Turning bliss to horror….. (part 8 )


He saw him sitting on the floor , crying inconsolably holding Urmila’s sardine(dupatta). Ram ran towards Lakshman ..seeing Ram , Lakshman looked at other side, wiped away his tears and gave Ram a smile. Lakshman stood up..

L(controlling his tears):- Bh…Bhaiya..you here , at this point of time . Did you need anything??

R:- Laksh, you know you can’t hide your tears from me….. then why are trying ..huh???

Saying this , Ram embraced Lakshman in an embrace and Laksh burst out crying . Ram just caressed his hair to calm him down. Ram knew his pain , he had undergone the same pain after Sita left him. At that time , Lakshman was the one who held him together and now it was his yoke to do the same. After sometime , they broke the hug..
R:- Laksh, shush!!! You have to be strong . Although its difficult today to see beyond the sorrow, may looking back in memory can help comfort you tomorrow. Remember, what you told me when Sita was gone.

L:- Yes, Bhai…..i said – those we love don’t go away they walk beside us everyday unseen , unheard but always near, still loved and still missed….

R:- Lakshman , same applies to you. I know its very difficult but you have to do this, dear…for the family..

L(cut in):- For you, bhaiya . My purpose of living is just you, bhai!!! Just you..

Lakshman kept his head in Ram’s lap. Ram ruffled Lakshman’s hair and sang for him,
“ Teri bechaini ka , Teri bekarari ka,
Ehsaas hai mujhko sun…..
Main jo paas tere hu phir tujhe hai kaisa gum,
Dard baant lenge hum sun……”

Lakshman stood up and looked at Ram , smiling. Lakshman nodded positively ….Suddenly , Shatrughan came from the door and held laksh’s shoulders from back
Sh:- “ In aankhon mein khushiyon ka,
Sapna sajaana hain”

Bharat too came and cupped his hands on lakshman’s cheeks.

Bh:- “ Tere dil ka mere dil se rishta purana hai,
In aankhon se har ansoon mujhko churana hai…”

L:- Until I have you all with me, my brothers with me…no pain can curtail me..

Four brothers shared a group hug..n consoled each other.
Sumitra watched all this n just uttered one sentence,
“It is not going to be easy , but they will make it together…..”

Lakshman’s thoughts,
The hardest part was not losing you,
It was learning to live without you!!!!!

The End…..

Thank u so much for reading……

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  1. Arnasharma26

    Will miss u all a lot…….

  2. Superb ending ☺☺, plz come back with a new one soon

    1. Arnasharma26

      Thank u so much bhaiya…. will surely come!!!!?????

  3. Superb ending ☺please come back soon with a new one

    1. Arnasharma26

      Bhaiya any suggestions??? Which kind of story do u want…..i was planning to write on sita urmila n sita lakshman bond…should i ?? ???

  4. NABANITA626

    Awesome ending……..

    1. Arnasharma26

      Thank u so much….????

  5. NABANITA626

    Hi all skr fan of this page,I hope you all remember me….I have written my first fan fiction NANDINI’S DIARY On chandra nandini page…….
    You can check it if you like☺?

    1. Arnasharma26

      Oh yeah sure…..will check??

  6. Arna sis, of course yes, whatever you will post, I bet it will be awesome, but I want you to write a short ff on bonding of children of 4 brother and their sister Somada

    1. Arnasharma26

      Oh yeah……okay will write on them only !!! N i hope i will meet your expectation……thank u so much for your suggestion!!!!
      🙂 🙂

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