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The following takes place between 4pm and 5pm. Inspector does not check the car towed in the truck and leaves. The police checks the abandoned car, and till then Jai and Roshan escape in the big truck. Jai and Roshan get down. Jai tells Joshi about Rahul’s location and says your son is fine. Jai and Roshan in the car. Roshan asks why did you leave Joshi, he will tell about us, we should kill him. Jai says our plan is different. Joshi frees himself and gets down the truck.

Kiran is on the way with Mili and talks to her, asking her to be awake, they are reaching the hospital. They reach hospital. Inder tells inspector about his car and gives details. He asks inspector to trace Kiran, she has kidnapped my six year old daughter and stolen my car, please help me, I will wait for

your call. Shivani greets Naina. Naina asks manager why did Shivani come here. He says Aditya was waiting for her. Naina asks why. He says sorry and goes. She asks the Khosla did he get any news. He says I m finding out about Devyaani, I got to know Roshan has run away from Pune Central jail, all agencies are finding him. Naina gets shocked.

Joshi tries to get lift. He stops a car and asks the man for his phone. He calls commissioner and says I m fine, listen to me, Jai and Roshan has left in blue indica, and gives number. He says my son is confined at garage, send someone there. Commissioner says fine, we will send team to get you too. RAF officers take their positions.

Jai and Roshan reach some old hut. Jai calls Gyan and asks did he send form. Gyan says no, upload speed is very low, I need some time. Jai says we are leaving, just send the form as soon as possible. They leave in an ambulance.

At 4.17pm, Shivani tells Aditya about Jai keeping Joshi’s son as hostage, so Joshi had to let Jai and Roshan go. Aditya says maybe Jai is helpless even this time. She says Jai has no danger this time. Prithvi gets call and disconnects. Aditya says Shivani, you took training under Jai. She says yes. He says you know Jai very well, what do you think, why did he do this. She says Jai can’t cheat country. Prithvi says we can see he is with Haroon. Zakaria says why do we need to explain you, do you have sympathy and loyalty towards him.

Zaara tells Mihir that I don’t know my brief now. She looks for Gyan. She says when Shivani comes back, I wil file official complaint. Jai asks Roshan to lie down as dead body. Jai gets in doctor’s disguise. Prithvi rejects his wife’s call again. Aditya talks to minister and hope they can stop Roshan. Minister leaves. Aditya and Prithvi talk about Mane Shinde, he should know everything. Police and RAF check all cars and vehicles at checkpost. Driver tells inspector about home ministry clearance for this vehicle. Gyan tries to upload the form and calls toll booth. He asks for incharge and tells inspector about home ministry senior’s emergency, give them full clearance. Inspector gets the form on his phone and asks staff to let the ambulance leave. The ambulance leaves. Gyan gets relieved. Roshan laughs and gets up. Kush is treated by the doctors.

Inspector checks the hut and says I think Jai and Roshan left from here. Kiran asks nurse to check Mili. Nurse admits Mili and asks Kiran to fill up the form. Sukhdeep asks inspector about any vehicle crossing checkpost without checking. Inspector shows the clearance request. Sukhdeep calls Zaara to ask about any checking clearance. She says ATU did not send any such form. Sukhdeep tells her that Jai and Roshan left in the ambulance. Zaara tells everyone to track the ambulance on every signal and check footages. She asks Mihir where is Gyaan, and calls Shivani to inform her.

Gyan calls driver and says they got to know you guys are in ambulance on express way. Driver tells this to Jai. Jai says tell him we are just 10mins away from pickup point. Gyan says I can’t do anything from here, you have to think something. Jai looks on.

Doctor checks Mili. Nurse tells Kiran that Mili is fine, she will get well by some sleep, doctor gave her medicine, stay outside. Shivani tells Aditya that Jai and Roshan escaped. Aditya says there is so much security on express way. Shivani says helicopters are patrolling there, my team is checking footage, we will get them in some time, we will coordinate this operation. Zakaria says we called you here so that you keep us ahead than Jai, you completely failed. Prithvi says its not the time to blame each other, stop that ambulance. Zakaria asks Prithvi to talk to him about Shivani.

Jai says we have to leave this ambulance. Driver says they have seen us, see the chopper. Jai asks him to speed up and get ambulance inside the tunnel. Police shoots at ambulance. They park the ambulance in the tunnel. Jai and Roshan get down. Jai says make them roam, and be alive. Chopper follows the ambulance. Jai and Roshan come out of the tunnel and go the other way.

Prithvi talks to his wife Antara. He says sorry, I had imp work, is everything fine. She says yes, I just wanted to hear your voice. Naina comes and he ends call. Naina asks Prithvi did he decide anything, Roshan has run away, what will you answer media, I won’t let our party image get spoiled, you know when this news go out, what will happen, media can regard this party’s weakness and point on Aditya. She asks what will he do now, whats his plan. He says we are finding Roshan. She says you are Aditya’s chief advisor, find the solution, I did not like you ever, but I m saying about politics. She says we can never become friends, but we can become a good team. He says no, Aditya asked me not to involve you in any policy, I agree to him.

Naina gets angry and says that’s why you could not become a good leader, you will agree to Aditya and regret one day, you both will come running to me. Jai and Roshan reach the jungle. Jai calls Gyan. He says we left ambulance. Gyan says I got you. Jai says tell Haroon we can’t reach him, they have to come to us. Gyan says there is old bus stop 100 metres ahead, stay there, Haroon wants proof that Roshan is alive and is with you. Jai says fine, I will do something. He takes a selfie with Roshan and sends to Gyan.

Gyan gets the pic and calls Haroon. Gyan tells him that Roshan is fine, I m sending his pic, you see that. A man comes there and says Zaara is finding you. Gyan hides the pic. Zaara and Mihir come there. Gyan asks her to manage server load. She goes. He asks for Kush’s status. Doctor tells Kush that Mitali has gone for tests, his parents are fine and will come to see him soon. Kush asks will I get fine, you all can do my cure right, tell me, will I die. Doctor says we are doing all possible tries to make your pain less, but you have to be calm. Kush cries.

Roshan asks Jai why are you doing this. Jai says your brother is giving me 25 crores. Roshan asks where did your honesty go. Jai says times changes everything. Roshan says nothing changed for mee. They see a truck and stop it. Haroon’s men meet them and ask them to come. Roshan gets inside the truck and takes gun and phone from Jai. He breaks his phone and says technology gets police close.

Zaara sees Jai and Roshan’s pic on Gyan’s system. She says Mihir, Gyan is doing something. Gyan comes and says I forgot to delete some files, this room is sound proof, sit down. He aims gun at her. Police gets Inder’s car at the hospital and go to check. Gyan shuts Zaara’s mouth by tape and ties her. He locks the server room and goes.

Haroon’s men talk to Roshan and say this time, it was very tough and Jai got you. Roshan looks at Jai. Inspector tells nurse about Mili’s kidnapping. Nurse gives the details and says Mili is in emergency room. Kiran sees them and hides.

At 4.54pm, Devyaani calls Aditya. He says I can’t discuss govt. matters. She says I kow, I did not want to disturb you. He asks her is she not going for meeting. She says meeting with dean got delayed, we will spend evening together. He says I m busy. She says I will still come, if we can spend time, else I will have tea and leave.

Prithvi tells Aditya that I spoke to Naina, I did not think of saving party image from media, she is right. Aditya says you were thinking of country, relax, make a plan and coordinate with CM and commissioner, we should be ready if virus spreads, Roshan is an animal, there is still threat. Shivani comes. Prithvi says give us 5mins, we will call you. Aditya asks is she not part of this meeting. Prithvi says no, I will tell you.

Roshan says I can’t believe Jai freed me. The man says Jai is working for us since 6 months. Roshan says Jai can’t change. Jai says I m just doing my work. Roshan says I won’t get peace till you are alive. Jai says you won’t get anything if you kill me. Roshan kicks and beats him. Jai says I gave my word to Haroon. Roshan asks Jai to show his power. He beats him Jai. Jai falls down.

Haroon says when he makes us leave from this country, you do anything with Jai. Chang gives bad news. Haroon tells Maya that Roshan will kill Jai. Prithvi says someone is helping Jai. Maya says I love Jai, help me dad. Roshan goes to cut Jai’s fingers. Haroon’s men get shocked seeing him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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