from my side, now its your turn. Roshan aims gun at Jai. The place blows up. Roshan escapes and says Jai played game, I will play game with him and this country.

Update Credit to: Amena

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