Turning point of my life with arshi and ishra episode 3


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The next day
Khushi leaves to the temple.
In the other side arnav is starting his routine life.
Arnav: dhi breakfast ready?
Anjali: ready, come here.
Arnav: ok dhi.
He haves it and moves to office.
Raman : dhi I am taking ishita out to a trip.
Anjali: good idea. Divert her mind.
Raman: that is why I am itself taking her.
Ishita: raman I am ready.
Ishita and raman leaves for a trip to Jaipur.

In other side khushi reaches the place.
Khushi does puja in the temple.
Some police officer comes there for interogatting her.
Police officer: u should come to station with us.
Khushi: sir I am doing puja for my husband and father’s peace and u r doing like this. How can u?
Police officer: ok we will wait .
Khushi contines her puja.
Suddenly some smokes appear everywhere.
Khushi was no where found in that place.
She was kidnapped.
She was taken to a dense forest.

In theother side.
Raman and ishita reached Jaipur.
Raman: ishita come we will go to that place.
Ishita: I am not interested raman.
Raman: ishita come .
He drags her to visit places.
After visiting the places sthey went to hotel.
Raman: ishu.
Ishu: what?
Raman : we will go to movies.
Ishu: ok I will come.
Raman books a comedy movie so that ishu will laugh.
He takes her to the movie.

In the dense forest.
Khushi was taken to some place ad she was tied upside down in a tree, with fire below her.
Khushi couldn’t see anything as her eyes was tied.
One of the men called jana asked questions to khushi.
Jana: who r u ? how did virat die? How did u escape the train incident. Esplain the full incident.
Khushi: sir it is heat over here sir.. I couldn’t withstand it . please sir rescue me.
Jana: tell me the answer then I will rescue.
Khushi: my name is khushi. Actually what happened is
Flash back of train incident.
Khushi entering the train .
Virat : ji why this late.
Rahul: traffic.
Virat : ok lets go in.
Khushi they all sit in the respected seats.
Train started moving.
Khushi: virat will u fulfil my wish.
Virat: what wish ?
Khushi: u should marry me in this train itself . now itself.
Rahul: why khushi?
Khushi: my wish. Please .
Virat: ok.
Virat and khushi exchange garlands. They take pics and send them to virat’s mother .
Virat goes to tie mangalastura.
Suresh shoots virat.
Rahul: I am rahul senior officer.
Khushi: were is my papa?
Virat didn’t die.
Khushi keeps on crying for her papa and virat.
Virat takes it and messages his mother that police officer shooted me. Khushi Is a nice girl I will try my best to save her.
Rahul and suresh points gun on her.
Khushi: what did I do? Were is my papa? She says this crying.
Rahul: ur papa is dead. I killed him. Now u r going to be killed. This train is going to blast.
Virat: khushi have this mobile. Take it with u . message my mom where will u go . she will come and pick u.
Khushi runs. Rahul shoots virat. Virat dies.
He blasts the train.
Khushi jumps into the river followed by all police officers.
Flash back ends.
Khushi: told everything except saying a lie that she was married in train with virat .
Jana:hmm . guards remove her. take her to her mother in law home.
They take her to her house.
Manorama: is she khushi?
Khushi: yes Mamiji I am khushi.
She hugs her and cries.
Khushi: I am sorry I was not able to save ur son. Ur son tried to save me. I saw my husband die before me. They killed my papa also. how can police be like this. I am not going to lave them.
Manorama: don’t cry beta . u r not an widow or orphan . I am there for u . call me amma. I will take care of u. don’t cry.
Khushi: I would surely take revenge.
Manorama: khushi , first take rest.
Khushi takes rest.
Khushi speaks to herself.
Wow what an success. I thought virat’s mother will be evil like him but she is so kind
. I should find out whether she is acting or real. I should start my drama.

In arnav’s office.
Arnav thinks of khushi.
Arnav: khushi where r u. come fast to me. I miss u so much. I know u r alive. I believe that u r alive. None will believe me if I say u r alive. I love u so much. I am going to keep u in mind and achieve my business. U r with me only in my heart until u come.
Arnav does his work thinking khushi.
khushi in the same time thinks of arnav
uyirile en uyirile plays………
In Jaipur.
Ishita was laughing seeing that movie.
Raman was enjoying her laugh.
Raman speaks to himself.
Thankgod she is now only becoming normal.

Ishita: raman why r not laughing?
Raman: nothing. U watch.
They enjoy the movie.
Raman: ishita the 3 hours u enjoyed right, then why cant u make the 3 hrs life full. Please forget here.
Ishita: I am trying raman.
Raman: don’t think she is not with u. think she is surviving in ur hear. She is right.
Ishita: yes.
Raman: so think she is there in ur heart an d no one can separate her from u.
Ishita: thank u so much raman. I am lucky to get an husband like this. Who cares me, who gives me a moral support when I am weak. Thank u for coming to my life.
Raman: ok ishita.
He hugs her.

in khushi’s place.
Khushi took rest.
Manorama did lunch and gave her.
Khushi eats it.
Khushi: amma food is very tasty.
Amma: thanks beta.
Khushi: amma what can I do here.
Amma: u can do household chores.
Khushi: ok amma.
Amma: there is a street play will u join I seeing it.
Khushi: yes of course.


Credit to: akshaya

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  1. Nice… But it’s like diya aur bati hum, right??? Khushi’s scene was like Sandhiya,, yaar,, feeling soo bad cause I don’t like Sandhiya and now my lovely Khushi doing the work like Sandhiya… But overall it’s good… And u know I’m a veryyyyyyyy big fan of Arshi only… So, wanted to see many ArShi scenes….. Yaar, sorry if I hurt u.. Please forgive me.. I was just telling about my wish..

  2. Yeah its like mission mahabali but very interesting dear! More ishra scenes pls

  3. Superb……….Plz I also want more ISHRA scenes………..

  4. it was awesome actually………….i like ur ff akshaya

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