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Twenty Four (24) Season 2 20th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The following takes place between 6pm and 7pm. Officer slaps Gyan and asks who else is involved in this from ATU, where is Jai and Roshan. Gyan does not break his silence. Siddharth looks on. Officer asks where is Haroon hiding and slaps Gyan. Siddharth tells Gyan that you know how this works. They torture Gyan and try to get answer. Gyan gets a call. Siddharth asks him to talk on speaker. Haroon asks Gyan why did you not answer. Gyan says there is problem after Roshan went. Haroon asks did ATU know about our plan. Gyan says not yet and call ends. The call does not get traced.

Mr. Khosla meets Naina. He says I have a news and gives Devyaani’s details. He says she was arrested at 17 years of age, she was found with cocaine in the party which got raided, she was sent to drug rehabilitation,

his father cleared all police records by money, I got the copy, Bomik sent her to London for study and there was no info, if its so clean, it means it has dirt hidden. She says well done, this girl has innocent face, does dean know of her. He says not yet, you can decide.

Mihir asks Zaara are you okay. She says I m fine, its ATU, not IT company, this work has danger, we should be prepared for anything. He smiles and says maybe you get ready to have coffee with me. She says I won’t go with you even if you were last man on this earth. Vedant comes there. Mihir says you should be in hospital. Vedant asks about Gyan. Mihir says Siddharth is interrogating Gyan. Vedant calls Shivani and asks where are you. She says I m close, what are you doing there. He says come fast, it all went wrong.

Haroon gets glad seeing Roshan and hugs him. he asks Jai why did you tie Roshan’s hand. Jai says then it would be tough to get him alive. Haroon frees Roshan’s hands and asks him not to get angry. He hugs Roshan and says we will kill Jai later, we succeeded, we will go home. They all leave and take Jai along. Vedant asks Siddharth to wait till Shivani comes. Shivani comes and asks Siddharth to leave Gyan, I don’t think Gyan can be a spy. Siddharth argues and says he helped Jai and Roshan. She says fine. He says your professional opinion, my foot. She says I need to talk to him, I got him to ATU, I want Vedant with me, he has to see Vedant’s state. He asks her to get lost. She says I want 10mins. He says just 5mins, not a second more. She thanks him and asks Vedant to come. He says I m watching you guys from here.

Raj and Veer come to Kiran’s house. Veer calls Kiran. Sarah attends call and asks him to help her. Veer and Raj rush to Sarah’s house and shoot at the lock. They find Sarah wounded. Veer asks are you okay. Raj calls for ambulance. Veer says where the hell are you Kiran and gets her phone.

Siddharth tells Zakaria that we got traitor Gyan, Shivani is talking to him. Zakaria says we moved Shivani, as she will not be able to take strict action against Jai, Gyan is Jai’s man, I hope I did not do mistake by recommending you. Siddharth says this is nonsense and goes to Gyan. Siddharth tells Gyan about the injection what will give him much pain. Shivani says this is not needed, you are hurrying. Siddharth asks the man to give Gyan the injection.

Jai sends some signal to Gyan. Gyan says he reached inside. Siddharth asks who, whats this. Shivani says Jai reached Haroon, we did it, I need to talk to PM. Siddharth asks her to answer him first. Shivani says its undercover operation to free Roshan from central jail, there was no way to reach Haroon, this signal means Jai took Roshan and reached Haroon, Jai is with them, our mission’s first step succeeded. Siddharth gets shocked.

Siddharth asks was this ATU’s plan, are you guys out of your mind. She says its imp to talk to PM. He asks since when is this going on. She says since months. He asks who knew about this. She says Jai, Gyan, Vedant and me. He asks who authorized this, raw, cbi, pm, ATU helped the man who killed many people, you make him meet his brother who has weaponized virus, what were you guys thinking, anyways the question is why, you will have answers ready, now you can talk to pm. He leaves with his team.

Mihir and Zaara look on. Shivani and Vedant take Gyan. Mihir says whats happening. Zaara says Gyan is out of interrogation room, even after what he did to me. Siddharth and Shivani talk to Aditya on video chat. Siddharth says I did not know this, go on Shivani. Shivani says we planned sting operation since 6 months, it was step to make Roshan free of jail. Zakaria asks what are you saying. Shivani says we were getting info about Haroon, Jai got to know about weaponized virus by some source, we had no way to reach that virus, except our agent joins Haroon’s group by winning his trust, so Jai decided to go undercover.

Aditya and Prithvi get shocked. Shivani says then we prepared Jai’s background, we made excuse of alcoholism and gave him leave of absence intentionally, Jai told about insult at ATU and joined Haroon’s gang, he got to know Haroon got sample virus, so Jai took responsibility to free Roshan so that Haroon does not use virus, Gyan was helping Jai from ATU with logistics, this mission is to capture the virus and people related to it, its big threat to country’s security as Haroon has that virus, we did not any innocent person to die, Haroon activated his plan even when Jai promised him. minister asks did you not think anything can get bad, you risked country. Shivani says we have hope this won’t happen, we got Jai’s message that he made Roshan reach Haroon, Jai promised them that he will safely take them out of country, Jai told Gyan about virus delivery, after two hours, everyone after virus will reach there, we can end virus threat and capture everyone, sorry we did not take authorization, we had less time.

Zakaria says you don’t need any agency, you just made plan. Aditya says you felt to save country from virus, you should free dangerous terrorist, is this a joke, Roshan is a terrorist, what were you thinking. Shivani says I know this was not best approach. Aditya says I will not tolerate my people risking country’s security. Siddharth says I understand your anger, Jai is with them, we can neutralize virus, we should support Jai so that mission succeeds, Jai and his team did wrong and will get punished, I think we should think of virus now. Shivani says I m sorry, we wanted to stop virus, not cheat anyone. Aditya says you were here one hour ago, you saw us worried, you did not tell anything, sorry won’t do anything, if Jai is caught, then… mission depends on one man, its dangerous, even if that man is Jai.

Haroon and Roshan talk on the way. Shivani says we got Jai’s location, situation is in our control, Jai sent a message for you. Jai sends video message and apologizes to Aditya for keeping mission secret, I have to break some rules and protocols to do this, its necessary, I assure you I will save my country at any price, this mission is of entire country, Roshan and Haroon has to die, Jai hind.

Aditya says you did not leave any other way, now we became a part of this unauthorized mission, you all will face strict enquiry after this mission ends, Siddharth is still incharge, you will report to him. Veer and Raj take Sarah. Veer says I m Kiran’s brother, where is she. She says Kiran saved my daughter from Inder. Veer asks who is Inder. They take her to ambulance. Neighbor ladies tell Veer about Sarah’s husband Inder, he went in taxi, Kiran is nice girl, are you her brother, Inder went to Margaret hospital. Veer thanks them and rushes.

Jai reaches Haroon’s place. Maya sees Jai. Haroon tells Roshan about Maya. Roshan says Haroon is my younger brother, take care of him. Haroon asks Jai to come and takes Roshan. Gyan checks Jai’s tracker and tells location. Siddharth sends Jai’s location. Shivani says call team leaders for briefing. Siddharth says I m running ATU, I know my work. He asks Gyan and Vedant to leave. Shivani asks them to go and change first, get medical dressing Gyan. They leave.

Inder asks inspector about Kiran. Inspector says we will find Kiran, Mili is in children’s ward. Inder takes some medical instrument. Aditya asks how can they do this without my permission. Prithvi reminds Shivani and Jai caught Roshan last time by their thinking, I can understand why they have hidden this, you would have not agreed, else your post would fall in risk, its good to keep all agencies from this mission, it can be successful. Aditya says Roshan got freed. Prithvi says Jai is with Roshan and Delta team is keeping an eye on them, Jai can make this mission successful. Aditya does not agree and says I want we fight with this virus, doctor says Kush’s blood has virus, we can study and find treatment. Prithvi says defense secretary is coming. Aditya says I supported ATU always, they broke my trust today, Maa was saying right. Prithvi says Jai and ATU did this to save you, I m sure they did not wish to cheat you, Naina worries for you, she thinks very bitter sometimes, don’t let her words affect.

Devyaani tells dean that she was on rounds. Dean says that hearing was necessary. She says my dad is in board of trustees, my appointment happened on merit, my dad gave donation later. She goes. Dean gets call from Bomik’s place. Dean tells Kuldeep that its not serious matter. Bomik talks to dean. Dean says don’t worry for Devyaani. Bomik says take care of her, I m saying this as a father, thanks.

Khosla says I have sent mail, all seniors will get Devyaani’s truth. Dean checks Devyaani’s past details and gets shocked. Kiran meets Mili and says I will take you to Sarah, do as I say, come. Inder comes there and says Mili is not going anywhere.

At 6.54pm, Siddharth says Jai’s watch is giving us location, next two hours are extremely critical, get back to work. Shivani asks Mihir to find about Haroon’s dealer. Siddharth asks Mihir to brief updates to him. Siddharth asks Shivani not to repear what happened in their marriage, I m your senior here, don’t try to overwrite my instructions, are we clear on that. She says yes. He goes.

Haroon gives wine to Roshan. They laugh. Jai comes there. Roshan gets angry and says his every breath is a slap on my face. Haroon asks will you have drink with me. Jai says no, and goes. Haroon says Jai is trying to leave wine, lets talk of business. He shows the virus and says I got this sample, I thought its good chance to save you from hanging, Jai was working with us, he said he can do this work for 25 crores, I said fine, get my brother, see you are here and we have contract to spread virus, its for 500 crores, we will start from here, Mumbai.

Inder asks Raj and Veer to move back and caught Kiran. Defense secretary scolds Shivani and Siddharth. Roshan says our network will be finished. Maya tells Jai that Haroon will kill you and hugs him. Haroon catches Maya and holds her neck. Jai says leave her, its not Maya’s mistake.

Update Credit to: Amena

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