Turning point of my life with arshi and ishra episode 2


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Arnav is seen crying hugging khushi’s salwar.
In other side.
Raman: ishu eat something right.
Ishu: how can I raman?
Raman: ishu , if u don’t eat ur sister will feel bad right. Because of her only u r not eating. Please eat for her sake.
Ishu: ok raman.
Ishu eats raman feeds her.
Raman gives her a sleeping dosage and makes her sleep.
Raman thinks.
Why is my house like this. Khushi why u went khushi. Please come back if it is possible.
Anjali consoles arnav and makes him to sleep.

In the other side.
Khushi is shown coming out of the lake.
Khushi goes to a house.
Khushi cries thinking of her family.
A man comes in.
Khushi: sir make me to meet my family once sir please. I don’t want this mission I want my family only please send me there sir. Please give me permission sir. She says this crying.
Rahul: khushi , don’t cry. I cant allow. U r going through this mission and that’s it.
Khushi: replace my character with anyone sir. I cannot be there without my family.
Rahul: khushi u r the perfect girl for this mission, ur thinking idea all r very excellent. It is all a matter of few days. Please don’t cry. See this sacrifice as for protecting ur nation. Will u do.

Khushi: yes sir. I will do.
Rahul: according to our plan u will go to the temple there we will execute our plan.
Khushi: yes sir.
Rahul: all the best khushi. U can and u will do it. I will buy the required things for u. take rest.
Rahul leaves.
Khushi thinks of all the family members and cry.
Khushi: arnav,raman,ishu,Anjali,nani all forgive me. I don’t know what to do.i miss u all so much. I am very sorry. I know all of u will be very worried for me. I am sorry.
Arnav I miss u so much. what can I do, I have this responsibility also.sorry.
khushi thinks about her first time she meet arnav and continues thinking.
flashback continuation.
Khushi encounters the criminal.
Suresh: khushi wow extradionary shot.
Khushi: suresh without u nothing is possible.
Suresh: why u got late.
Khushi explains everything to suresh.

Khushi: if u didn’t call me I would have surely teached him a lesson. He is such an egostic person yaar , when I told I forgive him also he is saying that its my mistake. If I had a chance I would beat him nicely
Suresh: khushi stop. It is already 9.30 pm. Come on lets leave.
Khushi goes to her house.
Khushi: ishu dinner ready ya?
Ishu: yes ready. Come on wash ur hands before eating.
Khushi: sis see my hand it is so clean.
Ishu: u did a murder , so first u should bath but I am giving excuse to wash ur hands only.
Khushi: aiyooo stop it. I will go and bath and come.
She goes inside.
Ishu: naughty girl. I know how to make u bath . see I did it.
In arnav’s home.
Arnav: dhi I am home.

Raman: why this much time?
Arnav: fought with a girl in road.
He explains everything.
Anjali and raman starts laughing.
Anjali: oh chote u ….. she laughs
Arnav: dhi its her mistake come on.
Raman: arnav what the girl said she forgive u. he also laughs.
Arnav stares at him.
He leaves.
Anjali: this chote is always like this.
Nani: Anjali make both of them to eat.
Arnav and raman eats.

In ishita home.
Khushi: dhi satisfied?
Ishita: yes come on eat.
They both have dinner.
Khushi receives a call.
Khushi: s.p sir , what happened why r u calling this time?
s.p: khushi come to my office immediately but in ununiform.
Khushi: ok sir.
Khushi: ishu I should leave. S.p sir calling.
Ishu: have ur dinner and go.
Khushi: no ishu I will go or else he will get angry on me.
She leaves.
Ishu: this girl is always engaged in work.
khushi goes to meet s.p sir.
Khushi: sir.
s.p: khushi u have a mission to save raizada family.
Khushi: who is that raizada family.

s.p: ar company owner.
Khushi: ok.
s.p: they have enemies surrounded by them . they received a threatening call .
they informed us . so I am sending u. but u should not show as police to them or anyone understand or else enemies will get alert.
Khushi:ok sir.
s.p: khushi here is the details.
Khushi sees the pics and was shocked to see arnav pic.
Khushi speaks to herself in mind.
Omg. I should protect him? Aiyooo.
s.p: here is the new identity that is u r khushi. U r going to work as receptionist there. Tomorrow there Is an interview. Ok?

khushi: but sir but how can I protect them fully.
s.p: that is ur intelligence.
Khushi: ok sir. I will do it.
s.o: until that u don’t need to come to police station.
Khushi: ok sir. I will leave .
In same time .
Nani gets foot pain.
She starts screaming in pain.
All come there .
Anjali: raman phone a doctor.
Raman phones ishita.
Raman: doctor my nani is in pain , can u come to my house.
Ishita: ok sir, message me ur address.ok bye.
Raman messages his address.
Ishita phones khushi.
Ishita: meeting over?
Khushi: yes coming home.
Ishita: come home fast an emergency case come with me right.
Khushi: ok ishita.
Khushi comes there.
Khushi and ishu leaves in car.

Ishita: I will drive u eat.
Khushi: thank u my dear sister
Khushi eats and they reaches arnav home.
Khushi thinks she have seen this house in the details then only she realizes that it is arnav’s home.
Khushi speaks to herself.
I thought starting the war is tomorrow but today itself ah.
Ishita enters first .
Raman opens the door drinking water.
When ishita tries to open the door raman also opens the door where ishita falls down.
Raman: doctor please come fast . help my nani.
Ishita: hello mister help me first to get up.
Ramna: sorry doctor.
He makes ishita stand. They have an eyelock.
Yhm plays.
Khushi too comes.

Khushi: ishu.
Ishita: come khushi help me.
They enter and goes to nani room.
Arnav came out and saw khushi.
Arnav: u here?
Khushi: yes me only. Wait outside my sis will treat ur nani.
Arnav: what the.
All of them come out.
Ishita treats nani. Khushi was also inside.
Arnav : dhi she is the one who I said about. That road incident.
Anjali laughs a little.
Anjali: that doctor?
Arnav: no the girl who came with that doctor.
Ishita and khushi comes out.
Ishita:no problem. She just needs physiotherapy.these are the medicines to be given.if U want I will itself come and do physio everyday.
Anjali: so nice of u doctor what Is ur name.

Ishita: ishita.
Anjali: u?
Khushi: khushi.
Anjali: oh khushi.
Arnav stares at khushi in anger.
Khushi too stares with anger.
Anjali: khushi u was the one who scoulded my brother in road right.
Khushi:oh he is ur brother right. then teach him how to drive a car and see front while driving.
Anjali laughs.
Arnav: it was ur mistake. U should see the road while crossing. Go and check ur eyes with ishita.
Khushi: u first go and redo ur driving test for liscence. I wonder who gave u liscence.
Ishita: khushi stop it.
Khushi: dhi , I saw pity in him and forgive him but still too he is blaming me.
Anjali: I ask sorry behalf of my chote. Please stop this fight.
Khushi: anjaliji its ok.
Raman: how did u both came. May I drop u.

Ishita: no thanks we came in car .
Anjali: what u do khushi?
Ishita: she is …..
Khushi: anjaliji I am searching for a job. Tomorrow I have interview in ar business company.
Arnav: what?
Khushi: what? Ok we r leaving.
Ishita gets Anjali number .
They both leave.
Ishita: why did u say lies to them.
Khushi: my next mission is on them only.
Ishita: what?
Khushi: yes. please don’t say them. i should save them.
ishita: hmm . good. do it well

Flash back ends as Rahul comes when khushi was remembering her past.
Khushi: sir , according to the plan, I am a widow right.
Rahul: correct khushi. And I appreciate u for the train incident . u acted so well. Virat easily believed u.

u should act there well. If they get any doubt then u r gone
Khushi: thank u sir. I will do it correctly.
Khushi changes her dress.

In the same time .
Arnav was sleeping.
He woke up.
Arnav: khushi , get me tea right.
Then only he realizes that she is no more.
Arnav didn’t cry but he was remembering her face only.
Raman enters.
Raman: arnav please forget everything. Come to office work. Change ur mind. Give a new start. Come on move in ur life.
Arnav: yes raman. I am trying a hard but…….
Raman: u can arnav.
Arnav: I will try.
Raman: come to office tomorrow.
Raman leaves.


Credit to: akshaya

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