The Turning Point of My Life (Episode 1)


I woke up 2 the sound of my pretty mom which seems 2 me as a loud noise when she ask me 2 wake up at early morning. Yes i m lazy alot & after completing my +2 science & all the entrances now i wanted 2 sleep in peace. But as soon as i woke up i realized that i was in train travelling 2 Koraput from Bhubaneswar (bbsr). Last ni8 we came from Kolkata n started our journey. I didn’t want but i can’t say no 2 my sweet little sis. Yes i was going with my parents, my maternal uncle and aunt and my cousin sis somya in a small trip. Somya told that train will reach the station in 15 minutes. So i got up n freshen up.

My native place is Puri which is also referred as Jagannath Dham by the visitors. I studied in a convent school upto 10th n completed +2 Sc. in bbsr. After arriving at the station we went 2 the hotel which we had already booked online. I noticed that Koraput is not developed as bbsr but something that caught my attention was its scenic beauty and greenery which was spread all over the city & is really difficult to find in bbsr. After reaching hotel we all took bath, had breakfast & hired a taxi 2 go 2 the Gupteswar temple, the reason 4 which we came here. Actually my mother had a mannat (sorry i forgot the English word. anyone who know plz tell me) so we came 2 complete it.

The road which led to the temple was not at all in its sense. We were just shaking inside the vehicle. I thought “Oh God why r u being so rude. We came to worship u & u r already giving so much pain”. Somehow we reached the place with so much difficulty. Finally we went 2 the temple. The Shivling was so much big that i was astonished to see that. It is also rumoured that it increases a little bit once in 1-2 years. After coming out of the temple, i heard a familiar feminine voice whispering near my ears “Guess me Aparna” closing my eyes. It didn’t took me more than 2 seconds 2 guess who she was. I shouted,’OMG Sheetal u here’. Sheetal said “I m staying here n u r asking how i am here.’

Sheetal was one of my best friends i had met. We were studying till class 10 in same school. After that her father got transferred n they came to koraput. She was studying here in a college whose name i forget. Although we talked in phone but I was very happy to see her after a long time. She requested me to come in fb n whatsapp bt i never came. It is not bcoz of my parents bt bcoz i had no interest in social networking sites. I wanted to b alone n hving working parents made my life easier. After a lot of conversation she got 2 know that we were returning that ni8 since all our parents had 2 reach their workplace at perfect time on monday. So she requested my mom 2 allow me 2 stay few days with her. I was so confused wht will she say bt my mother answered in positive. Sheetal came there with her scooty so i accompanied her 2 our hotel where we ate lunch & i bid bye 2 my parents n went 2 her apartment where the most important thing of my life was awaiting my arrival.

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  1. Very good Rashi… Good try… Continue pls

    1. Nice story. Plz continue. Update soon

  2. Thnk u guys. I will update soon

  3. Awesome, very interesting. …keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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