Turning point of my life with arshi and ishra episode 1


Hi hope u guys like it. Please do comment as it will encourage me too write. Please forgive me I don’t know that much hindi songs but the story is taking place in delhi only.
Khushi leaves in the van. she reaches a place and changes her dress to saree and leaves to station
She heads the train and the train starts to move.
The train blasts after sometime near a river .

In raizada house.
Nani: I want to watch serial.
Anjali: nani one second please I want to watch news.
Anjali changes the channel to news.

She is shocked seeing the news .
Anjali: nani the train which khushi traveled had a bomb blast .
Nani: what?
Anjali: arnav ,raman, ishita come here right.
They all come .
Anajali says the news.
All get shocked
Arnav : dhi what is this dhi .
He tries calling her phone but it is unreachable.
Ishita starts crying.
Raman consoles her.

Raman: nothing will happen ishu. She will be fine.
Arnav too have little tears….
Anjali and nani try to console arnav .
Arnav: raman what can we do?
Raman: we will go to that place and check.
Arnav and raman leaves.
Anjali consoles ishita.
Arnav and raman reaches the place.
Arnav asked a police officer.
Arnav: my wife was travelling in this train. Her name is khushi kumara gupta singh raizada.
Police officer: we don’t know about her sir. I am sorry. her name is not in the name list who are alive.
Arnav and raman gets shocked.
Arnav holds the collar of the police officer.
Arnav: how dare u say like that. she is alive only. See raman how is he saying like that.
Raman takes arnav back.
Arnav: raman
He starts crying.
Raman: nothing will happen to her. don’t cry.
Arnav sees suresh.
Arnav: suresh where is khushi. She came with u only right.
Suresh: arnav we didn’t find her still now. We r trying to find her hard.
Arnav: what?
Suresh: arnav , I am sorry.
Arnav: what does he means?
Raman: suresh we r sorry . we will leave.

Arnav takes raman and leaves.
He takes him to home.
Anjali: what happened arnav?
Ishita: what happened.
Raman: khushi was not found there. They are saying like khushi is….
Ishita: what ?
Arnav: khushi is dead.
Anjali: what.
Arnav starts crying
Ishu was in shock. She too started too cry.
Anjali: don’t cry . she will definitely be alive.
Shyam enters the house.
Shyam: why are u all crying.
Anjali explains everything.
Shyam: what?
Nani was in shock.

They all went to their respective rooms in shock.
The next day .
Some police officers carry khushi and come to the house.
All are shockes.
Suresh: we all r sorry. we couldn’t find khushi. She is dead. She didn’t escape from the blast.
All the police officers with suresh salute her and goes.
Nani: khsuhi why r u doing like this.
Arnav didn’t say anything he was shocked.
Ishu and Anjali cried.
Raman too cried.
All mourns for khushi and did the rituals.

Arnav didn’t recover from shock.
Nani: arnav don’t sit like this. Its my mistake to doo shadi to u with a IPS girl.
Anjali: nani , please don’t disturb him let him come out of the shock.
Raman consoles ishita.
Ishita: raman , my sister. She was everything to me when amma and appa died.
Raman: ishita don’t cry. Please.
Ishita keeps on crying.
In arnav’s room.
He thinks of khushi . how he met her.
Flash back.
Khushi is seen crossing a road . she was wearing a blue saree
A man driving car puts a sudden break.
He was arnav sing raizada.

Khushi asks him too get down.
Khushi: don’t u have sense too drive slowly in this shopping area?
Arnav: its ur mistake. U should see while crossing the road.dont ur parents teach u too cross the road.
Khushi: hello mister, don’t u dare talk to me like that. did ur parents didn’t teach u how to drive a car. First see what is going on front of u.
Some one speaks in khushi’s ears in Bluetooth.
Suresh: khushi what r u doing criminal has gone more distance isiot come on be fast.
Khushi: its ok mister. I forgive u. don’t need to ask sorry.
Arnav: what the… who forgive whom . its ur mistake
Khushi: Its ok mister sorry accepted.
Many people gathered seeing their fight
Khushi runs to catch criminal.

Khushi takes a scooty and leave.
arnav thinks what girls she is?
Khushi catches the criminal with suresh and does encounter.
Flash back endssss
Arnav was inconsolable. He was crying.
Khushi why u left me . u could have taken me also right. how dare u can leave me alone like this? Don’t u think before leaving me. I miss u so much. I cannot live without u. please come back.
He cries a lot.
He takes khushi’s salwar and hugs it and cries.
Kadhale kadhale engu pogirai plays…….


Credit to: akshaya

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  1. Wow Akshaya. This story is full of suspense. I was shocked when khushi was dead but precap is good

  2. Thank u so much divya

  3. omg.. kushi ips… superb yaar… show the flashback portion yaar.. where kushi will be very confident rather than her character… and asr to bow down before kushi….. very eager to read next epi

    1. Thank u so much dhi.

  4. Nice

    1. thank u suva

  5. Wow superb episode…. Khushi is IPS, that’s very nice,…..waiting for the next episode

    1. thank u anaya so much

  6. Superb…….. Precap is Awesome dr………..Waiting for the next one……….

    1. thank u so much reshma pradeep

  7. Wow!! Nice yaar… Again a totally new episode… Loved it very much… At first I became very shocked but the precape make me feel relieved… Yaar, waiting for the next one

    1. Thank u so much khushi

  8. precap is sooo good and epi also eagerly waiting for next episode

    1. Thank u ayesha

  9. Great start dhi..
    I love all ur ffs..
    And thanks for uploading ur ffs daily..
    By the way, r u from Tamil nadu?
    I m asking this bcoz I am from Tamil nadu…

  10. Great start dhi..
    I love all ur ffs..
    And thanks for uploading ur ffs daily..
    By the way, r u from Tamil nadu?
    I m asking this bcoz I am from Tamil nadu..
    Lovely ff..

    1. Thank u so much varsha. Yes I am from tamilnadu Chennai. Please don’t call me dhi as I am only10th std

      1. But I am only 8th std..

  11. It’s OK varsha call me Akshaya itself. I don’t have any problems

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