Tv Serial’s they are neither logical nor legal


Well well well welcome to the world of indian drama’s
tv serial’s are like the disclaimer has to include “darshako humare karyakram ki story mai koi logic nahi hai so bhool kr bhi kisi part mai aap apne dimaag ka isthemaal na kare! humare serials k start’s toh bohot promising aur acche honge par hum guarantee dete hai ki aage jake khud hum hi uski band bajayenge yaha aap ke like’s aur dislike’s ki koi value nahi hai, hoga wahi jo director aur producer chahenge lastly agar yeh serial aap sabko bohot pasand aya toh hum usse abruptly band kr denge par agar nahi toh usse itne saal chalayenge ki aapke future generations ko bhi iska anand uthane milege ” reasons well i guess the disclaimer already says no logic applied here please
Leading in this category with most votes are

1. swaragini (or rather should i say Swasan??)
Swara the mahaan devi daya ki murath sanskar the matured lover so matured ki jiss pyaar ke liye woh DP ko barbaad krne aya tha swara se milte hi woh pyaar gayab ? Swasan got everything and raglak well i’m not gonna say anything about couples and lovestory track on this story because leaving ragini and shomi either it’s swara , sanskar (no bashings please i love them a lot but then pyaar hai ya mazaak how can swara just leave laksh for her sister if your saying it’s her mahaan panti np guy’s she never really loved him she just confessed because she wanted rags to be freed i repeat swara never loved laksh and for sanskar no comments please i mean he’s always backfired to someone who’s been close to him either it’s sujatha or ragini or even he’s sacha pyaar kavita)or laksh or even papa shekhar no one’s love has been constant why don’t these guy’s take some tutions from hume tumse kitni mohabbat hain, Geet, Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon , and many more where jodi’s created sensations jaha bhale hi kuch bhi ho jaye pyaar never changed
well to bring the latest irony on the show, it’s gonna take a leap probably a small one as swara’s gonna fall off the cliff and will fall in love with a new guy! see swasan fans just cos of you the writer’s and producers are on a trance whether to do so or not hope they don’t do this again or i would truly doubt that swara would ever cling on someone or would be changing her love priorities till the end πŸ™

2. sath nibhana sathiya (ya phir humari gopi wahu mahaan i guess this time her daughter vidya’s gonna beat her in the best bahu competition πŸ˜› )
Ever wondered why only in the whole world only modi’s have the privelege of so many inhouse villains?? well the reason is because they have gopi wahu and not forget her maaji !
This is the only serial in the whole telly world where only the title is sath nibhana sathiya but their sathiya’s never do that they always abandon them to be on the top of the list is ahem and now i guess damadji shravan is also in the line to beat him! Nowadays koki’s dialogues are so irritating the way she speaks just makes me shut the tv down and get some fresh air but then elders!! i really like the way gaura speaks she’s comical and more of all she’s the only one along with meera somewhat normal .

3. Kumkum BHagya (no comments please)
this is the only serial in the millenium where a girl has been preganant since i guess ages even an elephant doesn’t have such a big gestational period phew!! and well must say the girl has really maintained herself she doesn’t really look like carrying a child in her tummy.

4. OMG THIS ONE’S MY FAV “Simar and the supernaturals !!” I hope you know the serial’s name already πŸ˜‰

Guy’s iss serial ke kya kehne these guy’s no words at all the serial which was expected to be another saas bahu ka drama suddenly turned into supernaturals this is the only serial where may what happen at theend achai ki finaly jab poori band baj jaye then jaakr uski jeet hoti hai phir? phir kuch naya aa jata hai looking at their speed and talents woh din door nahi jab there will be zombie’s and aliens in the show simar will have her own lab where she’ll make portions and then keepit in front of matarani for some chamatkaar . baksh do unhe yaar woh bhi thak gayi ab teri madat krte krte humari bhi thodi help krne de unhe

5. Yeh hai mohabatein ( par kaha hain mohabatein???)

well they have crossed all the limits how can a person without any documents nothing go abroad! fine fake documents. but what about being a dentist abroad and treating people i just dont know how??? the ishimaaa who loved ruhi so much suddenly bargained her for her infant not fair. raman said well “sautheli maa sautheli hi hoti hai!”

I know this posts gonna get many basher’s too it’s okay i would love too see what they have to say . And i know many of you would agree too this post so do comment guy’s πŸ˜‰
Amidst of all these there are many must watch and awesome serials

kuch rang pyaar ke, ek duje ke vaaste, Vishkanya, Parvarish 2, udaan, Bahu humari Rajnikaant do suggest me some guy’s πŸ˜‰

Credit to: Unknown

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  1. now tht was hilarious πŸ˜€

  2. I Would Suggest U Tashan E Ishq Bcs Here Alaways Happens Funny Things And Love Is Alaways B/w The Two And Bahu Hamari Rajnikant

    1. cuteprincess

      yep, I agree with you tashan e ishq is awesome…

  3. I agree with the points, but when u are finding logic in serials, why did u include vishkanya in must watch list?

    1. cause it has a strong story background according to me and as far not any typical drama’s and for the logic part i guess every story i based on some illogical part being itself a reel life not a real life story but then when it becomes too much it’s over to handle

  4. HHaha superb analysis so true lol not legal hahah lol well I would love to add dehleez in the list of must watch and I really love all the show u mentioned as must watch πŸ™‚

    1. dehleez is a nice one…

  5. Awesome …. n rajnikant it my favorite serial now a days….

  6. awesome yaar i laughed i totally agree with u 100 percent this is true but i would some more serials like diya bathi, nagin, and many more i liked swaragini in starting but swasan mahan i think u understood by this i like teju but her role seriously no importance is given to her always swasan just tell me do all problems come in one person life only does it really happen some serials say they r based on daily life we may find it in beging but then it goes worst i love sadda haq season 1 i was truly inspired by it i loved sandhir chemistry too but sanyuktha too good really these days no logic but then to we watch them i will tell something nagin has no logic but then to i watch that and many of us watch it we know their’s no logic but still i watch it for rviyana chemistry nothing more i loved ur anlaysis plsz one more
    let know who feel what about show its my request………….

  7. Sab kuch manzoor hai but nothing against swasan! OK? Swaragini me swasan are awesome coz their love is pure! Raglak faked their love not once but many a times!
    No words against swasan Pls! Rest 4 r seriously illogical!

      1. N swalak kaha se aaa gayi..i meam woh toh past the na…ab Swasan h…jo hona tha ho gaya yr..phir se wohi baat ki swara apne sis k liye laksh ko kaise chor skte h?

        RE woh sanky se shadi kr suki thi tab…

        N jaha tak mujhe malum swara ne laksh se pyar kiya tha..

    1. I agree WD u Jaf..nothing against SwaSan…specially not against SANSKAR.. he is an ideal lover,husband and friend…

      and laksh the most confused man in swaragini…and ragini ka pyar?? WO pyar nahi balki obsession.. pagalpanti..jis ladki ne apni behen ko Nadi dhakka de sakti hai WO kuch bhi karsakti hai..

      coming to our hero Sanskar..he didn’t Ditch Ragini..that he was he left his revenge mode..and about kavita..sometimes 2nd love jindagi ban jati hai..meri sis ko hua I know it very well…and swara will loose her memory..and c won’t fall for anyone..this is just for jealousy track…Swara Sanskar ki thi,hai and hamesha rahegi..its needed for plot..

      come on dear don’t be a spoilsport… if u can’t appreciate them plz don’t bash them..and plzzz from next time don’t say anything about swasan and sanskar and swara..

      If u don’t like them just avoid need to bash..

      1. Rid! I loved ur line ‘Swara Sanskar ki thi, hai aur hamesha rahengi ‘
        Yaar! Soch samajh ke bola Karo dear!
        Sanskar’s love is so pure can’t u see that? If you didn’t? Then Pls do watch properly. Sanskar’s love for Swara is boundless! He is a perfect lover, a perfect husband & a good friend… I mean faithful.
        Swara didn’t love him at 1st but now she moved on with him. She loved Laksh once upon a time so it was difficult for her to trust someone after a heart break! But now she loves him till infinity!
        Laksh is too stubborn, he can only think about himself. He married Ragini with his own consent without thinking about Swara. He married Kavya after that to make Ragini suffer!
        Ragini betrayed her own sister, her blood, she had just an obsession on Laksh which turned her negative. She was the most understanding & sanskari but turned opposite.
        Coming to Karita she loved Sanskar, her 1st love & his too. But now he was moved on & how could he back off? After those 7 vows? Specially if u r a Hindu u would understand (I am not but I am INDIAN after all.) so he didn’t back off ! He is a perfect person as I said earlier! He knows how to adjust…. Adjust with past present & future!
        So whom did you see sacrificing always? Loving always? Of course…..
        Our SWASAN!! ????????????????????????????????????
        So better you change your opinion! Nothing against our selfless lovers SWASAN…

      2. wow jaf..Kya bola..mein toh tumhari deewani ban gayi..???? and agar Sanskar ki love fake hai toh kisika love pure nahi hai..

        soch samjhke baat karo dear..Sanskar’s love is soooo pure,selfless and unconditional..He loved Kavita 5yrs back..5yrs he was alone..his heart was empty…then Swara entered in his he fl in love WD her..everyone deserves a second chance. he that’s only happnd..And Sanskar NVR forced swara to love him back…and kisi place hamesha ke liye vacant nahi rehti..sanskar ki heart bhi same ..after all he changed wn swara made him understand..BUT NOT RAGINI..Sanskar is an ideal guy for every caring loving responsible and supportive husband..

        and Jaf is r8…Swara was forced to love laksh by ragini..and sanskar was best friend of swara..and ek ach6a dost hi ach6a life partner and sach6a pyar ban sakta hai..that’s only hppnd WD Swasan..

        probably u can’t reach to the depth of their love..that’s y u said all those things…if u can’t tolerate them just ignore them..but Don’t say anything about Swasan..and I don’t know about others .cz I only watch swaragini..

      3. sorry..jaf nahi..meher is r8..swara was forced to love laksh by ragini..sorry jaf..

      4. Miss/Mr.Unknown… plzzzz don’t say anything about OUR HEAVENLY COUPLE SWASAN….JUST NOTHING…samjhi???

        We seriously don’t need approval of jealous like u to judge and justify our Swasan…if u don’t like them JUST KEEP UR MOUTH SHUT OR PLZZZ IGNORE THEM..tumhari jaisi viewers nahi chayihe…hum loyal Swasan fans kafi hai..OK???

        how can u bash Sanskar??? he is the ideal guy of every single girl..itna caring,supportive,responsible hubby…lakhon mein milti hain…And swara was forces to love DT confused guy I mean lucky boy by one and only Ragini…

        and ja tak ditch karne ki baat then to Ragini is the best in ditching… C ditched her own sister..her own blood..Jo ladki apni behn ko nadi me dhakka de sakti hai WO kuch bhi kar sakti hai…

        and rahi baat sanskar ki ditching..Sanskar didn’t ditch Ragini.. WO SUDHAR GAYE THE..SAHI RASTE PE AA GAYE THE..ITS NOT CALLED DITCHING.. agar tum isse ditch karna kahoge toh AM DAMN SURE U DONT KNOW THE MEANING OF “DITCHING”…

        so plzz if u can’t appreciate plzz don’t bash..agar tumhe ach6i nahi lagti toh maat dkhona..kisne tumhe apni shar ki kasam di hai ki tumhe dkhnai hoga humari Swasan ko..

        and Jo sequence abhi bhi telecast I nahi hua…telecast choro confirm bhi nahi hua tum usko baat ko lekr swara ki character ko judge kar rahi ho..HOW STUPID ANALYSIS IS THIS!!!

        and Swara won’t fall for any other guy..its needed for story progress.. its jealousy track..As Ria said Swara sanky ki thi,hai and hamesha rahegi..1-2 mahino me memory wapas aa jayegi..then It’ll be again Swara Sanky ki PATNI HAI..NOT GF..


        seriously… U r telling all those rubbish about the ideal guy of every girl..seriously…

        Sanskar ka pyar sabse sachcha passionate hai..he NVR forced swara to love him back..though c was his wife at that time..legally wedded wife..if he wanted to force her he could easily force her..but he couldn’t..he waited patiently..

        Where ragini’s love was not love..obsession.. pagalpan..and Laksh is the most confused guy I HV ever seen..and swara was forced to love laksh by ragini..And jaha tak mujhe pata hai swara also loved laksh.. Laksh left her..NOT SWARA..then sanky uski sahara bani thi..he was a faithful supportive friend…ek ach6i dost I ach6i jeevansathi ban sakti hai..sacha pyar ho sakti hai..

        And Sanskar loved Kavita 5yrs this time gap he was its quite natural for sanskar to fall for swara….

        Ria said correct u are not able to reach the depth of their unconditional selfless love..otherwise u r jealous…

        Swara will fall for other guy its not confirmed dear…plzzzz thoda soch samjhke bola karo..

        U vented out ur frustration here…if u don’t like them its OK.. maat dkho yaar..BUT PLZZ DONT SAY ANYTHING ABOUT OUR SWASAN ND SWARA ND SANSKAR…tum pehli insane hogi shayad Jo Sanky ko galat bola..HW FUNNY..?

      6. last line it was Insan..not insane..typing mistake..sorry..


    2. Wht u tell about Mayan swara and swasan don’t care about it but don’t say that RAGLAK Love is fake mind u r word with raglak … Raglak fans also have petnts yar wht u tell adout swara tell we don’t care for it bcs we only love Ragini and RagLak pair

    3. yeah… u r right jaf…. nothing against swasan….

  8. I only watch yhm.. So I read only abt it..
    But u said ishima bargained.. I can’t accept it… It was ishra plan to save them both… Even if ishita and Ruhi have such a great relationship, ishita will have at least some of it on her own daughter too… Its not like ishita loves only Ruhi.. She loves Adi too the same.. By the way pihu.. Actually mothers would have great affection on their own babies than anyone else.. But ishu was not like that.. She loves all the 3.. So I never accept ur point.. Actually many yhm fans won’t..
    But about the documents I don’t know.. Bcoz many had discussed abt it earlier.. Some say that she could get her medical license by doing a course.. But I am not sure…
    Makers would have thought abt it…
    I really appreciate ur effort.. There r many points to say abt yhm.. I don’t know y u left those.. Like crocodile sequence… Shanaya entry… Its OK..
    But I didn’t mean to hurt u.. So sorry if u were hurt…. I just wanted to say my opinion…

    1. I am totally agree with varsh’s Point…..Actually I only watch YHM….I know its not logical in some situations ….Like the Certificate & all…..But Exchange of children was only the plan of Raman…..Not Ishitha….She denied for this….But Raman only insisted her to do………so only she agreed……She loves her 3 children Equally…….She don’t showed any Partiality between them……..I am sorry…I know I hurted u……But Ur words also hurt YHM fans…….But Ur other views of YHM are may be Correct………Anyway, Ur way of writing is good….Especially about SSK……..

  9. I agree with you at the point of SSK.. Rest i think they’re okay.. But SSK is a torture… OMG only their faamily have problems aur vo problems ko door karne Simar-The Great.. Baaki sab toh background ke liye hi khade rehte hai.. The must watch serials are KRPKAB and EDKV.. See yaar Krishndasi, Ashoka samrat, Thapki pyaar ki, Kasam are also good..

  10. Hey… i completely agree with you… stupidity to the peaks in some serials… you can watch the other shows like naagin.. nd also a new serial is soon gng to start in place of naagin.. nd these are for very short span… so try to watch them

  11. My friend u r right, I love Swasan but u r right Swasanlak and Shekhar r mind changers. I can assure u guyzz. Swasan will separate and unite this will happen twice a month coz this serial belongs to Colors according to the history of colors a couple never lived peacefully. And the makers of SSK and Swaragini r same so they will separate them definitely. Swasan really want a tuition from our Arshi,Virika,Geetmann,Virman,……….
    Swasan is an awesome jodi but they don’t deserve this story.

    And about Kumkum bhagya no no dear it is not a serial in millennium I had watch a Malayalam serial years before the female female lead remained pregnant for 2 and half years without any signs of pregnancy
    She was the centre of attraction of trolls and comedy skits in Malayalam TV channels

    Sath nibhana saathiya

    It is more better in Hindi dear. You will dash ur TV if u will watch it’s Malayalam remake. The story is exactly same but it do not match our culture. Female leads are killing viewers with huge ornaments and plastic Jasmine flowers how disgusting
    And just think about baa she is still alive, I think she consumed Amrut

    Thnk God Dadisa of Balika Vadhu passed away

    Simar ohh no I began to watch this serial from Simar’s death drama.

    Hatred hatred how hatred

    Simar prem divorce, Is it Rolly really cremated I heard that she is acting in a Tamil movie maybe she will be back from the pyre after packups.

    Yeah YHM

    I like ur slogan par kahan hai mohabbattein
    Ishia Raman it was really nice in beginning but now………….

    no comments more

    1. Yes I agree swasan deserves a better show well I love the new shows like dehleez, kuch rang Pyaar , ek duje, rajni , n also kasam sometimes currently but my fav Jodi Among the current shows Twinj n thahaan r my fav Jodi I also like KaYu Vidhaani Karvi but all these Jodi show is okay current track is not as for swasan show was good but now it’s too much

  12. Arey yaar kya baat hei mindblowing ……..dil khush kar diya par kya yaar tum “yeh rishta kya kahlata he” kaise bhool gayi , pata nahin log uss serial ko kaise dekhthe hei , dekhthe hei bhi yaa nahi uffff…but ur piece of writing is awsm loved it.keep writing

  13. parvarish is half version of swaragini and another hal version sasural simar ka now
    simar chandrami ke peech haai hain toh riya jassi amy abhid aditya jogi soty point b ke tarf bhaag rahein aur beech main terrorist ko bhi daal diya hain achanak se rahul gayab ho gaya who was paired wid jassi ab jassi adi jogi riya and maybe amy abhid love story ho raha hain
    1 episode mein toh amy piggyback ride karrahi apne partner abhid ke saath matal 3 days and 3 nnights woh bhataki atama banne jungl mein strange simar didnt notice it
    ab riya kidnapped jogi behosh aditya jassi bhagh rahe hain hitman se dur matlab in n logo ko kaun bacha yega obivious amy aur abhid kyunki thyre the smartest kyunki abhid bola har tarf khatra hain ye baccha toh swara se bhi clever hain mana padega are u listenin g paineeta n adharsh adopt abhid before rajat ya gaura does lol

  14. very well analysed….

    n ya my fav serials…. kuch rang pyaar kr n ek duje ke vaste….. i just love both the shows…. n i watch parvarish also…. much much better than these faltu shows…

  15. sritz(fan of abhigya)

    Ya its true for kkb how long the baby will grow even though there is no tummybfor her☺☺

  16. We our thinkings match…we have same likes and dislikes

  17. Awesome analysis dear these all serials r now gud 4 nothing..dragged away frm d original plots..just disgusting.

  18. Sarayu(honey)

    I agree with you for some serials but not yhm

  19. Ok so I agree but I want to put my view that is…

    1. Swara was forced to luv laksh by ragini… She herself accepted that what she felt for sanskar she never felt same for anyone.. Not even for laksh

    2. Sanskar loved kavita 5yrs back… His lyf was empty for 5 yrs.. Then swara came in his lyf n fill luv in his lyf.. N he falls for her… Cz LUV CAN HAPPEN TWICE

    3. His luv is selfless he never force swara to be in relation with him… He back off when laksh wants swara back..

    4. Being swara mahan is.. She brought up in a family with her ma n nani only… She has not so many relations.. So when she got a sister she value that most… Cz she knows the value of relations

    5. Geet n iss pyaar ko kya naam doon were hate luv relation… Both mann n arnav were rude arrogant ruthless… Where as sanskar is kind, soft spoken, humble… So there is no match… N rahi baat pyr badlne ki to SwaSan ne jb ekdusre se pyr kia tb se ek dusre se he pyr kr re h… Change ni kia..

    That’s it it was my view n no offence to other couples

    1. Meher I agree with you! Maan & Arnav were angry young man, ruthless types but my sanity is so cute! Humble & innocent na?
      That’s why I love him!

      1. Yup I luv him too…

        Vk is just best ????

      2. I agree WD u meher nd jaf..VK and sanskar is the best…??????? and meher I agree WD ur every point..

    2. yeah… I agree with u maher…. we can’t compare .. swasam with anyone they r the best…just the best… can’t hear a word aggainst them… and abt swara and sanky…. too … love can happen scnd time… too…..
      VK IS THE BEST…… BEST BEST β™‘β™₯β™‘β™₯β™‘β™₯

  20. Hey totally agree with you…I started watching yeh hai mohabbatein because I loved Ishita’s character and as long as the storyline based on custody was shown they potrayed some mature emotions very nicely..but then slowly it went completely blunt on logic especially from the booth wala track. How did nidhi believe ramans sudden change of behavior knowing that he fought to save Ishitha till the end? They made a outrageous mockery of the judicial procedures. Post leap its completely ridiculous..why would ppl believe Ishitha to be dead without having her body? and the documents point very valid..and the hijack track its ridiculous beyond anyone’s imagination…I even feel Mihika’s marriage with Romi pathetic given Mihika’s hatred for Ashok.

  21. I Agree with ur views on Some serials…………BUT NOT YHM…..ESPECIALLY ABOUT ISHITHA………

  22. You forget to criticise thapki pyaar ki(but there is no pyar ).

  23. Mind blowing….disclaimer part was the best… Nd the sad part is shows like sns, simar n ghost n all get a higher trp than geniune stories

  24. what a stupid analysis on swaragini or should i say bashing of swasan . i agree ke show mein bohot kuch illogical dikaya ha use pointout na karte hua tumne sirf 2 character ko bash karne prefer kia

    woh what a analysis .

    jaha tak new track ki baat ho rahi ha abhi kuch final nahi hua and i am 100 percent swara will not fall in love with new guys

    it also not yet telecast so how come there can be analysis of it

    jaha tak couple hit hone ki . swasan has a big fan following do not need your approval to be called a hit jodi

  25. Totally agree with what u said about swaragini. Nd why d hell they love negativity so much. I guess with parineeta d only ppl left to b shown a negative trait in their characterisation is only d great maa – beti jodi shone nd shomi.??

  26. dont get me started on the similiar tracks and similiar names lol
    so there
    are 2 dhruv pandeys (thapki ki & PV2 ) and 2 tanya malhotra ( Swaragini & PV2 ) lol :PP
    one by one all charcters gettin negative lol swaragini the same goes for parvarish 2 too
    dadi , shekhar , ragini , all the 4 k’s , parineeta ,adahrsh lashya , rajat, rohan ,abheer ,rajesh, archana ,dolly , ankita , meenu ,priyanka , jogi , nishant , vaibhav , sam ,aditya ,jhonty , sam ,riya ,abhid ,amy ,aakash , preeti , rashmi ,jogi ,rahul & more than 200 charcters in pv2 turning negative world record break lol

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