Turned down (chapter 4)

Radhikas pov
“Is everything done ” i said in a clipped tone
“Yes ..all you need to do is to see the show “came his gruff voice 

Smirking i spat ” with pleasure ” venom dripping my tongue that i could almost taste it.

Opening the bottle in my hand i poured the liquid into the crystal glass …..if anyone would have told me that I’ll be drinking alcohol few years before i would have laughed out loud but as they say expect the unexpected …
Touching my lips  tenderely with the glass i gulped the liquid down my throat ….my eyes watered due to its effects…the bitterness was making my throat hurt.
Arav is sitting infront of me in the plush sofa …his eyes were little swollen propably due to tiredness he has been working very lately ..his tie is hanging losely around his neck ….although his face was haggard still he looked handsome as ever …his well built structure ….his manliness was enough to bring girls to their knees ….i  studied his face more  ..although he was handsome but arjun had more roughness in his face …more manliness  ….his smooth jaw ..deep eyes …emotionless face….long lean fingers could do wonders ….

I sighed … i couldn’t stop myself from comparing him with that person….
Images of us in that bathroom roamed infront of my eyes …the sizzling bitterness on my tongue increased remembring that encounter …well things got a little out of hand……but nevertheless things are in my hand now …the key to his destruction ….

I snapped out of my trance when i noticed a hand waved infront of me
“To earth Miss Rakshasan. ….now against whom are you plotting ? huh or already killing someone in your thoughts killer lady  ” came his amused voice …

I frowned at his weird choice of names …nobody would beleive that the emerging bussiness man would  say something like that..
“You should use some mirror ….U look more horrible than Rakshas could ever be .. Looks like you’re giving him a competition ” i spoke in a playful manner

“Pfff phuleeeseeeeee (please)” he dragged in an overdramatic manner

” girls start drooling at just a glimpse of this ” he pointed towards his face

” Handsome ,s*xy face and by the way admit it you also have a crush on me….na na na now don’t start denying it i can see the blush on your face …..i know that you can’t resist me …pff who am i kidding nobody in this world could resist a charming person like me…and you could have said it straight that you care for me  ” he flashed his smooth teeth while blabbering…

I gave him a bored look i wasn’t  surprised, his flirting was like a never ending lollipop he could survive without food but not without it…..
“I am not blushing …plus the reddnes is due to the blush on   ” i shot him a glance
He moved towards me rubbing a hand on my cheek  …he placed his hand right infront of my eyes …
“Liar ..look your blushing “he said in a dreamy way
” That’s blush on  you dumb ass ….stop boasting about yourself…you look like a girl”
” fine” he said feigning irritation returning to his seat …

He was a complete drama queen …we were discussing such an important thing and here he was self boasting …
After a minute of silence which  was quite unlike of him specially when he was with me  he spoke ” Everthing is going per planned stop over thinking…..” he sobered down in seconds ..I was surprised how controlled his emotions were he could become a different persom within seconds….from playful to serious but that’s how the world is ..he reminded me of someone….
“Leave before i throw you out ” i said turning my face away….
Picking up his jacket smoothly he sauntered towards me with a lazy gait ..his face was now emotionless ….nobody could get through that mask he wore ..even the gods will never know what goes in that thick head ..

He leaned down towards me and gave me a peck on the cheek his eyes boring into mine …something flashed across his eyes and as it came it passed quickly…

“Good night sleep tight “he whispered before walking out the door not before dropping his words ” and don’t watch dirty videos while i am away” he chuckled
He very well knew that i would slice him into pieces if had said that infront of me
“Finaly peace” i  whispered
Gulping down another shot i stood up and walked towards the balcony …the wind caressed my hair … my light white gown did nothing to cover my body from the cold i shuddered but closed my eyes inhaling fresh air and letting it cool my nerves ……

Arjuns pov
Jogging my way towards my room i stopped in my tracks to gulp the water….my mind was a mess right now ..i had to take few steps regarding my business which weren’t meant to be ignored but i had neglected enough my work  thanks to that witch who always possesed my mind ..

“blo*dy hell “i clutched my head bending downwards……the hell i drank a lot last night …now this headache will kill me …just an awesome thing to start my day …..i was opening the door but the door wouldn’t budge ….focusing on the target my eyes zoomed on the place i have reached unconciously …..taking a deep breathe i reached for it …my hands hooking around the knob but then i snapped to reality took a step back ….
My insides felt cold now …..

Taking another step back i darted towards my bed room ……
Wearing the suit i reached for my cufflinks……there was a ringing sound ..probably my phone …who the hell is disturbing me now… I swear i will not drink from now on …..i reached for my phone and a frown marred my forhead ……
“Speak ” i barked …my head was seriously throbbing and i am in no mood for bullshit   …my body was on fire listening to the news …. I turned the tv on switching to the news channel which displayed the Breaking news ………. My breath was coming out in puffs……. i saw red …my hands were itching to throttle someone ……i immediately a picked the vase from the table and threw it on the ground ….
That manipulating b*t*h how dare she …..i swear i will kill her ..
“It will be fun playing this game now ” a voice came in my room …i reached for the thing that was laying on the ground….a bouquet from where the hell did it came
“What the **” i said ..my teeth hurt due to the gritting..
The bouquet had a recorder in it ….i took it out and stopped it …………
“It will be more fun playing this game  …..the real fun begins now “it voiced before i stopped it …
I was very much aware of the one behind this facade …..
“Radhika Agnihoth you will pay for this ……i swear to the f**king devil you are in a deep shit ” i said out aloud …..dashing outside my room ……

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