The Turning Point of My Life (Episode 2)


I was warmly welcomed by aunt & rishi bro since uncle was out of city. And in the night when we were watching Twilight: Breaking dawn 2 Sheetal told me about a conference in MSSRF foundation which she was going 2 attend after 2 days. I asked her, ”If u r going somewhere else why u invited me 2 ur home? What will i do without u?” Sheetal replied, “That’s the reason 4 which i asked u 2 stay here. U too r going with me”. I said, ‘R u mad how can i go with u. Can any1 enter there without any proof’. She replied, ‘Arey papa has some link there n i asked him if u can go or not 2 which he replied he will see n now he called n said that u can go bt u hv 2 bring only ur college identity card’. I replied, ‘And how on earth u think i can bring that. Am i a bird who will fly over n bring that or i hv a genie who will bring that 4 me’. She said, ‘Oh God! U sometimes don’t utilise ur brain. What is the use of fax’. Then i thought that yes it is possible.

The very nxt day i asked permissiom of my parents & asked my pops(father) to fax me my identity card. After an hour i got that. So we started to pack our stuffs. Since i had not unpacked my luggage so my packing was done n i helped sheetal in her’s. I laughed when she took all her makeup items n many other useless things (4 me). She said, ‘This r all needed 4 a girl. Tum nahi samjhogi’. I said, ‘Don’t copy the dialogue of my fav jodi’. Then we had some sweet fightings n packing was completed.

Nxt day in the morning we ate breakfast n rishi bro drop us in our destined place. The place was so beautiful that i thought i would construct a same building 4 my mom n dad. We entered the hostel room where we stayed 4 the nxt 20 days. We were the last 2 register our names. My no. was 36. We went 2 our room which was in the 2nd floor. In each room 2 students were all. There we got 2 know that our guide would be Sushree di n Asish bhai. When we entered our room sheetal said tht she was feeling dizzy. B4 i could say anything she felt unconscious. I could not understand what 2 do as we had no water with us. I went 2 d room nxt 2 us n knocked the door.

A boy opened the door with a smiling face. If it would hv been any other reason i m sure i would hv said sorry n gone 2 other room bt now since my 1st priority was my friend i asked the boy, ‘Would u pls lend me some water in a bottle. Actually we didn’t brought water from our house n now my friend is unconscious n i don’t know where is the aquaguard. Would u pls help me?’ Within a few seconds the boy came with the bottle n gave 2 me. I said thnk u n moved frm there. He followed me 2 our room. I didn’t mind it since i thought may be i would need his help. I went into the room n threw water on Sheetal n she got conscious. I sighed. Then i said 2 the boy, ‘Thnk u …’. He said “Tanmay”. I replied, ‘I am Aparna n she is my friend Sheetal. Again thnk u 4 ur help. Do u know where is the aquaguard’. He told, ‘it’s just at the right end of this floor’. I thanked him again. Then he went away.

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  1. Awesome, interesting episode. ..keep it up. love you loads

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