The Turning Point of My Life (Episode 3)

After locking the door i asked Sheetal what happened. To which she replied that she don’t know. To make the atmosphere somewhat funny i asked her r u pregnant? Who is the father of ur child? Does rishi bro know abt this? And then she started beating me with pillow n I said take care of urself otherwise the father of your child will kill me n her mood became pleasant. Then i started watching tv n Sheetal as usual her fb which i feel is a boring job. When the clock striked 1 i reminded Sheetal 2 go down 4 lunch. We went 2 the dining hall n actually speaking the dishes served were just awesome. I luved all the dishes n 4 the 1st time my plate was completely cleaned. After lunch we were asked to go 2 the conference hall to bring some items which would be necessary until we stayed there. So all the students reached the hall.

We were provided with a bag, some notebooks, a box consisting of pen, pencil, marker, eraser, sharpener, a scale and a cap which we had 2 wear whenever we went outside. While the distribution was going on i saw a boy staring at me frm the corner of my eyes. Yes all the girls hv a 6th sense by which they can know which boy is staring whom. Bt i paid no heed to the fact n looked in different direction as if i didn’t know. We all girls r absolutely good in doing this. After the distribution we saw in the projector a video song which was shooted in Koraput n which depicted the beauty of the city n the lives of the tribal people living there. I had watched the song earlier many times bt here i enjoyed the beautiful creation of lord.

Sushree di said that our batch has gender equality since there were 18 girls n 18 boys. Then she asked us to introduce ourselves 4 which we needed 2 select a partner. So i n Sheetal befriended the girls sitting nxt 2 us. My partner was Ridhi n Sheetal’s was Vidya. I n Ridhi introduce ourselves 1st since the boys shouted girls 1st. We were allowed 2 ask questions 2 the partners. Bt fortunately no one asked us. Thnk God. Those boys i thought were really shy.

After a few introduction one boy from a pair said that he will speak in hindi n not in english since he was not comfortable in speaking english which i think caught everyone’s attention. He was “Abhishek”. Then Sheetal asked him, ‘u said u studied in a english medium school then why can’t u speak english’. Then the thing which he did irritated me. He was answering 2 Sheetal’s question bt instead of looking at her he was looking or i could say staring at me. By his way of staring i guessed he was the same guy who was staring at me b4.

I hate when boys stare at me n yes if this would hv my school i would hv asked him directly abt the matter n would pick up fights bt here i was not in the mood of fighting so i avoided eye contact. Again a problem came when he said that he had 3 aim in his life. Ridhi requested me to ask him why 3 aim since everyone had 1 bt i politely denied bt she started saying pls pls so i couldn’t denied her. So for the 1st time ever i asked him, “Why u hv 3 aims in ur life”.

Credit to: Rashi

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  1. Roma

    Hmmmm…interesting n refreshing story. …keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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