It’s my turn , love (Episode 2)

Hello guys !!! Thanks for the lovely response on last part. And as I’m new here I didn’t knew both fandoms doesn’t like each other that much….If you have problems with ragsan then I’ll change…it but please suggest me an actor for an traditional sweet girl roll…that will be much helpful for me…


” Are you sure Ram ” asked sujata to her husband on their private study room.

Sujata was wearing a black designer Sari with a side bun. She was much irritated with her husband’s new decision.

” Yes of course…you know I’m never unserious about my business ” said ram pouring himself a glass of wine ?

” I don’t like to use my son for bussines ” sujata said with a stern face

” Where does the damn word use comes from… I’m getting him married…or you want to keep him bachelor forever…doing misdeeds and ruining my reputation…will he keep doing​ that forever. Moreover​ the girl is not some random….she is a physiatrist and got her degree from the best medical college of Australia. She is beautiful well educated belong from a well reputated family…she is independent…what else do u want ”

Sujata : I just want my son’s happiness…and I know he doesn’t want to get married…i can’t let you do whatever you want for your business

Ram : oh really !!! What about the works you and yours students do to win any fashion competition…

Ram was by then soo serious that he shoot the weak spot…

” Listen sujata….ofcourse I want my son’s well-being…but also want my increasing reputation. And that’s final ”

Sujata left the room…

Ram continued his drinking…

Sanskar room

A big wall paint of his with his an attitude smile was just behind his master bed.

His friends were playing video games…Some were watching his collections and some were watching videos on his phone…

Vivek : dude they are soo hot…

Sanskar gave a grin and continued his playing

Ricky : dude you’re the best Playboy…

Sanskar : enough…or I’ll get diabetes

Nitin : sanskar Atleast now leave all This…it has been so many years..

Sanskar : shut up…the night is Still young babe..

Vivek : shala…you are not sanskar he is…so stop sanskari dailouges..

Sanskar : plz dude..My babies are sooo loving…

Nitin : what if your would be wife gets to know…

Sanskar : there is no wife word on sanskar ‘s dictionary…

Vivek : but soon will be added

Sanskar : what the f**k…stop yaar…

Ricky : but dude Uncle said you are getting married…after two weeks..

Sanskar : great joke…i have no blo*dy idea about it…

Sujata : it’s true son…

Sanskar : what…..The…

Sujata : yes..Ur father decided the bride and it’s…Swara Raichand

Sanskar looks dumb shocked angry…

At Airport

VIP check out has been sealed .

Personal bodyguards are surrounding the exit

Airport staffs are standing in a row

Suddenly all became alert

A beautiful girl in stylist red and golden long dress comes towards the exit with her bag trolly…behind her Comes a man in Black t-shirt and red jacket…he comes and holds the girls hand.

Manager : welcome Mr Raichand
Welcome Ms Raichand

The guards takes the bag and guides the way out…media people were present there and when they saw the Raichands started throwing question and clicking pictures.

They got on their Audi…and started for their home

Boy : it’s been soo long…

Girl : hmm…but nothing has changed !

Boy : Swara…

Girl : hmm shlok Bhai..

He pats his shoulder

Shlok : take some rest now…u have long way to go…And no scope to take rest then…

Swara smiled and rests her head in her brother’s shoulder feeling security in heart.

Shlok to enjoys his brotherhood…and calls his father that they have reached here…after 5 years .

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